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"Normal Speech"


'Telepathic Speech'

Last Time in D.O. . . . .

The battle in Hedron Botanical Park came to a conclusion with both monsters wrangled, and Sonic gaining a new ally by the name of Kenshi Masaki. After a nights rest, and explanations during a tour of Hedron, Sonic, Midna, Kenshi, and Chifuyu attended a highly anticipated concert. There Kenshi and Midna were introduced to Felicia, an old friend of Sonic's. Of course our heroes didn't get that long of a break as Ansem crashed the concert, and brought forth a new enemy Deoxys.

And Now. . .

Part 1: Victis

Chapter 5: Deoxys

"Seriously! Is it to much to want a day without something trying to kill me?!" Sonic shouted as he streaked around the amphitheater park grounds. He'd taken the fight with the strange orange and blue creature out away from the concert area, but the Pokemon was constantly diverting the hedgehog's path.

Deoxys launched another rainbow sphere from above Sonic. The sphere exploded right where Sonic just was, as he once again made a last second course change. The fight quickly turned into a game of cat and mouse, as the softly rolling hills around the park gave Sonic no way to reach the flying creature. 'At least that thing seems to be focused on me. That'll give Chifuyu time to clear out everyone and deal with the Heartless.' Sonic thought back to his friends at the amphitheater.

'Sonic are you okay?!' Midna's voice entered his mind, as he skidded to a very brief stop, before flipping backwards away from a glowing orange and blue fist. As soon as the fist connected with the ground, a small explosion erupted there. Sonic brought his arms up across his face blocking the debris launched at him. 'Did that thing just teleport in front of me?!' Sonic's well honed reflexes and instinct saved him from being flattened by the sudden appearance of Deoxys.

'Sonic!' Midna practically shouted in his mind.

'Yeah I hear ya Midna. Sorry kinda busy right now. This thing's really putting me on the defensive. How are things on your end?' Even in his head Sonic sounded all together and collected. Midna's voice let out a frustrated sigh. Sonic saw the dust bulging toward him, and quickly rolled to the side. The Pokemon flew out of the cloud, it's head glowing blue, as it aimed toward it's target. Having missed it continued it's path and arched up into the air again.

'Chifuyu says that everyone's been evacuated, and that her forces are on their way. With that man gone, I have been able to subdue most of these Heartless with my power. We will be there to help shortly.' Midna hurried her explanation, trying to not take to much of Sonic's attention from his battle.

'Thanks Midna. I...' Sonic's mental response was cut off violently, as it went dark around him and just ahead of him he saw Sally Acorn suddenly appear. Out of nowhere she was struck by a black bolt of lightning.

"SALLY!" Sonic's eyes flew open in horror, as his on again off again girlfriend, and one of his best friends, was just struck down. Sonic tripped over his own feet, and tumbled forward, falling head over heals violently along the ground. (D.O. Character Info: Sally Acorn is from the several Sonic the Hedgehog universes. She is an anthropomorphic female squirrel, roughly Sonic's age. The two have both grown up together and become friends, and subsequent girl and boyfriend. She is one of the brains of the Freedom Fighters, and also a Princess.)

'Sonic what's going on?!' Midna shouted, as she could practically feel his fluctuating emotion. Sonic looked up blearily toward the vanishing form of Sally. The entire scene was a mirage, and Deoxys took the opportunity to launch it's tendriling arms down at the Blue Blur from above. Sonic was wrapped up tightly, and pulled into the air. He was dragged up so that he was face to face with the legendary Pokemon. Sonic was bruised and in pain from his hard stumble, but managed to stare daggers back into the yellow eyes. 'What's going on Sonic? Answer me blast you!' Midna said harshly, even though worry saturated her words. Deoxys tilted his head slightly to the side, before it's eyes started to dimly glow.

'Sonic? This one is Sonic. Sonic is foe. Sonic is to be destroyed.' A new voice penetrated Sonic's mind, causing him to reel his head back in surprise. Midna even gasped through their telepathic connection. The voice was stiff, almost robotic but powerful and commanding. The hedgehog let a small defiant smirk come to him.

"Oh that is just not fair guy." Sonic quipped before the tendrils tightened painfully around him. Holding back a grunt, even though one of his eyes was squinting, Sonic retained his smirk.

'Deoxys was it? Why are you doing this?' Midna forced her voice toward the new one.

'Is Master's will. Sonic to be eliminated.' Deoxy's stiff voice answered back.

'That's no reason! Obviously you have a mind of your own or you wouldn't be talking to us.' Midna tried to rationalize. Deoxys's head tilted to the other side.

'See no reason to not follow Master's will.'

'And why's that?'

'Sonic weaker than I. Weaker than Master. No reason to not follow Master's will.'

"Okay my head is not your personal chatroom!" Sonic said out loud, surprising the Psychic type. Even more so when Sonic's forehead smashed into it's face. Deoxys let go of Sonic, who quickly grabbed onto one of its morphed into hand's arms, and kicked into it's chest. He flipped backward and landed on the ground, once again looking back to make sure that Sally was an illusion.

"Sonic!" Felicia's voice came up behind him, as she skidded to a halt at his side, arms up and ready to fight. Midna was holding onto her massive voluminous blue hair, and let go floating next to Sonic. Kenshi showed up a moment later, Chifuyu in his arms bridal style. He had easily kept up with Felicia's amazing speed. Chifuyu got to her feet, and leveled her laser pistol at Deoxys, while Kenshi got into a martial arts stance.

"What took you so long?" The Blue Blur joked, as he was happy his backup finally arrived.

"We had to do clean up while you played with your new friend." Chifuyu chided back.

"Sonic are you alright?" Midna asked redundantly as she looked over Sonic's body and his bruises and scrapes.

"Yeah I'm still good, but this guy is surprisingly tough. Where's the others?" Sonic asked, not taking Deoxys out of his sight.

"Demyx, Larxene, and Ember are taking care of the last of those black bug things. Ewww they creep me out so much." Felicia answered.

"Good. Cause this could get ugly and we might need their help soon. I hate to say it but they have powers that could be of use here, no offense Chifuyu, Kenshi." Sonic said hating to admit that they were at a disadvantage.

"You forget who's holding the gun here hedgehog." Chifuyu shot back to him, just before the group went silent seeing Deoxys started to move. Chifuyu without hesitation began firing at it. Deoxys's body quickly morphed into a bulkier version of itself, it's tendrils changing into flat wide ribbons. (D.O. Enemy Fact: This is Deoxys's Defense Forme.) It's new arms folded around it's torso, and the laser blasts bounced harmlessly off of the force field that surrounded him.

"Oh crap." Chifuyu choked, as she continued to fire at the creature. Then her gun was surrounded by a pinkish aura, and yanked from her hands, tossed somewhere into the night. Deoxys's body once again morphed, this time into a very slender and streamlined form. (D.O. Enemy Fact: Speed Forme.)

Sonic's heart beat increased nearly three fold, as he saw the vanished Deoxys glowing yellow and hurtling toward Chifuyu, a blur to the others. All he could hear was the thundering of his heart in his ears, as he put almost every ounce of power he had into his legs. The gap was three seconds at best. Kenshi sprung into action as well. He was more than familiar with this level of speed, even if it was more while inside White. As his blue friend made a jagged violent circle at the same speed as the Pokemon, Kenshi pushed his body to the limits, and wrapped himself over the older woman's front, pulling her so he was shielding her with his back. Deoxys was a foot away before Sonic shoulder slammed himself into the creature's mid section. A literal blue blur ramming into a yellow blur. Both launched away from the line of surprised watchers.

All they could register, Kenshi aside, was a yellow streak coming at the Commander, then a blue streak knocking both away from them. Deoxys tore into the ground leaving a divot trail, and Sonic bounced off of him into a one handed flip and then landed in a crouch. He quickly stood up, and gave Deoxys, also getting to its feet, a feral smirk.

"Nice speed there Deo, but let's see who faster?" The blue hedgehog raised his hands, palms up, and swiped his fingers towards himself. Taunting and daring his opponent to catch him. Then just like that a fading blue ribbon was left where Sonic was, the path of it leading back toward the city proper. Deoxys took the bait, it's ego being wounded, and shimmered yellow before launching along the same path, leaving a similar ribbon.

The group stood stunned, unsure what just happened in that ten second span of time. Kenshi managed to watch the exchange to it's fullest, but was quickly brought out of it when Chifuyu playfully wrapped her arms around Kenshi's neck. "My hero." She said faux seductively. To which Kenshi quickly straitened the two of them up, and took a few large steps away from her grin.

"Sorry Chifuyu...I...I just reacted." She let out a loud bark of laughter at his shyness. Midna floated toward the fading ribbons of light desperately worried, next to her was Felicia on all fours, staring in the same direction.

'Sonic where are you going? You can't take that thing on by yourself?' Midna connected back into Sonic's head.

'Not without help, I know. That's where I'm heading. Hey can you ask the Commander to see who's left at HQ?' His voice was quick and hard to understand.

. . . .

With Sonic

Sonic was already inside the city, and heading toward his apartment building when Midna got back to him. His blurred blue body literally taking the corners and streets like a Lightcycle. (D.O. Info: Lightcycles are a part of the Tron universe. They are computer generated game motorcycles that, originally, could make 90 degree turns at a moments notice. They leave a ribbon of energy behind them to stop the opponents.) 'She says that everyone is still out on missions, and the only ones left are troopers and Samara.' Sonic quickly weighed his options, as out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Deoxys flying above him, almost just as fast. Sonic's thoughts almost ran him into a wall, but his reflexes kicked in and he took the turn wide, racing up one the side of the wall for a moment before quickly hopping off and continuing along the mostly deserted streets. Above him Deoxys tucked it's two tendril arms across it's chest then let loose a shower of stars. These stars rained destruction down upon Sonic, whom nimbly evaded getting hit.

'Midna tell her to get Samara to the roof of the apartments, and have the troopers get containment net launchers ready. I'll take him around for a bit till they are ready.' Midna got back to him almost immediately.

'She's already contacted Samara, and the troopers are on their way to the building. What if this doesn't work?' Midna tried to sound steadfast.

'I have a back up plan. I just hope enough time's past.' Sonic let out a mental huff. More stars showered down at him, and he took another 90 degree corner to avoid them. 'Good thing this city is used to the collateral damage.' He thought to himself, as he closed in on his living quarters.

'Samara's ready. The others are about a minute out Sonic.' Chifuyu's voice invaded his head this time, and outside his eyes shot open in confusion.

'Chifuyu? I don't remember giving out this number, what the heck?'

'Midna is letting me talk to you through her. That aside the remainder of the Heartless are gone, and we are heading there as we speak. Will this plan of yours work?' Chifuyu was in full commander mode, and totally let Sonic's jest breeze off her.

'I certainly hope so cause I'm not sure the alternative is ready. Alright I need to focus, see you guys soon.' Sonic forcibly pushed the connection to the back of his mind, and sped up a bit more. He was on a collision course for his apartment building, and he really didn't want his only home being damaged.

"SAMARA I HOPE YOU ARE READY! HE'S THE YELLOW ONE!" Sonic shouted at the top of his lungs, probably waking the rest of the neighborhood. Samara stood on the roof of the building, watching the streaking lights move over and through the city. She had already discerned whom was who, and was ready. She focused her Biotics, and push as much power as she could into the field she was working on. When the yellow streak of Deoxys got within range she stretched out both her arms, and stopped the Pokemon dead in it's tracks. A blue energy field encased the creature, halting it mid air. Sonic continued on his path and stepped up, ascending the building in a few moments.

Flipping off the side of the wall and into the air, Sonic landed on the roof next to the Asari Justicar. He was breathing heavily, and took a moment to catch his breath.

"Agent Sonic, are you unharmed?" She asked calmly, but there was an underlining of strain there. He turned back around and nodded to her. She caught this from over her shoulder, and then turned her head back to focus on the enemy. "Good, but this creature is fighting against me valiantly. Whatever it is it's very powerful. I will not be able to contain it for very much longer."

"Yeah I kinda...hah...figured as much. Be right back." Sonic bolted into the roof access, and down to his room. Samara fought to keep her Biotic cage on Deoxys, she even broke out into a heavy sweat. The strain her mind and body was taking was scaring her. She had rarely encounter a creature with such power. The blue field was expanding slowly but surely, growing close to shattering. Deoxys stared into the silver eyes of the Asari, and then it's body shifted again. This time it's arms split into four pointed tendrils, and its head grew three spikes. (D.O. Enemy Fact: Deoxys's Attack Forme) A pink aura surrounded Deoxys, and the Biotic field exploded apart instantly. Samara was kicked backward from the backlash. She fell on her back against the roof, but quickly got to her feet, only to see the creature right above her a rainbow orb of energy formed in between it's tentacles.

Sonic burst from the roof access, and without stopping ran over to his comrade, scooped her up in his arms, and away from the blast zone. Which was engulfed in an explosion a moment later. Deoxys looked to the far end of the roof, spotting Sonic letting the blue woman down from his arms.

"The creature changed it's form while you were gone, and it's powers nearly doubled. Be careful, I cannot contain it anymore Agent Sonic." Sonic moved between the Pokemon and Asari, he reached inside his Infini-Box, and pulled out his shining One Billionth Power Ring.

"Thanks for the help Samara. I'll tag in again." It burst into a golden light, which blinded Deoxys for a moment. Sonic rammed his right heel into it's face, causing it to launch over the roofs edge and toward the street below. Quickly the wide eyed creature caught itself in the air. The legendary looked up in time to see a blue ribbon fading from the side of the apartments.

"Where you looking Deo?" Sonic's voice called from Deoxys's right. Deoxys turned only to be met with a dive bombing kick to the gut. Sonic had ran off the roof of another building, his speed had increased two fold thanks to his treasure. As the two fell out of the sky Sonic spun on the Pokemon's body, and kicked his other foot into Deoxys's head, and with the same momentum jumped off him. Deoxys collided with the street, and Sonic landed about twenty feet away on his feet.

"Can't keep up with me in that form can you? C'mon Deo might as well give it up, I've got you now." Sonic rubbed his right index finger under his nose, holding his ring in his left hand, and smirking. Deoxys pushed itself up off the ground and floated there analyzing the situation. Then it brought one of it's right tendrils forward, and Sonic braced himself for an attack. The pointed tip of the tendril rolled backward toward Deoxys several times, mimicking Sonic from earlier. "Oh no you did not!" Suddenly Sonic charged forward, even when his brain screamed at him as to why. In the Pokemon's left tendrils a small yellow static ball formed. Sonic couldn't control his blind charge, which Deoxys swung the small yellow energy ball forward in response. The ball exploded into nine bolts of lightning, which hit Sonic and electrified him. Sonic's body convulsed as the lightning coursed into him, and fell forward into the street. His blue hair was standing on end, and small trails of smoke wofted off of him.

"Not fair...and ow." Sonic wheezed weakly, already trying to force himself off the ground. Deoxys charged forward only to have four metal wires wrap around each of his tendrils. The lines retracted, lifting him into the air, and pulling his arms out taught. The wires were attached to the back sections of two blue robot spiders, two a piece. The blue robots had a huge vertical rectangular back section, a small round head / abdomen section, four legs, and two arms. On the head section were three white orb "eyes" as well as a gray cylinder sticking to the bottom.

"Sorry for the wait Mr. Sonic. We had to get into place." The Tachikoma on the side of the left building announced in a happy child-like voice, as it waved to Sonic.

"Yeah sorry you had to get shocked. Are you alright Mr. Sonic?" The second one asked from its perched position on the right building. Sonic managed to get to his feet, and started to smooth out his hair. He still looked pretty shaken up. (D.O. Character Info: Tachikoma are from the Ghost in the Shell anime universe. They are as big as sedans, and are multipurpose combat robots. They all have child-like voices, but are incredibly intelligent thanks to a specially designed AI. They are extremely mobile for their size, and very lethal when necessary. Some have even shown sentience.)

"It's no problem Tachi, Koma. I'm just glad you got here." Sonic coughed out a small bit of smoke. Then Deoxys's tendrils bulged massively. His eyes widened, and he shouted up to Tachi and Koma. "Guys let go of him!" He was to late though. Deoxys yanked his right tendrils forward, which forcibly pulled Tachi off of his spot on the building fast. Tachi managed to break the lines, but was flung into a room of the apartment building behind Sonic. The same thing was done to Koma, who instead hurtled off past the apartment building, and into the city.

"Tachi, Koma!" Sonic yelled, before gripping his ring hard, activating it's power. He bolted toward the floating Deoxys, which just changed into it's Defense Forme. Sonic threw a super speed punch toward it's face, but only smashed against an invisible barrier surrounding it. He bounced off it and rolled on the street into at crouch. Deoxys started to fly into the sky, which Sonic couldn't reach, should he be allowed to get there. Sonic took off toward the building to his right he scaled it until he was above his target. He jumped off, and curled into his Spin Dash. Spinning quickly he fell down upon the invisible shield around Deoxys. His spinning body tore into the barrier, but couldn't break it and he was smacked off it by one of the Pokemon's flat arms. Sonic landed on a terrace, and could only watch as his opponent floated high and out of reach.

Deoxys stopped when it was safely out of range, and then shifted back into his Attack Forme. It looked down and spotted Sonic on top of a roof. It's tendrils lifted above it's head, yellow and blue energy began gathering above him. The energy grew larger and larger until it was nearly twice the size of the Pokemon itself, and yet it still grew.

"Oh that is never a good thing." Sonic felt sweat start to run down his face.

'Sonic we're here. Where are you?' Midna's voice entered his mind again.

'Wait. What do you mean you're here?!' Sonic called back.

'We are pulling up to the living quarters now.' Sonic panicked and looked from the giant gathering of energy, back to the apartments. Sure enough his friends were spilling out of a hover car in front of the building, looking up at the spectacle in the sky.

'No! Get everyone away from there now Midna! Deoxys is prepping some huge...' He felt his hairs on him bristle, and looked back to the legendary. The energy ball was four times the size of it's creator, and then started to condense into a small ball, which Deoxys brought down in front of it, aiming it at Sonic. He had to hope they had enough charge now. Sonic reached into his Infini-Box. The seven Chaos Emeralds flew out of it, and surrounded him. Sonic quickly absorbed their power, while unlocking their power with his One Billionth Power Ring.

Everyone on the ground braced themselves as they saw a humongous beam shoot from Deoxys toward them. The beam was easily half the size of the building they were in front of. A golden body flew in front of the beam. Chifuyu shouted Sonic's name, rather joyously, which Felicia repeated when she saw his golden form.

Super Sonic put his right hand forward open palmed, and his golden aura flared. The beam crashed into his hand, but he only floated back a bit from his position. The energy halted completely, with the contacting point breaking against Sonic's power. Sonic's serious expression focused more, his brows furrows and his red eyes focused. A blue sheen brightened from Sonic's palm, and he pushed his arm forward. The beam bulged before his hand, then that bulge raced back up the beams path to Deoxys. Deoxys's eyes grew large, and it cut off the attack quickly shifting into it's Defense Forme, just before the beam engulfed him.

Sonic floated there waiting for the cloud of smoke to clear away from Deoxys, as the beam continued on into the atmosphere.

"Is that Sonic?" Midna could only gawk at her transformed friend. Kenshi couldn't help the smile that crossed his face, as he felt the power coming off of the hedgehog.

"That is Sonic's Super form. When he absorbs the power of the Chaos Emeralds he keeps with him he becomes this. When he's like this he's the strongest agent the G.C.D.F. has on Victis." Chifuyu said with pride.

"And he's sooooo dashing when he's like that." Felicia added along with a purr. Midna took into the sky, hoping to reconnect with Sonic. At that point Samara, along with Tachi, came down from the apartment building, Samara covering both Tachi and herself in her Biotics.

"He had to go to such great lengths to fight this creature. This is unsettling Commander Orimura." She noted, walking next to Chifuyu, and standing at her side.

"No argument here, and a lot of it seems to be being thrown Sonic's way. I think someone sees him as a threat." Chifuyu's expression grew grimmer.

"I hope Agent Sonic will be okay." Samara added.

"Someone's out to hurt my Sonic?! Not while I'm around they won't!" Felicia interjected, looking like she was ready to fight the world for him.

"I haven't known him for long, but I know Sonic would do the same for me, so I'll keep an eye on him too." Kenshi added.

Midna could only get within so far of Sonic. His light was keeping her at a distance, she couldn't even connect with him in his mind. His power was strong enough to repel their mental link. "Sonic!" She shouted after her thrird failed attempt to talk mentally.

"Oh hey Midna. Sorry if I had you worried." He turned his head enough to see her out of the corner of his eye, and give her cocky grin.

"You better be. Why didn't you tell me about this transformation? I wouldn't have worried so much if I had known." She put her little hands on her hips, and fumed up at him.

"Sorry, sorry, but I can't always use it. I wasn't even sure if I would have been able to transform this time." Midna raised her visible eyebrow.

"What do you mean you can't always use it?" She demanded, but was off put when Sonic raised a hand between them.

"Sorry Midna, I'll tell you later, but right now I have to beat this guy up. Be right back." The smoke had finally blown away, revealing Deoxys in its Defense Forme, with a part of its left leg missing, two flat tendrils gone, and burns over a good portion of its body. All of these injuries immediately started to shine and regenerate. Sonic didn't give it the chance to fully heal, and vanished. He appeared right in front of Deoxys not a moment later, and reached out toward it. His hand met with a shining blue barrier.

"Still wont help you Deo. Chaos Control." Sonic and Deoxys just blipped out of existence. Midna watched them vanish, and stared at where they just were. 'Be careful you moron.' She thought looking up into the starry skies.

~ Outer Space ~

Above Victis

Sonic and Deoxys appeared in the blackness above the planet. Sonic took his right hand off the dome, then punched forward with his left. Deoxys teleported away before the fist could connect, but Sonic was right there in front of him as if he didn't move.

"Can't pull that on me now Deo. Though I'm surprised you aren't out cold from lack of oxygen." With that Sonic struck the shield, shattering it into glass-like pieces. Deoxys flew backward in the weightless void, but quickly regained its senses, and teleported back toward Sonic.

"Chaos Control." Sonic said as he saw Deoxys disappear. Time around him slowed so much seconds felt like minutes. In this slowed time he saw Deoxys's blur moving toward him. Flying toward the Pokemon at speeds it couldn't comprehend, Sonic punched the Defense Forme in it's exposed gut.

Deoxys appeared again and was already flying further into space. It transformed into its Speed Forme, and flipped around. It couldn't take on this transformed enemy. Sonic outclassed Deoxys nearly two fold. The legendary sped into space, hoping to lose the hedgehog. Sonic blinked in front of Deoxys's flight path, arms crossed, and looked like he'd been waiting there forever. It's eyes squinted, and then it's body shimmered with a white outline. Deoxys slammed into Sonic with a speed the hero wasn't expecting. As they collided the Pokemon changed back into it's Attack Forme, and wrapped it's tendrils around Sonic. Then it drew its head back, which glowed a bright blue. The headbutt following hurt Deoyxs more. While Sonic felt it, his head was much harder in his Super form. The DNA Pokemon's head rolled around drunkenly, while Sonic just winced slightly at the stinging sensation.

"Alright Deoxys. I would like to say it was fun, but you really put me through the ringer tonight. What say you just surrender, and we take you in? It would save you a lot more hurt." The Blue Blur tried reasoning with his opponent.

Deoxys shook it's head, but still had a grip on Sonic. It's eyes looked contemplative, like it was going over it's options. 'Sonic is powerful...More powerful than Master. What does the Sonic fight for?'

"Alright progress. I fight for those who can't fight for themselves, for my friends, for innocents. I'm a hero...it's kinda rule one of our code." Sonic answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Deoxys tilted it's still sore head to the side, thinking.

"So we gonna do this the hard way or the easy way? The easy way has chili dogs." Super Sonic asked with a smile.

'Sonic is noble...I surrender. However Sonic must defeat me. Make Master believe I lost. Only way.' The legendary said after a moment, actually surprising the hero. Sonic blinked a few times, as Deoxys let him go, and floated backward slightly.

"Alright, but I hope you don't mind telling me why later. This might hurt Deo, brace yourself." Deoxys transformed into its Normal Forme, just before Sonic socked the Pokemon in the gut very hard. Deoxys's eyes bugged out, before closing in unconsciousness. Sonic grabbed him and tossed him over his shoulder.

"I'm taking the weekend off and going to the beach. Chifuyu's got no say in it this time." Sonic smirked, and looked to his left. There was the Watchtower, which he waved to before blinking out of sight.


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