I would tell you my name if I hadn't died over a hundred years ago. I would tell you of the raging flames that took my parents and the manor I had grown up in. I would tell you of the dog I had that perished with those flames and the demon butler I named after my beloved pet. I would tell you of my revenge and my defeat, I would tell you of the demon butler that fought to steal me away from my own butler and I would tell you how I came to love the demon with ruby eyes even after he tried to kill me. Sebastian. My Sebastian. ∞

"Ciel," Sebastian said as he wrapped his arms around his young master from behind. "What are you writing, kitten?" he asked as he began kissing down the younger demon's neck, ripping a moan from the demonling's throat and Sebastian smirked. "Oh my, do we like that, young master?" he teased as Ciel tilted his head to the side, his smirk growing when the blunette nodded. "What a naughty little master I have," he chuckled before he continued kissing down the younger's neck. Without another word, Sebastian took his master to bed and lay the once-boy on the blue silk sheets as their lips met. Ciel moaned eagerly as his fingers tangled with raven locks.

I would tell you my name if I had any use for it anymore other than when my lover and I share intimate moments such as love making or just snuggling up together, watching TV or those ridiculous cartoons Sebastian enjoys so much like Tom and Jerry. I confess that I too enjoy the on going chase of cat and mouse but I could never admit that to Sebastian, assuming he hasn't already guessed.

Ciel arched as Sebastian entered him finally, letting out a cry of pleasure. His hips bucked as he clung to his lover in utter bliss. He moaned loudly as nails dug into his hips and he demanded harder, faster, more. Sebastian was only too happy to comply, slamming himself into his lover's prostate over and over. "Sebastian!"

I would tell you my name if there was any point but I doubt we'd ever meet. You'd probably be long dead by the time I return to this place. I'll still look young and youthful even in a few centuries. As me now, stranger, why I tell you this. It's because I need to write down the utter bliss of the eternity I will live. I live beside the man I have love for as long as I have known him. I will keep loving him, my Sebastian, for the rest of my days.

They climax together, moaning loudly as they held one another close in a loving embrace. "I love you, Sebastian," Ciel murmured.

"As I love you," Sebastian replied. "Eternally."

I would tell you my name but you won't live to remember it but I will. Eternally