Temporary hiatus

Hi guys, I'm really sorry that I'm lagging behind D: This is my finals/entrance exam into clinic and it's really important that I get through this (or else be murdered by parents XD). Accompanied with writer's block, I'll be frank and admit that I might not get this done soon. You're looking around end nov/early december, earliest. In any case, I humbly seek your patience for the next chapter -bows-

On the plus side, I thought I should let everyone know that I'm doing another giveaway for all my readers. Details are on my fb page, Yumiii (link provided on my profile). It's essentially a christmas present to you all, because the draw will end on the 15th december (and mailing would take about a week). Join that! And don't forget to follow the page as well because I give exclusive tidbits to those who do :)

I hope you all do well. Elliot Jaeger should get updated sooner because it's a lot less complicated to write -cough-.

I thank you all for your support! I love you all :)