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Chapter 19

The rag tag group spend two long days and nights pre-paring to take out Jonathan. They got every and any weapons they could and they were all covered in runes. Magnus even made some potions for extra strength and anything else they could think of. Clary felt very ready, at the moment just her; Jace and Magnus were in the hotel room. The other we're off getting just a few more things before they were planning to hunt down Jonathan. Jace gave Magnus a look and he got up from his seat and left without a word, just a small look back at Clary before he shut the door.

"What was that?" Clary asked looking back from the door to Jace. Jace gave Clary a small look before sighing and getting up and kissing Clary on the head, then he started moving across the room getting left over weapons and what not. Most of the weapons were with Alec, Izzy and Simon. Clary got up and started helping him, but Jace came over and pulled the sword from her hands, she went to protest when he shushed her.

"Clary I know you are going to be pissed, but I've deiced you're not coming." He said as he looked down at the confused girl, he knew she was going to flip her lid.

"What?! What do you mean you decided, since when do you decide everything!" She all but screamed at him throwing her hands up into the air looking angry and hurt all at the same time.

"If there is any chance we lose this I don't want you there for Jonathan to just take. This is not some game Clary this is life or death at this point and I am not letting him get you! I would rather die." He said the last part in barely a whisper and Clary looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I can't let you all go fight for me and I not be there! It's just not fair." Jace sighed and leaned down and kissed Clary full on the mouth. She refused to kiss him back for a moment, but she relented and opened her mouth kissing him back with as much passion as she could. They pulled away after a minute, both out of breath. Jace rested his forehead on Clary's and looked into her eyes.

"I am sorry, you can't come and that's final. Magnus has put the most powerful protection spell on this room as well as a million other things so Jonathan can never find you here. There is food stocked in the fridge in case we don't come back. You have about two minutes until that potion Magnus just gave you knocks you out." Jace let go of Clary and stepped away from her.

"What? I thought that was a strength potion." She said weakly feeling betrayed by not only Jace but Magnus as well. Jace gave her one last look before the potion took effect and she stumped onto the bed. By the time she woke up everyone would be in full battle and she would be stuck in this room. Jace laid her comfortably onto the bed, gave her one last kiss on the head and darted from the room.


Jonathan was beyond ready for this fight, he knew the moment he got home and realized that Jace was gone that they were going to be all together and planning a battle. Jonathan was beyond ready and found himself a new warlock and some more dark shadow hunters. He also had demons on standby, waiting in the shadows. He was sure that he could take out the small group on his own without the help of the demons, he had then ready just in case though.

Jonathan stood on a random field knowing that Magnus would be searching for him; he would rather know the battle field and have an advantage. It wasn't long before one of the shadow hunters shouted to him that they were heading this way. He smirked, he couldn't wait to kill Jace and the others and take back what was his.


Jace and Magnus met up with the others and they all were following Magnus to where he said Jonathan was. No one said anything about Clary not being there, they all knew what Jace was going to do. Simon was the only one to put up a fight about it at first, but in the end he relented and let them do what they wanted. Everything felt surreal as they entered a clearing and were standing in a large field with Jonathan and at least fifty dark shadow hunters standing around him.

"Fuck." Jace said under his breath, first they were outnumbered and second it could be people they knew out there doing stuff against there will. The small group walked until they were yelling distance from Jonathan and his group. Jace could see Jonathan's eyes passing over each face, getting more frustrated as he realized Clary wasn't there.

"Where is Clary!?" Jonathan demanded and Jace shook his head, this asshole seriously had to go.

"Don't worry about her, right now you should be worried about me you asshole!" Jace shouted drawing his sword. Jace watched Jonathan smirk and draw his own.

"Don't worry after I am done with you lot I will find her and there will be nothing stopping me from having her forever." He gave Jace a cocky smirk before looking at his large group.

"Leave Jace for me." He said casually and soon the large group of fifty people were charging their way towards the small group of five. Jace knew they would all die, until he heard a shout from behind him and soon a large group was charging towards them, Jace quickly noticed Clary's mom and Maryse among the people. Someone must have told the clave what was happening. He shot a quick look at Isabelle but she was fighting a dark shadow hunter so he quickly shot his gaze towards where he last saw Jonathan, he wasn't there anymore. He quickly scanned the battle failed looking for him, everywhere people were fight but they were all just running by him since Jonathan told them all to leave him for himself.

Jace heard a small noise behind him and swung his sword and it connected with the one that had been coming towards his neck.

"I knew it wouldn't be that easy." Jonathan chuckled.

"Come on angle boy; give me your best shot." The blonder boy taunted


Clary slowly woke up and looked around the room trying to remember what happened, her head felt like it was swimming. She sat up as she remembered Jace leaving her behind. She cried out as she jumped up and ran towards the door. She tried with all her might to force the door open but it wasn't opening, why would they do this to her! She banged on the door hoping to get the attention from someone outside but she knew that no one could hear here. She slid down the door and cried into her knees for a while. Why would Jace betray her like that! And Magnus for that matter, she felt so hurt she wanted to pull her hair out. She suddenly leaped up and started getting her gear on, and boots. She was getting out of this room if it was the last thing she did. She searched the room high and low for a stele knowing that was her ticket out but she couldn't find one anywhere. Suddenly she remembered putting one under her pillow when she couldn't sleep the night before to make her feel more protected in case Jonathan came for her.

She slowly shoved her hand under the pillow and smiled as she pulled her hand out with a stele in it. Jace must have not known it was there since he stripped the room of all other weapons. Clary walked to the door and used the strongest opening rune she had. She heard the room shutter and shake before the door opened. She exited with a smile on her face that dropped as she realized she had no idea where this battle was. She cursed as she ran a hand threw her red curls. She started to just walk hoping her mind would just know where to go. Five minutes after she had started on her way she was stopped by a young boy with brown hair and a cute smile.

" 'Ello love." He smiled down at her with striking blue eyes. Clary gave him a look before she kept walking.

"Slow down love, you're going to wrong way." He said which caused her to stop and slowly turn to look at him.

"How would you know where I am going?" She said angrily, she wasn't in the mood for this.

"Of course you didn't think Jonathan wouldn't have someone looking for you when you weren't at the battle, did you?" He looked at her like she was stupid, she started backing up when she realized he was working with Jonathan.

"Of course I was having a really hard time finding you until about five minutes ago, you must have been under a very great protection spell love, maybe you should have stayed were you were meant to because you aren't going to like where we are going." Clary was still backing up as the man spoke, but he suddenly lunged at her and dragged her threw a portal as they were falling. This was clearly a warlock, who seemed to be stronger then Patrick had been. Clary wondered briefly were the red headed man was before she fell to the ground with the dark haired man on top of hair. The first thing she noticed was lots of loud noise and people yelling and screaming at one another. Where was she and what was going on? She looked up and realized she was now standing in the middle of a battle field. She looked around wondering why there were so many people. She suddenly noticed Maryse and some other members of the clave and realized that someone must have told him. Her heart sung again at another betrayal.

Clary tried to stand up and run but the man grabbed her and dragged her up with him.

"I know all about you Clary, don't thank you can get away from me as easy as you did with Patrick." Clary struggled in his grasps for a moment before the man smacked her across the head. She winched and cringed into herself, why was she so stupid; she should have just stayed where Jace told her to.

"I only brought you here to witness the death of all your loved ones so you would realize that Jonathan is all you have left." The man bitterly spat in her ear as he started dragging her forward. She stumbled but started walking so she wouldn't fall. Suddenly she saw her mom out of the corner of her eye and she froze, her mom was here! Her heart started driving faster in her chest as she heard a roar from a demon and suddenly at least ten mid-level demons were running at the group of people.


Jace and Jonathan were pretty evenly matched at this point; they both knew a lot about each other since they had be together for a while. They were both dripping sweat and blood but neither was close to the end of this battle to the death. Suddenly Jace heard a loud roar and a bunch of demons were there fighting the good shadow hunters. In Jace's moment of lost concentration Jonathan was able to take a good swipe at his arm. Jace swore out loud and ducked as Jonathan swung again.

"Don't get distracted little brother, it might get you… cut." Jonathan laughed as he taunted Jace. Suddenly Jace heard a loud scream and saw a demon throw Izzy across the field.

"Shit!" Jace bellowed as the demon came charging towards him; Jace started fighting the demon, losing sight of Jonathan for a moment.


Clary whimpered as she caught sight of Jonathan and Jace battling it out, both worse for ware. Suddenly a demon threw Isabella across the field and Jace was fighting the demon. Suddenly she looked over and her eyes locked with Jonathans and he gave her a smirk and she glared at him. Suddenly from behind Jonathan she saw her mother diving towards him. Clary tried to hold in her surprised but he saw it on her face and turned just as her mother was driving a sword down, he turn in time to take the sword in his chest. He staggered for a second before plunging his own sword into Jocelyn's chest. Clary screamed and tried to get out of the warlocks grip but even though Jonathan was hurt his servant wasn't letting up.


Jace just finished killing the demon that had thrown Isabelle when a loud scream seemed to stop the entire battle. Jace looked up and there in the middle of the battle was his Clary standing there screaming while a strange man held onto her. Jace quickly followed were Clary was looking and saw Jonathan with a sword sticking out of his chest and Jocelyn with one sticking out of hers as well. They were both looking at each other in shock before Clary's mother fell. Jonathan started to reach up to pull the dagger out of his own chest before Jace started running towards him; he was not letting Jonathan get away without death. Jonathan looked up as Jace approached.

"Going to end me little bother?" He asked lazily like this didn't matter to him at all.

"Of course you bastered." Jace said as he drove his own sword into Jonathan's chest and then pulling it back out and doing it again and again until Alec came and pulling him away. At some point while Jace was stabbing him Jonathan had fallen and he was on the ground looking up at Jace

"Didn't realize you had it in you." He comment as his eyes rolled.

"This won't be the last you see of me.." He muttered as Jace took one more harsh stab, killing the blonder boy.

"Can't come back from this one Jonny-boy." Jace commented as he pulled back and let his sword drop to the ground.

Jace suddenly remember Clary and franticly turned to look for her, at the exact moment everyone that had been on Jonathans side started fleeing. He thought if Jonathan died people effect by the dark cup would turn back to normal but apparently not. Jace spotted Clary running towards him, but her eyes weren't looking at him they were glued to her mother.

"Mom!" Clary shouted as she skidded to a stop looking down at her mother.

"Clary." The older women whispered as Clary leaned over her, tears pooling out of her eyes.

"Is he… dead?" Her mom asked weakly as she fought the darkness that we creeping into her eyes.

"Yes, please mom don't die I need you!" She shouted at her mom while she fumbled for her stele thinking of the most powerful healing rune she could think of.

"I love you." Her mom said before her eyes rolled one more time and suddenly she stopped breathing.

"Mom NO!" Clary yelled as she started putting a rune on her mother's pale arm, but before she could finish Jace grabbed her up and pulled her into his chest.

"Stop I have to save her!" Clary yelled pounding her fists into Jace's strong chest. He didn't even flinch he just let the sobbing girl get all her anger out. Finally she stopped, slumping into Jace's chest and just crying.

"Shh Clary everything will be okay." He whispered into her ear as he looked around at all the people making a semi-circle around the two dead bodies and Clary and himself.

-Two weeks later-

Clary was curled up in her bed at the instatue, her mother's funeral had been the day before and she couldn't seem to go back to the house that had been her mothers. It just hurt too much right now. Luke was trying to be strong for her, but she knew he was a wreck just like her. Plus she hated being around him right now, he was always awkward and trying not to touch her to much so she wouldn't flinch at him. Everyone knew what Jonathan had done to her and they all gave her these little looks and it was killing her. Plus she was still very angry with Isabelle for calling the Clave; she remembered fighting with her a week ago about it.

"I know it was you." Clary hissed as she looked at the dark haired girl, Isabelle looked away not wanting to meet the angry girl's eyes.

"I am sorry Clary but if I didn't everyone one of us would be dead right now." Izzy said then her eyes flashed angry for a moment.

"And did you think for just a moment that maybe I wanted Jonathan dead for more than just what he did to you. In case you forgot he killed Max." Isabelle shouted before exiting the room.

Clary hadn't talked to her since; her anger left her some at what she said but not completely. She was trying to blame someone for her mother's death and right now it helped to blame Isabelle a little. Clary heard a light knock on her door and she looked up.

"Come in." She said weakly and she sighed as Jace entered the room. She was still slightly angry at him for betraying her and leaving her behind.

"Hey." He breathed as he came in and laid down wrapping his arms around her small frame.

"Hey." She supplied back as she cuddled into him a little.

"I know you're still mad at me but I needed to see you." He whispered in her ear and she nodded as tears sprung to her eyes. She knew it was going to be a long road to get over what Jonathan did to her, and get over her mother's death but she was glad Jace was going to be there to help her.


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