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Chapter One - Free Vacation

It's close to midnight. A rickety minivan with peeling green paint turns a corner, and the driver asks someone in the backseat, "Which way do we turn now?"

"Left," comes the response.

The driver in question happens to be Conrad. The man giving him directions? The zombie. Hanna sits shotgun, and he's hyper. Like, a dozen 5-Hour Energies hyper.

"Man," Hanna says, pressing his face against the window to take in the unfamiliar sights. "I can't believe someone from another town found out about us and decided to hire us. Think about it - we're practically famous."

"I wouldn't exactly call being heard of in Amity Park famous," Veser sneers from the backseat, where he's sandwiched between Toni and the zombie. "It's practically spitting distance from home."

"Still," Hanna says. "It's pretty huge for me."

"Yeah, for you," Veser says. "Why are you dragging the rest of us along?"

Hanna looks into the backseat. "Well, you don't exactly have anywhere better to be, do you? There's no way Conrad's letting you stay at his place while he's not there."

"Thank you! Someone understands that -," Conrad starts to say, but he's cut off by Hanna, who looks between Toni and his undead partner and says, "And you guys came because you wanted to, right?"

The zombie nods, then looks down at the map in his hands and tells Conrad to turn right. Toni shrugs.

"I wanted to help, and hey, free vacation, right?" she ventures.

Hanna sighs and turns to face the front again.

"Still, even Amity Park is a big deal. To be honest, when I became a paranormal investigator, I didn't really expect it to go so well."

"Well? You think it went well?" Veser snickers. "Please. What have you really done? Piss off a bunch of vampires, make Conrad into one, and find Lee's ghost."

"Hey, it was a big help for us to not have stuff break every time someone sings off-key," Toni put in. "Rehearsals have been going much smoother."

"Exactly!" Hanna cries. "And it's not like we're being hired to do anything super major here anyways."

"Of course not," Conrad says, getting angry. "That's exactly why you still haven't told any of us why the hell we're making the drive over to Amity. Clearly."

"Okay okay," Hanna says. "Sheesh. I was going to tell you . . . when we got there."

"More like when something pops in our faces trying to kill us," Conrad mutters.

"Fine. I'll tell. This girl named Paula -"

"I think it was Paulina," the zombie interrupts.

"Okay, so this girl named Paulina says there's this ghost in the town - "

"Another fucking ghost?!" Conrad shouts.

" - that shows up occasionally and then disappears - "

"Clearly I'm being ignored again," Conrad mutters.

" - and she hired us to find out where he goes!" Hanna looks into the backseat with a huge grin.

"So we're here to tail a ghost?" Toni asks, puzzled that they've come all this way for something like this.

"Yes! It shouldn't be too hard - "

Veser bursts out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Hanna asks.

"Dude, I hate to break it to you, but you got your ass kicked last time you took on a ghost, and he didn't even have a reason to hate you. Now you want to follow a ghost that clearly has some fucking deep privacy issues and you're thinking it's all gonna go just great?"

Hanna faces front again and fumes.

"Well, at least I know this won't be a boring trip," Veser says. "I'll get to see you knocked out cold, like, twenty times the first day - "

Toni puts a hand on Veser's shoulder to stop him.

"I think we might want to wrap things up for tonight," she says. "Any idea how long before we - "

"We're here," Conrad announces. Hanna and the zombie look out the window at the hotel where the five will be staying. The building looks new, like it's been recently painted. In fact, a crane is parked next to the side of the building, like some work has recently been done.

"Well, we'd better head in," Hanna says, unbuckling his seat belt. "We'll start in the morning."