My first and the very first Sky Girls' fic!
Ryohei x Otoha

Otoha smiled and runned to the 'garage' with the green Sonic Diver.
"Ohayo, Zero," she greeted it.
She let her hand slide down the metal.
She then stook her stick, her 'partner', and started to swing it.
Ryohei, who had been busy with Zero, came from behind and frowned.
"Your placement of your feet is still weak," he smirked.
Otoha flinched and then sended him a deathly glare.
"Hurasai, baka," she mumbled.
"Man, you're so stuborn!" Ryohei sighed.
Irritated Otoha lifted the stick in her hands and swung it in his direction, letting it rest some inches from his face.
"Just make sure you take good care of Zero, you baaaaaaka."
But Ryohei began snapping back, although he was older and should act more mature...
"I already do! You just keep out of it and and leave it to me! Little brat!"
"Brat!? HA! Says the child!"
"C-child!? How do you dare!"
Haruko and Ranko stopped with their work and watched them.
"They're going at it again," the pink-haired girl said.
The bluenette, Haruko, nodded. "I wonder when they will kick each others ass."
Ranko balled her fists in front of her face, filled with excitement. "Otoha will do so first!"
Haruko sweatdropped at her twinsister behaviour and looked at the two.
"I wonder more when he will tell it."
Ranko blinked and her excitement dropped. ""
She turned around rapidly. "You mean-!?"
Haruko nodded and fixed her gaze on Ryohei.
"Yes. That is what I mean."

Ryohei pressed all kinds of buttosn on the device.
He was focused on it completly,
He watched all details displayed on the screen and gave Zero more attention now he knew it for sure.
Nothing was wrong with the MOLP or anything.
So, there was something with the Sonic Diver what was not possible...
'Could it have doen it by himself?'
"Ryohei! How's Zero doing?" Otoha asked while she came running in.
Ryohei turned and sighed.
"The data doesn't show that anything was wrong..."
Otoha blinked. "Is that so?"
Ryohei looked at it. "Maybe... It did moved on his own..."
Otoha holded her head to the side. "That is posssible?"
Ryohei narrowed his eyes. "Actually not. But I wouldn't know what else it would be."
Grinning she pointed at him. "The mechinican doesn't even know!"
A bit angry he pulled her closer to cover her mouth, but since she resisted he lost balance.
They fell down, Otoha down and Ryohei on top.
Eyes wide since their lisp touched.
"YATA! (Finally!)" Ranko and Haruko yelled.
making teh duo even more shocked and quickly seperated.
"Where are you talking about!?" they both snapped.
"Owh, owh! One of you say Jinx and tell that the others owe you a kiss!" Ranko said.
Stunned teh two sat there, not abel to say something.
Suddenly Otoha looked down. "Jinx..."
Ranko's eyes sparkled and Haruko grinned.
Ryohei looked at Otoha in disbelieve. "Oi, Otoha... Y-you aren't...?"
"You owe me a kiss..." Otoha followed, liek no one had said something.
Then she leaned forward quickly and pressed her lips on Ryohei's.
"SHE DID!" Ranko screamed.
Haruko rolled her eyes and pulled her twinsister with her away.
Ryohei stared at the girl. ""
"It didn't meant something for you, did it? So it just was a one-time thing..."
While Otoah slowly stood up and was about to walk away, Ryohei sighed deeply and pulled her back.
He embraced her and kissed her softly on her forehead.
"Of course I liek you, baka."
Filled with hapiness Otoha started to cry.
Ryohei smiled and tried to calm her down.
"Shh~ Shhh~ It's alright. I'm not letting you go."

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