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Vegetasai, 737

"Sir, Bardock's gone insane."

The soldier knelt before the throne as he reported. He hid his nervousness as the other men glared at him from lines on either side of the King. Saiyans were a violent bunch and these people, already agitated by the Prince's abduction, were itching for a chance to spill blood. He just hoped it wouldn't be his.

King Vegeta ignored the soldier. The fear he could feel emanating from the man would have earned him a flogging on any other day, but right now there were much more pressing matters to deal with.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. Today was a disaster of universal levels. Earlier, a babe had been born with power to rival his son's. Luckily, it was quickly discovered before any dissent could form. Both the child and his father had been executed on the spot, to prevent any uprisings or future power play, as there was bound to be if two strong individuals contested for the throne.

His gaze turned to the windows. His son was just outside the planet's atmosphere, in the large spaceship stationed out there.

There had been an uprising discussed for months, of course. The Saiyan race would not stand to be ruled by a bastard lizard and his cronies. But Zarbon had come to retrieve the boy earlier than he had thought, and it threw a wrench in their plans. He had had no choice but to hand the boy over, and watch his small features glare at him with betrayal.

It's alright son. We'll get you back. I swear it.

"King Vegeta?"

He started, then quickly leveled a glare at the man who had spoken. "What?"

The soldier gulped. "Well, sir, I was asking you what we're to do about Bardock."

King Vegeta opened his mouth to tell the soldier that he didn't care what some low class scientist needed, because his son was out there with the son of a bitch who was doing fuck knows what to his son—


He paused, pointing at the door. "Bardock?"

The soldier nodded wearily. "So what are we to do with him, sir?"

King Vegeta grinned. "Why, nothing. He's got the right idea."


"We're staging a rebellion and getting my son back."

"Frieza, I'm bored."

The tyrant's red eyes flickered to meet his briefly in the reflective window. He knew that Frieza could and would kill him if he was insubordinate but he was just so bored. A prince should not be subjected to this amount of dullness! (He was never bored with people to prank at the palace. Here, anyone he yelled at yelled at him back and he did not like that.) The saibamen were weak, the technicians simpering morons, and the only other saiyan he got stuck with was a low, ass-kissing old man of a babysitter!

He was bored.

He glanced up at Zarbon as the man(woman? transvestite? it was debatable, at this point. His mother never groomed for quite as many hours as Zarbon did.) scolded him for being 'disrespectful' to his(her? zir?) boyfriend. Or girlfriend, really. He was even less sure about Frieza's gender than Zarbon's.

He prepared to shift into a fighting stance. It was probably suicide, but he was so damn bored.

"Oh, let the boy go, Zarbon. He doesn't mean any harm."

His head jerked up to stare at the tyrant. (His lips were black, he wondered if that was a product of drinking too much wine or if the wine was not wine, but blood.) From what he had heard, there was no way that Frieza would have allowed him on an important purge mission so early, even if he was more than capable.

Perhaps he has finally realized my true potential, he thought. But it was doubtful, seeing as he had only just met the lizard today.

Not yet suspicious enough to question his good fortune, he bowed and left. He didn't notice the lizard's eyes locked greedily on the red planet outside.

"Sir, this is madness!"

"If madness is what will get me my son back, then mad I am." King Vegeta replied, pulling the space pod's door open.

"But sir," Zorn protested. He was the only one who did. The other Saiyans were already in their pods, bloodthirsty and eager. "The plan isn't ready yet!"

"The plan," King Vegeta cut in sharply, "involved my son being by my side."

"Don't be so selfish!" Zorn exploded. "You're not the only one with a family!"

The king glared at him. He saw his life flash before his eyes.

"S-sir, I didn't mean-" he stuttered.

"Get in your pod."

He did.

Vegeta was in his space pod. It wasn't as fancy or fast as the royal pods, and he'd have to remember to make a complaint later. For now, he was just glad that he could play.

'Purge', Frieza had said. He didn't quite understand why the other aliens found it so distasteful. Sure, the opponents were weak, so there were no battle accomplishments to brag of, but it was still something to do.

"It isn't that, Vegeta," Nappa had explained once. "The soft-bellied little shits get queasy when they kill, see."

No, he didn't see. Killing weaklings were no different from killing saibamen, which was essentially plucking weeds. Killing plants was alright, his mother told him so. Plants were replaceable.

"Father, what is killing?"

King Vegeta cocked his head contemplatively. "Well, killing is... See this plant?"

He watched the seed grow into an ugly humanoid creature. With its bulbous head, three fingers on each limb, and grotesque red eyes, it was an ugly thing. He decided that it was like one of his toys, but animated.

King Vegeta shot a beam of ki at the creature and it exploded.

"That's killing."

The sleeping gas took effect and he dreamt of ripping heads off faceless green dolls.

"What do you mean he's not here!?"

The soldier cowered in his hiding spot, hands shaking as he held the scouter to his ear. "W-well, apparently he's been sent on a purge mission, sir-"


He winced, pulling the scouter away. "Yes sir."

The silence lasted so long that he was tempted to say something just to break its awkwardness. Luckily, Zorn spared him.

"Do you want to abandon the mission sir?"

The soldier felt his blood boil into something more carnal. He could not be denied the blood of his enemies! That idiot Zorn had no right to bring everyone down with his fucking cowardly ways. They would win the battle, kill Frieza and get the Prince back. And if they got to fight a few strong fighters along the way, then that was just a bonus.

"We're not abandoning the mission. You can stop growling, soldier."

Bardock groaned. The king hadn't believed him. No one had.

He rubbed the back of his head where a bump was forming. For ass-kissing lapdogs, those elites packed a punch. Maybe his son would one day be one.

He grunted and picked himself up, mindful of his injuries. Dragging himself back to the palace gates, he squared his shoulders and said, "I want to speak to the king."

"You again," the guard glared. "We told you, runt. The king doesn't want to see a lunatic like you, so bugger off. He even got off the freaking planet to get away from all that screaming. Tale a fucking hint, will you?"

Bardock felt his heart stop. "What do you mean he's off world?"

The guard shrugged. "He said something about killing Frieza. And I'm telling you, we'd all be glad to get rid of that lizard bast-hey, where the fuck are you going?"

Bardock took off to the sky, features grim.

I hope I'm not too late.

Frieza smirked as he stared down at King Vegeta's corpse.

The man had been foolish. Had he really thought that he would get his son back with only a group of trained monkeys? Of course he had. They were arrogant little shits, all bark and no bite.

Ah, but he hadn't been so arrogant in the end there, had he? There was fear in his eyes- -pure, delicious desperation for himself and his son

His son. Now there was a keeper. The boy was still young, but he had the makings of a fighter. There was a vibrant fire in his eyes that was simply so refreshing amidst the dull creatures on his ship. This one wouldn't be as easy to break as the others, Frieza thought.

But Frieza knew people, and the way to break a man was to break his hope. If there was a slightest chance of reprieve, the man would continue to hope and he would never break. So you start by destroying what he holds dear.

It was just too bad that Vegeta's planet would soon be destroyed by that pesky asteroid.

Vegeta's pod landed with a crash.

He pulled himself out of the pod, disoriented. Space travel had always made him queasy.

His senses spiked and he jumped high to avoid the ki blast.

Vegeta analyzed his enemies. They were green and small, like saibamen, with power levels of barely under a thousand.

He grinned. Perfect.

Bardock screamed as Frieza rose from his spaceship. The bastard was covered in blood-the king's blood.

"You won't get away with this!" Bardock shouted, forming a ki attack even as Frieza created his own.

Frieza's smirk widened. He threw his ki ball.

The planet, along with Bardock, exploded.

Bodies formed a circular pile of charred flesh. The corpses were in various states of mutilation, burning and dead.

In the centre of the circle, Vegeta crouched.

"Prince Vegeta, do you copy, sir?"

"I'm here," he snapped around his energy bar. Stupid technicians never had anything good to report.

"Sir, I have urgent news from Lord Frieza. Planet Vegeta was struck by a large asteroid today, a-and destroyed."

He grunted. "You're sure?"

"Affirmative, sir."

Well. That was inconvenient. Father had told him that he and mother were irreplaceable, after all, unlike the plants.

"Frieza sends his sympathies and regrets."

Bullshit. This was Frieza's fault somehow. He stared at his ration bar, imagining it turning pink and growing horns, with a black smile.

"As of now, you're the only known survivor."

"Oh." he said. Because what else was there to say?

"Would you like to send a reply, sir?"

"No," he crushed the Frieza-bar. "No reply."