Chaos had fallen. The Galaxy Cauldron was safe and pure once again. And Usagi had her wish. She and the other senshi had returned home to continue to live their lives. She could've thrown herself into the cauldron to be reborn, but she couldn't leave her friends, she couldn't abandon Chbiusa, and she couldn't live without Mamoru. The warnings that chaos could return someday had her worried for a moment, but she knew they could handle whatever the galaxy could throw at them.

Usagi and Mamoru were slated to be married soon, though after Usagi finished high school. That task didn't seem so daunting now that Chaos was gone and destroyed. They could all live on as normal teenagers, preparing for the future, for Crystal Tokyo. Though the details were rather vague, they all knew it would happen soon. They also all knew Chibiusa would soon be born. She had returned home after the battle, certain that everything would be fine, that she'd soon join them once again.

The four outer senshi returned home across town, settling in. Haruka and Michiru worked to finish high school, pursuing their dreams. After fighting for so long, they had a chance now to finally focus on themselves and settle down. Setsuna had returned to focusing on her career. Hotaru had returned to school, though miserably as she no longer had Chibiusa there by her side.

The following spring...

She was late. Very late. How she managed to actually get into high school was a mystery to her parents. Her mother had unceremoniously tossed her from bed this morning only to have her go back to sleep. And then she realized how late she was when Artemis sat on her face, prodding her to get out of bed and take responsibility.

Toast in hand, Minako tied the red ribbon in her hair as she dashed off to school. Fortunately the high school wasn't too far from home, though it was farther than her middle school. She quickly unchained her bike then zipped off to school, attempting to eat her breakfast as she biked furiously down the street.

Across town, another dumb blond had forgotten to wake up at an appropriate time. How she got into high school was also a mystery. She lived closer than Minako did and Usagi had no trouble running quickly to school.

Minako nearly ran over Usagi with her bike as the two barely missed one another at the school's gate. Minako tightly gripped the brakes on her bike, the sudden stop flipping her over the handlebars onto a poor bystander. She managed to untangle herself from it by prying off a shoe and slipping her foot through the metal spokes. Pushing herself up she noticed the girl had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"I'm so sorry, Makoto!" Minako apologized. "Silly me." In truth, it wasn't so silly, just another testament to how clumsy she really was. She wasn't graceful like the other senshi. Beautiful, just not graceful, and she tended to get herself beaten up or dirty, like today where she'd lost a shoe and ripped her skirt.

"Makoto?" the girl blinked in surprise. "My name's Juri. And it's alright. Don't worry about it."

Minako stared for a moment. The girl was a splitting resemblance to Makoto, down to even how she pulled her hair back with bobbles. Yet the bobbles were red, and her eyes were brown. Even Usagi stared for a moment, which only seemed to make Juri more uneasy.

"Sorry, sorry!" Usagi apologized, offering Juri a hand to help her up. Juri rose to her feet and stared for a moment. It wasn't the act of kindness that had her staring. She felt something, as if Usagi was emanating some sort of power that felt like hope and light. It was if she could see the moon reflecting in her large blue eyes.

Usagi stared for a moment too. Juri had some sort of power, of warmth, strength, and ambition. For a moment, she could see the power of a strong sun with the desire to protect those dear. Just who was this girl?

The first bell interrupted their thoughts. Juri quickly let go of Usagi's hand, gathered her things, and ran off, shouting "It's nice to meet you both!".

Minako turned to run in as well but noticed Usagi hadn't quite moved yet. She was still staring where Juri once stood. "Usagi?"

"That girl," Usagi mumbled. "There's something about her."

Minako stopped and stared, shocked and almost horrified. "An enemy?" The thought of an enemy returning after all they'd worked for. Did that battle with Chaos mean nothing? Minako wasn't even sure if they had the power to transform anymore. She hadn't really tried.

Usagi shook her head. "No, something else." But there was something more. "I'd like to get to know her better. I'm sure we'll be great friends."


"Class, please say hello to Henna Juri-san," Yamamoto-sensei introduced a brunette who offered a polite bow to the class. "She transferred in from Yokohama today. Take the open seat next to Kino-san."

"Henna?" someone in the class echoed. "What a weird name."

Juri frowned sharply at the student who'd teased about her name as she took her seat next to Makoto. The two looked nearly identical sitting next to one another, save the minor details.

"Kino has a twin," someone else commented. "How weird."

Minako nudged Usagi. "It's that girl from earlier."

Usagi nodded. She still had an odd feeling about Juri, ever since she'd taken the girl's hand to help her up. She had some sort of power to her, but Usagi couldn't put a finger on it. She wasn't the type to read that sort of thing. Even so, she wanted to befriend this girl. She had just transferred here and probably didn't have any friends.

"Henna Juri," Ami echoed, a her finger on her chin. "Where have I heard that name before?"

Usagi's thoughts were interrupted. "Wait, you know that girl?"

"Henna Juri," Umino suddenly chimed in, popping up beside Ami. He pushed his glasses up his nose and offered a sports magazine open to a page. It featured Juri wearing a traditional hakama and haori decorated with flames and flowers, pulling back a bow. "She's a champion competitive archer. Number one in all of Kanto. Rumor has it she's also really good at volleyball, too."

"Looks like you might have a new teammate, Minako-chan," Naru added.


Across town at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei knelt before the sacred fire. She pressed her fingers together and closed her eyes in prayer. She still could remember the final battle against Chaos clearly still, but now they would finally know peace. Sailor Moon had finally defeated Chaos so the senshi could finally rest. At least for awhile. Soon Usagi would become Neo Queen Serenity, just in a few short years, but until then, they could at least live normal lives.

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as the fire roared, the heat of the flame causing her to push back away from it. Images appeared within the flames. First appeared a blond woman wearing a gray jacket. The details were fuzzy, but Rei could immediately tell she was bad news.

The blond was fighting a sailor senshi, one which Rei didn't recognize. She looked quite a bit like Makoto wearing red, and she was surrounded by a strong fire. There were others there too. Purple diamonds. Water. Lightning. Blue hearts. Ice.

The image of the girls disappeared and was replaced by a bright full moon. The moon cracked then quickly faded as it was eclipsed, and the world was thrown into darkness.