The city glistened like crystals. The moonlight radiating from the epicenter of the attack had restored everything and everyone. No one quite spoke of how it happened, yet everyone knew that Sailor Moon had somehow been responsible. She always was.

The return to normal life, for once, felt normal. Usagi had called everyone together after school the next afternoon. Naru had tagged along, and no one truly questioned her presence. She'd done so much leading up to the final battle, she had become part of the family. "I'd like to talk to all of you about something," Usagi began, knitting her hands behind her back as she stood before them.

In their travels to the future or even in listening to Chibiusa speak of the future, no one had ever mentioned or seen the Eclipse senshi. They'd been through so much in the past and the present and had grown on the entire lunar senshi as a whole. Usagi had changed her fate once already, asking the Galaxy Guardian to continue to live her life as she was instead of destroying the Cauldron to stop Chaos. Her actions took a different path than what she had done to become Sailor Cosmos. She wasn't entirely sure Sailor Cosmos would exist anymore because of it. Perhaps for the better, as that future did seem a bit dismal, even if that form was rather pretty.

Now it was time to change fate again. Abandoning the Eclipse after she'd worked so hard to bring them into the light seemed harsh and cruel.

"Do you remember how we talked about the future, the Crystal Tokyo that will soon form?" Usagi asked.

The civilian Eclipse all nodded, nearly in unison, unsure of where this was going. The Eclipse senshi always existed outside of the Moon Kingdom, always staying alone in the shadows. Even when they spoke of the future Kingdom, the lunar senshi didn't seem aware of any Eclipse presence or even know who they were.

"I know none of our visits to or stories of that future ever spoke of the Eclipse," Usagi continued, a soft smile spanning her features, "but I want you all to be part of our future. I want you all to stay with us, to become my future guardians as well."

"Oh Usa-chaaaaaan~ " Tsubaki leapt forward from where she sat on the picnic mat, throwing herself around Usagi in a large, extremely happy hug.

"Did you really need to ask?" Juri asked rhetorically. "Of course we would. It goes without saying." They all had seen what the future would hold, the beautiful city of crystal, the feeling of eternal peace. Neo Queen Serenity had fought there, with them, in the final battle. There was no question they would continue serving the silver moon, even in the future.

"We'd be honored," Saturnalius added. She had fulfilled Satsu's wish, to continue to serve the Silver Moon, even in this new life, yet right now she was fulfilling her own desires. She would serve Serenity in this life and the next and next after that. It was what she herself wanted.

Usagi giggled, attempting to wiggle out of Tsubaki's grip to sit down and enjoy the huge meal everyone had prepared. As promised, the senshi had prepared something in celebration for a victory. Naru finally understood what this victory feast meant when they spoke of it and had contributed something small herself.

Tsubaki finally released Usagi to go sit with Kasumi and offer her an excessively large box of freshly cut sushi and sashimi. Makoto and Akiko continued to attempt to outdo one another with each box they opened, Makoto producing some more modern dishes while Akiko had stayed with the traditional.

"Hey, Kasumi-chan," Rei put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hm?" Kasumi looked up, the tail end of some sushi sticking out of her mouth. Tsubaki had planted herself around Kasumi's shoulders, refusing to let go.

"I want you to become a miko at the Hikawa Shrine." It was half an offer but more of a demand.

"Seriously?" Kasumi blinked. "Me?"

Rei nodded. "After all that power you showed, communicating with Usagi through tarot-"

"Let's not forget her predictions about the future," Usagi chimed in, pointing at Kasumi with the sushi between her chopsticks.

"That too," Rei nodded, shooting Usagi a look for being interrupting, though helpful. "You've more than proven yourself for being a spiritual miko, one who could help me with ceremonies and divining."

Kasumi blinked again. Had hell frozen over. "Really?"

"Really, really." Rei offered a rather smug hair flip, though she truly was smiling brightly. "I expect the best from you. I won't have anything less in my temple."

"Your temple?" Usagi questioned. "Are you finally head priestess?"

"Not yet," Rei replied. "But Grampa has announced he's retiring as head priest. He is getting old after all, and he said after that last scare, he'd rather have someone 'young and chipper' taking over. I'll be taking his place very soon."

"I'm so happy for you!" Usagi squealed. "Congratulations!"

"I have an announcement I'd like to make, too" Mamoru chimed in. It was the first time he'd spoken since they sat down. He shifted to fish for something in his pocket before shifting to one knee.

"Oh my god oh my god" Usagi panicked.

"Will you make me the happiest man in the world?" he opened the box to reveal a silver ring with a large golden gem with a blue one on either side. It resembled the brooch he, Usagi, and Juri had created.

"YES YES YES YES YES!" Usagi shouted, throwing herself at him. The answer was clear anyway, but she'd repeat it as many times as he wanted to hear it.

"I'm so happy for you!" Minako cheered.

"You know what this means," Tsubaki smirked. "BACHELORETTE PARTY!"

Author's musings

I really felt like there needed to be some sort of Epilogue, something to draw everything and everyone together. It's been a rough journey, after all. I couldn't just leave everyone after such a journey. They had to have that feast they planned. And Naru-chan had to join them.

終わり? The end?

THANK YOU FOR READING, EVERYONE! I really never expected this story to be so popular. I'm so glad you all enjoyed this so much! I'm super honored all of you have stuck with this story for so long! Aaaah *squirms like a child*

...つづく. To be continued.

Please stay tuned for a new Eclipse adventure in the new year. (Next week, more than likely, as I am preparing for a convention right now)