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Tsuna was rubbing his eyes as the tears fell. "V-iper. Uncle is so m-mad at me, what if he n-never comes back?"

Viper did not know how to deal with crying children. Tsuna was the only child she dealt with that was not an assassin and he rarely cried. If he did cry, Reborn easily took care of it. But Reborn wasn't here right now.

Tsuna didn't cry when he first arrived at the Varia mansion at the beginning of the week. He was still pouting and angry at Reborn for their fight. Anytime Viper would try to bring up the argument, Tsuna would pout even more and change the subject. As the week went on she would catch him sniffling while scowling. She thought he was working it out himself. She did not expect him to jump to such an extreme conclusion.

"Tsuna, please don't cry. Reborn isn't mad at you. He loves you a lot. You will see him soon."

Vipers words only made Tsuna cry harder. "B-but he l-left me here. He's g-getting rid of me."

"Oy Mist trash, what's with that crying noise in there. You sad or something? You need a hug?" Viper heard her boss call out awkwardly from the other side of the door. Xanxus cared in his own way but he was so emotionally stunted.

"It's just the little fox. He'll be okay soon." Tsuna had to wear a mask around the Varia mansion. It was just a precaution so no one would see the resemblance Tsuna had to Vongola Primo. He chose a fox because that was the animal he saw passing him when he was asked to choose.

"What's wrong with him? Is he hurt? Does he want some wine?" She could hear the slight panic in his voice.

As she said, emotionally stunted. But, it was such a sweet gesture.

"He's a child. No alcohol for him."

"Does he want candy? That may get him to stop crying."

Viper was horrified at those words. "No! Don't ever give him candy." She was so not ready to deal with a sugar high Tsuna. "And why are you carrying candy, I would expect that of Lussuria."

"I thought the little fox would like it." She heard him grumble.

She sighed fondly and opened the door wider. "The little fox likes any fruit but mostly cherries and pears. He also loves to snack on dried fruit. He doesn't react well to candy."

Xanxus listened attentively and then nodded. "I'll tell the trashy shark to get some fruits."

"Thank you boss."

****.***Line Break***.****

Should I deal with this? Tsuna questioned himself as he stared at the silver haired Varia member speeding towards them.

I know I can't take him head on in a fight so I have to find a way to give him the rings so he'll leave. To do that I'll have to put up a fight so it won't seem suspicious.

Tsuna had to make this look convincing. He couldn't just give up the rings and he didn't have time to explain the plan to his friends. He just hoped the teamwork exercised helped in this fight.

The Varia member came at them quickly. He went to Tsuna first, aiming to get the rings and leave.

Before he got close enough he was blocked by Takeshi whose sword clashed with the Varia member's own. Up close, Tsuna vaguely recognized the face. We may have seen a picture of this person in one of our classes. It's either that or I personally have seen this person.

"Ha, you're pretty strong." Tsuna heard Takeshi say.


"He's almost as loud as Ryohei-Senpai." Takeshi gave a strained laugh as he struggled to keep the swordsman back.

"Takeshi, back up." Hayato called out as he lit the dynamite he pulled out and threw them. Takeshi jumped out of the way without question. The dynamites were cut in half before they could get near the Varia member.

Actually… Tsuna nudged Basil who was about to go back and fight.

"Yes Sawada-Dono?"

"Who are we fighting against?"

"Superbi Squalo. An elite member of Varia and the Varia boss's right hand."

"Squalo… I've heard of that name somewhere and his voice too but I don't know where I know him."

"WHICH ONE OF YOU IS TRYING TO BE VONGOLA DECIMO." Squalo shouted as he scanned the four of them. His eyes locked on Tsuna and their was a brief moment of disbelief and confusion in his expression before he just grinned. "SO IT'S YOU." He shouted while staring right at Tsuna.

He ran at Tsuna before Takeshi stopped him again with his sword. "I won't let you get to him." Tsuna heard no trace of amusement in his voice. Takeshi was taking this seriously.

Sorry Takeshi, but this is something we have to fail.

Squalo pulled back his sword and then clashed with Takeshi again causing a loud ringing noise. He then ran past Takeshi who looked as if he couldn't move. Hayato tried to block him with smaller bombs but Squalo quickly punched him in the stomach.

"Hime-san, run." Tsuna heard Hayato gasp out before he fell to his knees.

Squalo kicked aside Basil when he came at him and headed straight for Tsuna.

I have to get this right.

Tsuna ducked under Squalo's chin and went for an uppercut to the chin. Squalo quickly leaned back and Tsuna managed to only graze his nose. Squalo did a quick leg sweep, knocking Tsuna down. Tsuna caught himself and rolled to the side before the sword coming towards him could cut him in half.

Squalo stopped the sword from hitting the ground and swung it in Tsuna's direction, catching him in the side before he could fully jump back. Tsuna winced at the slight pain and clutched his side where a thin line of blood was flowing out from the small cut. Squalo stepped forward and kicked Tsuna back a few feet making him have to do a roll to land on his feet in a crouching position. I really should have stayed down after that kick, I think he bruised some of my ribs.

Tsuna lept up and dashed at Squalo. He ducked under the sword swing and landed a punch on Squalo's left side. Squalo turned with the punch and made a roundhouse kick catching Tsuna in the back and making him land on his hands and knees.

Before Tsuna could get up fully, Squalo ran at him and kicked Tsuna in the side making him skid a few feet away. I'll stay down this time, he definitely cracked a rib this time.

"I'll be taking this back to the boss." Tsuna heard Squalo call out. Tsuna sat up with a wince and saw Squalo running off with a box in his hands. Tsuna sighed in relief when the swordsman disappeared with the rings.

"I'm sorry I failed you hime-san." Hayato came over to Tsuna and bowed.

Takeshi looked disappointed. "Sorry Tsuna."

Tsuna gave them a small smile. "Don't worry you two, the rings were fakes. I'm just glad I passed them on successfully."

"Fakes?!" They both said in surprise.

Tsuna got up with their help and ran his hand through his hair. "I know what the Vongola rings feel like and those were not them. The real rings feel more powerful than those half rings."

Tsuna walked over to Basil, who was still down, with a slight limp. He crouched down near him only to see that he was knocked out. "He looks exhausted, we should get him to the hospital." Tsuna grabbed one of Basil's arms. "Come over here and help me pick him up."

"Tsuna, why didn't you use flames?" Takeshi questioned as he helped Tsuna pick up Basil.

"I can't let him see all my skills. If he underestimates me he'll be surprised when I turn out to be stronger. We need every advantage we can get against opponents such at the Varia. Train hard so the next time we see them we can give them a fight they won't forget."

"Hai!" They both replied, determined to get better in time.

*****.***Line Break***.*****

Nana sat on the couch in the living room and gestured for her brother to come sit next to her.

"What?" Reborn questioned warily as he slowly sat near her.

Nana rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you. You didn't do anything I did not agree with."

Reborn narrowed his eyes. "Then why were your eyes following me all day."

"You look tired and I want you to rest so lay your head in my lap." She replied bluntly.

Reborn sighed but did what his sister asked and closed his eyes.

She ran her fingers through his hair. "A year away working for Vongola so they would give you the task of watching Tsuna." She mused.

"I am the best they have ever seen so It was natural that they would give me the job." Reborn confirmed.

"You must have done so many jobs for them with not as much rest as you should have been getting." She scolded lightly.

Reborn huffed and rolled to his side, facing the living room. "I would do anything for Tsuna, you know that."

Nana sighed as she absentmindedly twisted Reborns curly sideburns around her finger. "I know, but you have to take care of yourself. You tend to pull away from people when you're stressed and if it weren't for your friends checking up on you constantly, you may not have kept in contact with me or anyone this past year."

Reborn wished he had his hat so he could cover the apologetic look on his face. "Sorry sis."

"Just take care of yourself Reborn."

"I will sis."

They sat in a comfortable silence as Nana picked up a book to read while still running her hands through Reborns hair and Reborn drifted off to sleep.

A few hours passed by before the sound of the door opening was heard.

"Nana, I'm hom- GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE." Iemitsu was standing at the entrance to the livingroom watching them.

"The nuisance is here." Reborn mumbled.

Nana gave him a playful slap on the shoulder and scowled while trying to hide the smile that was threatening to take over. "That's my husband you're talking about."

"You mean your personal idiot."

Nana couldn't hold in her giggle at that.


Reborn sat up with an annoyed growl and rolled his eyes.

"I am not a wife thief."

"Then stop touching my wife." Iemitsu growled while stepping closer to the two of them.

Reborn glanced at his sister. He knew that he could easily take on Iemitsu but he wanted to know if he could tell Iemitsu what Nana was keeping from him. He would always respect his sister's wishes and if she wanted to keep it a secret, he would respect and follow that decision. Nana looked at Iemitsu then looked back at Reborn and gave him a small nod.

Reborn grinned and stood up. He always wanted to see the look on Iemitsu's face when he found out.

"What are you smiling for hitman?" Reborn could see the anger in Iemitsu's eyes as he stepped closer.

"I've know Nana longer than you have." Reborn taunted.

"And how is that even possible, You only started working for us a few years ago."

Reborn smirked. "She's my sister."

Iemitsu's eyes widened and he looked to Nana to make sure Reborn was telling the truth.

"Honey-" Nana smiled and if Reborn was looking at her he would see the glint of mischievousness in her eyes. Iemitsu only saw his sweet wife smiling at him. "-Meet my little brother, Reborn."