A/N: Short drabble. Requested by tumblr user lone1ryan.

It was out of character for Double D to forget things; namely, at this moment, his cellphone alarm. Kevin rolled over and reached his arm out for the cellphone. Relying only on the bleating sound of the alarm, his arm lashed in all directions, pausing only when it met the familiar compact shape of Edd's cellphone.

He expected this to be simple, to be able to slide his finger over the screen and hit snooze. But the noise continued, and - dammit - he had to open his eyes.

Groggily, he registered numbers. As his mind slowly woke, he realized it was a math problem.

"Really?!" he yelled.

"Geometry. . ." His eyes narrowed. He had run into an old enemy. He grit his teeth, the alarm still blaring in his ears. Honestly, how could anyone answer math in these conditions: tired, annoyed, with a disruptive noise in the background? Not him, that was certain.

"You're lucky you're Double D's phone or I would throw you in the street," he threatened the device.


"Kevin. . .? Have you seen my phone?" Edd emerged from the bathroom, skin slightly damp from his morning shower and towel wrapped around his torso.

Solemnly, Kevin pointed at the door, then dropped his arm, going back to sleep.

Edd followed his direction, and then he heard the alarm, faintly, still shouting for attention. From the sound of it, the phone was downstairs in the kitchen.

"You couldn't solve it, could you?"