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Warning: Future Yaoi. Swearing.

It's been two month since he's seen the flea.

The annoying flea had annoyed him and the rest of Ikebukuro with his presences for three months straight, then as if dropping right out of the Earth, he vanished.

At first Shizuo thought he was lucky enough not to run into the annoying bastard, but that only lasted for two weeks. When the third week of the flea not appearing he knew something was definitely wrong.

Izaya wasn't the type to just vanish without leaving a mark.

So Shizuo was sure the flea was up to something.

He didn't know what it was, but by the second month of not seeing or even hearing about the flea, Shizuo began to sense evil lurking around every corner of Ikebukuro.

It had something to do with the flea, that Shizuo was sure of.

His suspicions were proven right when one night he got a frantic call from Tom for his help.

Tom wasn't exactly a weak person, usually able to fight well in a one on one with someone, but he was no where good enough to beat a whole gang.

By the time Shizuo made it to Tom, he noticed that the gang was armed and had his boss cornered against a dirty ally wall. Feeling his anger get the better of him (like always), he let out a growl to alert them of his presence. The whole gang turned angrily to him and Tom looked relieved to see him.

"Who the fuck are you?" one of scum bags asked.

Since he was hidden by the shadows of the buildings hovering over them, no one could really see his face, but Tom could tell by the growl he let out it was him.

"Ganging up on one person really pisses me off," was Shizuo only reply as he walked closer to an area that was illuminated by the moon. He heard some of the gang members shuffle around in terror as they noticed who had graced their presence.

"Shit! its Heiwajima, let's get the fuck out of here!" one claimed, horror clearly in his voice.

"Are you fucking crazy! Boss will be angry if we don't finish this job!" another answered.

"You idiot! Do you even know who Heiwajima is? He the beast of Ikebukuro, he's slaughtered a hundred men just with his arm, and that was only in one fight."

The argument against the members in the gang continued until Shizuo could no longer stand the annoying bickering of the idiots.

"Enough!" Shizuo said, effectively shutting them up.

He walked even closer to gang, silently signaling Tom to move before the fight started, which Tom quickly did without the gang noticing. Cracking his fingers and watching them move back in fear, he knew he won.

His raging anger had diminished the moment they started bickering. It was clear that the gang was full of children that didn't know what they were doing, and since none of them tried to hit him he didn't feel so angry. He felt annoyed that they tried to gang up on Tom, but with the way the group kept cowering away, he knew nothing would happen.

With one more step forward the gang began to run away, only leaving one person behind, probably the one who was the most loyal to his boss. The gang member looked around as Shizuo walked closer and closer to him, before cursing something about money and running away.

Shizuo just stood as he watched him run away, before looking down on the ground, noticing one of the kids had left behind a patch with a name. It seemed to be in english and Shizuo didn't understand it.

New gang?

"Sorry about that." Tom said, gaining his attention.

"What did they want anyway?" Shizuo asked as he grabbed his smokes from his pants pocket and lit one before putting them away.

Tom shrugged while smoking his own cigarette.

"I don't know them, but I'm sure they were going for my money." Tom finally answered clearly exhausted.

Lifting the patch to the light of the moon, Shizuo tried to read the words and remember the English he learned during high school, but couldn't remember much with his tired mind.

Something was definitely wrong, and if his past experiences with gangs were correct, Izaya was behind this.

Izaya was always behind everything that went wrong and Shizuo was going to make sure another gang war didn't occur.

It's time to make a little visit to the fleas place.

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