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"I'll do it," he said, shocking the two other men.

What compelled him to do it, Shizuo didn't really know. But what he did know was that he wasn't going to allow whoever did that to the flea get away with it. He was the only one that was going to bring him down, and he felt oddly annoyed that someone had been able to catch the flea when he had never been able to before.

Still he had a feeling he knew who did this.

Shizuo was sure that the ones that made Izaya blind were the same people that he rescued Tom from. From what Izaya had said about his encounter and the story of that girl, both sounded slightly similar to Tom's.

He wondered if he had not made it in time, would Tom have been their third victim?

"Well there you have it. Shizuo will take care of you," he heard Shinra say, which took him away from his thoughts.

"I refuse," Izaya immediately said, causing a vain from Shizuo's forehead to pop in anger.

Damn annoying flea!

Thankfully, before he could scream at Izaya for his ingratitude, Shinra kept talking.

"I admit that I understand why you wouldn't want Shizuo to take care of you, but honestly I can't think of anyone else who is more suitable."

"Suitable? Shizu-chan? Have you forgotten that this brute has tried to kill me multiple times and that we don't get along Shinra?" the brunette retorted.

"Tch, you weren't exactly an angel flea. Have you forgotten that you ducking ruined my life," he said angrily.

"It's not my fault that you were easily tricked Shizu-chan. I didn't even need to try, you just would fall into my trap like a mouse trying to get its cheese."

Before Shizuo could do any damage to the annoying brunette, Shinra intervened before the fight escalated any further.

"You're right Izaya, you two don't get along, but he didn't kill you when he had the chance and we also need to keep in mind that we don't know who these people are. Trying to find someone to take care of you would be to hard and from the cuts and bruises in your arms, it's obvious that living alone is not an option," Shinra answered.

"Why do you even want to help Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked after a moment a silent.

Shizuo let out a sigh.

Quite honestly he wasn't sure how helping Izaya was a good idea, but he knew his conscious wouldn't be able to take it if Izaya was hurt when he might have information that might help.

"I think I know who did this," he said.

"Wait, Shizuo, you think you know who did this?" Shinra asked him. Shizuo looked at the underground doctor and nodded his head in confirmation.

"Yeah...," he started. "You see the only reason I went to the flea's place was because I thought he was up to something."

"Tom called me the night before, needing my help with some punks. They were pretty cowardly after they found out who I was and I was pretty sure this had to do something with the flea."

"So I went to the his place to stop him and well you know the rest," he finished awkwardly. Both the other men were quiet and he looked to see Izaya reaction. The brunettes face was pretty expressionless, but he was noticeably shaking a bit.

"Do you remember any faces or did one of them leave something behind, like a can-" Shinra gouged him for answers and Shizuo quickly remembered about the patch one of the annoying kids left behind.

"Yeah one of them was wearing some sort of patch with English lettering," he interrupted.

"What did it say?"Shinra asked.

"I don't know. It was dark and I was still partly asleep so I just wanted to go home."

"Do you still have it?"

"Yeah I have it at home."

Shizuo watched quietly as the underground doctor, who at the moment was quiet and pensive, suddenly looked at the brunette before deciding to speak again.

"Izaya," Shinra started, and Shizuo looked at the brunette who had been quiet since he started talking to Shinra. Izaya didn't say anything just turned his empty gaze to where he thought Shinra was.

"You know that this is our only option. Shizuo is strong and can take care of you, hiring someone is not only expensive and going to take a while, but there is a chance they won't be strong enough to protect you from this whole gang."

"This group seems to be afraid of Shizuo so that's another reason why I thin-"

"Okay Shinra I get it, Shizuo is my only option and fine I agree. So what is it that you really want to tell me," Izaya interrupted. Shinra pushed his glasses in place before he continued talking seriously.

"This is what we are going to do."

"First, I want Shizuo to be a twenty-four seven bodyguard, so he will have to move in with you. Second, I will start to examine you thoroughly. Not just your eyes, who knows if this substance is being absorbed and destroying other organs," Shinra then turned and looked at him.

"And lastly, Shizuo I want you to bring me the patch so I can examine it and maybe find out more. Agreed?" Shinra asked them both.

"Yeah, I agree," Shizuo answered, and they both waited for Izaya to give his answer. The blind brunette still didn't seem to like the idea, but he reluctantly agreed to the "plan".

They all agreed that as of today his new job of taking care of the brunette would start.

Now all Shizuo had to do was tell Tom.

Izaya knew that Shizuo was his best option, but what made him uncomfortable was the fact that the blond would see him at his lowest.

When he was vulnerable and unable to do anything for himself.

It was made worse when Shinra said they were suppose to live together. Knowing that he would never get a moment to just break away from the blond was haunting and a bit frightening.

He didn't trust the blond and he still didn't understand why Shizuo was helping. Sure the blond seemed to know who might have done this to him, but what was he gaining from sticking around him?

Izaya just sighed knowing that wondering wasn't going to help him, just confused him more and possibly give him a headache.

"What are you sighing about?" he heard Shizuo asking him. Right now he was being given a piggyback ride from the blond as they walked to his apartment, which the blond now lived in as well.

"Oh I don't know Shizu-chan. Maybe because I have no eyesight," he answered angrily. He really wasn't in the mood to joke around or anything, he was tired of everything and just wanted to get back home, and sleep.

Most of all he wanted to just dream.

In his dreams he could see.

See the world he could no longer gaze upon in real life and in his dreams he was still Izaya Orihara.

He was shocked that Shizuo didn't respond to him with a bark, and it made him feel worse for snapping at him.

He really needed sleep.

Izaya had never felt guilty, even if it was a bit, but it still didn't change the fact that he had never felt that way before.

Exhausted with feeling, rested his head on Shizuo shoulder, feeling it stiffen up before his mind became hazy with sleep.

He vaguely heard his name being said by the blond, before sleep took him to a place he felt safe.

Where he was in control.

And more importantly, where everything was back to normal.

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