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"GUYLES, WEAD TO BUFFY!"-Buffy yelled, and picked one of the heavy and dusty books from Giles' collection. He didn't think that those books were suitable for someone Buffy's age, and he said:

"Umm, Buffy... These books aren't for children..."-Giles said and took a book from Buffy's grasp. It was a Watcher diary, back from nineteen eighty seven and he thought it was funny that Buffy picked that book out of a huge pile of them.

"Buffy not children, Buffy big and stwong!"-Buffy said, and to prove it, she picked two more heavy books really easily.

"Bloody Slayer strength..."-Giles muttered to himself and tried to convince Buffy she should bring him one of her own children books. Little Buffy was very stubborn, though, and she wouldn't let go of it.

"Guyleeesss... Wead the book to Buffy!"-Buffy repeated and Giles thought:

Oh, hell, I'll just skip parts with demons and bloodshed. And death, Slayer's death.

"Ok, ok, Buffy, I'll read to you..."-Giles said and Buffy jumped on his lap straight away.

My name is Roger Walters and I'm a Watcher.
A month ago a Slayer was called and it's my duty to protect her from bad things that lurk in the dark. Her name is Sarah Collins and she's sixteen years old.

We've been living and training together for a month now, and she's made a lot of progress since the first training session. Before she moved in with me to make it easier for both of us, she had lived in a foster home, and she'd had it pretty rough, so it's a little hard for her to completely trust me and open up...

She's a little rebellious sometimes, wearing mostly black clothes and her hair is rarely her natural brown colour, it's mostly pink or purple, or even bright red. During this past month she's changed her hair colour thrice.

Our first night out, when we went hunting for nightly creatures, I was taken aback by the fact that she didn't seem to be afraid at all. As soon as she saw a vampire aproach, she ran after it and wrestled with the monster until her stake found the heart and the creature got turned to dust.

Honestly, I expected some nervousness, fear and shrieking, even disbelief and a panic attack, but she had none of it. Later on, as we walked towards my home, she explained she feared nothing but snakes, not even death. It made me laugh a little, and I told her there were some monsters out there that resembled a snake, and she chuckled and told me I'd have to fight them for her, because she'd probably faint. It was the first joke coming from Sarah, who is a very serious and quiet sixteen year old.

She reads a lot and keeps to herself, which is not a bad thing since the Slayer can't tell her own identity to anyone. The only thing I don't like is that she smokes a lot, probably a pack of cigarettes a day. I keep telling her to quit because cancer will probably get her before some demon does, but she just waves her hand and tells me not to worry so much. Sometimes she even offers me a cigarette, which I, of course, refuse, because I prefer to have my airwaves clean. I very much love to breathe.

Buffy stared at Giles, fascinated by his voice and the way he read, even though she didn't understand most of the things he said. Giles kept glancing at her and he couldn't help smiling when he saw a concentrated look on Buffy's face. He kept wishing the adult Buffy had been so eager to listen and learn more about the past Slayers and their fates. It took years for Buffy to get interested in those things, and it happened just cause Dracula pointed out to her about the darkness in her power, about what being the Slayer really meant.

Both Giles and Buffy thought it was ironic that a vampire, or THE Vampire, made Buffy want to learn more about her power and where exactly it came from.

Giles stopped reading for a moment because his thoughts wandered to the adult Buffy and their trainings, and he wondered if they'd ever train together like that again. Buffy was too impatient to wait for Giles to continue reading, and she nudged him a little and said: "Guyles weadddd!"

He petted her hair gently, and said: "Yes, yes, of course... Hmm, uh..."-Giles kept tracing the text with his index finger, he didn't want to read the gory fights details to Buffy, he skipped to a nicer part:

Sarah's injuries got better, a fight with Hawth demon drained her, but she doesn't care about the scratches on her face and chest, she's eager to continue to 'kick ass', as she often says. I'd bought her some new t-shirts and jeans a few weeks back, and last night we went to the cinema, I wanted her to relax and have a laugh so we went to see a comedy. I thought it was funny, but all I got from her were a few chuckles. She devoured the popcorn though, and I had to get some more. Afterwards she said she preferred the popcorn over the movie.

"Popcown."-Buffy said and her eyes lit up, she obviously loved the idea of having some. Giles smiled, it was so funny that she never commented on anything he'd read, but she understood the word 'popcorn' all too well.

Faith had walked in, surprised to see Buffy listening carefully to what Giles had been reading to her, and she'd just watched them for a few minutes, and she laughed out loud when Buffy mentioned popcorn. Both Buffy and Giles looked at her, and Buffy ran into her arms straight away and explained that Giles was reading a story to her.

"What was the story about, B?"-Faith asked and Buffy answered:

"Giwl fight monstews and get popcorn. Buffy want popcown!"

"Buffy will get popcorn after lunch, ok? G-man, I'm taking Buffy away now, thanks for looking after her."-Faith said and kissed Buffy gently, she'd missed her terribly.

The reason why Buffy had hung out with Giles was because Faith had gone shopping for some clothes for Buffy. That kid loved clothes and Faith was sure there would be some happy shrieking later on.

End of flashback/ Present Day

"God, I wanna go home and curl in the bed with you, watch a movie and eat popcorn. Where are all the vamps when I want them to come out and play?"-Buffy yawned, sitting on the grave stone and kicking her feet against it, bored to tears.

"If you wanna play, I'm here..."-Faith said and winked, which earned her a little punch on her arm.

"Ouch. What? You're bored, I'm bored, and we really don't HAVE TO BE bored."-Faith concluded and placed her hand on Buffy's inner thigh, squeezing it gently.

"We have to be careful, Fai, monsters tend to jump out of the bushes... or graves or something, just when you look away..."-Buffy was trying to be reasonable, but Faith kept teasingly moving her hand and it started being harder to ignore it. It felt good and Buffy purred quietly.

"Yeah, and you might jump out of your pants soon if you keep purring like that, kitten..."-Faith whispered and pulled Buffy into a kiss, not caring if a horde of demons would show up at that moment.

Buffy kissed her back, suddenly forgetting about the monsters that lurked in the dark. Faith's lips were too tasty and her hands were too skilled to give her thoughts any space for other things.

"Mmmm, you're so ready for me, aren't you?"-Faith whispered when she spread Buffy's legs and teased her through her jeans.

"Fai, no... We can't..."-Buffy whispered and gently moved Faith's hand away, wishing she was more relaxed and able to leave it right there.

"Ssssh..."-Faith mumbled, not moving her lips off of Buffy's, and put her hand under Buffy's shirt, unbottoning it with another hand and pulling Buffy closer to herself. Moving her hands up to Buffy's chest, she could feel her girl's heart beats, and it turned her on more.

"Babe... vamps..."-Buffy whispered and gently pushed Faith away, and Faith groaned, unhappy that the shitheads decided to show up just when things started getting insteresting. They both looked around, sensing the undead, but not seeing them.

They hopped off of the grave stone and headed to different directions to find them and dust them.

"Oh, it's you."-Buffy said when she grabbed vampire's shirt and realized it was Spike, smoking and walking around, holding an opened blood bag in his hand.

"And you. All grown up again. It's been a while, Slayer."

"Yeah. Well, I was hoping it was someone I could kill."-Buffy said, sounding disappointed.

Faith didn't understand why she was so reluctant about killing the bleached vamp, and she said:

"You can kill him, you know. Or I can. He is a vamp, even though he can't bite at the moment."

"Hey!"-Spike didn't like to be reminded about his problem, and it made Faith grin, so she added:

"You're, like, impotent now... I would totally wanna get staked if I was you. What do you say? Just one swift arm motion with my little wooden friend and you can forget you're impotent and pathetic."-Faith couldn't help being rude, because she noticed the way he looked at Buffy. His gaze lingered on Buffy's, a little open, shirt and Faith felt such an urge to punch his nose or rip his eye balls out-or both.

"Faith..."-Buffy said, glaring at her.

"It's ok, blondie, I'll fix this problem soon and finally get even with your girl."-Spike said and stomped on the cigarette butt.

"Is that a threat?"-Faith asked, angrily looking at him.

"It's a promise."-Spike said and turned to walk away.

Buffy pulled Faith close, because her girlfriend looked like she might jump on Spike and rip his head off.

"Get off, B."-Faith said and threw her stake at Spike, missing his heart on purpose, but it still made him scream:

"You bloody woman, whatcha staking me for?!"

"Just a warning, Spikey."

Spike pulled the stake out of his chest, cursing the whole time, and said: "I'm gonna swim in your blood, Faith. And do a bloody sumersault, too. Mark my words. Goldilocks here might finally open her eyes too and see I could pleasure her ten times better than you, too..."

"Spike!"-Buffy said with a warning tone, not believing how cheeky he was.

Faith got even angrier when he implied he could get into Buffy's pants, and in the blink of an eye, she sprinted toward him and knocked him down, holding a cross tightly against his chest. It burned him deep and Spike screamed in agony...