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Chapter One

Exile to Earth

All that could be heard amoung the crowd of people, who resembled humans, inside the court were murmers as Donna Tan was dragged by gaurds down the walkway. Towards her father, and ruler of Malderan, King Davis. He looked on at her with viberant, piercing pink eyes as she kept her gaze towards the ground. She didn't want to so much as glance at her father, because at the moment he made her completely sick at the moment. How a man could keep one of his own children locked away for so long, she'd never know. Her hands were locked together with iron cuffs that kept them completely covered, and she was dressed in a black body suit. Her pink hair a deshivled and dirty mess.

The gaurds shoved her forward when they reached close enough to the King's throne, and she stumbled until she finally caught herself. Still keeping her gaze to the ground, she scoffed.

"What a way to show how much you care for your own daughter, father." She sarcastically said in their native language, causing thhe King to sneer at her.

"Silence smeet," He spat in disgust, speaking in the very same tongue. "I gave you no permission to speak, you deserve you're treatment. And you understand so." He said, her sister Terra giggling in her seat next to her father. "You not only disgrace the royal name, but the Malderanian people as well."

"And just how did I manage to do so? If you do not mind my asking?" She asked.

"Look at me as you speak, you abomination!" The King shot, and her heart sank at the name that he called her. She slowly picked up her head and just barely met his gaze. She bit the inside of her cheek, she knew the looks her father had to be giving her were nasty ones. But she never expected to see such hatred in his eyes. "As Malderanians, we are conquerors of planets. Destroyers of the smaller, weaker lifeforms. There is no room for the weak hearted amoungst the Malderanian race, and to think that you actually care for the weak... it is just sickening." He said explained, and Donna narrowed her eyes.

It was true, she didn't believe that the ways of her people were right. She didn't believe that just because someone was stronger than others, that gave them the right to belittle them. That wasn't fair, and Donna had finally had enough when she'd told her father this. But unfortunatly, there little discussion hadn't gone the way that she'd hoped it would. To put a long story short, her outraged father had her arrested and locked away for weeks until she was finally released for her trial. Which brings them to right now.

"So caring makes me weak? So killing and destroying makes you strong? Is that what you're saying to me father?!" She yelled, a limp beginning to form inside her throat. "If anyone is weak, it's you!"

"That is enough!" He yelled, silencing not only Donna but everyone else in the giant room as he slammed his fist into the arm of his throne. "And don't you dare call me that, you are no daughter of mine..." Everything was silent for a few seconds, but to Donna it felt like hours - after hearing that from her father. "You're fate has already been sealed, you're making it no more better for yourself by speaking to me in such a manner."

"Ooo!" Terra said, clapping. "What are you going to do with her father?" She excitedly asked, and Donna looked at her. She was extremely tempted to zap her with her eye beams. The King didn't answer right away, he stood up from his throne and walked down to Donna. One of the gaurds handed him a device, and in turn Davise clamped it over her eyes.

"These restraints will render you from using your powers, your punishment will be possibly the worst that can be given for your misdead." He said, then turned his back to her even though she couldn't see him anyway. "You are forever banished from Malderan, and you are to immediately be sent to Earth. Where you will soon be obliterated, along with all the other mortals." With that said, everyone cheered. "Take her away." King Davise ordered, and the gaurds dragged her out of the court and to the seperate building where all of the space pods were.

Once inside they walked down a long quarrador, typing in a passcode to unlock the door once they reached the end of it. They walked inside the room that contained rows and rows of space pods and chose one at random, throwing her inside once they opened it. They typed in the coordinates for Earth and began to ten second countdown. They hadn't even stayed afterwards, they left as soon as they'd finished their job.

Donna leaned against the back of the pod, as she listened to the countdown for launch. This was obserd, she was being exiled for being right? The Malderanians were a bad species, and it made her wish that she wasn't one herself. She clenched her jaw, remembering that her father was going to destroy Earth. "I won't let him get away with it..." She trailed, the top of the room opening as the pod was nearing launch.




"I am going to make certain that they're stopped... once and for all." And after she'd made that promise to herself, the pod's boosters kicked in and she was shot into the air. Leaving her ex home planet's atmosphere and headed on a course for Earth.

Three days later...

On a sunny day in central Metropolis, it's people were walking the streets and happily doing their normal everyday bussiness. Families walking about the city, laughing and speaking amoungst themselves. Bussiness men, speaking on their phones as they walked to their designated places. Some bystanders just hanging around with friends, everything was normal in the city this day. But of course, something would happen to ruin it.

Up in the sky, someone pointed out something. It looked like a falling star, only it wasn't a star. More and more people gathered to gawk at the sight, confused and wondering about just what it was as it got closer and closer to landing. Little did they know, it was the same pod that Donna Tan was inside of, the one that launched her off of Malderan to Earth just three days earlier.

As it got further into the Earths atmosphere, the pod began to drop faster and faster. Catching fire as it picked up speed, the people down below began to go into a frenzy when the pod got closer and closer to impact. They ran, screaming, away from it as fast as they could just before the object crashed down to the ground. Knocking a lot of people away from the force of the impact.

The pod was fried and destroyed, the door fell right off of it's hinges and Donna stepped out. All she could hear was silence as the people of Metropolis stared at her in shock, then they began to murmur.

'What was she doing in that thing?'

'What's going on?'

'What's all that stuff on her?'

"Who is there?!" She asked, then stumbled around a little. "I can not see, can somebody help me?! Please?!" She asked, but all she got were looks of confusion. No one could understand her, as she was still speaking Malderanian due to her not knowing any Earth languages.

'What's she's saying?"

'What kind of language is that?'

And many more questions similar were being asked, and Donna had had enough. She had to get her restraints off somehow, so she did the first thing she could think of and began to pound her hand restraints against the busted pod. Trying to break them off, but this startled people.

"Get. these. damn. things. off!" She yelled, and the people around her began to grow scared by hear outburst. She started to smash them against the concrete ground. "Please!" When them made impact to the ground again, she heard them crack. They'd cracked enough for the pressure inside of them to be released, and she was able to revert from her humanoid form to her Malderanian one.

And when she did, everyone gasped in surprise and fear. She was a pitched black figure in the shape of a woman with no visble mouth, nose, or even ears. Her hair, now longer and flowing down to her ankles, was made of pure, pink pulsating energy that seemed to move on its own. She fired energy, or mana, bolts inside the cuffs and they exploaded, once her hands were free she used her super stregnth to crush the device that sheilded her eyes and broke them off. Revealing them to be pure white.

When she finally saw everyone, she was surprised by the looks of fear that they all gave her. She was about to speak, but before she could someone had screamed. Causing all the others to errupt in shrieks of their own and they began to run around in all different directions. Leaving Donna surprised.

At the Watch Tower, Martian Manhunter stood in front of the moniters. Keeping watch on everything that was going on on the planet below. Everything looked fine, nothing going on that was out of the authorities hands. But that was until an alarm on one of the monitors went off, a red light flashing and quickly showing what was happening in Metropolis.

"What is this?..." When he looked at it, he was unsure of what he was seeing. The police were attacking someone, someone who was obviously not from Earth.

Superman flew into the room, being one of the first to hear the alarm, and landed next to J'onn. "Metropolis?" Clark said to himself, then turned to the Martian. "What's going on J'onn?" He questioned him, and J'onn turned to Clark.

"It seems an alien lifeform has landed," He answered, looking back at the scene in front of him. Seeing how Donna didn't fight back, despite being attacked herself. "But she doesn't seem to be doing anyone any harm, maybe we can go and attempt to gain control of the situation. Try to convince them all that she isn't a threat-" He paused, as him and Superman watched her throw energy bolts at the Police. She then picked up one of the cop cars and hurled it at them as she fired mana blasts from her eyes, she looked furious.

"I'll gather the League." Superman said, then quickly left the room. J'onn watched as he left, then looked back at the screen before him. Watching the destruction that was unfolding.

"I said stop it!" Donna screeched as she threw more mana bolts at her attackers, the Police. By now, the Swat Team had even dropped down in an attempt to subdue her. More bullets flew her way and, just as she did before, she put up a mana shield around herself. Protecting her.

"Good god..." The Chief of Police said as he arrived on the scene, "What the hell is that thing?!"

"We don't know Chief," One of them answered, as the others contiuned their attack. "But whatever it is, it's strong. Nothing we're doing is working, it seems to just be making it angrier." He said, the Chief nodded.

"In that case, it's out of our hands." He said and the Policeman looked at him bewildered, he couldn't be serious.

"In all due respect sir, this is a serious matter! We can't just leave this thing here, people could get hurt!" He said, and the Cheif narrowed his eyes.

"I know that Lieutenant," He shot, "I meant, at this point, it's obvious only something of higher power can take care of this thing."

"Something like what sir?" The Lieutenant questioned, and just as the Cheif began to answer a red blur dashed right past him. Batman dropped down near them and the rest of the Justice League flew in.

"Something like that Lieutenant," He said, with a smile. Batman turned to the Cheif and walked over, as the rest of the League dealt with Donna.

"Chief Warren," Batman greeted, in his usual monotoned voice.

"Batman," He greeted back.

"Mind explaining what's going on here?" Batman asked, and the Cheif nodded.

"Bottom line, something crashed here about an hour ago. And that," He said, pointing at Donna who was at the moment being thrown around by Wonder Woman. "Was inside, we don't know where it came from. My men have been doing everything they could to take it out, but as you can tell we had no luck."

"That's what were here for," Batman said, then ran towards the scene. The Police falling back to a safe distance.

Wonder Woman flew at Donna as she crashed into a building, once she came to and saw that the Amazon was coming at her for another attack she shot mana beams from her eyes. Hitting Wonder Woman square in the chest and knocking her far back. Donna flew up into the air and looked around at the League.

"Please, I am begging you, stop! I do not wish to fight you!" She said and, with a scream, Hawkgirl charged at her with her mace ready. She swung it at Donna and hit her in the back, electricuting her. She yelled from the pain and doubled over a little, Hawkgirl went to hit her again but then Donna threw up a shield. Though this wasn't enough to protect her, Hawkgirl's weapon broke through with ease and shocked Donna's hands in the process. With a wince, she shook her hands and glared at her. "Stop!" Her eyes glowed as mana began to flow from her hands, it grew bigger and bigger until she finally released it. Throwing it at Hawkgirls hands, which were both wrapped around her weapon. When it hit, Donna solidified it and it became heavy. Causing Hawkgirl to fall from the sky and crash to the ground.

Out of nowhere, Donna was engulfed by something that looked like a red tornado. It spun her around over and over again, until finally she was spit out from it. Landing roughly onto the ground, Donna sat up. Then proceeded to slowly stand, wincing slightly.

Batman shot a wired Baterang at her, wrapping it around her arms and torso, thinking it would trap her. But she easily snapped free of it, forming a big mana bolt in her hands and shooting it at him. She may not want to hurt anyone, but she wasn't going to just sit there and let them attack her like this either. She had to defend herself somehow. Batman leaped to the side, narrowly missing the attack, and ran up to Donna. Throwing punches and kicks at the Malderanian, he landed every one. knocking her back a few feet with the last kick to her stomach. Seething in frustration, once Batman was within arms reach, she grabbed him by the ear of his cowl. Punching him in the face repeatedly until she finally picked him up and tossed him away.

Afterwards, Donna was trapped inside a green cage. Made by Green Lantern, who floated over to her. "That's enough out of you!" He yelled, and Donna created a mana sphere around herself. Making it grow bigger and bigger until it finally over powered the cage, making it expload from all of the pressure. The blast blew away not only Green Lantern, but Donna as well.

She fell onto a pile of rubble, and with a groan sat up on her hands and knees. Martian Manhunter rose from the ground ten feet away from her and turned solid again, just as Superman and Wonder Woman landed on either side of him. The Flash speedly ran next to Superman as the other league members filed in. Superman stepped forward and Donna cowered back, not having anymore energy to fight. Flash noticed this and hurridly stood in Superman's way.

"Hod on a minute Sups!" He said, holding his hands up. "I think we've made our point," He directed a hand to Donna, "She's obviously had enough."

"We still have to get her out of here Flash." Superman said, crossing his arms. "She's obviously a danger here."

"Yeah but- woah!" Donna had stretched her "hair" to Flash and picked him up, bringing him to her.

"Flash!" Superman yelled, as he tried to run after him. But Donna used her powers to put up a dome around them all, one that wouldn't hold very long. She shakily stood up as she sat him down in front of her and released him, Flash looking at her in wonder. But at the same time in caution.

"Um... you rang?" He asked sarcastically, then his breath hitched when she changed back to her human form. "Well, there's a shocker..." He trailed, he could honestly say that that was something he didn't expect.

"Hold still," Donna said, resting her hands on his cheeks and bringing her face closer to his. The Flash raised an eyebrow.

"Okay... I seriously have no idea what you just said. But if it's a kiss you're asking for-" He was cut off. As she opened her mouth, his had felt like it was forced to stay open. A pink mist began to flow from Flash's mouth into Donna's, and it felt as if he couldn't breath.

"What's she doing?" Wonder Woman asked, as she ceased her punching at the walls of their prison.

"Whatever it is, it can't be good." Martian Manhunter said, as he saw how the Flash seemed to struggle. Hawkgirl narrowed her eyes and lifted her mace with all of her might, the gunk that Donna threw at her still on her hands.

"Out of the way!" She yelled, and they all moved behind her. With every ounce of strength she could mustar, Hawkgirl swung her mace at the wall of the dome as she yelled. Shattering it all as she made impact, Green Lantern used his ring to grab the Flash, pulling him away from Donna and breaking what she was doing. The Flash gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

"You alright Flash?" Superman asked and he nodded.

"Peachy..." He said, coughing a little. Hawkgirl walked up, hunched over from the weight on her hands.

"I've had enough, all of this ends, right now-"

"Stop!" Donna yelled, making everyone pause. She lifted a hand towards Hawkgirl, who stood in a defensive stance, and balled up her hand. The crystaled mana that was around her hands began to crack, breaking apart in mere second. "I was not trying to hurt anyone! Leave me alone!" She said then levetated and quickly flew away, leaving the Justice League stunned.

"Sooo... did anyone else notice she was speaking English? Or..." Flash asked, and Batman narrowed his eyes.

"We all have ears Flash." He said, not bothering to look at him.

"Manhunter doesn't." He joked, possibly trying to lighten the mood of the situation like he normally does.

"Not now Flash," The Martian said as this wasn't the time for the speedster's humor. He flew over to the waiting Metroplois Police and began to speak to Chied Warren.

"You and your men should probably leave now." He said as his feet met the ground, the Chief messed with his hat a little as he rested his other hand onto his hip.

"Are you sure you don't need any help? Maybe we could-"

"There's nothing more you can do here, this is something that's beyond your power. We'll take care of, thank you." He said, then went back to where the League were assessing the scene. The Chief watched Martian Manhunter for a few seconds, then turned to the other Policeman.

"You heard the alien, let's head out!" He ordered them, and they all proceeded to get into there cop cars and leave.

"Have you found anything?" Martian Manhunter asked, to no one in particular.

"Looks like the only thing here that we can really check out is this pod," Flash said, looking inside of it. "But it's pretty busted up, I don't think we'll find much if anything at all."

"Well so much for that," Green Lantern said, crossing his arms.

"So now what do we do?" Hawkgirl questioned, resting her hands on her hips.

"We can deal with this later," Batman said, "I say we double check the pod, for anything we can use to determine where she came from, then head back to the Watch Tower. We do have other things to worry about." He explained, and the rest of the League nodded in agreement. All the while, not knowing what had just begun.

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