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Side Characters: Nazz, r!Plank Terwood, r!Marie Kanker, Eddy

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Things To Know: There have been some Anon that have asked about the Child molestation and if it will be something big in the story. NO, it won't be. So, please don't worry, that's not the point of this story. In chapter five there is mention of it in newspaper clippings Kevin receives from Eddy in an envelope, but that's it.

*Words in Italic are pieces from a essay Kevin wrote with the help of Edd right before he left. NOT lyrics to any song.

(Preface Song; 'Second Chance'- Shinedown)

"When a chance first blooms it is often concentrated pure luck and are notorious for fizzing out, derailing after their timer has run out."

The existence of what was about to have a play in my life had started long before I was born. However, the origin of new feelings I was bombarded with was thanks to a not so ordinary day in our lovely cul-de-sac when we received an unwelcomed guest only known as Eddy's big brother. After that day, we had somehow all been brought closer in some way or form. It just-so-happened my bond with my new change was with none other than my childhood tormentor Kevin Barr, the cool kid on the block.

"This is because our mind automatically is set to think that the chance presented before us will always be there another day."

At first it was nothing special, just simple greetings here and there and spared bodily harm when Eddy pissed him off. Then, without my consent, it bloomed into Kevin coming by for spontaneous talks that created leaflets along my clear stream of group time with my best friends. I could have intercepted the route in which we were headed. Nevertheless, I allowed it to progress further.

"And by the time we either realize that we are on a timer or we have come up with the answer, it's already too late and that chance is no longer there before us."

I had arranged a method in which any and all of my family's dark secrets stayed our dark secrets, so I never had to see the scrutiny of pity in the gaze of those individuals around me. It was just another assortment of things to give them to judge me apart. However, it seemed life had a thing for playing with my perfect planning. That night, which changed everything, the doorbell rang at that ungodly hour; I simply believed it to be a drunken Kevin after a party, needing to crash. I never expected to open that door to my abusive, drunken mother on the other side.

"For the most part this chance slips past us without our knowing. Why others are forced to watch their first chance slip past their fingers."

It had been easy to predict the thoughts and actions of my drunken mother, whom sustains resentment to my very being and much more, since I was standing between her and her next drink. It was sufficient enough. I had come to terms with the blows afflicted upon my being only hurt as much as I believed them to. The sooner you give in and stop fighting, the sooner your mind numbs and the battle is over.

"We then line up like lambs for the psychic slaughter, by automatically agreeing we should settle for what we have, there's no hope for overcoming our current situation."

I, however, did not predict that Mother would pick up the empty wine bottle in her fury. One would think that moment would be the appropriate time to fight back- I, on the other hand, saw it as a way out, and closed my tired eyes. However, that last blow was not carried out; Kevin had interrupted mothers job at bring the bottle down with a cry of something I could not pick out in his voice. Knowing it was over for now, my body gave into the pain that I had ignored. It rushed into me full force and before the world could end I whispered, "Please, do not tell, Kev-"

"You would think that as soon as that second chance of happiness reaches their miserable little life they dive head long into it. Sadly, this is not the truth for three out of the four, given it."

When I finally come back to the world, I discovered I was not in the hospital as I feared. No, Kevin had heard my plea about keeping my matters private. He had not even informed Eddy or Ed, whom I definitely did not want knowing. Still, I could not understand why my life had been so important to him that he was willing to stick his neck out to save me, when I had already told life I was giving up.

"This toxic opinion is the foundation of the apathy and denial that keeps us trapped in a life that so many of us are obviously not satisfied with."

I was met with an enraged Kevin, but I decided to voice my question. He kept repeating the word 'idiot' in different ways. Kevin did not get why one would simply give up and allow life to end when they could have fought back. When I answered that question he got even angrier about the fact, and I had just accused him of being… Well, words I will not repeat. That I could ever think to believe that he walk away knowing I was in trouble! After this he got very quiet and did something I did not expect; he cried for my life.

"In your own mind, you start to believe what society tells you: Everybody knows that this is just the way things are, and there is nothing we can do, and so we accept the fact."

As time proceeded and my body healed, my secrets were kept safe upon sealed tongues. I went on with life. The only change was in Kevin, in his consent need to have eyes on me. If I wasn't glued to the hip of Eddy or Ed, he was glued to mine. Many nights he would sleep over, as if he owned the very place I lived. Mother never returned, most certainly scared out of her wits by Kevin, and so two months passed without incident and our lovely little middle school life was coming to a close.

"For most, this demoralizing human way of thinking influences our own way of life, even for those that see it coming. It's like an avalanche; you hear it, you see it and you sure-as-hell fear it."

I had fallen asleep outside of my normal routine, Kevin keeping me up well past a presentable time to assist him on his essay, entitled "Second Chances." He tucked me in like my guardian angel before leaving me to my dreams, which were not pleasant nightmares that left me wondering in the deepest darkest areas of the brain. Upon waking to reality, I became suddenly aware of something unwelcome looming around.

"Nevertheless, no matter how fast you run, before you can take that last breath it buries you alive, and you're left to fall into the battle of our own inner demons as you let others tell you how to feel about yourself."

That unwelcome feeling turned into a feeling of empty dread as I came down stairs to find my father casually sitting at the kitchen table. Making myself useful, I offered food and drink to him, which he kindly declined. Father had never spoken to me in words, only through an office fax once, stating that I would be moving to another town. He had never wanted anything to do with my mother and, in order to escape feeling responsible for what she was capable of doing to a little boy, simply did not come home.

"At this point, everyone learns the second truth: pure luck will only take you so far and doing things alone can only go so far, before you're at your wits end."

Without a care in the world, he states in a matter-of-fact tone that he had divorced my mother if that were not enough to rub salt in the wound; Father states, he is being remarried to a wonderful woman with beautiful children. Some of you might think I would state how sick I think he is at this point.

"Second chances in life are rare- so much so that diving into them gets you further in life than if you were to stand back and keep making excuses to protect what little of your sanity you believe you have left."

Instead, I smile and agree, even though I have no idea who she is or what they look like, because my mind was trying to get through the other words still spilling from smiling lips. I have two days to pack Mother's things and mine. I am moving to Blue Creek to start a wonderful new life with her boyfriend, yet I respond, "I could not be happier, Father."

"So, when a second chance is thrust into your arms, hold onto it like your life depends on it, because in most cases it does…."