Yup, I rewrote it. It needed to be done, particularly as this is my one dabbling into mainstream couplings and people actually like it and stuff.

Appropriate warnings: Matchmaking Fic with a stupidity level that borders to parody. Cody's existence. Four-letter words. Dub names. Shounen-ai, shoujo-ai and het: Namely Daikeru, something I'm not quite sure qualifies as Taito as well as Hiyako and eventually Kenyako implications.


Part 1: Of Love, Ice Cream, and Friendship

In which we learn about crushes and Davis makes a mistake

Davis did not often ask for help. Most of the time, this was because he had a confidence in himself unlike most others, and didn't think he needed it (well, Ken said confidence. Yolei said stupidity). Sometimes, when he did realize that he needed help, he did not want to ask for it because he didn't want the ones that could help him to help him, and sometimes, he was simply too proud.

Today, however, he seemed to have surrendered all defenses. He must have had: He had asked Yolei for assistance with his love life.

"So…" The girl looked at Davis over her soda, glasses sliding down to the very tip of her nose in the process "What did you need my help for?"

"Not your help. You and Kari's." The boy replied, poking his ice cream with the spoon without explaining any further; it had begun to melt, something that rarely happened to ice cream meant to be eaten by Davis. The 'Kari' factor was important here, although it hardly could cover the mistake he realized he had made after hanging up the phone and requested Yolei's support in this. Only girls and madmen asked Yolei for any sort of advice regarding love, and he'd maintained the feeble hope that their mellow friend would be able to offer more sensible solutions to his problems; Yolei listened to Kari.


Well, more than she listened to him, anyway.

"Well, we're both here now!" The girl said as she spread her arms wide enough to nearly hit Kari's face. She would have, too, had the brunette not dodged. Living in the same house as Tai and three soccer balls had given her the advantage of better reflexes than most girls her age.

"Uh huh."



"We can't help you unless we know what we're going to help you with!"

"Oh. That…" Davis looked out of the window and started meshing together what was left of ice cream to brown mush. Demiveemon, who long ago had cleaned out his cup, was observing it hungrily.


"There's no reason to scream!" he snapped back.

"I'm not screaming! Tell us what's wrong!"

"I'm trying my best here!"

And he went back to the ice cream.

"Come on! " Yolei demanded after nearly another minute of silence. Davis flinched, before he looked at the two girls sitting on the other side of the table, and then down on what had once been his ice cream.

"You see," He looked hopefully up at them, but it was obvious that neither did. His smile faltered again, "It's kinda that… I… er…"

"Yes?" Yolei said with smile that reeked of sugar, all too obviously amused by the boy's hesitation. Davis glowered at her without saying anything, and she countered with a cool look she never had the chance of giving anybody but him. The minimal staring contest ended with Davis finally conceding, deliberately ignoring the smug smile that tugged at her lips. He reached over to push Demiveemon down from the table instead. The blue Digimon squeaked out a protest of some sort as he landed on the pile of schoolbooks he'd been sitting at before, and instantly tried to climb up again. Davis didn't seem to notice.

"I kinda have this crush on somebody." He admitted, eyes set on the table in front of him.

"And I take it that it's not me." Kari said, not really asking.

"Yeah, that's kinda part of the problem." He said. Neither girl said anything for a while, before Kari at last opened her mouth again.

"I don't see why it is a problem that you don't have a crush on me anymore. It's not that I… want to be mean or anything, but I don't think I ever could have… liked you back or anything." She stopped herself, blushed slightly from the interested eyes for Davis and Yolei, and the continued speaking, "You're not my type."

"Anyway," Davis continued when it was obvious that nothing more would be said about the matter that day, "The other thing is… er… who I have this crush on."

This piqued Yolei's interest even more than his first confession. Kari was, in fact, faintly surprised that the question hadn't come sooner. "Who is it? Is it that cute girl in your biology class? Or Mimi? It isn't me, is it?!"

He stared at her in disbelief. "You?!"

" I had to pick a likely suggestion!"

"And that would be you?!"

"What are you insinuating, Motomiya?! As far as I am concerned I am your closes female friend sans Kari here, and…"

"I think we should let Davis continue." Kari said and placed both hands on Yolei's shoulders, effectively dragging her down to her seat again. The girl seemed to forget the recent insults to her person, and leaned over the table again in her eager to hear the news from the reluctant boy instead.

"Do we know her?"

"Um…" he started fidgeting with the menu, "See, that is really the problem. It… it's not really a… her…"

"You're GAY?!"

"No!" he shrieked as Kari leaned over and clamped a hand over the other girl's mouth. But it was too late, and everybody in the small café was staring at the four occupants of the table as if they were insane. Giving what she hoped was a charming smile, Kari yanked Yolei closer to herself, whispered a few words into her ear, and released her as Davis pushed Demiveemon down again and demanded to know what the hell the other customers were looking at. After Kari also had told Davis to sit down again, the conversation at the table resumed.

"No." The boy repeated softly, scooping brown cream into his spoon and slowly letting it drip into the bowl again as Demiveemon's eyes were rapidly growing in size, "I'm not gay. I mean, I used to like Kari and stuff, so…"

"You're, like, bi?"

"Bi what?"

"Bisexual." Kari explained, and explained further at the blank stare she received in response, "You like both boys and girls."

"No! I mean, I like girls, it's just kinda this one guy…."

"One guy's enough." Yolei concluded, a grin spreading over her face, "Imagine that, Davis Motomiya is gay!"

"I'm not! I just told you that I don't like boys!"

"Yeah, just after telling us that you're having a crush on one!"

"Guys, calm down!" Kari said, sensing that the situation was about to get out of control again, "We're here to help Davis with whatever his problem is, not make fun of him because of it!"

Yolei looked a bit disappointed, but obediently closed her mouth and stopped the taunting. Davis, who probably hadn't been far from jumping over the table to get a better angle, sat down too, and finally noticed the sniffles and vastly overdone sobs coming from the pile of books to his left.

"So who is it?" Kari asked gently, and Davis smiled gratefully at her, but then looked down at his bowl again and blushed.

"You'll laugh." He muttered.

"You were the one who dragged us down here to help you with this problem of yours, and if this guy is the problem, we need to know who he is!" Yolei said, sounding uncharacteristically effective. Davis didn't reply.

"I promise we won't laugh." Kari said, "Right Yolei?"
"I can't talk for you, Kari, but – ow! – Of course!" she agreed, rubbing her arm where Kari's elbow had hit her.

"It's TA."

The table sat in utter silence for ten seconds, and then Yolei spoke again.

"You – have a crush on TK? As in 'Takeru Takaishi'?"

Davis looked at his chocolate soup and nodded silently.

There was a silence for about three minutes before Kari finally knew what to say. But before she had the chance, she was interrupted by Yolei breaking down in helpless gales of laughter.


"So, Davis, what's the… pull yourself together!" the last words were hissed at Yolei, who, despite having been relatively quiet for the last minute, still was having troubles breathing.

"I'm sorry." The other girl sniffled and took off her glasses, wiping her eyes with her sleeve before she set them back on, "It's just that…" she looked over at Davis and immediately broke down in helpless laugher again.

"You promised!" the boy whined and slumped further on the bench. After five minutes of Yolei's convulsive laugher her two friends had dragged her out of the café, and they were now in a nearby park, waiting for her to get over the bout of mirth. It didn't seem to be happening anytime soon, as she would start laughing every time she looked at Davis.

"I'm sorry!" she gasped, looking at him and obviously having a great deal of trouble with not to burst out laughing once again, "But this is just too priceless."

"You would think so." Davis grumbled, crossing his arms and glaring at nothing in particular.

Kari, feeling an unusual amount of sympathy for the boy, put her hand on his shoulder and smiled reassuringly. "It'll be okay. Look, even if Yolei is… um…" she cast her DNA digivolve partner a look, and the girl actually met her eyes.

"I'll be good." She promised, wiping her eyes one last time before turning to Davis, this time not even smiling. "So when are you planning on telling him?"

The only reply she received was a blank stare.

"Telling him?"

"Well, when you like somebody, the thing most people do is telling them and then asking them out." Yolei summarized, not looking annoyed quite yet. It didn't seem to make any more impact than their previous sentences: Davis stared at his two female friends like they'd just suggested that he'd apply for a top job in NASA.

"You want me to tell him?"

They both nodded.

"Why do you want me to do that?"

The two girls looked at each other, and it took a while before Kari finally gave an attempt at replying.

"You… you do like him, don't you?"

"Yeah, and?"

"And nothing!" Yolei exclaimed, starting to look slightly worried.

"What?" and Davis looked somewhere between appalled, scared, and angry. The communication seemed to be getting up to speed again. "Are you nuts?! I can't tell him! Do you have any idea about how embarrasing that would be?" he exclaimed, the disbelieving look he gave them laced with disgust at the idea. He even backed away from them on the bench.

"But if you're not going to tell him, what did you want help for then?!" Yolei was flabbergasted, all traces of her previous amusement with the situation gone.

"To help me get rid of it, of course!" Davis said, apparently thinking that it made perfect sense. When the two others just kept on staring wide-eyed at him he continued, "Do you think I wanted this to happen? I mean, he's a guy, and he's… he's TK, and Matt Ishida's brother so my sister will kill me, and I'd never stand a chance and he likes her anyway!" the last word was emphasized by a finger pointing at Kari.

Neither girl said anything after this rant, and Davis kept staring at them as if they had problems grasping that two plus two equaled four.

"So you're not going to tell him?" Kari at last offered weakly, still more confused than anything else.

"Dude, that's just impossible!"

The staring from all three parties continued for another small eternity, until Yolei finally pulled her eyes to herself again.

"So you want our help to fall out of love." She concluded, and Davis nodded eagerly.

"That can be a problem."

The boy's face fell. "A problem? What do you mean, a 'problem'?! You're girls, don't you know all sorts of things about love and stuff like that?"

"Davis, it's just not possible to command yourself, or anybody else for that matter, to just 'fall out of love'." Kari said.

"You can't?"

They both shook their heads at him, and Davis suddenly looked very, very helpless.

"You mean I'm stuck like this?!" he asked at last. The answer was two silent nods.

"But… but there gotta be something we can do, right? Like… er… like an anti-love potion or something like that, or maybe…"

"Trust me Davis." Kari said and put a hand on his shoulder, "When you're in love with somebody, the only thing to do is to either tell them, or wait for it to pass."

Davis looked like he was going to protest further, but at last slumped down and stared depressed at his shoelaces.

"Man, that sucks."

"I know." Kari said, pulling her hand to herself again and staring at lap.

"You're in love with somebody you can't have too?!"

For supposedly having some sort of connection to love, it surprised Kari that Yolei had such a passion for her friends suffering for the unrequited kind, and she settled with looking away and ignoring the blush that spread over her cheeks as she replied.

"It doesn't really matter."

"Tell me who it is!"

Kari looked up at Yolei, and blushed even more.

"I said, it doesn't matter!" she repeated angrily and glared at the violet-haired girl, "And if it doesn't bother you too much, I'd really like to talk about Davis, who actually can do something about his situation!" She regretted the harsh words once she saw the hurt look on Yolei's face, but instead of apologizing she turned to Davis again.

"I'm not going to tell him!" the boy said before she had the change to open her mouth.

"But then what…"

"Nothing." He seemed to think for a few seconds, "Do you think Izzy knows how to help me?"

"Nope. Definitely not." Yolei replied.


"I don't think so." Kari said.

"Who else is smart… er… Cody?"

"Aside from being TK's DNA digivolve partner? I don't really think there is a lot he can do about it."


"What about Ken?" Yolei suggested.

"Don't you think I've tried?!" he said, sounding annoyed, "No, little Mr. Boy Genius Who Aces All and Every Test He Takes told me he wasn't the one to help me, but agreed that it wasn't practical to have a crush on somebody who isn't likely to return your feelings."

"Ken, too?"


"Hey, there's nothing wrong with some healthy curiosity!"

"That's gossip!"


The three of them sat in silence for a while.

"I really am stuck like this, right?"

"I'm afraid so." Kari said, gently patting his back, "I'm afraid so."


"Ken? Can I ask you something?" Cody said as they rounded a street corner, having walked five minutes in complete silence.

"Of course." Ken said, offering a gentle smile. Calling the two of them good friends would be to exaggerate, but there were no awkward feelings between them anymore, even if they weren't as close as the others within their little group. They were currently on their way home from a visit with Joe: Ken because he was tired of the computer as a chess partner, and Cody simply because he liked the company of the older holder of Reliability. To her son's utter embarrassment, Cody's mother had asked Ken to walk him home afterwards – she was afraid of muggers or something like that – and as Ken passed Cody's apartment building on the way to the train station, he had agreed and promised Cody he wouldn't tell anybody.

"I have this friend…" Cody started, "It's not me. Really. And this isn't meant to be something bad about him, not at all, but I feel that I have to do something about it, even if…" he added, stumbling over his words in stress. Ken nodded in understanding and urged him on – Cody wasn't sure if he knew exactly why he felt so bad about it, or if he was guessing. "Well, this friend is in love with somebody."

"Is there a problem with this?" Ken asked, knowing the same moment as the words left his mouth that the question was completely ridiculous, even though Cody didn't seem to notice.

"You see, he says that doesn't think this other person feels the same way." Cody explained, "But he doesn't know for sure, and it keeps bothering him that there may just be a chance for the other person to like him back. I'm not sure he has realized it, but he keeps on talking about it all the time. " Ken nodded again, "Anyway, the problem is kinda that he can't move on. He refuses to do anything about this, yet he can't get it off his mind."

Ken nodded one last time, and they kept on walking in silence.

"I think I know how you're feeling." He said at last, looking at Cody, "I have a friend who is pretty much the same. He has a crush on a person, but also very convinced this other person is in love with somebody else and can never like him. But my friend keeps insisting that once he figures out how, he'll just get rid of it. I don't know where he got that ridiculous idea from." It was Cody who nodded in understanding this time.

"I mean, it's not like I don't care about him or want to help him, but I will go insane if I ever hear…"

"'…but he likes…'" Ken said with an uncharacteristic sarcasm.

"Kari!" Cody ended in the same tone.

"Ever again!" they concluded at once, and abruptly came to a halt outside a pet shop.