Trigger warning, references to eating disorder.

Robin made his way up the dirt driveway towards the tiny, pink house before calling to the others to come down. Captain flew to him immediately but the others had a slower descent so he had time to knock on the door before they got close. Starfire was the next to come to his level but she didn't land.

"Oh I am far to excited to walk! I can not wait to meet my new friend! Together I can brush its fur and talk to it, teach it Tameran, feed it Globlekesh and Bunka berries, take it flying, cuddle with -,"

"Woah Star, you know Pokemon probably can't eat alien food. They need to eat special meals designed for their species," Robin explained.

"Not even if they like it for a snack?"

"Well it depends but probably not."

"Definitely not, have you SEEN the stuff she eats, I don't think I could stomach it."

"Yeah but Changeling seemed fine with some of it."

"Hmph did you not hear about the gas it gave him? You had to have smelled it, it happened just the other day. Remember? You were complaining about the smell? He told me that was him during training."

"But was that from Star's food? It could have been the tofu Beast Boy gave him."

"No idea but why risk it?"

Robin focused back on Starfire to see her standing in front of him. "Were you two having the mind communication?"

"Er, yeah, sorry, sometimes I forget there are other people around when Cap starts talking to me."

"No need to appologize, it is nice to see you have such a strong bond. I wish I could have the same with my Pokémon but I guess it's a rare talent."

"Sort of-"

"DUDES!" Beast Boy interrupted as he shifted out of his falcon form. "What are you waiting for? The lady is around back come on!" He changed back almost before he finished and flew towards the back.

Starfire squealed with joy and jumped into the air before coming back for Robin, "Come on, we shouldn't keep her waiting."

The boy wonder was glad he accepted her help, the others were right, this view was amazing. There were Ponyta and Taurus running in the distance while Miltank and Mareep grazed in the sun by a pond full of jumping Barboach. As they made their descent to the barn he saw a Glameow chasing off a Rattata while a Growlithe stopped playing with a Shinx out front to growl at them. When they landed a little old woman appeared from behind the door and smiled at them.

"You must be here for my Belle's kits? Or am I to expect another Boy Wonder later today?"

Robin couldn't help but smile at her, "No ma'am, just me and my friends. I'm Robin, this is Starfire, Beast Boy, and my partner, Captain."

"It's always nice to meet new heroes, now which one of you will be taking care of one of my kits?"

"I will ma'am, and I promise to love him and take care of him to the best of my abilities." Robin was glad she had calmed down a bit but knew she was dying to meet her furry friend on the inside. "I am new to this world and Pokémon training, but I will do my best and I know my friends will help me."

"Oh I'm sorry, all of the boys were taken, would you be ok with a female?"

"Oh yes that would be most wonderful!"

"Very well then, you two seem like perfect candidates for raising these Pokémon."

Robin cleared his throat to clarify, "Sorry ma'am, only Starfire is taking a Pokémon today, I'm not in the market right now."

"Not you!" She laughed, "I'm giving this green changeling a special Pokémon that I don't think I'll be able to raise properly, but I'm sure he's the perfect candidate."


Silence. Blissful silence surrounded Raven as she continued to meditate next to Azar. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by said Pokémon, "He's not a bad person you know. His Aura is clear."

Raven sighed, "I know, but we shouldn't get too close to them."

"I think it's a little late for that," The blue Pokémon replied and Raven could swear she heard him chuckle. "I think that ship sailed on the spaceship that day you met them."

"I barely knew them."

"Yet you called them friends. Do you believe they are your friends?"

She had to pause at this. "I'm not sure I know what friendship is," She finally replied, "I wouldn't consider the monks my friends, though they were probably the closest thing. Is it someone you tell everything too? Because I'm not ready for that. Is it someone you spend time with? That seems shallow."

"Do you enjoy the time you spend with them?"

"Sometimes, though it's usually I end up getting annoyed."

"Sounds like friendship to me, although, I may not be the best judge either." They meditate in silence for a bit before he speaks again, "I think they have shown they care for you and you have reciprocated to a point, but letting them get to know you a bit more can't hurt."

"And how do I do that without revealing everything?"

"I have an idea for that, perhaps we could take a page out of Starfire's book."

The look on Starfire's face was priceless as she played with the baby Pokémon in the barn but Robin didn't share the enthusiasm. What does she mean she won't give me a Pokémon am I not a fit trainer in her eyes? She knows about my past so maybe she doesn't want her precious kids to be fighting? If that's the case none of us should get one.

"Jeeze, could you think any louder?"

"Huh, oh, sorry Cap, I didn't know I was talking to you."

"I don't think you meant to but I guess not getting selected for a Pokémon really got to you huh?"

"Yeah, what does she think I'm an unfit trainer?"

"I don't think she thinks that," Captain replied lazily as he preened his feathers, "I mean, one look at me and you can tell I'm well cared for, though I could be given more treats." When Robin only continued to glower the bird tried again, "Why not just be happy for Beast Boy?"

"I am, but I don't see why I'm such an unfit candidate?!"

"Oh!" Starfire interrupts him from his thoughts, "I cannot stand not knowing which of these little glofnorks is mine!"

The old lady smiled, "Whichever one you choose from this litter here," she replied as she gestured to one of the gates on the side.

The orange alien squealed again before flying over the gate and hovering over the babies. "Oh they are all so precious, how am I to choose only one."

"I once heard you should take the Pokémon that follows you," Beast Boy explained as he hung off the gate, "Then again, I also heard you should take the one that attacks you because you know they are powerful."

"I do not care for power," Star replied with a frown, "I want one that will love me."

"Then whichever one follows you!"

Robin decided to tune them out when the two started debating which of the short legged Pokémon was following under her the fastest. He continued to sulk until the elderly woman came up to him. "You're wondering why I didn't pick you to raise the egg aren't you?"

The boy wonder thought about lying, but one glance at her and he realized she already knew the truth so he confirmed it, "A bit I guess."

"Ah, I thought so. You're so green with jealousy I was afraid I might mistake you two for a bit." She laughed at her own joke but Robin stayed silent, suddenly ashamed. "Believe me, it's not that I don't think you're all wonderful trainers because I can already see the love in your hearts for your partners. It's just that this egg was bred from a Pokémon with a powerful evolution, who didn't want to change. I think his child may be the same way so I want the little one to be raised with someone who understands that and will encourage the change, but not force it. Your shapeshifting friend seems best suited for the task."

"Yeah," Robin smiled, "He is definitely the trainer for that job. You have a good eye."

"It comes with age. Ah," she looks up to see Starfire and Beast Boy standing in front of her, "I see you have selected your new friend."

"Yes and I have decided to keep the nickname you gave her as her new name." Starfire held her new, red friend in her arms and proudly exclaimed, "This is our new team member, Kit," to which the tiny Pokémon replied, "Vulpix."

"I think that's the perfect name," Robin replied, "Welcome to the team Kit."

The old lady smiled with an egg and incubator in her arms, "I know you will be a wonderful family, but I hope you don't mind one more addition."

"Of course not," Robin explained, "and like I said, Beast Boy is the perfect trainer for the job."

Said green boy looked over the moon, "You think so?"

Robin smiled again, "I know so. Come on team, let's go home and show the others."

It took Cyborg until he was outside the lounge door to realize the burning smell was not coming from him. The smell was so potent, he is surprised smoke didn't come billowing out when the doors slid open; instead he was greeted to a sight he never thought he'd see.

The fan above the stove was on high and a dark energy surrounded the smoke, funneling it into the vent only while Azar unsuccessfully attempted to reach over the hot area and turn the hot areas off as a pot on the side whistled like a steam train. As it began to bubble over the blue Pokémon used a tiny aura sphere to knock it off of the burner but proceeded to make it explode over all of the kitchen area not suddenly protected by the shield Raven conjured to avoid burns. In summary, it was the hottest mess Cyborg had ever seen and he quickly rushed to the pair's aid.

"Whoa what were you guys trying to do mad science?" He exclaimed as he rushed to the stove to turn it off and move the hot pans from their burners.

"You were concerned about my eating habits, Azar believes it's because we don't know each other well enough." She paused when she could stop using her powers to avoid the smoke detectors going off, "So we took a page out of Starfire's book and tried to prepare a traditional meal from my birthplace."

Cyborg turned to face her and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, well, I should apologize for that. I should have known you would never do something like that." He smiled when he heard the pot continue to bubble behind her, "Although, I think you need cooking lessons."

A shadow of a smile graced Raven's lips, "Maybe, or we could just order pizza."

"Yeah, that might be a better idea for now, I think the others will be home soon. You clean up and I'll call?"

"Sounds like a plan," she replied and set out to clean up with the help of her powers, Azar, and Cyborg after he made the call. Between all of them they had the mess cleaned up before anyone else came back.

"FRIENDS I HAVE THE MOST GLORIOUS NEWS!" Starfire cried out as she flew into the room. "I'd like you to meet my our new teammate, Kit!" She held the Vulpix under its front legs and held her out like Simba from The Lion King right in each of the other's faces. The tiny fox yawned at Cyborg, said its name to Raven, and shot a small bit of ember at Azar who shook it off easily. "Is she not the cutest thing? I had to rush back to show you but now," she reached to her side and pulled off another Pokémon, "It's time for her to meet Bun-Bun!" The Pokéball is tossed in the air and opens to a Buneary who looks around confused.

Beast Boy, runs in while Starfire makes the introductions, "DUDES! GUESS WHAT I GOT!"

"Banned from the farm?" Raven guessed with a sly smile.

"Nope," replied an undeterred Beast Boy as he reaches into the small napsac they bought to carry the incubator, "She gave me an egg! She thinks I would be the best to raise this one isn't it neat? Guess I'm a pretty good trainer, don't worry, I won't forget you guys when I'm a famous league champion."

Cyborg and Raven look at each other but don't have time to respond as Robin makes his way through the door, burdened by the pizza. "Hey, I saw the guy down there, I hope you two got enough for us, I'm starving!"

"Course we did man, come on and tell us how that breeder thought BB was a good enough trainer to raise an egg. Did you warn her about the tofu and alien food incident."

"Aww you worry too much, I'm sure he'll do fine. Besides, we can always feed it proper nutrition."

"Um," Beast Boy interrupts to object, "I'd like to raise it without feeding it meat."

"Man you're crazy," Cyborg responds, exasperated, "what if it's a meat eater?"

"Then I'll feed it tofu."

"Na-uh, no way can that be healthy."

"Here they go again." Captain thinks to Robin.

"Yeah but, would you have it any other way?"

Holly crap, sorry this took so long. I was going through my old stuff and realized, I have three of these stories started, this one, the old days, and what it would be like in the present… I should get on with all of them, and my Super Six AU. So now I'm going to try writing a little bit every night. Hopefully, I can get some updates or stories out. Also I don't have a beta for this so that's fun. Sorry for any mistakes, esp with tense changes.