Kendall Jenner and James Maslow had been together for two years. Kendall was 17 and James was 22. Kendall and James were getting ready to become parents in 8 weeks to a baby boy but they had decided on keeping the name a secret until the baby was born. Kendall was still going to tumbling classes with her younger sister Kylie and their friends. It was the middle of the summer; Kendall was getting ready to go her tumble class with Kylie, Nicole and Avery. "You and James all set for your son?" asked Kylie. "Nearly. We've had to get two sets of the same furniture for him." Said Kendall. "What are you doing about school when he arrives?" asked Nicole. "I'm going to do some work at home with a tutor then I'm going back when he is a month old." Said Kendall. They walked in and Kendall went to sit and watch the girls doing the class. Their coach Jayden came over to Kendall and sat next to her. "Do you miss being able to tumble with everyone?" asked Jayden. "Yeah but when my baby is here I'm going to come back and tumble. It was my decision to keep my baby and not get rid of him." Said Kendall. A couple of days had passed; Kendall was cuddling up next to James on the sofa while Khloe came in and sat next to James and Kendall. "All you two need now is your baby and then you will a family." Said Khloe. "We know. Only 6 weeks left then he arrives." Replied Kendall. "Will you tell me what your going to name her?" asked Khloe. "Nope you will run and tell Kim and Kourtney. We want to tell you when he is here." Said Kendall. 6 weeks had passed; Kendall had gone into labour. Kendall was in her private maternity room with James and her mom Kris. Kendall was holding hands with James while they were talking about the pregnancy. "In about 45 minuets we are going to be parents." Said James. "How do you know that?" asked Kris. "I've got to go and have a C-Section because our baby is heavy." Said Kendall. 45 minuets passed and Kendall had given birth to baby Maslow. James kissed Kendall on the lips. "He is beautiful." Said James. "Can I see him?" asked Kendall. A nurse brought over baby Maslow to Kendall so that she could see him. "Hi baby boy." Said Kendall. A few minutes had passed; James, Kendall and baby Maslow were all settled into the maternity room where Kendall was holding their son. "You ready to name him?" asked James. "Yeah. Welcome to the world Dayton Cole Maslow." Said Kendall. James kissed Kendall on the lips and they both looked at their son. A couple of weeks had passed since Dayton was born. Kendall was on her way to see James off on tour with Dayton. When Kendall arrived at James's apartment; she got out of the car and saw James getting ready to go in to the waiting SUV. "I don't want you to leave me to look after Dayton by myself for the next couple of weeks." Said Kendall. "I don't want to leave you either but I need to go to Europe. You will alright with Dayton. You've got your parents and sisters to help you." Replied James. "Yeah but what Dayton needs his parents together." Said Kendall. "I will ring you and also face time you so that I can see our little man. You need to be strong for Dayton. He needs his mommy." Replied James. Kendall gave James a hug and they walked over to Kendall's Range Rover and went to see Dayton in his car seat asleep. James took a picture of Dayton on his cell phone. "Have fun and we will see you in a couple of weeks." Said Kendall. "Bye baby. Look after Dayton." Replied James. Once James left; Kendall got in the car and drove to go and see her older sister Khloe. "Are you in Khloe?" asked Kendall. "Yeah. I'll go and put the kettle on." Said Khloe. "I need to see someone. James has left to go to Europe and I've got upset." Replied Kendall. "You can come and see me. I love spending time with Dayton." Said Khloe. When Kendall and Dayton arrived at Khloe's; Kendall unclipped Dayton's 'Silver Cross' car seat from her car and walked in. Khloe went to go and see Kendall and Dayton. A couple of days had passed; Kendall was sorting out Dayton when Kylie came in. "Hey me and mom are going to get some frozen yoghurt. She asked if you and Dayton wanted to come." Asked Kylie. "Yeah Dayton is due is nap anyway so the drive will do him good." Said Kendall. When they went to the shop; Kendall was holding Dayton in her arms while talking to her mom and sister. "Have you decided on what you are going to do about school?" asked Kris. "I'm going to get my GED. I want to be able to spend time watching Dayton grow up." Said Kendall. "You can still watch Dayton grow up by going to school. James will want you to go to school." Replied Kris. "I know but I can do my GED online and then I don't have to worry about travelling all the time to and from school also looking for a day care for Dayton." Said Kendall. A couple of weeks had passed; Kendall and Dayton were spending time with James. James was feeding Dayton his bottle while Kendall was sat next to him on the sofa. "I'm so tired. Dayton loves waking me up every two hours of the night." Said Kendall. "How about you two stop here tonight and I can help you with Dayton?" asked James.