.prompt.: Technically, none.

.universe.: post-Tangled


He's at the wedding.

Sort of.

Well, he's there for half of it, and that should count for something.

(Count for what?)

The display of how tolerant he is. How much he's grown up – jealousy doesn't stop him from functioning. Jack Frost is a mature boy now. Jack Frost isn't young and stupid and he knows that you have to work a little harder to keep someone yours.

(People aren't objects.)

Yeah. He knows that now too.

He listens to the church music and sees the kingdom file in, modest gowns and simple suits to not overshadow the princess, poised untrained grace and brightest smiles. He sits in one of the back pews, feet on the armrest, and if anyone could see him they'd surely think he'd snuck in for a nap during the early morning.

Yeah. A wedding before noon. When the sun's the brightest, though he's sure she would rather it be outdoors.

So, he stays until the place is packed, and the priest is there, cracking open dusty pages. Jack doesn't get priests. He doesn't get the whole ceremony. It's rings and vows that are just as easily broken as any other spoken words. Hell, you recite them. Just say exactly what you've been told, an echo you don't need to pay attention to as long as you say the right name.

He's not a really touchy-feely person but still, for all the roses and hype, he doesn't see how this can be romantic to anyone at all.

And Flynn's been there the whole time, but Jack's been trying to look at him in the right way (it's not Flynn's fault, it's not Flynn's fault, he nearly had her drowned it's not Flynn's fault) and can't quite make himself do it. From where Jack is, the man is only a blur, white suit, gold trim, dark hair, fidgeting. He's not a prince, and he shouldn't be here.

Neither should Jack. Jack isn't even real.

When the music swells and he can see the shadows slipping to the entry of the church, he thinks she doesn't belong here either.

(Where does she belong?)

Jack isn't selfish.

Therefore, he does not have that answer.