The door swung open and Zayn let his eyes drift to the entryway, finding Niall and a girl walking in. Though they did not touch, he could tell they wished to. Every move she made Niall seemed to follow, as if he never wanted to drift from the beauty's side. All the boys' eyes watched them which made a scarlet blush reach Miley's sculpted cheeks. Niall cleared his throat and finally spoke, "I'm back." Louis sprang from his seat and said, "Where have you been?! We were worried sick, mate." Liam then stood and said also, "A phone call would have been nice." Niall sighed and spoke, "Well it doesn't matter anymore, I'm here and I want you to meet someone." All eyes went to Miley again. "Guys, this is Miley. My girlfriend." Shock was in everyone's eyes but Zayn's. He knew it the moment they walked in. Zayn was also the first to stand and greet Miley, taking her hand in his and shaking it gently. "Hello love, I'm Zayn." She smiled at him and replied, "Hey, I'm Miley it's great to meet you." Louis's eyes were ignited yet his mouth stayed shut, trying to keep his words in his mouth. "Also, she is going to live with me. I asked her today." With that Louis couldn't hold it in anymore, "How could you date a stripper?! For god's sake Niall have some brains! She has probably done every guy in the block! She is a slut!" Tears were in Miley's bright blue eyes and her plump bottom lip trembled as she was trying not to start bawling. Niall's eyes flared with anger as he growled, "How dare you say that about her?!" Louis laughed and replied, "What? That she is a total slut? It's the truth!" Niall yelled before tackling Louis to the ground, starting a fight. Miley finally just couldn't hold it in anymore and ran outside, barely making it out before letting the tears stream down her sad face. Zayn ran out after her while Liam and Harry tried to break up the fight. Zayn sat down beside the sad brunette and whispered, "Hey, you okay?" Miley sniffled and shook her head no. He took her into his arms for a hug and whispered, "Look, they don't know what they are talking about, okay? Niall loves you; you love him, that's all I care about. It's about time he finally got over my sister." Miley let her tear filled eyes fly to his face in surprise and asks, "You're Demi's brother?" Zayn's chocolate eyes flashed to her. "He told you about her?" She nods yet says, "Can you tell me about her?" He nodded and then sighed as he thought. "Demi…Demi was perfect. She was always happy and smiling, even when it was a terrible day. She could brighten up anyone's day in a second just with her charm. She was beautiful; I remember having to guard her from all the boys until Niall. The way he looked at her, spoke to her, and acted around her just showed me I could trust him with her. He made her even happier, if that was possible, and made him a better man. She loved animals and used to actually go and rescue strays. She was a really great person and the day she died I swear, the world got dimmer. Niall never left his house and he was a wreck. I didn't sleep for a week and I rarely ate but after two months I started to get better and understood that my sister would never want me to grieve over her death like that. It took a while for Niall to get that too…It took you." Miley sat looking into space, staring at nothing as she listened to him speak. Demi sounded too perfect to be true, how could she ever match up to that for Niall? "She sounds like she was really amazing. Irreplaceable even." "Niall loves you, I can tell. Sure he loved my sister but she is gone and now you're here and he is happy." With that the front door burst open and Niall stormed out and once he spotted Miley he scooped her up into his arms. "I'm so sorry baby. Are you okay?" She nodded and he brought her face up to plant his lips to hers before turning to Zayn. "Thank you mate, for comforting her and accepting us." Zayn grinned and replied, "You're my best friend Niall. I'm just so glad you're happy now." Niall smiled at him before turning back to his girlfriend. "I am so sorry for getting in that fight babe, I just hated what he called you and how he mistreated you like that. You're my girl, nobody talks to my girl like that." His words made her grin widely and press her lips to his feverishly. Looking into his eyes she said the three words she truly felt, "I love you, Nialler." His eyes lit up and he grinned back and said, "I love you too, Mi." Laying his forehead against hers, he stared into her ocean eyes and placed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "You're so beautiful." She giggled and blushed. Pulling her to his body he hugged her tight whispering again, "I love you."