There needs to be more Malcolm/Oliver. I seriously have seen none. So I guess I'm gonna kick off this pairing with a maybe-could be-kinda-pre-salsh fic?

Could also be seen as Gen.

The punch catches him off guard; has him falling back paralyzed if not for just a few seconds. In the amount of time it takes him to heft himself back onto his feet, the Hood is across the room and throwing himself out a window. Not the most graceful of moves, but with two arrow heads lodged into his back, at least three broken ribs and a sprained wrist, Malcolm gives the Hood credit where credit is due.

Malcolm follows loosely behind. With the injuries and the drop, he doesn't suspect the Hood will be going anywhere fast. He sticks to the shadows just in case however; the Hood is the strongest prey he's faced in years.

As Malcolm aims an arrow at the Hood's head from his perch at the window, he sees the green clad vigilante struggle with something, a phone,and stops himself from outright killing the man. He had first thought the Hood worked solo, but now it would seem otherwise.

"Digg," the Hood wheezes. "Digg, I need… need help. I messed up."

And Malcolm— Malcolm recognizes that voice. He knows that voice. The Hood's scrambler must have been dmaged sometime during the fight and-

Malcom lowers his bow and stares for a moment. He's not… shocked. No. It makes too much sense to be shocking. But he is once again caught off guard, this time by a blow of realization.

This makes things… different. Tangled. Clouded. Messy. To kill or not to kill? Oliver Queen is the best friend of his son, is the son of one of his most valuable associates, and something… something more. Something Malcolm had been interested in for while, and denying himself for just as long.

He could be useful, he thinks. If he could swayed.

And it's a long shot considering Malcolm had Oliver's father killed; was the reason he was stranded on an island for five years. But Malcolm finds himself standing vigil over the unconscious hero anyway, waiting for "Digg" to retrieve him and makes sure the cops don't get too close. Malcolm isn't sure how this will end, but he would do everything in his power to have Oliver out of his way and by his side.

Criticism would be lovely.