"There was just… a little smudge"

Danny's eyes wondered helplessly towards her lips. Mindy did not see this coming: Having him so close made her head fuzzy, and she could only focus on the way his heavy breathing reached her cheeks. Her ears were left ringing with the soft touch of his hands when he had carefully placed her glasses back on. What's more, she could still feel the warmth of them on both sides of her face.

They were frozen right there, just gazing into each other's eyes for what it seemed like forever. Suddenly Mindy gasped a bit, almost realizing something.

"I got back together with –"

Before she could finish the sentence, Danny crushed his lips against her. After a few seconds he backed away slowly, with eyes closed so he could not see her reaction. When he started to look at her again he could see the shock on her face, and his stomach dropped within a second.

"You shouldn't have done that" she muttered


Mindy pressed her index and middle finger on Danny's mouth, shutting him up. The look that followed gave Danny a little hope, because at least she seemed moved by the moment. He grabbed her fingers and moved them away from his lips. He squeezed her hand against his chest gently, transmitting that seemingly never-ending warmth that emanated from him. The silence that proceeded for the next ten seconds left him wondering what to do next. He let go of her hand, yet she did not remove her fingers from his chest. Without breaking contact between their eyes, she approached him. When she was 5cm away from his face, she stood still. Danny didn't know if it was hesitation or fear, or maybe even the expectation that brought her to a halt, but every fiber in his body told him to go for it again. He brushed his temple against hers, and kissed the corner of her mouth, this time more tenderly. Mindy's fingers curled up on the collar of Danny's scrubs. This time she seemed to reciprocate the feeling. She once again felt his palms on the side of her face, and it was almost a relief; like she had been aching from the loss of his touch.

As he deepened the kiss they gained more confidence and steadiness, and seconds later she lounged herself on top of him, his back falling on the arm of the couch. Danny's fingers tangled in Mindy's newly cropped hair just as she was caressing the back of his neck, and it felt to her like an inside joke that minutes prior to this he was hating on her new do. She laughed against his lips, and he seemed to get the irony of the moment.

Mindy could feel every inch of Danny's body pressed against her, and though she was still to understand what was going on, she was sure she didn't want to stop it. She couldn't help herself from moaning a little when he gently bit her on her neck, his hands tracing all the way down and finding their way inside her pants. With a deep inhale she broke free from his mouth and then…

She woke up.

She sat up, her eyes wide with shock. She felt the hard ground below her, and saw grass on her palms. She looked around: The small, dirty tent seemed even smaller in the middle of the dark. She patted the floor near her and found her glasses. When she put them on the remembrance of the dream made her shiver.

Now that she could see better she inspected her surroundings, trying to wash away the vivid sensation of the dream that made her whole body tingle. There wasn't much too look at really: to her left, against the tent wall, she found her suitcase, which was now working as a night stand too. And to her right… was Casey. Dear perfect Casey, all elbows, penis, heart and selflessness. He looked even more handsome and innocent when he was sleeping. She adored him so much. Too bad the snoring hadn't been solved during their time in Haiti. She caressed his hair, and at the touch of it she had another vivid reminiscence of the dream sequence. A wave of guilt washed over her. She needed to get out of that tent immediately; she needed to breathe.

Mindy covered herself with a poncho (actually, the one she had bought on the Santa Fe trip) and carefully tip toed out of the tent.

The night was unusually cool, and she instantly wrapped her arms around herself while she took a few steps around the tent. She sighed heavily. What the fuck was going on with her? This dream had been haunting her every night since they had arrived to Haiti. The level of detail she was gaining with each night was almost embarrassing. Each night she and Danny went further and further, and she hated to admit there was a little pang of excitement each time she went to bed, wondering how far they would go that night.

During the day, however, she could barely think about anything: Haiti was in great need of doctors, and she actually felt empowered by all the work she achieved everyday. She truly felt like she was making a change there.

And Casey had been truly supportive: He had found her a job in the nicest ward of the hospital so she could be as calm and safe as possible (they even had a little radio in which she would try to tune in (unsuccessfully) to Ryan Seacrest's radio show).

The only downside to this experience was that they barely saw each other. It was ironic that she had flown all the way there to be with him, and yet they shared only five or six hours a week together. Also, the fact was that the lousy tent provided near to none intimacy made things even harder.

At first Mindy had blamed these devilish dreams on the fact that she missed her alone time with Casey. But as days went by, she started to feel freaked out about the recurrence of the scene.

She had left things with Danny in an awkward stage for sure. She had been taken aback by his mysterious attitude that night: Those crazy seconds in which he had placed his smoldering eyes over hers had definitely sent shivers down her spine. Mindy had never even considered that he could look at her that way. Yes, Josh had said she was ignoring a "thing" between her and Danny, and that moment on the plane had been intense, but all of that had been shoved to the back of her head once Christina showed up. He clearly still loved her, and she was really happy to see him let go a little.

However, the thing that shocked her the most about that night on the resting lounge was the clear disappointment in his eyes when she told him she was going away. Sexual tension she could deal with (her new hair made her irresistible, she couldn't blame Danny for it) but true feelings were another thing! Was he actually going to miss her? So she actually registered on his mind? The thought alone was just plain weird.

Eight weeks had passed since that day though, and Danny had made no effort whatsoever in getting in touch with her. Betsy and Morgan sent her emails daily, and also twitted a lot of pictures from the office for her to see. The only clue Mindy had that Dr. Castellano still existed was a TwitPic in which you could see the back of his neck on the far left corner.

Mindy took out her cell phone and opened up some pictures of the going away party. She missed her hair so badly. She had proven the Mia Farrow pixie cut was a success with Casey, but her long locks were her signature and she felt a little naked without them. She smiled to herself going through the photos. She really missed the gang. Then a picture of Danny and Christina flashed in the screen, and for the first time she felt uneasy at the sight of these two together. The Danny of her dreams had taken over her imagination, so it seemed just… wrong of him to be with someone else.

The creak of a branch made her heart falter. What the heck was that? She used the phone as a flashlight, searching all around her. There was nothing there, apparently.

A few seconds more went by and suddenly something brushed against the side of her leg.

- SNAKE. SNAKE! SNAAAAAAKE! OH MY GOD, CASEEEYYY! HELP! - she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Casey jumped out of the tent in his boxers and an umbrella on his hand. Swinging it violently on the ground he ran up to Mindy.

- MINDY? WHERE IS IT? STEP AWAY FROM MY BELLA, EVIL CREATURE... Oh wait, I can't see anything. Mindy, where are you?

- Here I am Casey! Oh god, help me, I can feel it running near me!

- They don't run honey, they slither… Where are you, seriously?

- Seriously, don't patronize me Casey! I am here. Now come and get me, dammit! I think I'm near a slope…

- Point me towards your soul baby!

- Here, look! - Mindy flashed her cell phone at him, and it turned out they were almost next to each other. Mindy screamed in terror and Casey instinctively swinged her umbrella at her. She stepped back in horror and fell back on the slope, screaming as she went down.

- MINDYYYY! I'm so sorry!


- Mindy?!

- Oh… Casey… I can't get up... And I'm soaked. Great - she whined from the dark.

I needed to vent a little after that amazing season finale, and I let my imagination run! I am currently obsessed with The Great Gatsby's version of "Back to black" and it helped me set the tone for the first part. Feel free to read while listening to it! I will be adding more chapters soon (if my imagination contributes its part)!