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Derek found them in bed together in an on call room. He'd showered and changed into fresh scrubs, but was too tired to drive himself home. The lamp on one of the bedside tables cast a feint glow across the room which allowed him to see his ex-wife's head curled into Meredith's lap.

"You're not sleeping?" He asked the blonde.

"No I'm babysitting one of Mark Sloan's diva patients." Derek chuckled in response before yawning loudly.

"How is she?" He asked the blonde. "Has she cried yet?" Derek Shepherd knew his ex-wife and he knew that the death of their shared patient had been hard on her, he'd watched her struggle as they scrubbed out together. The blonde shook her head.

"She said she wasn't ready to cry, she's exhausted and she just collapsed." Derek nodded in understanding, Addison would break down when she was ready to and he knew that Meredith would be there when it finally happened.

"You know if you had told me 2 years ago that you and Addison would be friends, I'd..."

"Think you were crazy?" Meredith finished with a grin. The neurosurgeon returned the gesture and nodded before silence fell over the pair. Derek made to leave when Meredith called him back. "You can stay you know? I wasn't planning to sleep so you don't have to worry about my snores waking you." He smiled at her words, but he knew he couldn't stay.

"I don't want to risk it," He responded before turning to leave once again. He knew when he closed the door that Meredith would abandon the chart she'd been pretending to review and kiss the top of the redhead's head and run her fingers through her hair. He knew, he always knew, they didn't think he knew, but he did.

The first time he'd caught them sneaking a kiss, he'd been angry. How could these two women do this to him? He had snapped at Meredith for being too attentive with one of their clinical trial patients and at Addison when she requested him for a consult after he found out. Once he knew it was like he couldn't escape it and it nearly drove him mad, but then he noticed something. Richard Webber was eyeing the pair as well. They had told the chief which meant that things must be pretty serious, so Derek had done his best to let go of the anger that seeing them together had initially invoked. And the next time he caught them stealing kisses he took the time to look around and recognize that they were in a deserted part of the hospital and they probably thought that they were alone. They weren't trying to rub it in his face, they were trying to be discreet and while he was sure that certain people knew about them, like; Callie, Bailey, Yang, and probably the blonde's roommates, that they didn't want everyone to know, so when he saw them trying to innocently exchange a chart he decided that if they were pretending to be just colleagues he could pretend too.

He had pretended not to notice their blatantly hungry gazes or the not so innocent touches they exchanged on occassion while passing charts to one another. He ignored the sounds coming from a supply closet on the fourth floor, pretending not to have heard Meredith scream, "Oh fuck yes Addie right there!" He'd never told them that they'd left the door unlocked and he had found them naked and curled up under a blanket together in an on call room. Their scrubs had been strewn across the room along with some unrecognizable undergarments. He'd simply locked the door before turning around and looking for another place to sleep.

He watched as they stole glances at one another when they thought no one else was looking. After a few months he had noticed the love in Addison's eyes when she saw the blonde. Derek wasn't blind to the absolute adoration Meredith had in her eyes when she caught a glimpse of her lover. He saw Addison catch Meredith after a gurney rolling by at top speed had caused her to lose her balance. They had stood there giggling afterwards as Meredith assured Addison that she was okay and thanked her for catching her.

Then there was the time Addison had spilled her entire coffee cup on Meredith. The nurses that witnessed the incident were under the impression that Addison had done it on purpose, because even though Meredith and Derek had broken up, Meredith was still the bitch that had stolen her husband. The redhead had immediately made to help Meredith, because it had been an accident despite what nosey nurses might think. Meredith was typically messy and didn't need Addison's help to spill things on her scrubs. Addie had taken to carrying a tide pen after that, and he'd caught her treating the coffee stain the blonde had on her top, and he swore that Meredith spilled coffee along with various other drinks on herself just so Addison's attention would be focused completely on her for a few minutes.

He heard Meredith growling in frustration about having to work one night after she'd planned a special date for Addison. "I have to call and cancel," She'd said to her friend as they walked and talked. "I'm never going to have sex again," He heard her sigh. "She's really good at withholding sex," She pouted to her friend who laughed in response before walking off towards one of her own patients. "Hey Babe," She said once the redhead picked up her phone. He noticed her nervously pacing as she tried to apologize for having to stay at work, "I'll make it up to you!" She'd promised, but the redhead had hung up, and the tears in her eyes as she fell hopelessly onto a gurney hurt him to ignore. As it turned out, the blonde's promises were worth more than his had ever been, because when he saw his ex-wife the following day, she appeared to be quite happy.

For the past two years he'd been watching them. They stole kisses in deserted parts of the hospital, their gazes lingered on one another milliseconds longer than necessary, Meredith's hand would linger a moment longer when passing the neonatal surgeon equipment in the OR, they'd sip one another's coffee, and everything was so innocent. They'd sneak around like he didn't know, but he did, and the anger and jealousy he's been overcome with had been transformed into acceptance and understanding over that time.

Meredith loved and adored Addison in a way that he never had. The redhead looked like she was exactly where she belonged when she was asleep in Meredith's lap. Meredith didn't send Cristina when she had to cancel on the redhead, she called her herself, and she made it up to her afterwards, something he'd only promised to do. She called and apologized and made it up to her, and that was something he'd realized meant a lot to Addison. Sure they argued and had heated disagreements, but they were happy. Addison seemed to bring out the best in Meredith. The blonde made plans for her and sometimes she'd also make pancakes for Addie. She'd adapted to the redhead's need for constant contact while she slept, and became a cuddler, and for her part Addison adapted to Meredith's snores a lot better than he ever could have. After a while he realized just how well they fit together.

After George had died, Addison had taken over as Meredith's nursery watching buddy, and he was under the impression that in the not so distant future they'd want a baby and a family of their own. He was surprised however when Addison approached him two days after they'd lost their patient.

"I know that you know." She said, taking the man by surprise. He wasn't exactly sure what she knew that he knew, and his expression must have given him away. "About Meredith and I," She added, "I know that you know." He nodded, expecting her to continue, and she took a deep breath. "I love her," She began, "I love her a lot, and I know that you must, it must be, I know, and I know you understand now, you didn't before, but now," She was rambling, no doubt a habit picked up from Meredith when she was nervous. She was fiddling with something in her pocket as silence fell over them. "I, I'm," She fumbled nervously. "I'm going to ask her to marry me," She finally managed to get out as she tugged the black velvet box out and showed him the ring. It was beautiful, and he smiled as he looked at it. She was waiting for him to say something as she stood frozen on the spot.

"It's beautiful Addie, but that's not surprising, you've always had impeccable tastes, I'm sure she'll love it," He whispered softly. "Almost as much as she loves you. I'm sure that she'll say yes Addison," He added as he cupped her cheek. "I'm happy for you both." She smiled, and when she finally left he knew that he'd given her the confidence she needed to propose. Later when he saw the ring on Meredith's finger he would feign surprise.

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