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Notes: Harry and Hermione's first year anniversary.

Harmony ~ Harmony

Harry's smile is wide. It's so rewarding to see the kids so eager to learn. He's eyes are soft when he sees a young girl in pigtails eagerly raise her hand to answer the teacher's question.

What started out as an orphanage to give children who needed it a loving home, turned into something much, much more. It is now combined into a school for pre-Hogwarts years. It specifically caters to muggle-borns and muggle-raised. The children who live there also attend, even the Pureblood ones. With Hermione's help, Harry was able to figure out a way to locate those wizards and witches at a younger age. The school provides counseling for families and guardians, so they can understand their children better. It cuts down on the abuse that children of the past have suffered from. It isn't completely eliminated, but it's much better.

One subject taught is History of Magic. It's much better than Hogwarts's class with an interesting teacher and curriculum that keeps the students motivated to learn. There is a Rudimentary Potions classes, and it gives students the basics that they won't receive at Hogwarts. Usually Purebloods already know the basics because of their private tutoring, which always put muggle-raised students at a disadvantage. Pureblood Culture is taught to breed understanding, as well as Muggle Culture to the Pureblood orphans. Another way understanding develops is orphaned Purebloods are put with the muggle-raised students. With getting to know each other at such an early age, before prejudice has a chance to develop, Harry hopes there will be less of it at Hogwarts for the next generation of witches and wizards.

Harry never thought about being a teacher, but he has to admit, he enjoys watching as the students' minds are cultivated, nurtured. He's not a full time teacher because he's so busy when it comes to the orphanage, but he does help when it's needed, especially in the Muggle Culture class.

Hermione was a little put out at first with the change of plans Harry made when it came to the orphanage. It wasn't that she didn't want to help children like her or Harry, but the bigger plans meant less time for them. Hermione put her feelings aside, though. She saw the doing this, making it into a school, was having a therapeutic effect on her lover. He seemed happier and more at peace with himself.

Harry, having got better at seeing how his own actions affected others, had realized he had been neglecting Hermione and her needs. He quickly remedied the problem. They now had a date night two nights a week, no matter how busy either of them was. He also made sure to take more interest in what Hermione was doing at the Ministry of Magic. Everything Harry was working for would be in vain if he lost the love of his life in the process.

Their one year anniversary is coming up. Harry wanted to plan something special, but Hermione would have none of it. She already had plans and would not let Harry change them.

Instead of Harry being the one to pick her up, Hermione picks him up. She kisses him, pressing her body against Harry's. He groans as his hands move her shirt up, his fingertips brushing her pale skin lightly. She pulls back and grins mischievously before blindfolding him. Harry usually hates losing control, especially when one of his senses are cut off, but he trusts Hermione explicitly and deals with the discomfort.

Hermione's arms loops around Harry's arm. Harry hears a crack and then it feels like he's being squeezed inside of a tube. Harry stumbles once he's on solid ground again. "I really hate Side-Along-Apparition," he mumbles.

"Don't whine," Hermione teases.

They walk, and walk, and walk. There's a lot of walking. Harry tries to wheedle out where they're going, but Hermione's lips are sealed.

After what seems like endless walking, Hermione stops them. She puts pressure on his shoulders, and getting the hint, he lowers himself to the ground. He's surprised to feel a blanket, instead of soft grass or a hard ground, beneath him.

"Can I take the blindfold off, yet?"

"Yes." Harry hears the smile in her voice.

With his curiosity at an all time high, he removes the cloth that's covering his eyes. Before him is a picnic basket. Looking down, he sees they're sitting on one of those old-fashion red and white checkered blankets. "A picnic? Really?" He doesn't mean to sound incredulous, but Harry is surprised. Although Hermione likes a little romance every now and then, it's not like her to come up with something like this. She's always so practical.

"Yes, a picnic." Harry hears the defense in her voice.

Harry looks up, ready to apologize for offending her, but stops when he realizes where they are. They're on Hogwarts's Quidditch Pitch. It's lit up so the whole area shines brightly.

Harry's eyes are wide and his mouth is open. Hermione's head resting on his shoulder brings Harry out of his daze. "Hermione?"

"I know how much you love Quidditch. I know how special it is to you."

Harry nods. "It's the first thing people liked me for that I actually did. The Dursley's never liked me. And before I caught my first snitch, I was liked for something my mom did when I was a baby, something I only have a vague recollection of when Dementors are nearby."

Hermione grabs Harry's hand. "A lot of people were surprised when you didn't go into Professional Quidditch."

"They were also surprised when I decided to not be an Auror," Harry says wryly.

"Those people don't know you at all. They don't know that no matter how much you love the sport, Quidditch is only a hobby. They don't know that you're tired of chasing down dark wizards. They don't know that you only wish to help people, children in particular." Harry nods sadly. "It's their loss. They're missing out on knowing a wonderful person and wizard."

Hermione moves so she straddles Harry. Her smile is gentle and Harry leans up, kissing her. They press closer together and Hermione's lips move to his neck, nipping, biting, and licking.

Harry moves, laying Hermione down onto the blanket. With her thighs wide open and cheeks flushed, she looks totally debauched and sexy. Harry moves downward while he pushes her skirt up. He kisses her thighs, alternating between both of them.

As he goes upward, he inhales her spicy scent. He sees that her panties are wet. He mouths them and she writhes.

He sits up. "So, what's for dinner?" he asks nonchalantly.

Hermione opens her mouth, and then closes it. She opens it again.

"You look like a fish out of water, love." Hermione keeps gaping. Harry hopes his smile is positively wicked. "We'll finish what we started after dinner at my place, so again, what's for dinner?"

Hermione pouts, but she can't keep it up. She has always had trouble staying mad at Harry, and now's no exception, even though they're dating.

All in all, they have a very romantic dinner. Hermione made sure to get all of Harry's favorites. They talk about the orphanage/school and some of Hermione's most troublesome cases.

Harry finds out that Professor McGonagall had given her permission to use the Quidditch Pitch. After all, Harry and Hermione were her two favorite Gryffindors.

When they get back to Harry's flat, they quickly shed their clothes on the way to the bedroom. There's no time for foreplay. Harry quickly enters her and pauses, keeping perfectly still in her dripping pussy.

Hermione growls in frustration. "If you know what's good for you, you'll move, Potter."

"I have a question."

"Now?" Hermione asks, desperation clear in his voice.


"What is it?" she asks as she arches her back, trying to get Harry's prick to move inside of her.

"Will you move in with me?"

Hermione's eyes widen at the sudden question, but a smile soon takes over her face. "Yes, now move before I change my mind."

"Gladly," Harry says and proceeds to give Hermione the shag of her lifetime.

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