Dance with me Tonight.

It was a bright and sunny day in Jump city. No crime going on, and the city was in a state of pure calm. Well, almost...

"Dude, I'm so going to beat you! Be prepared to eat my dust!"

"Nuh-uh. According to the score, I'm ahead of you!"

"...BOOYAH! That's right, I win, uh-huh, oh yea!"

"I want a rematch!"

Yep, you guessed it. The common room was alive with Beast Boy and Cyborg having ANOTHER one of their many game wars. They were currently wrestling to see who got the main controller. Robin sighed. Despite the fact that he was used to it, he still couldn't help but feel a tad annoyed whenever it happened, which was quite more often that you think. He went back to his coffee, looking at the current events. He looked over to Starfire, who was busy making some horrifying Tamaranian dish once again. Shuddering, he remembered the last time he tried one of her dishes. He was unable to fight for a week! He was pondering as to what she was making this time, when the doors to the common room opened. Turning around, they all greeted the quiet titan.

"Morning Raven. Had a good rest?" questioned Robin.

The purple haired teen just nodded. In truth, it had been a restless night. For some time now, she had been arguing and consulting her emotions, directed at a certain green changeling. Speaking of which, was currently looking at her with concern in his emerald eyes. They held eye contact for a brief moment, and something flashed in her violet orbs. Feeling the heat rise in her cheeks, she pulled the hood over her head, and went to the corner to meditate. Floating, as she rarely walked, she felt his eyes on her, and tried desperately to gain control of her now rampaging emotions.

"Whatishelookingat?" questionedTimid

"What'chalookingatmefor? AsifIknow." answeredWisdom

"Butyou'resupposedtoknoweverything..." statedTimid.

"Timid," Wisdomsaid, "thatwouldbeKnowledge..."

SHUTUP, Raven stated in her mind. She made a note to straighten them out when this was all over. Sitting cross legged, she began her mantra. Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos. Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos. Azarath...

"What'cha up to Rae?"

She sighed. 'Can'tIhavesomeinnerpeace?' she thought as she looked into the forest green eyes of the changeling. She could feel her heartbeat becoming faster by the second, and quickly turned away. She pulled her hood down over her head and tried in vain to hide the blush that was forming on her cheeks. Unknown to her, Beast Boy saw the rose color flood her face and wondered for a moment what could be the cause of such.

"Meditating. Like I always do Beast Boy." Raven deadpanned

"...Oh" came his response. He sat there staring at her, looking at certain features in her face. He wanted to tell her, he NEEDED to tell her, but was waiting for the right time. He was afraid of how things would go, how she would take it. He started to ponder how he would approach the situation when the time came to do so. Unknown to him, the girl in question was starting to squirm under his intense gaze.


"Timid, pleasestopstuttering! You'redrivinguscrazyinhere!" screamedKnowledge. "Evenanidiotwouldknowwhathe'sstaringat..." shemuttered.

"Hehe! Whydon'tweaskhim? C'monRavey, itwon'thurt!" squealedHappy.

"Happy", Rudestated, "shutup."

'THANKYOU' thought Raven. Honestly, they've been getting harder to control. Sighing, she returned to her mantra, only to be disturbed again.

"MAIL'S HOME!" screamed Cyborg.

"And just when I had some peace and tranquillity..." trailed Raven, upset that she wouldn't be able to meditate for a while. They gathered in the common room, all of them taking their normal places on the long black couch.

"Now let's see," started Robin. "Bills, bills, bills, Cyborg, your car magazine, and bills. Oh, a letter! For all the titans."

"What does it say?" questioned Starfire.

"Dear Titans," began Robin. "As a small token of our appreciation for your constant defense of this fair city, we invite you to the Jump City Ball, plus an all expense paid trip to the hot springs. We hope you attend. Sincerely, the Mayor."

"ALL RIGHT! Vacation here we come!" screamed Beast Boy. He began to dance around the room, singing a song that no one could identify in the slightest. The other titans stared in shock.

"...What?" questioned Beastboy.

"I don't know about this guys. What if its a trap?" Robin stated. He's had experience with such traps, and if that was the case, then he didn't want his team to get caught up in one of them.

"Man, thats how you know you NEED a vacation! You have been on edge since Tokyo man!" stated Cyborg. He was worried for his leader ever since they came back from Tokyo. Since then, the Boy Wonder was in the evidence room more often, occasionally coming out for food and water, or whenever Starfire could drag him out.

"Yes please, boyfriend Robin, may we participate on such a trip? I would very much like to do the "chilling out" if that is okay with you" Starfire pleaded.

"Besides, the city has been quiet. No villain, no matter how stupid, wouldn't attack on such a day. And if they did, we can just get Titans East to watch it for us" said Raven. Even she wanted to have a little vacation, especially if it meant some peace and quiet for once. She wasn't about to let Robin stand in the way of that.

Eventually, he had to give in. "Titans, pack your bags. We're going on VACATION!"