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While Raven was in her mind, Beast Boy pondered on what to do right outside her door. Her behavior had worried him, and though plenty of times he may not show it in the right way, he really did care for her. He paced back and forth in front of her door.

"Maybe I should go and check… Wait, what if she tosses me out the window again? But Im sure she'll be reasonable and understand that everyone was just worried about her. Then again, this is Raven were talking about… Aw man.. Imma be tossed out of a window for sure…"

Mustering up his courage, he knocked on her door. It slid open with ease. Peaking inside, he took a quick look around in her room. Nothing really changed, the purple and black decor and slightly creepy aura was still there, and he couldn't detect any sort of danger inside. Assuming it was safe, he walked in.

"Rae, you in here?"

Not paying attention to where he was going, he tripped over several things, including books, incense, candles, and even an abandoned hairbrush. He thought to himself 'Raven needs to clean up in here more often.' Walking further into the room, he came upon a black ball of cloth.

"Whats this?" he whispered to himself.

Unraveling the bundle, he discovered that it was a black lace bra. Blushing, he quickly put it down before Raven could catch him out of context. Sighing, he walked over to the queen sized bed, and sat down. He hung his head, thinking about the freakout she had in the common room just minutes before. Holding his head in his hands, he wondered where could she have possibly gone. He took his hands and placed them behind him, not paying attention to what he was touching. He noticed that the room started to have a red glow to it, and when he looked around, he realised that he had accidentally activated the mirror portal that led into Ravens mind. Fearing for his life, and knowing that there was nothing that he could do, he said the only two words that formed in his mind.

"Aw shit."

Raven had managed to find all of her emotions roaming around in her mind, but not without some trouble first. Love wasn't even in her own realm, which made her the hardest out of all of them to find. Rude was glued to the couch (literally, you tell me how that happens). Anger had a lot of issues, so Raven waited until she got the rest of them before she even attempted to release her and have her act civilized with the other emotions. Brave wouldn't sit still, but that was needed for when they faced Anger. Last but not least, Wisdom and Knowledge were on opposite sides of the whole realm, when they should have been in the center. Exhausted from getting everyone to the core, they gathered underneath the tall oak tree on top of the hill where Wisdom normally sits, and Raven called the meeting to order.

" Okay. I've brought you all here to.."

"Discuss the situation of your growing feelings for Beast Boy, correct?" stated Knowledge, not even having to look up from her book.

"I dont see anything to discuss." Wisdom said, floating in the lotus position with her eyes closed.

"So we like him. Big deal." Rude burped, making everyone hold their noses.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to know why." Raven sighed. She didn't realize that her emotions seemed to be okay with it.

"Its quite simple, really. Whos your best partner?" Knowledge asked.

"He is."

"Who always tries to make you smile?" Happy chimed.

"He does."

Who told you you're not alone?" Timid whispered from behind Brave.

"He did."

It was the last one that really hit home.

"Who comforted you after Malchior broke your heart?" Wisdom asked, opening her eyes.

"...Beast Boy.."

It was at that exact moment that he decided to fall from the sky into the center of the emotions. With a thud, he fell flat on his face. Shocked, but happy, the emotions began to surround the green changeling.


"Beast Boy!"

"Wake up stupid."

"That was awesome! Work on your landing though."

"Beast Boy," Raven began, "What are you doing here?"

Getting up (which was highly difficult with love practically glued to his waist, not to mention the other emotions) He sat up and faced Raven.

"Hey Rae. Look, I know you're mad, but I can explain."

"You've got one minute." she simply stated.

"Okay look, I was worried about you after your freakout in the common room, so I came to check on you, and the door slid open and I wasn't watching where i was going and I stepped on your mirror and it glowed and I fell and now I'm here so PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" he explained in a rush. As a total reflex, he immediately went into the fetal position to protect himself from the upcoming and inevitable wrath of the empath. He made sure to leave out the part about picking up her bra, in fear that if he didn't, he wouldn't live to tell the tale the next day. He cowered, waiting for her to start yelling at him, glowing eyes, dark tendrils, the works. What came, however, was totally unexpected, and he wasn't prepared for this.

"Its okay."

"...Come again?"

"I said that its okay. You were just trying to make sure I was okay. I'm not mad Beast Boy."

He uncurled himself from the fetal position and looked at her. "You sure?"

Raven sighed. "Yes Beast Boy, I'm sure."

"That's great! Now, uh, how do we get out of here?"

"Simple. Just walk through the portal again."

As they made their exit, you could hear the other emotions calling out.

"Lets spar the next time you're here!"

"Come again! And tell me jokes!"

"Dont let the door hit ya where mother nature split ya."

"We'll play some more next time. ;)"

Wisdom turned to Knowledge. "It looks like he holds what we need."

"This will be interesting.."

Awkward. That was the only way to describe the situation that they were in right now. When they came out of the mirror, they were thrown off balance, landing on the floor in a heap. When he came to, however, he realised two things. First, Raven was currently on top of him. Second, she was making no attempt to get off. Curious, he tried to push her off.

"Rae? Wake up Raven. Raven?" he cried out, but she wouldn't budge. 'This is bad. Really really bad...' thought Beast Boy. 'If we stay like this any longer, I'm gonna..'

"Beast Boy..?"


Lifting her head, she saw that they were nose to nose. She blushed heavily, unused to the close proximity. Their breaths mingled with each other, their body scents mixing in his nose. Lavender met musk, and it was like earth met heaven. The scent did something, awakening a dormant feeling inside the pit of his stomach, taking over his sense of reasoning swiftly and efficiently. She on the other hand was feeling something quite similar to what he was feeling. He heartbeat had increased rapidly, and she wondered what he was thinking about. While her eyes were wide open, his were dazed and dark. She placed her hands on his chest, eager for some stability. She was surprised at the feel of his chest, she never expected it to be so firm. She could feel his heartbeat, and for some reason this made her blush even worse. She held back a whimper when he looked at her, surprising herself. She risked her voice by trying to talk to him.

"Beast Bo.."

"To hell with it."

Eyes darkened, and not by anger, he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him. He relished the feeling of her body against his, like it belonged there. She squeaked, unsure of what he was doing. He trailed his fingers up and down her back, dying to mark her as his and his alone. He briefly regained some control, and for a moment he thought of how many times he just wanted to pick her up, spin her around, and kiss her senseless. Before he could think any further, however, the feeling before came back with a great force thanks to Ravens whimpering. He snapped. All sense of reasoning lost in the back of his mind. Before she could protest, he tilted his head upwards and attached his lips firmly to hers.

Melting. Thats the only thing he felt the second his lips touched hers. Thats the only way to describe the sensation running throughout his whole being. She was so sweet to him that it was virtually unbearable. He let his hands roam up and down her back, while their lips did a fiery tango, separating and reattaching multiple times. An involuntary sound came from the back of her throat, and the way it vibrated against his lips freed something inside of him. A primal like feeling, one beyond his control. Growling, he moved his lips from hers to the base of her neck, desperate to taste more of her. She was so sweet. He was addicted to the way she felt against him. Addicted to the way her scent drove him wild. Addicted to the way her taste stayed on his tongue and refused to leave. He was addicted to her. Raven, desperate to leave before she did something embarrassing, tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but whatever was controlling him, it was too strong for her to handle. His fangs found a particular spot, extremely sensitive to the touch, and proceeded to suck the skin there. The sensation of his lips on her neck was enough to drive her over the edge. Unable to contain her voice for any longer, she let out a cry of pleasure foreign to her, resonating throughout the dimly lit bedroom. The sound of her cry brought the reasoning back to Beast Boys head, like a train to the face. It took a moment for the changeling to understand and comprehend the position that he was in, but he couldn't remember anything after landing from the portal. He remembered the weight on his chest, and looked to Raven. What he saw surprised him. Raven was on top of him, cheeks flushed, lips swollen, sweating slightly, and panting with parted lips. He started to lose himself once again, but when he caught sight of the large bruise that was left on her otherwise flawless skin, the events of five minutes ago flooded back like rushing water. Her taste, her reaction, her cry. The blush that stained his face was a dark one, embarrassed by his actions, not to mention hers as well. Ashamed at what he did, he tried to apologize.

"Raven, I-I.."

Shocked, and highly embarrassed, she phased herself out of the room in an extravagant swirl of black, but not before he saw several emotions flicker through her eyes, too blurred for any of them to stand out. He looked at her face, a mixture of shame and embarrassment. She gave him one last look before completely disappearing, leaving the green changeling on the floor of her bedroom.

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