AN: Hi random people! Well here I am writing a new story. This one is actually a chaptered one, (Scary), and I hope I don't abandon it. At the moment I've only got a bit written, but we'll see where this one goes. So anyway… This really short but it's just setting up the story and the characters. So yeah.

Summary: Jim Kirk is a 13 year-old boy who starts volunteering for the Enterprise Library as a means of escape from a lonely household. He reads stories for children on Saturdays and has finally found a home. Everything changes when he meets a young boy by the name of Spock…

Warnings: SLASH (duh), Spirk, Underage um naughty activities (eventually), Rating will go up in future chapters which is why it's rated M, Fluff, Cheesiness, OOC-ness, um that's all I can think of.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek. If I did Uhura and Spock would not be together in the Reboot.

On with the story!

Prologue (Character Introductions and all that blah)

"They stood hand in hand and took their first steps into the future, together." The children around him clapped enthusiastically.

"Read another Jim!" One of the rugrats cried. James T. Kirk faked a weary sigh then gave a chuckle.

"Well if I have too." The 13 year-old said with an easy grin as the younger children cheered. He began another wild tale.

Jim had been volunteering at the Enterprise Library for just over 6 months. At first it was a way for escape from his ass of a stepfather and his absent mother, but he had become a huge hit with the afternoon story time readings every Saturday. Children of all ages and species gathered around him to hear his stories at noon. Parents always beamed at him and thanked him for making their children so happy. He brushed of their praise awkwardly.

The other workers and volunteers at the library adored the blonde boy. He was kind and helpful to any who asked. Every once and while someone would say something and a shadow would fall across his young face, but his coworkers respected his privacy and let it be.

He was hardly away from the library, the only exception was schooling. He stayed at the library until closing every night. If they had nothing for him to do he would just lounge about and read whatever book caught his eye.

The young boy had become an influential part of the library.

He was happy there. He felt as if the people he worked with were his family. And what a family they were. A 17 year-old boy named Leonard "Bones" McCoy was like an older brother to all them all. Then there was the beautiful 16 year-old Nyota Uhura was, when he started at the library, his first real crush, but had drifted into sister territory. Then Chris Pine, the man who ran the library, was Jim's father figure that had changed him from an angry, bitter boy into the sweet caring young man he was becoming.

He was content with his "family", but his favorite part of the library was those Saturday afternoons.

He had a few favorites among the children. A 7 year-old Pavel Chekov and a 9 year-old Sulu were two at the top of his list. The two best friends loved to corner Jim after the stories were over and quiz him over every aspect of the stories he had told that day. He felt sort of like their older brother and loved every minute of it. Then there was Scotty. Jim didn't really know him that well, but the 15 year-old brought his little sister to his stories every Saturday without fail. Jim did know that the boy had a huge crush on Uhura.

These were his family and his life was good at the library. Well, until a certain 12 year-old Vulcan came to one of the readings on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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