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"Hey, Andrew?" Piper called nervously running up to where he was teaching a small group of kids ancient Greek, wondering slightly off track if was going to attack her when she asked her question.

The boys did send her for a reason, they thought that Andrew was far less likely to attack her if she asked him.

"Oh, hey Piper. Can I do something for you?" Andrew said putting down the book that he was showing the group.

She had to smile slightly when the kids in the group looked at her as if she was the answer to all the questions in the universe. Like why was the sleep deprived looking blond teenager torturing our brains?

"Oh um well I was, I mean Leo and Jason were..." Piper stuttered thinking that Leo was rubbing off on her when her thoughts dipped into weather Andrew would kill her quickly or glare her to death like the newer campers that asked about her.

"Yes?" Andrew prompted.

"They were wondering if you could tell us about Percy Jackson!" Piper said in a rush.

"... They were wonder if I could tell you about Percy?" Andrew said biting his lip slighting, to keep from either yelling or driving his dagger through her, she couldn't tell.

But now the campers that Andrew was teaching were definitely much more interested in what Andrew was saying now than ever before.

"Yes. We've heard a lot about her, but not enough about her to actually know about her, you know? Jason was worried that they wouldn't get along." Piper asked hopefully, giving her best puppy dog eyes, now that he showed no signs of violently gutting her.

Andrew frowned at her, wondering if he should. It would reopen wounds that weren't fully healed, but Percy always told him that talking about the problem helped. Maybe he should listen to her uncharacteristically wise words... and those puppy dog eyes were really cute, not as cute as Percy's mind you, but they came pretty darn close.

"Meet me at cabin 3 after dinner" Andrew sighed, giving in. Somehow, he knew that something was going to go wrong. He really hoped that something wouldn't blow up again. Percy wasn't here to blame it on anybody. It wouldn't be as fun without somebody glaring at them for weeks.

Piper skipped off, beaming, ready to tell the boys of her success. From behind her she could hear the kids groan as Andrew told them that they were to read 3 chapters of the Iliad for homework.


Jason walked up to cabin 3 with Piper and Leo. He was slightly nervous. From what the older campers told him, and really they only told him three words before zipping their mouths and throwing away the key (he thought that the Stolls might take that quite literally if he ever asked about her again), was that she was powerful, she was fun loving and that if you ever mean to her friends and family she would most likely rearrange your face and your ability to have children, to put it nicely. But that's all he heard from them, he doesn't even know if they could get along and that was his main worry. What if they didn't get along? That would definitely be disastrous for the seven.

So when Jason walked in the cabin, his jaw dropped. (1) It was beautiful, the outer walls are rough gray stone with pieces of seashell and coral and look like the bottom of the ocean floor. On the inside it has six empty bunk beds and the walls glow like abalone. Even with Leo bouncing about snooping around it held a sort of humble elegance that beat cabin 1 any day. And the beds, oh to Zeus, the beds actually looked comfortable.

The Best thing about the place, Jason decided, that there was no grumpy hippy Zeus looking down ready to smite you. There was no grumpy hippy Poseidon here too. And, was that a bathroom that he saw?

Andrew was sitting on a bed, with a photo book in his hand. It was black with white writing on it, which was supposed to help for dyslexia.

Andrew looked up and Jason assumed that he tried to smile. It came out more like a grimace.

He ignored that tears gathering in the older boys eyes, and Andrew seemed glad that Piped and Leo ignored them as well.

"Well? Are you ready to watch the oh so wonderful life of Persephone Hestia Jackson?"

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(1) I got this from Camp Half-blood Wiki.