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Piper made a disturbing cooing noise that could typically be heard from her siblings, not her. Either not noticing, or just ignoring the looks that she was getting, she went on to say, "That is so adorable! Andrew, you were so cute!"

"Yeah," Leo snickered, "what happened?"

"Hey! Come on, I was going to say that!" Nico pouted.

Thalia stared at him incredulously. "Nico did you just... pout? Blackmail material for the rest of your life!"

Nico's eyes widened, and he started denying it as Thalia, Grover and Andrew started laughing (Thalia laugh was really more of a cackle, but now she could pretty much get Nico to do anything for her. She had a right dammit!).

The other three didn't know Nico as well as they did, so they didn't know that Nico never ever pouted, or even acted childish. It was like a rule for the son of Hades ever since his sister died.

Chuckling, Andrew turned back to the book. It seemed that there was no pictures left of before Percy knew that she was a half-blood. Quickly flipping through the pages, he saw that they were all in order now.

Humming a little, he went to the first picture that showed him. It was the picture of Percy when she first woke up, meeting Mr. D. Her face looked rather pained, and he just remembered that they had all thought that she had just lost her mother.

Tracing the outlines of her face, imagining that it was actually her, Andrew finally subcumbed to the emotions that had been plaguing him since he discovered that Percy had gone missing.

Tears dripped on the plastic holding the pictures.

Andrew's head was down, so he sensed, instead of saw, the almost blinding flash.

He still reacted as fast as the others though, his knife out immediately. Jason had his sword out, Piper her knife, Thalia her dual knives, Nico his sword and a blushing Leo held a pair of tweezers.

The girl just as quickly drew her sword, and the boy grabbed an arrow for his bow rather awkwardly.

Jason dropped his sword the moment he got a good look at the girl, "Hazel?" he breathed.

"Jason, what's going on? Where are we?" Hazel said, then took a second to actually look at her surroundings, and said, "And where's Percy? Everybody else is here."

Andrew immediately tensed, demanding, "What about Percy! Where is she? How do you know her?"

"What are you talking about? We all just saw her at breakfast!" said the boy, looking at him weirdly.

"Who are you!" Thalia demanded.

"I'm Hazel, and this is Frankl," said Hazel, "You're Thalia, right? Percy told us about you."

"Where did Nico go?" Piper asked, "He just ran into the wall and disappeared. Where did he go?"

Franks brow furrowed in confusion, and Hazel looked as if somebody had hit her in the face with a frying pan.

"He does that sometimes," Thalia muttered, not taking her eyes off of the couple.

Now the girl and the boy looked completely confused and wary. Pretty much exactly how Andrew felt right then.

"Okay," Piper said calmly, and Andrew tensed, as he got ready for the effects of her charmspeak already wash over him, "Put your weapons down, and tell us how you got here, what's going on, where you were, and what was happening before you came here."

They all set down their weapons, even Piper.

The boy, Frank, seemed to be debating with himself what to say, but finally he just blurted out, "As we said, we appeared here in a flash of light, I have no idea how. I don't know what's going on. We were on the Argo ll, and we were just finished eating breakfast. I think everybody went off to train. Why don't you remember? And where is Percy?"

Mind working a million miles a second, Andrew stared at the two, in a way that Percy said always made her feel like she was being taken taken apart, just to see if he could put her back together again. They both had genuine confusion in their eyes, and Hazel seemed a little hurt from their reception.

"What's the date?" Andrew demanded.

Even though Andrew was staring holes through Frank and Hazel, and the question was clearly meant for them, Leo decided to respond anyways, "Dude, it's the twenty-third. What, all the reminiscing messing with your head?"

"I wasn't talking to you," Andrew hissed at Leo, his eyes never leaving Hazel and Frank, "I repeat, what is the date?"

Hazel shared a look with Frank, probably questioning his sanity, but she answered anyways, "The twenty-sixth of June. Why?"

Everybody but Andrew and Leo were staring at them incredulously, but Leo just shouted out, "So you're from the future! Awesome! Tell me, how super, awesome, amazing is my ship?"

As Leo started yammering on about his baby, while Hazel and Frank waited for somebody to start yelling at Leo about how stupid he is.

Nobody even said a word as they ran over the words Leo had blurted out. It shouldn't be possible.

Finally Frank got fed up with listening to Leo blather on about the Argo, frustrated about not knowing what the heck was going on (and hearing Leos oh so lovely voice for the past five minutes did not help), he blurted out, "But that's not possible, right?" Upon seeing the look on Andrew's face, he said weakly, "Right?"

"It's the twenty-third of March currently. Unless you are sorely mistaken, wherever you came from was in June. And unless I'm sorely mistaken, which I know I'm not, it is March here, and you said something about Percy," Andrew said, his voice taking on a note of desperation at the end.

Hazel shifted, and Andrew's eyes shifted off of Frank's and onto hers, "Well, if we're to believe you about the time differences, than right about now Percy should either be sleeping or training with Lupa. She might be coming to camp, I don't know how long the journey took her," Hazel admitted.

"But she is safe," Andrew probed.

"She was uninjured when she came to camp," Frank said, "If a little hungry, and in sore need of a bath."

Andrew sagged in relief, until a horrible thought entered his mind, "She didn't go on any quests did she?" He asked, horror making his voice slightly more high pitched than it would usually be. How would Percy stay alive without him making sure her stupid ideas actually worked?

Seeing the exchanged glance between Hazel and Frank, Andrew let out a moan of despair.

Thalia patted him on the back, "There, there. They said that she was on the Argo. So she must still be alive!"

Utterly confused by now, Jason, Piper and Leo exchanged what-the-hack-is-going-on-now? looks.

Thalia didn't blame them. Neither did Hazel or Frank.

Percy just confused everybody. She called it a gift. Behind her back, the Athena cabin called it her little curse (not to be confused with her big curse, Sarcasm, or the Curse of Achilles).

The Athena cabin hated being confused, but loved solving mysteries. It's probably why most didn't hang around Percy much, she was a mystery even Athena herself couldn't solve.

"What were you doing before we… flashed in?'' Hazel asked, curious.

"Watching the pictures," Leo said nonchalantly.

Hazel stared at him like he was insane, but Frank seemed resigned to the insanity of Leo.

Piper sighed, "What Leo meant to say was, we all," here she stopped and gestured and Jason, Leo and herself, "Got curious and asked Andrew to tell us about Percy. He decided to do something even better; show us the pictures from a magical photo album. Whenever you touch the photo, or somebody touching the photo, you get to see the story behind it. The pictures were mostly taken by Poseidon and/or Triton."

She glanced at Andrew to see if she got it right, and he gave her a nod to signify that all of her information was correct.

"Oh goodie," Hazel said, her eyes alight, "Percy has said the weirdest things, and I for one, want to know all about her quests,"

"I don't know," Frank mused, "Isn't it a violation of privacy?"

"Don't be a stick in the mud Frankie!" Leo practically yelled, "Don't you want to know about Percy?"

Frank caved after a few seconds, and Andrew picked the photo album back up. Flipping to the page with Percy when she was twelve, facing an old woman with a familiar face.

Wordlessly passing the book around so everybody could see, he frowned slightly when Jason asked, "Who's that?"

"That's Alecto," Hazel said before Andrew could even open his mouth, "What's she doing there?" She asked anxiously.

"Who's Alecto?" Leo asked.

"Don't you pay any attention in your lessons?" Piper asked, "Of course you don't, sorry, for a minute there I forgot who I was talking to. Alecto is one of the Kindly Ones," At Leo's blank look, she continued with, "The Furies? Hades tortures?"

"Oh! Yeah, I have no idea who they are," Leo said. Jason face-palmed.

"You'll learn," Andrew murmured.

Taking this as indication, everybody grasped hands, and whoever was holding the book touched the picture.

"You've been giving us problems, Honey," snarled Alecto.

"Whatever it is, I swear it wasn't me this time!" Percy defended herself, "Unless you're talking about that one classroom that turned pink, but somehow I get the feeling that you aren't."

"Did you really think that you would get away with it?" She asked completely ignoring her.

Percy flinched as a crack of thunder was heard.

"We are not fools Percy Jackson," she continued, "Confess, and you will suffer less pain.
"Are you talking about the stash of candy that I'm selling from my dorm room? 'Cause I could give you some, you know, if you want any. Oh! It's about that essay that I got off the internet! If you don't make you read the book, I'll let you have all my candy!"

Mrs. Dodds quickly grew impatient with the girls babble, and snapped, "Your time is up!"

And she turned in to her true form, what seemed to be a mix between a bat and an old woman.

Before Percy even had time to start screaming, a familiar voice called out, "What ho, Percy!"

And threw a pen at her. A pen. Okay, she'd heard the expression 'the pen is mightier than the sword', but this was ridiculous.

Than it turned into an actual sword, once it she caught it.

Taken by surprise, Percy tripped over her shoes, just in time to dodge The Bat Thing.

The Bat Thing slammed into the wall, but quickly righted herself.

Unfortunately she flew right at Percy, and snarled, "Die Honey!"

Adrenalin drove Percy, and she noticed every small detail. The way The Bat Thing's eyes sparked with fury, the fact that Mr. Brunner wasn't there anymore, if he was even called Mr. Brunner.

She noticed that if she swung the sword just like this The Bat Thing wasn't in the position to defend herself from it.

The blade sliced through The Bat Thing stomach, and she exploded into sulfuric yellow dust.

Percy was alone in the museum, with nothing but a pen and a horrible feeling of dread.

The image faded out as Percy glared at the pen, silently asking why it wasn't a sword.

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