Helga's Letters

Part Ten: Rendezvous at the Park

Arnold hurried to catch up with Rex and Helga. This was probably his last chance to come clean to Helga about how he felt. He wouldn't blow it this time!

Just be gallant, he told himself over and over.

Helga sat on a park bench next to Rex, "So this was it?" she questioned, "A stroll halfway around the neighborhood and then to the park?"

"Yes well, I don't want to ruin my new shoes." Rex muttered.



"Yeah well, you really shouldn't have provoked Arnold like that." Helga was starting to sound worried.

Rex laughed, "Still carrying a torch for that oblong headed loser are you?"

"NO!" Helga blushed, people seemed to pick up on that WAY too easily. "I'm just saying that if you hadn't baited him you wouldn't have gotten your butt kicked."

"Oh Helga, you don't honestly believe that it isn't obvious that you still like Arnold?" Rex smirked, "I thought it would've occurred to you by now that he will NEVER truly like you like you."

Helga stared at the ground, "It's just not an easy thing to accept. I've liked him for---a long time."

Rex slid an arm around her shoulder, I've got you now. "But dear, you really shouldn't settle for chasing a girlish fantasy, not when you can have someone who truly loves you."

"Like who?" Helga demanded.

"Me." he was starting to lean closer. His plan was working perfectly, with Helga as his devoted girlfriend Arnold would be thoroughly defeated, that would teach him to mess with Rex Higgins.

Helga started sliding back on the bench, "You know Rex, the only reason I kissed you before was to prove to Arnold that I was serious about finding someone else…I didn't say it HAD to be you."

Rex slid closer, he wasn't giving up.

"In fact, I really don't like you like you, I don't even like you that much---at all." she was running out of bench.

Arnold entered the park panting, "Now…where'd…they…go?" Glancing around he spotted them over on a park bench. It looked like Rex was trying to kiss Helga, she didn't seem too thrilled about it. THAT RAT!

"Come on Helga darling, you don't want to spend the rest of your girlish youth pining over some pathetic little do-gooder who lives in a filthy rundown old boarding house do you?"


"Wouldn't you rather be with someone like me? Rich, well dressed, cunning, handsome…"

"Oh like you're all that Rex. Psh! I'd sooner stay single. In fact…we should see a little LESS of each other." Helga was on the edge of the seat now.

Neither saw Arnold approaching.

"No one dumps Rex Smyth Higgins." He leaned in, his lips an inch or so away from hers and closing in fast.

"REX!" Helga was about to topple over. She held her eyes open just long enough to see a fist fly directly into Rex's face.

He was knocked off the bench and onto the ground. Helga KNEW that turquoise sleeve! "ARNOLD?!"

Rex sat up on his knees, placing his hat back on he shouted, "What is the meaning of this?"

"I think she was dumping you." Arnold replied angrily, "And I don't think she wanted a goodbye kiss."

"You got that right." Helga mumbled.

"I say you don't give up easily do you?" Rex snapped at Arnold.

"Not when it comes to someone I care about." he answered.

Did Arnold just say that he 'cared' about me?! Ahh! Helga was all a twitter.

"Perhaps you should return to your little baseball game before I'm forced to have you removed from the premises." Rex suggested strongly, "Or have you forgotten? My family OWNS this park!"

Helga snapped out of her daze and grabbed Arnold's arm, "FINE! We're leaving."

Rex looked surprised. "Oh no Helga darling, you can stay."

"I wouldn't stay here another minute if you begged me pal!" she started pulling Arnold away.

"Now wait just a minute!" Rex ordered.

"Wait Helga." Arnold took her hand. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you and I guess it wouldn't hurt for Rex to hear."

"What's that?" Helga had been waiting for this moment her whole life!

Arnold took a deep breath. Here it goes. "Helga…I love you."

Rex gritted his teeth. Helga stared at Arnold wide eyed. My heart stopped! I can't breathe! Arnold just said he LOVED me! Not liked me or even liked me liked me, but LOVED me! OOHHH!!!

With those thoughts Helga passed out. Arnold managed to catch her before she hit the ground. "Helga?! Helga are you alright?"

"Hmph," Rex huffed, "I hope you're happy. You've ruined everything."

"What are you talking about Rex?" Arnold demanded.

"You were right when you said that I was using Helga to get to you. It would've worked if you hadn't gone and made that little confession just now." he explained.

"That's cruel Rex! And I'd never let you hurt Helga like that." Arnold was fuming but too occupied with poor Helga to do anything drastic to the snob.

"Well old boy, looks like you've won again." Rex turned to walk away.

"Rex! Love isn't a game!"

Rex glanced over his shoulder, "Life's a game Arnold. Consider yourself a good player and a worthy opponent. Until next we meet." And then Rex was gone.

Helga's eyes fluttered open and she starred at Arnold's football shaped head. "Arnold? Wh-what happened?"

"I told you I loved you and you passed out." he explained.

"Where's that rotten little bug eyed creep?"

Arnold laughed, "Rex left while you were out."

"Good riddance!" she sat up. "Hey Arnold…"


"I love you too. I always have."

Arnold smiled at her. She really was a pretty girl, especially when she smiled. "Wanna go back and rejoin the gang?"


Arnold extended his hand as if to help her up. But instead, when she put her hand in his, he pulled her forward and they locked lips.

Arnold's kissing me! a voice inside Helga screamed. Pinch me I'm dreaming!

"OW!" she shouted when they pulled apart. "What was that for Arnoldo?"

"Just making sure I wasn't dreaming." he replied.

"Yeah well, you're supposed to pinch YOURSELF Einstein!" she was rubbing her arm angrily.

"Oops." he grinned. She smiled too.

"You're a bold kid Arnold."


"Don't get used to it Football Head. Just cause we're back together doesn't mean I'm gonna go all soft on ya or anything." she informed him.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Helga." his arm hung across her shoulders.

Helga looked around them, it was a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the whole atmosphere was just so---perfect.

"Oh and Helga." she heard Arnold say.


"Remember when Mr. Simmons read some of our assignments from Friday out loud?"

"Yeah, so?"

"I just wanted to tell ya--well--I liked your poem."

Helga's face went red. "What?! How'd did you know it was my poem?"

Arnold smiled and pulled her closer as they walked, "Let's just say…I'm a fan of your work."

Fan of my work? Now how would he have seen any of my work? *GASP!* My pink book!



"Remember that day when you and Gerald found that pink book on the bus?"


"Did you--uh--ever find out whose it was?"

Arnold stared at the sky for a moment before answering, "Well…Gerald didn't."

He knows! He's known all along?! "You…knew?"

"I know now."


"The last poem practically spelled out your name before you ripped it out, and the handwriting wasn't disguised or anything, I guess I just needed you to confirm it."

"Arnold I-"

"That's okay," he kissed her cheek lightly, "I'm your muse, your inspiration. I kind of like that. It's nice that you care so much."

"Hehe…" Oh well, at least he doesn't know about the shrines…or DOES he?

"Hey Arnold!" Gerald called, seeing the two approach between pitches. "Are you two back together?"

"What's it to you Geraldo?" Helga scowled.

"Well, you're lettin' put his arm around you, that's good enough for me." Gerald turned and threw a curve ball to Curly.

Curly hit the ball and sent it straight into Eugene. "AAHHH!!!"

Everyone rushed over to assess the damage.

Phoebe knelt down on one side while Gerald was bent over on the other, "Eugene? Are you badly hurt?"

Eugene stared up with a black eye, "I'm okay."

"Well," Helga sighed, "some things change and some things just stay the same."

"You said it Helga baby." Gerald shook his head, "Now whose turn is it to call the ambulance?"

~The End~


*And that's the end. Did everyone like it? Let me know okay? My next fiction will be up soon, it's a Halloween thing I've got in the works. Until then Hey Arnold! fans! See ya! ^_^*