'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you

Three girls stared out over the ocean horizon from the top of a brine sprayed cliff. The sun setting before them set the sky on fire, changing the aqua to a fiery shade, matching the phantasmagoria spreading out before their eyes. A warm breeze gently caressed their sun kissed skin, sending the long strands of their hair into a twining dance. One of the girls smiled, closed her eyes and extend her arms out from her like a sun worshiper, taking in all the sensations the eve was presenting her, letting her body melt into the warm summer evening.

"It's so wonderful here," her friend said, sighing as she stared into blinding scene.

The others agreed quietly, unwilling to break the spell that sea had been casting. They stood quietly, breathing in the ocean mist, basking in the fiery light of the setting sun. The gulls cried out raucously and flew up agitatedly from the path behind them.

"Hey look, it's some chicks!" Their reverie was disturbed as three young men climbed up the surf path up to the cape.

"Wanna spend some special time with some locals, sweets?" said one, sidling up beside the smallest of the girls and placing an arm around her shoulder while his friends leered on.

She crinkled her face at the alcohol on his breath and pushed him away from her, "This is a private beach. You don't belong here."

"Private," sneered the larger of the three boys, "does that mean we're alone?" He grinned at his catch.

The girls huddled close together. The warmth and sense of peace they had felt a moment ago replaced by cold terror. One of the boys reached out and grabbed the smallest girls arm and pulled her tight to him, "So tell me, what's pretty girls like yourselves doing out here all by your lonesome?"

"They're not alone."

The boy looked up from his prey just in time to receive a spiked purple urchin to his mouth.

A young boy stood on the top of the path a bucket heaping with spiked shellfish at his side and another of the urchins, aimed and ready to be fired, in his hand.

"Haruhi!" The girls chorused their rescuer's name.

The other trio on the bluff, however, were not nearly so happy to see the young host. "Why you little punk!" shouted the boy with the now bleeding mouth. He shoved the girl he had been holding into her friends and clenched his fists tightly. "You think you can get away with that, pipsqueak? No one does that to me and gets away!"

Haruhi gazed at the three drudges, sizing them up as best she could and appraising the risks. She needed to distract the thugs long enough for the ladies to make their escape. She looked at the smaller one, the one that had accosted the smaller of the guests. If she tried to take him on, the other two would likely focus on the fight between them, giving the girls trapped on the bluff the time they need to escape. She was not, however given a choice on which one to fight. The one she had thrown the urchin at, the largest of the trio, was advancing on her, fist clenched and anger burning. "I'll teach you a lesson!" he yelled at her.

Haruhi dodged his first swing and quickly positioned herself in front of the now mostly set, but still blinding sun. She would be harder to hit now. She dodged two more blind swings as the girls escaped, screaming down to the beech below. She glanced behind the large boy to the trail the three girls had escaped down. Surely the other club member's would be on their way up here soon, she just needed to last a little bit longer.


The moment of distraction was all the largest thug needed. His fist connected with Haruhi's gut and sent her thudding against a sharp edged rock, cutting her shoulder. "You little punk!" the thug frothed as he advanced again on Haruhi . It did not take her long to recover her wits though, and before the man had gotten across the bluff she was ready. As soon as he was within range, she kicked. Hard, as hard as she possibly could, at his most sensitive of areas.

The man doubled and fell to the ground moaning. His friends quickly grabbed her shoulder's before she too could make a dash for safety. "No one gets away with that!" one screamed at her before punching her hard in her stomach. They hit her a few more times before their leader managed to pull himself to his feet. Haruhi felt sick. Blood dripped from her mouth and she couldn't see straight. The boss grabbed her by her shirt's collar, his comrades immediately releasing her, and lifted her into the air. "You bastard!" he screamed, his face so close to hers that saliva began to plaster it, "You're going to pay for that! How 'bout you take a little dip?" He lifted Haruhi even further into the air and then launched her towards the rocky ocean below.

Haruhi had dreams of flying over the ocean. Her arms would spread out from her sides and she could gaze out over the infinite glistening blue. She treasured those dreams. This was not like her dreams. She fell quickly through the air, moving so quickly she barely had time to get more the a yelp out before hitting the water. The impact of it knocked the breath from her. She gasped for air, only to have her mouth filled with salty water. She didn't swim well in the best of times and right now, with a possible concussion, was definitely not the best of times. She struggled in the water, only managing to get deeper in to the cold depths and suck more water into her now burning throat and lungs. Her vision began to grow dark, and her movements less panicked as she lost control and slipped out of consciousness.


"Tamaki!" The host club looked up from the guests they were entertaining; this didn't sound like the normal shrieks for Tamaki. Three of their guest came running down from a sandy path, fear etched in their features. Everyone gathered around the breathless trio. "Tamaki, oh Tamaki!" one cried as she collapsed against his chest.

"What wrong my princess? Whatever it is, I shall do all within my power to remove it from you," he answered, cradling her close.

"Tamaki, it's, it's Haruhi," the girl at the prince's chest said. "Some commoners came up and started to harasses us, and he distracted them long enough for us to get away. B-but Tamaki," she began crying, "they started hitting him!"

Kyoya was first to react. Stepping into the middle of the gathering he directed the guests towards the exit from the beach, "Ladies, if you would please head up the beach to the waiting limos, the host club would be very appreciative. I know this is sudden but its for everyone's safety."

Before the girls had made it over the first dune, the host club was already half way up the twisting path to the cliff. They reached the top just in time to see Haruhi being tossed as easily as a boy would throw a stone, over the cliff side into the rocky surf below. "Haruhi!" Tamaki screamed. Without thought he dove off the cliff side after the girl.

"You bastards!"the twins shouted. The thugs turned around just in time to see the host club advancing on them led by the twins, anger fiery in their eyes.

Tamaki hit the ocean with a splash. Immediately he opened his eyes despite the stinging salt, he looked through the ocean around him, seeking his friend. He spotted her about twenty feet below him. A moment later he clutched the girl to him. She was so still. An icy feeling clutched at him. What if he had been to late?

He pushed himself forward in the water, launching himself with all his might towards the glittering surface. He gasped as he reached the cool evening air. Still holding Haruhi, he swam over towards one of the slick ocean rocks. He surface gasping in the cooling evening air. He gently lay Haruhi's still form of the rock's wet surface. With no other option he quickly straddled her began to press gently on her chest. Water gushed out of her mouth with every gentle push, but still she didn't move. "Come on Haruhi, you can do this..." He reached back in his memory his basic CPR training he had received when he had taken a lifeguarding class back in middle school. Gently turning her head so it was facing him, he opened her mouth slightly, took a breath and brought his mouth to hers, and exhaled.

A small sputtering cough escaped her, soon becoming hard and more racking. Her eyes fluttered open. "Sen-senpai?"

"It's alright Haruhi, you're safe now."


It hadn't taken long for Kyoya's private police force to take away the trespassers. Pulling the twins off them had been another matter. At least Honey and Mori had kept their heads. At any rate they had been taken care of, now all they needed to do was wait for Tamaki to show. They didn't have to wait to long though, a short time after they had made it down to the shore, Tamaki appeared with a weak looking Haruhi in his arms.

"Mori, would you take her?" Tamaki asked as the group gathered around.

"Sure," he reached out and with a gentleness unexpected of his size, lifted Haruhi from Tamaki's arms.

"Did you take care of them Kyoya?" Tamaki asked, his voice much calmer and steadier then normal.

"Yes," Kyoya said as he placed his shirt around the shivering Haruhi, "we took their ID and information. And my family's police took them to the local town's station. I also sent for a doctor. He should be arriving shortly."

"You didn't need to do that, I'm fine," Haruhi protested, attempting to rise from Mori's arms and failing as the giant gently, but firmly, held her still.

"You nearly drowned Haruhi," Kyoya said. "I'd prefer all bases are covered. For insurance reasons of course."

"Of course," Haruhi sighed as she gave up her futile struggle against Mori.

"What were you thinking?" Tamaki interrupted, his voice calm. Kyoya immediately recognized this as a danger signal in his friend. He only assumed a calm tone when he was extremely upset, the rest of the time his roller coaster emotions sent him flying.

"Huh?" Haruhi turned her chocolate-eyed gaze on Tamaki.

"Tell me, have you won any martial arts championships like Honey of Mori? Or maybe taken diving classes?"

Haruhi was looking very confused, "No, we would you ask that?"

"Then what?! What made you think you stood a chance against three boys?" he yelled, grasping her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.

"What did it matter that they were boys? I was there, I had to do something!" Haruhi could be just as stupid as Tamaki at times.

"That's no excuse! We were right there! You could have just called to us! Don't forget that you're a girl!" And now the cracks were showing.

"What does it matter that I'm a girl? I was there, I had to help! Look I'm sorry you had to come and save me senpai, but I don't get why your getting so angry, I didn't hurt any of you. I don't think I did anything wrong!" Was Haruhi really this dense? If she kept this up, Tamaki might have a challenger for the "King of the Idiots" title.

"You don't think so? Fine! If you won't admit you did something wrong, I won't talk to you! Not till you admit that you were wrong!"

Then again maybe not.


"It's sure gotten nasty out there, it looks like it might rain," Honey stated, staring out over the ocean horizon through one of the Otori family vacation home's dining room window. Behind him stood a large mahogany table, laden with shell fish. Mori had gone off to find Haruhi who had taken a hot shower and changed into warm clothes after her tumble in the ocean.

"It's not just gloomy out there," Kaoru said, watching Tamaki as he grew mushrooms in the corner.
"It's pretty bad in here too," Hikaru agreed. "Just take a look at the boss."

Kaoru sighed as he pulled a seat up next to the table, "Come on Tamaki, quit moping."

"You shouldn't have started fighting with her in the first place if you're going to act like this," Hikaru agreed as he pulled up a chair beside his twin.

"I'm not moping, I'm making my own dinner," Tamaki stated as he gently cultivated his latest mushroom crop.

"Found her," Mori said as he and Haruhi walked through the large doors into the dinning room. Haruhi looked resplendent. Her short cut hair had dried quickly and shone in the dim evening light. Her normal boy's clothing was replaced with a frilly spaghetti strap summer dress that despite her lacking feminine features, made her look quite striking, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by the host club.

"Whoa..." Honey stared at her in open-mouth shock.

"Haruhi where did you get that dress?" Kaoru asked, equally amazed.

Haruhi looked down at her dress disdainfully, "My dad, he must have repacked my bag. He's always buying me this frilly stuff."

"Way to go dad," Hikaru grinned as he admired the girl.

Honey reached out for her hand and began dragging her to the table and the waiting food he and Mori had cooked. "I cooked up all the sea food we got Haru-chan! Now we get to eat it!"

"Wow, Honey-senpai, this looks... amazing!" Haruhi said as Honey dragged them all to their seats.

Tick tick tick

The clock ticked inexorably away as the host club sat at the spacious table and the dinner cooled. No one dared reach for the food. Tamaki sat beside Haruhi, neither one of them even glancing at the other, the tension between them causing their fellows to hardly stir in their chairs. Silence filled the room, broken only by the clock's duteous counting of the seconds.

"Well we shouldn't let this food grow cold," Kyoya said, placing his notebook to the side for the time. "I don't know about the rest of you but tepid crab isn't something of which I'm fond." He reached out and pulled a plate of crab towards himself. Glancing at each other, the others followed suit.

It didn't take long for Haruhi to get into the meal. She was soon cracking the legs and quickly devouring the sweet meat. "This crab," she said through a mouthful of the meat, "it tastes incredible!"

Tamaki glanced uneasily from beside the mountainous pile of broken crab legs to Haruhi, who was cracking yet another to devour its content, "Don't you think you've had enough? Take a rest from it already!"

Haruhi gave him a side long look, "Excuse me? I thought you weren't talking to me?

He clenched his jaw, "You trying to be funny?"

She simply cracked another crab leg.

He slammed his hand down on the table, pushing himself into a standing position, "Fine! It seems you refuse to admit you were wrong. I don't care!" He began walking off, "Kyoya would you mind showing me to my room?"

Wiping his mouth, Kyoya pushed his plate away and stood. "I'm done anyway, I don't see why not. If you all will excuse me." He led his friend out the hall.

As soon as the door shut behind the two, Haruhi let the crab leg she was attempting to crack fall back to her plate. "You know, maybe he was right..."

"So that's it," the twins chorused.

"You're letting him get to you," Hikaru said.

"It wouldn't hurt you to learn martial arts or something," Kaoru stated.

"But it's not like we're going to force you," Hikaru added.

"But that's not the real issue here," they said.


The twins sighed. "To be honest," Kaoru began.

"We were all worried about you," Hikaru continued.

"About how recklessly you behaved." Kaoru finished.

"But what do you mean? Why? I didn't hurt you guys or anything."

"That's not true, Haru-chan," Honey interrupted. "I think you should apologize. 'K?" He gave her his sweetest "Boy-Lolita" smile. Haruhi just stared at him in disbelief. "You made us all worry, especially Tama-chan," Honey explained. "You ought to apologize to him the most."

"You were," she hesitated, "worried about me?"

"You're hopeless," the twins sighed.

"I-I had no idea you were all worried." She stared down at her plate. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to worry you all."

Immediately all of them, save Mori, were holding her, "Aw... you're so cute! Apology accepted!"

She groaned.

"Uh, are you all right?" Kaoru asked.

"I- I think I ate to much crab... Excuse me!" She broke from their embrace and dashed for the nearest bathroom.


Tamaki walked in silence behind Kyoya as he was led down the long carpeted corridor to his room. He hesitated in the doorway, speaking only as Kyoya turned to leave, "Can we talk?"

"I don't see why not," They walked into the spacious room, closing the door behind them. Tamaki flopped down on the bed, his head in his hands. Kyoya leaned against the wall near the window, watching the swollen clouds get ready to burst. Like the angry clouds outside, it wouldn't be long before his friend opened up and let loose a deluge. "Am I being to hard on her Kyoya? I mean-"

"You both are acting rather childish Tamaki." Kyoya interrupted, turning to look at his friend. "However I don't think the silent treatment is either the best nor the most mature way to deal with your current disagreement."

Tamaki sighed and flopped back on the bed, "Then what should I do?"

"Have you tried just talking to her?"

Tamaki laid there is silence, whatever response he had forgotten at his friends blunt suggestion.

After a moment, Kyoya stood from his place against the wall and headed towards the door. "It's a thought anyway. Don't stay up to late Tamaki. Oh and you might want to put some aloe or something on that sunburn of yours, it looks like a harsh one."

Kyoya left Tamaki's room and shut the door. He loved Tamaki as a friend, but that young man could be so dense. He was still caught up in his perception of the club as some sort of "family". He understood the reasoning behind it, Tamaki's broken childhood must have been hard, but even that can't explain all of the boy's stupidity.

And then there was Haruhi. She was a commoner yes, but she was quite bright. And yet she was proving to be just as much if not more pig headed and stubborn as the Host King himself. Haruhi was an enigma to him. Something he couldn't understand completely. He'd think he'd have her completely understood and then she would go and pull some stunt or say something that to her seemed innocent or nonchalant and all his conceptions went out the window. Just when he thought he may have figured her out this time, she again pulled a crazy feat that completely changed everything. And now she was being just as stubborn and childish as Tamaki. He shook his head. Sand came falling down from his hair. Maybe he'd take a shower before he retired for the night


Haruhi wiped her mouth off with the fluffy white towel she had found on the counter. She gave an angry look to the toilet that, just a moment ago, she had been offering up half digested food to, "That was a waste of a good meal." She sat the towel back down and wiped the fog that was clouding the mirror from it to look at herself. She looked alright, nothing had been messed up during her worship of the porcelain god. A foul taste had grown in her mouth though. She quickly spotted a bottle of mouth wash and poured some into the cap. After rinsing she looked herself over again.

She knew what she was doing. She was avoiding going out of the bathroom. If she left the bathroom, she'd have to find the rest of the host club and apologize for worrying them. And that would mean facing Tamaki and admitting she was wrong, something she was sure he'd never let her live down. She couldn't hide in the bathroom forever.

She stepped outside and shut the door behind her. She glanced around the room. Nothing looked familiar. "I ran in here so quickly, I don't know where I am now. Why do rich people have to have such big houses..." she complained internally.

"Are you okay?"

She spun around quickly and bowed to where she thought the voice had originated. "I am so sorry sir, I didn't know this room was occupied. "

"Its alright Haruhi, its just me."

She looked up and saw that the voice belonged to Kyoya, he had a towel around his neck and his hair dripped slightly on to it. His glasses were on the bedside table. "Great, I just had to run into his room," she moaned to herself.


Kyoya watched Haruhi carefully. She had run into his room's bathroom just after he had began to get dressed after his shower, she should have listened about eating to much crab. Tamaki wasn't always wrong.

"Kyoya-senpai, I-I want to apologize to you, causing you all to worry. I didn't mean to," she said, her face turning a rosy color with her growing embarrassment.

He smiled slightly to himself, she still didn't get it entirely. At least she was mature enough to recognize half of her mistake. But he had a feeling the others had at least something to do with her seeing that much of it. Maybe he could help her see the rest...

"Thank you for apologizing but I can't say that I was particularly worried," he lied, ends justify the means. "However pulling the twins off those punks wasn't exactly easy," not that he had really tried, "and I did have to send each of the guests a bouquet of flowers, they came here to enjoy their weekend we have to ensure they do."

She looked up at him, sincerity in her eyes, "Ill pay you back for them, I promise."

"They were 50,000 yen a piece, that comes to a grand total of 600,00 yen."

She winced at hearing the total cost of her escapade, but set her jar and looked him straight in the eyes again, not many could even do that once. "I don't know how or how long it will take, but I will."

Such determination. He smiled. Gently placing his hand on the light dimmer that luckily just happened to be right over her shoulder. "If you want Haruhi," he carefully brought the switch down, making the already dim room almost completely dark."

"Why did you turn the lights off senpai?" her eyes had taken on a guarded look.

He smiled softly, "You could always pay me back with your body."


Haruhi's eyes widened in shock. Had Kyoya really just said that? She was suddenly very aware of the their extremely close proximity. She began to step back from him, hoping to be able make a quick escape to the door. Before she could take more than a step though, Kyoya had grabbed her wrist and with a force she hadn't expected in the lithe man, practically threw her on the bed. Less than a second later he was laying over her, his hands pinning her wrists down. He leaned towards her, his breath warm against the sensitive skin of her neck, and sending shivers down her spine with every wetly whispered word.

"Surely you can't be so naive as to think a person's sex doesn't matter. You're so vulnerable to me now. It wouldn't take me anything to drive myself into you right now, and there is nothing you could do to stop me."


He stared down at the girl pinned beneath him. her face was to the side and her gaze turned from him. He half expected her to scream. He didn't intend to do anything to her, just show her her vulnerability, show her she needed to be able to protect herself. Show her that...

She turned and looked at him. Her eyes didn't have the scared or even unsure look that he expected. Instead there was trust. Trust. "You won't do it senpai," she stated.

He assumed his carefully crafted blank expression. She just looked up at him with those wide, soulful eyes.

"You would have nothing to gain by it," she said, her voice hardly more than a whisper.

He stared at her. Did she really believe that? Did she honestly believe she was so worthless? He continued to stare down at her, and she up at him, still trusting. She looked so beautiful. All the host club knew she was, how was it she didn't see it?

He was getting angry now. He wasn't sure why either and it was disturbing him. This girl, this commoner, knew him so well, and yet couldn't see herself? She was always changing, eluding his understanding, and yet she knew him so well. He had built up so many facades, he had tried to hide himself in a labyrinth, but she saw through it. Yet he couldn't understand her at all. He couldn't explain. why he was so drawn to this puzzle. She was mystery. A soft smile graced his face.

"Do you really value yourself so little as to believe that taking you wouldn't be a gain?"

A slight disturbed look flashed across her delicate porcelain features.

His smile grew. He brought his face closer to hers, slightly pleased by the now unsteady pattern of her breathing he felt as there faces nearly touched. "Don't you think that any of our friends wouldn't be at least partially jealous to see this? Do you honestly think you are of so little value?"

Her eyes began to change, the peace replaced by uncertainty and the trust with slight apprehension.

He could feel his mind begin to haze over and his heart pound in his chest. Something was changing as he stared into her eyes. The Shadow King's mind grew clouded as he stared, inches away from the dark chocolate eternity reflecting in Haruhi's eyes.

Slowly he brought his face further down, grazing his lips against the satin rose-petal of hers. Her eyes closed slightly, and he deepened the kiss, letting his lips softly blend with hers. Slowly, ever so gently, she began to return the kiss. Her hands, still held beneath his, managed to slide down and her fingers twined with his. He had no idea what or how this was happening. All he knew was this Mystery was beneath him, and kissing him back. he fearfully pressed his lips a bit harder on to hers.

And then the door swung open.

"Kyoya do you have any lotion or something? This sunburn is worse than-" Tamaki froze, taking in the scene. "You bastard!"

Kyoya would have to deal with him later for stopping this.


Haruhi quickly paced down the halls of Ouran Academy. It had been several weeks since the incident at the beach house, and Kyoya had hardly said a word to her after. At first she had been angry at him. What in the world had possessed him to kiss her? Why would he even want to do such a thing? The more she thought of that night, the feeling of his lips and equally unsteady breathing, the more her anger was replaced with curiosity. She had to know why he kissed her. And today she was going to find out.

She reached the large doors of music room three and entered. It didn't appear as if he had come early as was his habit. Possibly he hadn't been coming early again to avoid her. He seemed to be evading her attempts to speak with her quite well. She could wait though, he'd come in eventually. Hopefully before the others arrived. She sighed and walked towards the changing room. At least she'd have time to study without interruption from the twins for a while.

She entered the changing room and had just sat down her books when she saw him. He sat at one of the tables near the window, typing away at his laptop. "Kyoya!" she exclaimed, startled.

"Haruhi," he replied evenly. "You're here early."

"I, uh, wanted to, uh, talk to you." She suddenly felt extremely nervous and self-conscious.

"Oh?" he said, never glancing away from his screen.

"Yeah, um..."

"Was there something you'd like to discuss or is it you just wanted to talk about the weather or some such?"

"No, its not that. I wanted to ask you about... something." Why couldn't she just say it? She could feel herself growing red.

"Well when you figure out what this elusive 'something' is that you wish to discuss with me, I'm right here."

She turned away from him. Maybe she could say it if she wasn't looking at him. She bit her lip, maybe not too. Finally, after a few minutes of the ticking clock and the tapping of Kyoya's keystrokes being the only noise in the room, she spoke, "Why did you kiss me Kyoya?"

They typing paused. "I think this is something you ought to decipher on you're own. You've been given ample clues to draw upon. I'll leave the answer to this up to you deductive skills." The typing resumed, maybe it was just her imagination but the keystrokes seemed to reflect a touch of nervousness on his part.

She turned to face him, the anger rising a bit in her. "Why won't you just tell me?"

He glanced up at her fro m over the edge of his glasses, pausing in his typing again. "You may not have noticed Haruhi, but I enjoy a game almost as much as the twins do."

She glared at him. She was about to tell him just what she thought about him and his game at the moment when suddenly a wide smile spread across his face, "Welcome princesses! You're here a bit early but I think we still may be able to accommodate you."

Haruhi sighed. She'd have to work on this after the host club session.


She walked purposefully down the street. She had come up with three reasons as to why he would kiss her, and today she was going to tell them to him. It had taken her weeks to come up with these, and he hadn't so much as talked to her during all that time. And strangely, that bothered her.

She found she had missed his constant lording of her debt over her to make her do things, she missed those cool explanations as to the other club members' behaviors. She missed him. She had found it hard to think about the reasons because, when her mind would drift, she would find herself thinking about what he had said or done that day. She hated herself for this. She was letting him get into her head.

Well today she was going to get answers. Today she was going to confront him. Today, he would answer for his actions.


It had been a long day. No, it had been a long month. He had had to avoid Haruhi all of that month. He hadn't been able to speak to her save for a few basic instructions for the cosplay and club actives. He was rather surprised to find how much he really did miss her company. He shook his head. The strong Shadow King brought to distraction because of a commoner girl. His father would be horrified. Or worse, disappointed. All his life he was trying to earn his father's approval, to see him at least smile at him in acknowledgement of something he had done. But he was the third son. He would have to work harder than his brothers had ever worked to get the approval that they were born with. It had been a long seventeen years.

But right now, it was easier to focus on the long day.

One of Haruhi's friends, one of the few she had managed to make that weren't in the club, had handed him a note and told him it was from her. The note had told him that she had "cracked the case", he had smiled at that, she had really gotten into the role, and told him to wait for her after the club closed. She hadn't shown when the club opened, but they hadn't had many customers so he wasn't worried. Much.

He sat at the same table he had been at when he had told Haruhi to figure out his motive for herself. Strangely ironic that now he was waiting for her to deliver her deductions about the whole thing. He wondered what conclusions she had drawn. He didn't even know why he had done it entirely. It would be interesting to learn what they were. Yes, interesting.

She had such affect on him. An irritating affect. She had the uncanny ability to worm her way into his thoughts. Just the other day during Business Management class he found himself thinking about her, wondering what she was doing. Normally he enjoyed this class immensely. But he found, and the teacher noticed to, that his mind just wasn't on that day's studies. So he sat in the chair, in the sun, working away at his laptop.

He had been planning on staying late anyway.


She stopped in the doorway of music room three. She hadn't meant to, but her legs didn't seem to want to move. She was going to face him. She was going to face down Kyoya Otori and make him answer for his actions. And she was scared to death of what he might say. After over a month of going over that night and the days before and later, after studying him, after going through everything she could find out about him, it wasn't much either, she had drawn three possible reasons for what he had done.

Three fates.

She took a deep breath. Into the lion's dens.


He glanced up as Haruhi walked quietly into the sunny room. Even in her boy's school uniform she was oddly attractive. Not letting his thoughts register on his features, "Haruhi," he nodded.


He typed for a few more minutes.

She sat and stared out the window.

He looked up at her from over his computer screen, "I believe you sent me a note Haruhi? Something about 'cracking the case'."

She stared quietly at her feet, her knees curled up to her chest.

"Haruhi, if you don't have something to say to me I do have other things I must attend to."

"Three reasons," she stated, never looking up from her feet. "I came to three possible reasons."

"Oh?" he said, sitting back in his chair. "Elaborate."

She looked up at him, "You could have been trying to teach me. Show me my vulnerability. This is most likely." She stood up from the window seat. "or you could have been playing games. You yourself said that you enjoy games almost as much as Hikaru and Kaoru, and judging by how well you can evaluate your surroundings and the provable outcome of events you're really good at it. This isn't as likely but still could be."

"And the third?" Kyoya asked, pushing his glasses up.

"The third," Haruhi said, "Is a combination of the two."

They stared at each other, the tick-tick-tick of the clock the only noise besides their breathing.

"Only those three conclusions?" Kyoya asked finally.

"I-" Haruhi hesitated. She looked away from him and back towards the window, not willing to look at him. "I thought of another but I didn't think it was plausible enough to be mentioned."

"And it was...?"

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she did. "Love, Kyoya-senpai."

Silence dominated the room again. She stood with her back to him and her eyes averted, he sat at the table, his eyes locked on the screen of his sleeping computer. Slowly he got up closing the lid of the laptop. He turned his back to her. "Love, Haruhi, is for the poor and the foolish."

He was just out of the doorway when he heard her voice from her place by the window. "Kyoya-senpai?"

He paused.

"I'm poor."

They stood, each with their backs to the other. Slowly, Kyoya turned. He walked carefully back into the changing area, setting his laptop back on the table. He stopped just a few steps behind her. "Haruhi?" he said quietly, his voice hardly more than a whisper.

She turned never lifting her head. He gently reached out, cupping her face. She lifted her eyes and looked into his gray ones. He stared... He knew she was intelligent. He gently brought his forehead to hers, leaned in, and kissed her.


Hikaru watched from the shadows of a pillar. Neither of the kissing pair had noticed he or his brother hidden in the shadows. He had wondered what could have had the Shadow King so flustered these past few days, and now he knew. "Kaoru?"he whispered.

"I saw," Kaoru responded.

"I'm going to kill him," Hikaru said, clenching his jaw.

"No," Kaoru said smiling... "We can deal this another way. All without getting our hands dirty."

Hikaru looked at him, confused.

Kaoru just smiled. "What do you think 'Daddy" would say if he found out 'Mommy " was putting the moves on his precious daughter?"

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