Some things we don't talk about
Rather do without
And just hold the smile
Falling in and out of love
Ashamed and proud of
Together all the while

Kyoya walked down the halls of Ouran academy; the classrooms names flitted by him as he quickly paced his way down the halls. His stride was quick and his mind occupied, so occupied in fact, that he hadn't notice two Hitachiin's sneak up on either side of him.

"Why hello Kyoya-senpai," Hikaru said, placing an arm over the taller boy's shoulder.

"Yeah, hi Senpai," Kaoru said, repeating his brother's gesture.

"Hikaru, Kaoru," he greeted, not even hesitating in his pace. "I assume you to want to speak to me about something?"

"Oh, not really," Kaoru said.

"Just wondering how you're doing." Hikaru continued. "You seem, I don't know..."

"A little stressed maybe?" Kaoru asked.

"Yeah, stressed seems rather accurate. You ought to relax every now and then Senpai, you must work so much." Hikaru said.

"You do need to relax," Kaoru agreed. "Maybe play a little."

"Playing is a good way to relax," Hikaru agreed. "Maybe you ought to find, I dunno, a toy maybe?"

Kyoya stopped in his tracks.

"I think he's already found one, Hikaru," Kaoru said, grinning to his brother at Kyoya's reaction. "But theres a little problem with that one."

"It's already been taken." Hikaru said patting Kyoya's back.

"You can't just take other people's toys Kyoya-senpai," Kaoru said, moving in front of the older boy and giving him a sad look.

"Didn't you learn that back in kindergarten?" Hikaru asked, moving to mirror his brother.

"I assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about," Kyoya stated, staring coldly at the twins.

"We think you do," they said in unison, looking up at him with an evil glint in their golden eyes.

"We have proof too," Hikaru added.

"Oh," Kyoya asked, pushing his glasses up. "You have proof of your fantasies?"

"Can't say this has ever been my fantasy," Kaoru said looking at his phone. "How 'bout you Hikaru?"

"Hasn't been mine," Hikaru said, shaking his head. "At least not with him there," he added, glancing up at Kyoya and grinning.

"Well, it must be your fantasy then Kyoya-senpai," Kaoru said. He turned the screen so Kyoya could see.

"So tell us, Senpai," they said.

"Were you just playing with other people's toys," Hikaru began.

"Or have you gone and tried to steal ours away?" Kaoru grinned.

Kyoya stared at the picture on the screen. He took the phone from him.

"Go ahead and delete it if it makes you feel better," Hikaru said.

"We have it backed up at home, and on several clouds too. Oh and they're encrypted files. You won't be able get rid of all our copies," Kaoru stated, grinning from ear to ear. "Look's like the Shadow King is stuck Hikaru."

"I think you're right Kaoru! Imagine that," Hikaru said, putting his arm over his brother's shoulder and grinning at Kyoya.

This complicates things. Kyoya thought."So you have a picture of my kissing Haruhi," Kyoya said, "what do you plan on doing with it?"

"Oh I don't know..." Kaoru said looking off thoughtfully.

"There is just so much that could be done with it," Hikaru added.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru said, gripping his brother's shoulder as if he was suddenly struck with inspiration. "What do you think would happen if the photo was somehow," his voice turned to a theatrical whisper, "released."

"Why Kaoru, that could be horrible!" He looked away from his twin and turned to look at the still stone-faced Kyoya. "What d'ya think the repercussions of a compromising photo like that being released would be?"
"What do you two want then? I assume you are after something here." Kyoya asked.

"We want you to share what you've stolen," Hikaru stated blankly.

"Stolen would imply that she was your's to begin with and I believe you'll find that Haruhi is independent from you and quite free to make her own choices in every aspect of her life."

"What would our dear 'father' think of your little budding romance though?" Hikaru smiled.
"Yes, 'Mother'," Kaoru said. "What would our poor 'daddy' do?"
Kyoya pushed his glasses up on his nose. "I don't really care if Tamaki finds out. What your 'father', if that the way you insist on phrasing it, thinks of this matters little to me."

"I wonder what your father would think of her though?" Kaoru asked, now looking at the picture on Hikaru's phone.

Kyoya froze, his grip on Kaoru's phone tightening. His face was still expressionless, but audible cracks came from the phone in his hand.

The twins grinned at him. "We better get to class," Kaoru smirked.

"We don't want to miss out," Hikaru agreed.

"Especially when we have such an independent classmate," Kaoru finished. With one last self-satisfied smirk, the twins headed off down the hall to their last classroom, leaving Kyoya standing in the hall with Kaoru's now completely crushed phone in his hand.


Class seemed to last forever to Haruhi. It wasn't that the class was boring, she rather enjoyed her last class, it was Hikaru and Kaoru's pestering that made it seem so long. It wasn't their normal pestering either, they seemed to be taking extra care to have at least one of them speaking to her and or touching her during the entire class period. They had gotten quite good at teasing her during class over the past few months, the teacher never even noticed anymore; either that or he had given up on trying to stop them. Haruhi guess it was a combination.

She managed to sneak away from them after the class got out though, and she quickly made her way toward music room three. She turned the corner just in time to see Kyoya unlocking the door. She hesitated. They hadn't spoken to each other since they had kissed the night before. She had no idea how to handle a situation like this. Should she just go on as if nothing had happened? She knew for a certainly that she would not, in any way, act like the gushing fangirls that the club often catered to.
"It's alright you know Haruhi. I won't bite you," Kyoya's voice sounded from the other side of the corner.

Haruhi blushed and came back around, "S-sorry, I -"

"It's fine, come on though," he held the door for her and they walked in.


He wouldn't tell her they knew. He had decided that almost immediately after having spoken with them. It would only cause her to worry needlessly and her attitude towards them would likely change; and that would be noticed by everyone. She was surprisingly tolerant of the twins' antics, no matter how inappropriate they seemed. A sudden change would be noticed by everyone and while he didn't all together mind his fellows knowing about the kiss he and Haruhi had shared, it wasn't something he entirely wanted them knowing. Not right now anyway. It would be best if she didn't know.

"So how were your classes today?" Kyoya asked as they sat their belongings down in curtained off area the host club used as a make shift office/prep area.

"The usual," Haruhi replied. "Except the twins seemed hard set on not letting me get any work done for our last period. Are we doing any special cosplay today?"

He was going to have to deal with the twins. He was beginning to understand Tamaki's view of them. "It's Friday, we won't be hosting today. Just preparation for next week."

And so it continued, the pair making idle conversation while the rest of the host club came filing in from their various classes; and both carefully avoiding the subject of the night before. Club time went by just as tensioned. Despite the awkwardness he felt between her and himself, none of the other members seemed to notice anything odd about their behavior; which actually surprised him.

The twins had, to his mind at least, seemed to go into overdrive in their teasing and flirting with Haruhi; and she, as always, took in such a nonchalant manner that it set his teeth on edge. And they, without doubt, knew this, and would make a point to have their hands all over her whenever he was near. Until he could find a way to deal with them though, he would have to live with it, but he wouldn't for long, not if he had his way.

Needless to say club time had passed slowly for him.

He typed at his computer, his fingers hitting the keys with a great deal more force then what is strictly speaking necessary. He had had enough of the twins behavior. The door to the music room clicked open and he heard a pair of footsteps entering the vaulted chamber. "I assume you two wish to discuss your previous proposition. I can tell you that I haven't changed my stance," he stated, not bothering to even turn to face the pair.

"We didn't think you would," Hikaru said, leaning against the wall beside his brother. "But we aren't changing ours either."
"We know you have "Daddy" issues, and we aren't afraid to use this wonderful little bit of blackmail," Kaoru smirked.
"Besides that," Hikaru continued, "Tono is your best friend. Everyone except himself can tell he is completely infatuated with Haruhi."

"Don't forget all the other issues Boss is coping with, Hikaru," Kaoru interjected.

"Don't you think seeing something like this would annihilate the fragile reality he is surviving in?" Hikaru said sadly.

"Could you really do that to your best friend senpai?" Kaoru asked, "Crush both his coping mechanism and his budding emotions, all in one action?"

Kyoya sat in silence for a moment and then began to shut his computer down. He stood and began walking out the door.

"Silent treatment doesn't become you senpai," Hikaru stated, still smirking his cheshire grin.

Kyoya stopped, never even turning to look at the pair, "You are correct; Tamaki would be destroyed by this, and yes my father would definitely begin to take steps. But these steps would likely not just affect me, but her as well. In case you forgot, the Otori's and the Suoh's are rather close. Knowing my father, Haruhi's future at Ouran academy would be threatened. So ask yourselves: is your narcissism so great, is your egotism and jealousy so large that you can't look beyond your own selfish, petty desires? Before you meddle in matters that are beyond you childish comprehension, I suggest you at least attempt too think of how your actions will affect the people around you; especially Harhui." Without turning to see if his words had affected them, he left the room and continued to his waiting ride.


Kaoru watched as Kyoya's car left the school grounds. Neither he nor his brother had spoken since their upperclassman had rebuked them. "You know," he said finally, still staring out at the school gates, "maybe he's right. We weren't thinking of how what we did could affect her."

"Yeah?" Hikaru said, angrily turning and looking at his brother. "Well she didn't think of us either, did she?"

"Hikaru..." Kaoru said his eyes widening.

"What? You like seeing her make out with the Shadow King?"

"I never said that Hikaru, I just said that maybe we should think through our next steps a little more. Besides she wasn't making out, it was one kiss."

"This time!" Hikaru shouted. "How many times before? I can't believe you Kaoru, I thought we were together in this!"

"Hikaru calm down. Of course were together, I'm just saying we need to think things through," Kaoru said, placing his hand on his brother's shoulders. "Kyoya-senpai was right. Our plan to show the pictures wouldn't work out for any one. Showing Boss would mean the end of the club and she would definitely find out who had sent it to him, and sending it to Mr. Otori would likely end in Haruhi's expulsion from Ouran Academy. None of those are outcomes that favor us. We have to think things through. And on top of that, Kyoya-senpai is serious about her. He wouldn't have bothered with this otherwise. That means were going against the Shadow King. We need to think every step through before we even attempt to take action. We can't just go on spur of the moment anymore."

Hikaru stared defiantly into his brothers eyes a moment more before sighing and bowing his head. "You're right. I just..."

"I know," Kaoru said, patting his brother's back. "Don't worry. We'll get her away from him. After all," he smiled devilishly at his brother, "two is better than on right?"


Tamaki sat bolt upright in his bed, "NO HARUHI! IT'S JUST REGULAR TUNA!" He stared around his room for a moment, completely bewildered, before he sighed a flopped back down in bed, closing his eyes in relief. "Just a dream..." he breathed. "Only a dream." He sat up quickly, his face twisting in horror, "b-but what if it was a vision?"

He quickly pulled on his school blazer and ran down the stars, images of his dream flashing through his minds eye. Today he would find out whether his precious daughter really lived in such a horrid destitute state! He was racing down the stairs when he was knocked back a step by an out stretched hand, "Good morning master Tamaki. Anything we can do for you?" said a matriarchal woman.

"Ah, Shima," Tamaki mumbled, still slightly dazed from the blow to his chest. "Bring the car around would you? I have to get to school." He stepped around her and began making his way to the door.

"I'm sorry, master Tamaki," Shima said shaking her head, "But I simply cannot allow you to go out dressed like that." Tamaki froze. "After all," Shima continued, "you're still in you house slippers and pajama bottoms. It would be simply disgraceful."

Tamaki bolted to his room and came down a few minutes later, only slightly red in the face. "Alright Shima, now would you please have the car sent down," he said, heading towards the front door and avoiding eye contact. "I'm going to be late for school."

Shima sighed, she had been working with Tamaki since he had come to Japan from France. She had felt for the poor boy. He was hardly more than a child at the time, and yet he had been forced to choose between being with his mother and being able to allow her to get well. A boy should never be without a mother, Shima knew, so she had done her best to take the sweet young boy under her wing. But sometimes, he could be so... dumb. "I will if you so desire, master Tamaki, but it is Sunday and so you don't have to attend school today."

Tamaki blanched, "Well why didn't you just tell me that in the first place?"

Shima sighed. Looking quiet put upon she slowly began speaking, "Master Tamaki, as your maid it is my duty to help you. However I want you to grow up to be a fine gentleman, and part of that is learning to recognize you mistakes." Tamaki began to make strangling noises. Shima gave him a withering stare, "As you seem to suddenly have a quality amount of free time, why don't you and I work on your manners."

"I need a phone!" Tamaki said quickly running from the reaching hands on Shima. A phone was quickly brought to him and he began dial Kyoya's familiar number.


Kyoya had been up been up since early morning. In truth, he hadn't been sleeping much at all lately. Something had been keeping his mind moving all night.


He stared blankly out one of his bedroom windows, his pencil tapping idly on a blank page of his black notebook. She had such a curious habit of occupying his thoughts at every hour of the day and night. She has many intriguing attributes, he mused.

His phone buzzed beside him on the desk. A glance told him it was Tamaki. Briefly he wondered if the twins had sent his friend the photo of he and Haruhi's latest kiss, but Kaoru at least seemed to have been affected by what he had said; he should be able to restrain his brother for a short time. He couldn't see Haruhi telling Tamaki much of anything that she didn't want the entire host club knowing, and he certainly hadn't spoken of it to anyone else. Not even his sister. But what could cause him to call him so early? Especially when Tamaki knew that he was in no way a morning person. Shrugging it off the slight paranoia, he picked up his phone.

"Hello Tamaki."

"Kyoya, we need to talk." Tamaki's voice was strained. He was upset about something. He probably just figured out one of the pranks that Kaoru and Hikaru had pulled on him recently.

"Do we now? What about?"


Haruhi sighed happily, shifting her many bags. What a great sale. There's nothing better than a Sunday morning farmers' market. Now all I have left is... She stopped dead. A crowd had gathered in front of her apartment complex, and between the people she could see rather expensive looking cars. One of the chauffeurs hopped out of the car and hurried to open the door his waiting passenger. Through the crowd, she could just make out a familiar, and most definitely not welcome, shock of brilliant red hair.

"So this is where Haruhi lives," Kaoru stated admiring the complex.

"It's pretty big," his twin said, getting out of their car, "bigger than I thought it'd be."

"Look at all the rooms!" Honey exclaimed, racing up beside them and grasping Hikaru's arm excitedly.

"This is what might be called an aggregate dwelling. Haruhi's home is just one of the many units in the complex," Kyoya stated as he walked up, Tamaki clinging to his arm like a small child its blanket.

"Why Kyoya?" he pleaded piteously. "Why did you have to bring them with us. Especially those two doppelgangers." He glared at Hikaru and Karou.

"We can hear you Boss," Hikaru stated, giving Tamaki a sidelong glare.

"I knew you wouldn't have the courage to come alone, so I thought it would be interesting for us all to come. Strength in numbers and all that. Well, obviously I was wrong. Come alone now everyone. I seemed to have underestimated our esteemed leader," he began ushering the four other members to their vehicles.

"Wait a minuet, I don't plan on leaving!" the twins chorused.

"Stop, don't leave me! I, uh don't want to be alone," Tamaki said, grasping Kyoya's shoulder.

Great, Haruhi thought, they're all here. She began to try and weave her way through the rapidly growing crowd. If she was lucky she could end this before it ended up as the headline to the local gossip rag; though with the Host Club she doubted her chances of success.

"Alright men!," Tamaki shouted, demonstrating his extreme capriciousness, "This is just a simple, 'we happened to be in the neighborhood' visit. We are to be polite. We are not here to judge Haruhi or her father's lifestyle. The words, shabby, cramped and run-down, are absolutely forbidden."

"Yes sir!" Honey and the twins shouted, saluting. Sometimes they got way to into Tamaki's act. Kyoya simply shook his head.

Tamaki continued, furthering his act by pacing like a general, "Remember, this is Commoner Area, anything could set off a trap. We are not to do anything that might offend her and cause her to ask us to leave."

"Well it's to late for that Senpai!" Haruhi shouted, finally bursting into the clearing her neighbors had made around the Host Club. She was enraged, just a glance at her features and even Tamaki could see that. Her hands had gone white from her grip on her grocery bags and she was practically shaking. Kyoya could imagine steam drifting off her like in those cartoons you sometimes saw on television, luckily all that rage was directed at the blonde idiot in front of them."Get out of here!"

"Haruhi!" Tamaki exclaimed, jumping back to the safety of the group, only to be pushed forward. None of them wanted to face the brunt of Haruhi's wrath.

"Nice dress," Hikaru admired. "Love the pink."

"Shut up! Just get the hell out of here!" she screamed, turning on the rest of them.

Tamaki had managed to sneak up behind Kyoya, "My little girl's so mad Mother! She even," he lowered his voice, "swore."

"Hey! We came here by invitation!" The twins said, attempting to back away from Haruhi's murder glare.

"Haruhi," a frightened older woman had shakily crossed over to Haruhi and touched her shoulder. She glanced nervously at the Host Club, "Those young men... are they friends of yours? They drive such fancy foreign cars." She grew pale. "They're not Yakuza are they?" she whispered.

"No," Haruhi said dryly, never moving her gaze from them. "And they're leaving, right. now."

"Why hello madam!" Somehow Tamaki had managed to leave Kyoya's shoulder and make it over to the landlady in under a second, and he was in full "Prince" mode. "I'm Suoh Tamaki, I'm one of Haruhi's friends. We were just stopping by for a visit, we're terribly sorry if we caused a scene."

The woman looked at him, utterly confused for a moment, and the gushed usuriously, "Why Haruhi! Your friends are just so adorable!" And he has her, Haruhi moaned inwardly. "I'll be by later with some treats for you and your charming friends!' She waved girlishly at Tamaki as she walked off blushing.

Haruhi watched the retreating back of her landlady and then glared at the gathering. They took the message and slowly began to disperse. "Okay," Haruhi said begrudgingly, "here's the deal. You guys come in for just a quick peek, I'm saying like three seconds, and then you leave. Got it?"

"Look Haruhi!" Honey bounded up, oblivious, or at least pretending to be, of her displeasure. "I got you cake! I know how much you like cake! There's strawberry and chocolate! We should have some!"

She looked down at him. He beamed up at her, radiating pure joy and happiness. She sighed. She could never stay made his loli face. "Fine," she acquiesced, "I'll make some tea or something." They followed her curiously into her house. Each one stared at it in silence, taking in its size.

Hikaru finally broke their dumbstruck silence, "What a hovel." And was promptly hit upside the head and reprimanded by Tamaki. Haruhi just rolled her eyes, sighed, and pushed past them into her kitchen to put her groceries away.

"Wood built, two bedroom, average for a commoner family of two," Kyoya corrected.

Kaoru laughed, "Plus Haruhi is such a pipsqueak, she won't hit her head on the low ceiling!"

"I think its a cute little room!" Honey gushed.

"You guys don't have to struggle to compliment it you know," Haruhi bristled, putting the last of the produce away.

The group carefully made the way to the living room. "It's so cramped," grumbled Kaoru.

"While this is unpleasant gentleman, I believe we have underestimated commoner housing! If you sit gym style, there is plenty of space. Commoners have designed this style especially to conserve space!"

"Look at this place though! There isn't even a fixture for the light!" Hikaru awed.

Just gotta get through the visit, you knew this was coming eventually Haruhi, Haruhi told herself. You can make it through, just a bit longer and then you'll have your weekend back. "I'm going to make us some tea."

"Why don't you make this?" Hikaru asked, holding up a small paper bag.

"It's African tea that our dad brought us as a souvenir from his trip," Kaoru said.

"Sure I guess," Haruhi said, walking over and taking the bag from him.

"Its served best as a milk tea," Hikaru added.

"I think I can do that..." Haruhi said. When was the last time I bought milk...

"You idiot!" Tamaki attempted to whisper. "What do you think you're doing? Don't be so mean to my little girl!"

The twins looked confused, "What do you mean?"

Tamkai glared at them, "Do you really think a commoner such as my Haruhi has any idea how to make a fancy tea like that! Look! She has no idea how to even prepare it!"

Kaoru looked horrified into the kitchen, "She doesn't even have a teapot... She's just to embarrassed to tell us"

"We're so sorry Haruhi," Hikaru groveled. "You don't need to make us that tea, just water would be fine!"

She knew the Host Club members, Tamaki and the twins in particular, knew absolutely nothing about the life the non-aristocracy, but this was just to much. If I just play along they'll go away sooner. "I've already made it though."

"Oh, in that case." the twins sat back.

Tamaki breathed a sigh of relief, "We have been saved by commoner wisdom."

"What do you mean Boss?" Kaoru asked.

Tamaki leaned over the coffee table conspiratorially, "Nothing we know in our world is true here."

Haruhi sighed as she began to pour the tea into mugs. She always knew they came from different worlds, personally she believed different planets too.

"We must be careful in our behavior," Tamaki continued, "any off hand remark or action could break Haruhi's heart. That means, in this contest, the first one to embarrass Haruhi loses."

Why was it always a contest with them! Just go along with it Haruhi, she told herself. It will all be over soon enough.

"While your antics are mildly amusing, I do wonder why you feel the need to turn this into a contest."

Her heart leaped in her chest and she could feel her cheeks growing red. Kyoya. She knew he was there all along. He himself had said that he had brought all the club together here, but somehow she hadn't really noticed him in her anger against Tamaki. She glanced at her hand, it was trembling slightly. She balled it and took a deep breath. She couldn't let herself look nervous all of a sudden.

"Okay! Tea's ready!" She turned quickly, nearly sloshing the tea out of the mismatched mugs.

As she sat down Honey opened up the bright box happily, "You pick first Haru-chan!"

She looked at the cakes worriedly, they looked really expensive. "Are you sure Honey-senpai?"

"Yeah, go ahead. We're rich. We eat this kind of stuff all the time," Hikaru said leaning back, and getting promptly elbowed by both his brother and Tamaki.

Ignoring him she pointed at one, "Strawberry I guess then."

"She's so cute..." the three of them sighed.

"Here," Mori's shadow loomed over her. "You like strawberries right? Have mine." He gently began to spoon the fruit on to her plate of cake.

Haruhi smiled up at him, "Thanks Mori-senpai!"

Hikaru hid his face in despair, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

"I should have been sharing strawberries with her all along," Tamaki lamented.

"Why did we let him trick us," Kaoru wailed.

Do they really think I can't hear them? Ugh...I wish they'd just leave... Haruhi thought as she she bit into a strawberry.


Kyoya watched the trio, mildly amused at their own torment. The twins had seemed to forgotten what had passed between them the other day, at least that was a weight off his mind. Still, he'd have to find a way to deal with them in a more permanent fashion. Unconsciously he began to watch Haruhi as she attempted to eat her cake while Tamaki and the twins irritated her. Their was something about the way her changing motions quickly flickered across her face. And she held her fork so delicately, her bites of the sweet so petite and dainty...

He quickly shook his head and pulled his gaze from her. He glanced at his watch. He had been watching her for the better part of fifteen minutes. It sure hadn't seemed like that.

Honey leaned back and patted his stomach. "All that cake sure whet my appetite," he said smiling meaningfully at Haruhi.

"Yeah," Hikaru nodded. "Isn't it about lunchtime anyway?"

Kyoya could see a chagrined look quickly pass over Haruhi's face as she realized what was about to happen.

"Well whats for lunch?" they all crooned to her.

She pursed her lips. He couldn't help but smile as he watched her get more and more flustered by them. He should help her out, but she looked just so attractive when she got upset like this. She shot him a plaintive look. He chuckled to himself, she just looked so pitiful. "We did stop by unexpectedly so why don't we pay for lunch," he offered. "Why don't you order us some of your favorite sushi or something?"

Her self-reliance seemed to kick in though and she squared her shoulders. "No way. If I let you guys pay for it I'm only going to end up regretting it later."

"Don't worry about it," he said. "We can just pay for it though the profits from the photos of you we auctioned off."

She slumped, "So I'm really paying for it after all..."

"Why don't you make something for us Haru-chan!" Honey exclaimed jumping up.

"Don't ask her that Honey-senapi!" Hikaru asked agitatedly.

And the three are at it again... honestly, how could those three really act so ridiculous?

"Well I guess I could do that..." Haruhi said thoughtfully. She glanced over at the groceries that were still sitting on the table. "But I'll have to go shopping again."

"We're coming with you!" The twins chorused, standing up quickly. "We want to see a commoner's supermarket!"

"Me too! Me too!" Honey said jumping up and down.

"I supposed it could be a learning experience," He said.

They all began to file out the door to the twins singsonging "Commoner's supermarket! Commoner's supermarket!" at the top of their lungs.


It had been a very, very long day. Haruhi sighed as she shifted her groceries from her second trip to the supermarket. She sighed as she looked on ahead to see most of the Host club making a big happy show as they all made their way back to her apartment. She was going to kill someone.

"Sorry about all this," Kyoya said coming up from behind, startling her. "Tamaki was worried about you and to be honest I wanted to come see you myself."

"Why'd you have to bring all of them though?" she moaned.

He smirked at her and pushed up his glasses, "For Tamaki's sake, allegedly. Besides, I thought it would be entertaining and serve get my mind off of other things."

"Well I'm glad to know my suffering entertains you," she said, rolling her eyes.

He suddenly stepped and dstopped in front of her, causing her to stumble and nearly fall onto him. He cupped her face and smiled down at her, his face dark against the blinding evening sun, "Oh you have no idea how much you entertain Haruhi," he whispered, his voice low and sultry. "I find my mind occupied by you almost every hour of the day and night."

Haruhi blushed furiously and her arms began to shake. She could feel a strange tingling begin to reverberate in her body, spreading out from her chest and making her weak. His face was so very close to hers... "The others..." she whispered but stopped, her voice suddenly disappearing.

"...are up the hill and around the corner." He smirked at her.

His eyes were sharp behind his glasses and his warm breath mingled with hers. "B-but we can't..."

"If you insist," he said, drawing away from her suddenly. Though it was what she had wanted him to do, she suddenly felt... disappointed. The tingling left her slowly as they began walking on once more but left her feeling odd still.

Kyoya smiled from beside her, "I owe you for today though, and I do prefer you being the one in debt."

She stopped dead and tried to glare at him, "Whatever you mean by that..."

He turned to face her, "I simply mean that I'm going to have to repay you somehow." He smiled at her.

Somehow, she didn't feel reassured.

"Are you two going to come up here or not!" Tamaki yelled down, leaning over the landing railing above them.

"We're getting hungry up hear Haruhi! Don't make our guests wait!" He father leaned over beside the blonde.

Kyoya smirked again before turning and heading up the steps.

It was going to be a hard week.

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