The Captain Always Takes Command

James might have been regarded as a fool once in his life- and maybe even regarded as a fool now- but he was anything but foolish. He was Captain of a well-regarded ship, he had navigated his crew out of danger and saved countless lives in the meantime. So, he might have been regarded as a fool, but he knew better.

He had made reckless decisions, but not believing in no-win situations did that. And if he could win instead of lose, why shouldn't he make that reckless decision? There was no reason to turn tail and run when there was hope.

However... Reckless decisions were not always smiled upon, and for those decisions, there was his Commander to tell him to tone it down.

Except, right now, he wasn't there.

Kirk irritably drummed his fingers against his Captain's chair, waiting impatiently for his second in command to join him in the bridge. The Vulcan was usually a stickler for rules- being on time- but now he was running late. It irked Captain Kirk more than he cared to admit. (He was always running late, so he didn't have room to complain.)

The bridge door slid open with its familiar whooshing noise.

"Apologies, Captain," said the familiar monotone voice. "I find myself to be running late."

"Apparently," James replied, sitting up. "Did you oversleep?"

Spock seemed to pause. "I did," he said slowly.

"Happens to the best of us," James said cheerfully. "Well, it normally doesn't happen to you, but, you know..."

"I know what?" Spock inquired.

James sighed, shaking his head. Teaching human mannerisms to a Vulcan- half-Vulcan although he may be- was like trying to pull teeth from a shark. "Nothing."

"Illogical. I know a remarkable amount of things."

"Whatever you say."

It was by 1720 hours that James noticed something was wrong.

Spock was barely moving. He was usually sitting ramrod straight, shoulders square, and his head held high. But now, his shoulders were slightly slumped (probably not noticeable to anyone but James, who flew with this Vulcan every mission), his eyes were distant, and he seemed slow to answer any of Kirk's questions.

"Excuse me," Spock said, very quickly getting to his feet.

"Alright," James said, looking over his shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"I said excuse me."

James was left staring at the door as Spock strode away.

Spock meticulously washed his hands, rubbing his face afterwards. Vomiting was one of the least pleasant things that he had ever experienced, so it was explainable that he try to stop it before it began. But after ten hours of flight, he couldn't stave off the nausea and had to excuse himself from his Captain.

He sighed heavily and stepped out of the bathroom.

He dreaded going back to the bridge. He knew that Kirk had now realised that something was happening, that something was bothering Spock. Spock didn't want to complain- it was a trivial thing, this cold or flu and, therefore, required no special attention.

He returned to the bridge.

"Apologies," he murmured. "I was assailed by sudden illness."

The truth was better, was it not, in such a situation. The Captain couldn't be angry with him when it was a matter of physical health and he would hopefully not question too far into the endeavours if he just said that he was ill.

James's eyebrows hitched up. "Ill? As in physically ill? With the common cold?"

"Common colds are not quite so common for Vulcans," Spock said quietly, sinking back into his chair.

His body was aching. He was sure that it was as warm as it ever was in the bridge, but he was dangerously on the edge of starting to shiver. Cold chills were attacking his body, making him wish that he was curled back up in his bed- an odd thought in itself, seeing as how he always liked to keep himself busy. He felt slow and sluggish, like his brain was working double-time to keep up with the day's demands, and it was giving him a dull throbbing beneath his temples in the process.

Headaches, he was used to. Captain Kirk, when he had only been Cadet Kirk, had given him headaches all the time. (And he still gave him headaches occasionally.) But this was a different kind of headache.

This was all consuming ache that made him want to go back to bed.


Spock flinched slightly, looking at his Captain. "Were you speaking?"

"So much for you listening to everything," James muttered.

"I am sorry?"

"No, you're not. You're sick. You should be sleeping. If you're feeling unwell, that is," Kirk said, looking between the screens and Spock.

"I believe that I already ascertained that I am feeling unwell," Spock said immediately.

"Go rest. I can manage."

"No," Spock said quickly, "it is quite unnecessary-"

"Commander," Kirk said sternly. "That's an order."

Spock stared at Kirk for a miserable moment before sighing. "Yes, Captain. Forgive me."

"For being sick? Honestly, lighten up."

Not entirely grasping what Jim was telling him, Spock stood and made an effort to pick up his feet as he walked back to his quarters.

AN: So... I'm new to Star Trek. What with Into Darkness being released, I figured, better watch the first one. And the first one's brilliant. So, now I'm a 'Trekkie', although I still have lots and lots to learn. That being said: I don't know if Vulcans can get sick. I've seen a few fics were Spock is sick, but I don't know if they're reliable to the original Star Trek or just sick!fic for the sake of being a sick!fic. I figure since Spock is half-Vulcan, making him sick could be explained.

What I'm saying is: if it explains somewhere in the Star Trek universe that Vulcans cannot, in fact, get sick... I'm sorry. But. Sick!fics are my 'speciality' and I adore Spock.

As mentioned, I'm new to the fandom, so please do point out Trek universe errors so I can fix them.

I do not own Star Trek. Reviews are always appreciated, especially on a first foray into a new fandom! Thanks!