Author's notes: This is the sequel to Bonded and Mated, so you won't understand the story unless you read those two stories first.

The title was guest reviewer destielisloveXD's idea, so thank you to them for the lovely title suggestion :) I got many good suggestions and I want to thank everyone for their help, I liked many of your ideas.

Title: Devoted

Rating: NC-17

Pairings and characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess, Mary/John Winchester, Jo/OMC, OC/OC pairings, Gabriel, OC children, Charlie Bradbury, Garth, Missouri, Anna, Kevin and his mother, Crowley, Jody Mills, Pamela, Gilda, Balthazar (and maybe others)

Warnings/tags: Demon/Angel AU, submissive/bottom Castiel, dominant/top Dean, alpha/beta/omega elements, mpreg, fpreg, kid!fic, non-graphic births, male/male graphic sex, in heat/mating cycles, self-lubrication, tails, tail!sex, wings & wing kink, oil glands, domestic/fluff (LOTS of it), sexual situations, bad language, racism, bullies, graphic violence, sibling quarrels, some hetero sex later, underage sex later in the story (both partners are over the legal age of consent). There might be more, don't know yet.

Full summary: SEQUEL to Bonded and Mated, read those first, please! Demon/Angel AU: The story continues as Dean and Castiel's family expands and their children grow up. They have to face the struggles that come with having hybrid children that are not easily accepted by society. Contains fluff, smut and lots of domestic scenes.

The story is beta'ed by iloveanime9251.

Ages and timeline: I've set the story to begin in October 2016 (2 weeks after the last scene in Mated). Castiel and Jo are born in 1989, Dean is born in 1988, Gabriel is born in 1985, and Sam and Jess are born in 1995. Eden was born on 28th August 2013 – meaning that Mated took place in 2012 and 2013. Devoted will have quite a lot of time jumping, but major time jumps will only be at the beginning of a new chapter and not in the middle of one. I will try to go as slow as I can and get as many details as possible.

In this chapter Castiel is 27, Dean is 28, and Eden is 3. Mary and John are likely somewhere around 47-51 years old.

I hope you'll enjoy reading :)

There are warnings for a non-graphic birth in the first chapter.


Dean woke up in the bed in the early morning. He groaned and squirmed and didn't want to wake up yet. He was dimly aware that he was spooned up behind Castiel with a hand resting on the pregnant angel's stomach. He breathed in the scent of his mate and purred at its familiar and soothing feeling. He snuggled into the angel, who began waking up as well.

Castiel opened his eyes and glanced back at Dean. When he saw his mate lying protectively behind him, he sighed and leaned into the demon's warmth. He purred when his mate's hand rubbed his pregnant stomach lovingly, and he could feel the baby moving inside of him. It was the 20th of October – the day their baby boy was supposed to arrive, and the doctors told them to come to the hospital once he started feeling contractions. It wasn't certain if the baby would come today or be late.

"Morning," Dean grinned into his ear, making Castiel shiver a bit.

"Good morning," Castiel smiled and closed his eyes again.

Dean chuckled and snuggled closer to him.

Suddenly Dean felt something move down by his legs and he flinched and quickly looked down to see what it was. He moved his wing out of the way to be able to see properly, and he was met by a pair of blue eyes staring back at him.

"Eden! What are you doing here?" Dean asked, and glared down at the little girl who wasn't even supposed to be in the room. His daughter stared back at him innocently, but the way she bit her lip indicated that she knew very well she wasn't supposed to be there at all. She had probably sneaked in during the night and fallen asleep by their feet on the bed.

"Sorry, daddy… I has a nightmare…" Eden muttered, and clung to Dean's foot while her tiny wings flared behind her nervously. Her feathers were less downy at the tips now, but they would continue to be downy at the root until she was around eight years old, where they would start looking more like adult feathers.

Dean groaned and Castiel chuckled. The angel was still lying with his back to Dean.

They had been trying to teach Eden to sleep in her own room, and she had been pretty good at it so far; she rarely came into their bedroom anymore. Their door was only locked when they were engaged in sexual activities, which Eden wasn't supposed to see or hear, but they always unlocked it again after they were done – they wanted her to be able to reach them if she needed to. They rarely slept naked anymore in case she should come into the bedroom.

"Come here," Dean said and opened his arms. Eden grinned and crawled up Dean's body until she was in his arms. He hugged her and she snuggled into him. "My little girl had nightmares, huh. Well, you know nightmares can't hurt you, and if they do I will chase them away, you hear?"

"Yes, daddy," Eden spoke, and laughed when Dean covered her cheek in kisses. Her tail and wings moved and flared behind her as she laughed and tried to squirm away.

Castiel looked over his shoulder at them and chuckled. His back was too sore to move around and his large stomach also made it difficult.

Dean smiled at Eden and let her go again, and she crawled over his wing (which made Dean wince in discomfort) until she reached Castiel.

"Be careful of his stomach, honey," Dean reminded her, and Eden nodded.

Castiel was still lying on his side, and he turned his head and smiled at Eden, who was on top of his right wing which rested over his body. The little girl was careful of his feathers and peered down at his stomach curiously, while she leaned over his back and wing. She still had some trouble understanding that her little brother was inside there, but she understood that Castiel's big stomach meant a baby was coming.

"Hi, papa," Eden grinned and buried her hands in his soft feathers, carefully.

An angel's wings were reserved for their mates when it comes to touching them, but as long as the children were young they could also touch the feathers, but not as intimately as the angel's mate would be allowed to.

"When bruhder coming?" she asked. She could mostly talk just fine but sometimes she would stumble over words she couldn't pronounce or some grammar issues, which was normal for children. She was 3 years old and was still learning how to formulate sentences.

"He should come today, but I'm not sure if that's what he's planning or not," Castiel replied and smiled at her.

Dean sat up in the bed and stretched. "I'll go make some breakfast. Wanna join me, Eden, and let your papa gather some strength before getting up?"

"Yay, food!" Eden cheered and quickly got up. She waved back at Castiel before leaving the room with Dean and helped him make breakfast – which mostly meant putting things on the table for him.

When breakfast was ready, Castiel came out from the bedroom and held his stomach as he carefully approached the table. Dean helped him take a seat, and they enjoyed the food together and talked.

They had put Eden in daycare when Castiel had started working again. It was a daycare center for mixed species, which should have meant that there would be less racism there, but strangely enough that wasn't entirely the case. Eden had some trouble fitting in – mostly because one of the adults seemed to treat her differently than the other children, and it affected the way the children treated her. When Dean had found out, he was furious. After a long and intense argument with the daycare center's owner, things had gotten better and Eden was playing with the other children again.

"Are we gonna see Jason again soon?" Eden asked while they ate, and looked up at her parents expectantly. Castiel was sitting at the table end because it had most space to the sides in case he needed help getting up, and Eden was sitting to his right with Dean on the other side of her. Dean helped putting food onto her plate for her to eat.

"Soon, darling, after the baby is here," Dean told her and chuckled.

Eden pouted in disappointment. "But I wanna play wif Jason…"

Jason and Eden had become very good friends – nearly inseparable. They had started seeing Jo and Tom more often because of their children's friendship and how both wanted to be together and play as often as possible.

Castiel chuckled. "I know, honey, but you'll have to wait a bit. Jason isn't running anywhere in the meanwhile."

Eden seemed to lighten up a little bit, and after they were done eating she helped Dean carry the food and plates back to the kitchen. She was always eager to help them do chores – which surprised the demon quite a bit, but he let her.

Dean was putting the dishes into the dishwasher and keeping an eye on Eden, who was playing with some toys near the couch. He was humming to himself when suddenly Eden cried out in horror, and he heard Castiel gasp in pain.

"Daddy, daddy, papa is hurting!" Eden cried, scared.

Dean quickly abandoned the dishes and went to attend to Castiel, who was clutching his stomach. The angel's face was scrunched up in pain and it made Eden panic and cry.

"It's alright, Eden, your papa is okay," Dean told Eden before he came over to Cas. "What is it, Cas? Is it the baby?" he asked, worried, but tried to keep his worry to a minimum to not freak Eden out.

"Yes, I'm having a contraction... The baby is coming, Dean," Castiel groaned and took a few deep breaths.

"Okay, I'll go get our stuff, call my parents to take care of Eden, and drive you to the hospital, alright?"

The angel nodded and Dean hurriedly went to get their already packed bags while trying to soothe Eden who was scared for her papa's wellbeing. She didn't understand what was going on and she cried and went over to Castiel and clung to his leg. The angel soothed her and told her he was alright.

Dean helped Eden put on some shoes and jacket, and drove them to the hospital. Mary and John would meet them there soon to take care of Eden while Dean was with Castiel.


When they arrived, Mary and John hadn't arrived yet because they lived in another town, but they would be there soon. Dean had to help Castiel inside while taking care of a scared Eden, but some nurses came and helped him take the angel to the delivery room.

Charlie was there to take care of Castiel, while Dean tried to calm Eden down. She was a bit calmer, but the angel had had another contraction in the car which made her pretty scared.

"It's okay, Eden, it's just your little brother who's coming and he's pushing papa a bit," Dean soothed her. He was holding her in his arms and her arms were wrapped around his neck while her face was buried in his shirt. He rubbed her back soothingly while she trembled.

"Your papa is alright, sweetie, he's doing just fine," Charlie smiled at her, before going back into the delivery room to check on Cas.

When Mary and John arrived, Dean handed his daughter over his mother, who took her in her arms and held her. Eden calmed down a little, and Mary rubbed her back for comfort. They were standing outside in the hallway, while Charlie attended to Castiel to see how his labor was progressing.

"We'll take care of her and calm her down. Go back inside and be with Castiel," Mary smiled at Dean.

"Yeah, thanks, mom," Dean spoke. Mary smiled and took Eden down to the hospital's cafeteria.

John looked at Dean and gave his son a pat on the shoulder. "Go be with your mate, he needs your support, son."

"Yes, sir," Dean smiled.

John smiled back and followed Mary down to the cafeteria, while Dean went back into the delivery room to be with his mate.

Castiel was lying on his side on the bed, dressed on a hospital gown, and held his stomach after another contraction had just subsided.

"Is Eden alright? I hate scaring her like that…" Castiel asked and looked up at Dean in worry.

Dean smiled and kneeled down beside the bed. He moved a hand up and brushed a few hairs away from the angel's forehead. Castiel was sweating a little from the pain and exhaustion that came after each painful contraction.

"Yeah, she'll be alright. My parents will take care of her, don't worry. Just concentrate on bringing this baby safely into the world, okay?" Dean smiled and kissed his forehead tenderly.

Castiel nodded and leaned into his touch.

They were both not as scared or freaked out this time as they were when Castiel gave birth to Eden. This time they knew what would happen, and Dean soothed the angel when he was in pain from the contractions. They were both excited to see their next little baby and who this baby boy would resemble the most.

The labor pains continued for four whole hours. Mary and John would stay at the hospital and come up to see them when the baby was there, but until then they took care of Eden. It was better that the girl wasn't anywhere near her parents until after the baby was born.

When the baby was finally about to be born, Dean held Castiel's hand like he did last time, and Charlie did the delivery. They were both relieved when it went well, and Charlie cleaned the baby up before putting him into the angel's arms so they could see their newest addition to the family.

Castiel held the baby who was wrapped in a soft blanket, and Dean sat next to him as they looked at their new son.

The boy looked quite different from Eden. He had tiny white wings with black and grey feathers here and there, a tiny demon tail, small dark hairs on his head, and he had blue eyes with some green in them (which would likely turn green later). He didn't have oil glands like Castiel and Eden did, and he was slightly bigger than his sister had been at birth.

The baby cried a bit and squirmed, and the two parents smiled as they watched him proudly.

"He's wonderful, just like Eden," Dean grinned, and caressed the baby's cheek gently. The baby calmed down a bit but was still sobbing softly.

Castiel smiled. He was still sweaty and exhausted from the birth, but seeing his new little son made him forget all the pains. He was a wonderful baby indeed.

Dean kissed the angel's cheek. "You did well, again," he grinned.

Castiel smiled and leaned into him as the demon rested his head against his. They stared down at their baby, who had finally stopped crying.

Charlie came back into the room and smiled at them. "So, afterwards we need to do some testing like we did with Eden back then, and I suppose you'd also like to know if the boy is an alpha, beta or submissive, no? But I don't think he's a submissive, they are usually born smaller… He's probably an alpha or beta, but we can't know for sure until we test him."

"Yeah, it would be nice to know," Dean smiled.

"Alrighty. Well, I'll let you bond with him for a while before taking any tests," Charlie smiled and turned to leave. "Want me to go get your parents, Dean?"

"If it's not a bother to you…"

Charlie chuckled. "It isn't."

"Alright, thanks, Charlie," Dean smiled.

Charlie saluted him with a grin and left quickly, and Dean chuckled at her before looking back down at his mate and newborn son.

It was the levels of testosterone that determined if a male was an alpha or beta – alphas had more testosterone which made them develop more muscles and stronger wings, and which tended to make them more aggressive and possessive than the betas. The color play of the feathers was also a way to determine it (for angels), but since the baby was a hybrid it was difficult to determine if his color mix was a result of cross-species breeding or because he had alpha angel traits in his feathers. They also wouldn't know if he would have sharp feathers before he reached his teenage years, where demons would develop sharpness in the feathers.

Mary, John and Eden came into the room soon afterwards. Eden was sitting on John's arm as he held her, while Mary went over to her son and Castiel to check on them.

"Did everything go well? Oh, and what a lovely baby!" Mary exclaimed happily.

Castiel smiled as Mary looked at the newborn, and Dean grinned proudly.

"Yeah, it went fine, and Charlie says he seems healthy," Dean told her with a smile.

John came over, and he and Eden looked down at the baby that was lying in Castiel's arms.

"Is that little bruhder?" Eden asked, and studied the baby curiously and in fascination.

"Yes, Eden, this is your little brother," Castiel smiled.

Eden grinned happily, and John moved closer so they could both have a better look at the new one. Eden studied him closely and John smiled proudly at his newborn grandson.

"His wings don't look like mine," Eden pointed out. She frowned in disappointment.

The others laughed and the baby squirmed a bit, but calmed down when Castiel shushed and rocked him gently.

"Well, we told you he wouldn't necessarily look like you," Dean chuckled.

Eden continued to frown at the baby but after a few seconds her face softened a bit.

"Have you found a name for him yet?" Mary asked.

"No, we'll wait until Charlie has the results on whether he's alpha or beta. Some names are better for alphas than for betas and submissives, you know," Dean explained.

"Well, let us know when you know the name then," Mary smiled.

The baby cried a bit and Castiel rocked him gently, while Dean brushed the baby's hand with a finger. The baby was hungry and they would need to warm him some milk very soon. But for now, he was just staring up at them every now and then and bonding with them.

"Well, right now he looks too adorable to be an alpha, but so did you when you were born, Dean," Mary laughed.

"Jee, thanks, mom," Dean spoke and rolled his eyes. He blushed a tiny bit and Castiel looked at him and chuckled.

"Ain't he hungry?" Eden suddenly asked.

"Yeah, I think he is," Dean said and was about to get up, but his mother beat him to it.

"Well, I'll go get warm milk then, and let you two parents bond with the little one," Mary said, and smiled at them before going.

They nodded at her in gratitude, and continued staring down at their new little baby who was just as perfect as they had imagined.


A few days later Castiel and the baby were released from the hospital and ready go to home. Eden had been staying at Mary and John's in the meanwhile, and she was looking forward to going back home and seeing her little brother again.

Charlie's tests had revealed that the baby was an alpha. Dean was quite proud of that, because it was important for alphas to have alpha children – those who didn't weren't considered proper alphas. 'Alphas should breed alphas' – it was an old way of seeing things, but it was still like that.

They had decided to call the baby 'Adrian', because they thought the name suited him well. John had liked the name a lot and so had Mary.

Sam and Jess hadn't seen the baby yet because they were still at Stanford, but they would be dropping by soon to see him. Gabriel had gone on a tour with his band but would be back when it was over.

When they finally came home, Castiel carried the new baby in his arms and fed him a bottle of milk, while Dean carried their stuff back inside. Eden was jumping around and was excited about being home again and having to be a big sister now.

"Papa, papa, I wanna see him!" Eden cheered as they entered the living room, and Castiel chuckled at her as she kept jumping around next to him.

She followed him over to the couch, where the angel sat down and got comfortable with baby, and Eden sat down beside him. She curiously looked down at the baby, who was eating eagerly from the bottle and was snuggled into Castiel's arm. The boy looked up at Eden with his blue/green eyes and the girl grinned.

"He eats a lot," she commented and giggled.

"You ate a lot too when you were born," Castiel smiled, amused.

"I did?"

"Oh yeah, you ate like a pig," Dean grinned. He was busy putting their packed things back to where they belonged in the bedroom, and when he was done he turned and grinned down at his little family.

Eden frowned at him like she didn't really understand the metaphor, and Castiel rolled his eyes.

"Be nice to our daughter, Dean," the angel said.

"Sorry, Cas, but I am right," Dean smirked. He sat down on the couch next to Castiel and pulled Eden into his lap and trapped her in his strong arms. The girl giggled and tried to break free, but Dean held her tight and she laughed and squirmed.

"Be careful that she doesn't hit the baby," Castiel scowled, and watched his daughter squirm violently while Dean grinned at her. Her tail was slapping against her father's thighs while she tried to break free, and she seemed to have a lot of fun.

"Don't worry, I don't think she can reach him," Dean and finally let go of Eden, who turned around and launched at him. The demon made an 'uff' sound as the girl launched at his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. She snuggled into him and Dean smiled and embraced her. "I think you're getting a bit too hyper, little girl," he chuckled.

"I wonder why that is…" Castiel smirked, and put the empty bottle away when Adrian was done eating. The boy cried softly, and the angel put him up against his shoulder and patted his little back, getting him to burp.

"Nastyyy," Eden commented into Dean's shirt when Adrian burped. "You're not allowed to do nasty while eating."

Castiel and Dean laughed.

"That's right, but little babies are allowed to, otherwise they get grumpy," Dean told her.

"No fair," Eden muttered and pouted, and Dean chuckled in amusement.

Castiel got up to change the baby and put him in his crib so he could nap, and Dean followed him. They had made the guest room into a new nursery so Eden could have her room to herself and not be woken up every time Adrian cried. Eden was eager to help putting her little brother to bed, but she regretted it when she smelled his dirty diapers. But as soon as the baby was lying in the crib (which was once Eden's) and gurgling, she went over and told him goodnight, before Castiel pulled her up in his arms and carried her out. Dean checked on the baby one more time before closing the door behind them quietly.

Castiel hadn't been able to carry Eden for the last month of his pregnancy, and she melted happily into his arms when he pulled her up. She snuggled into him and fell asleep in his arms, and Dean came over, grinning, and kissed his mate on the lips. They smiled down at their sleeping daughter before they carried her to her room together and lay her down to sleep.

Afterwards, Castiel took a quick shower while Dean watched TV. He dried his wet wings before walking into the kitchen.

Dean came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist from behind. Castiel sighed and opened the top drawer and took out his pills.

"Heat suppressants again, Cas? You know I kinda hate those pills…" Dean muttered and kissed his neck.

Castiel suppressed a shudder and swallowed the pill anyway.

"I know, but they are quite convenient considering the low self-control you showed me last time I was in heat," the angel pointed out. "If I didn't take them, I would be pregnant non-stop because of you, and I don't really want that."

"I wouldn't mind," Dean grinned behind him, making the angel swat him away with his wing. The demon stepped back and continued to grin.

"I know you wouldn't," Castiel said, dryly, and scowled at him.

Dean laughed and went forward. He placed his hands on the angel's hips, and the angel didn't push him away.

"Our boy is wonderful, Cas, and you know I love our children and you. But you're right, we shouldn't have children unless you really want to," Dean spoke, and looked his mate in the eye.

Castiel smiled. "I know, Dean. I do want more children but I think it's better to wait a few years between them."

"I know," Dean smirked. "C'mon, let's go to bed before the little guy wakes up."

Castiel nodded and joined him.

They lay down on the bed together, wrapped up in each other, and fell asleep soon afterwards. They were hoping that Adrian would be as good as sleeping for many hours as Eden was.


Author's notes: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter :) I feel like I'm a bit out of course all of sudden since I got so used to writing Mated and now it's 3 years later and I have to do more time jumping now. It's a bit of a challenge. But the second chapter takes place not long after this one, so I don't always jump around too fast from chapter to chapter. If I had to go into every detail of their lives, this story could turn out to be really long… XD

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