June – July 2043 (Castiel is 53 (almost 54), Dean is 55, Eden is 29 (almost 30), Adrian is 26, the twins are 22, Noah is 17, Jayden is 18 (almost 19), Tony is 23, Natalie is 25, Jason is 30, Daniel is 4, Luna and Maya 1 are years old).

Almost a year had passed and it was finally time for Lily and Isaac to graduate from college. Both of them had gotten pretty good grades on their final exams, and now they had to look for jobs. Lily was hoping to join an orchestra – either a theater/musical orchestra or for music recording, and Isaac was going to try to get a role in a movie or on a show as an actor.

Since neither Lily or Isaac had gotten jobs or apartments yet, they were moving back into Dean and Castiel's house until they found their own places. Dean and Castiel were looking forward to have the twins in the house once again, even though it was only temporary, and Noah was excited about it as well since he still felt a little lonely at home without his siblings sometimes.

The graduation ceremony took place outside in the college's big sports field. There were a lot of people present – students, parents, siblings, and college staff – and both Noah and Castiel felt pretty uncomfortable in the big crowd. Eden and Adrian couldn't attend because of their jobs, but they would soon be coming over to celebrate the twins' graduation with the family.

Dean, Castiel, and Noah pushed their way through people's legs as they headed to their seats before the ceremony began. They had already greeted Lily and Isaac who were both dressed in their graduation uniforms and were waiting with the other students at the front. They found a nice spot and sat down so that Noah was sitting between Dean and Castiel. They glanced at the people around them to see if they were receiving any racist looks from anyone. It was something they always did to assess the situation around them, and Castiel sighed in relief when none of the people seated nearby them seemed to be bothered by their presence. Perhaps they simply hadn't realized that he and Dean were mates.

They waited for the ceremony to begin, but they knew that Lily and Isaac would be among the last ones on the list of names to be called since their last name ended with the letter W which was at the end of the alphabet.

While waiting Noah texted a bit with Jayden. Dean noticed this and raised an eyebrow at him when he saw Noah snicker at something Jayden had written to him. "What's so funny?"

Noah tried to control his amusement before saying, "Jayden is complaining to me about Laura who broke into his room yesterday when he forgot to lock his door and put glitter all over his bed. He says he hadn't realized it when he came into his room last night to sleep, so when he woke up this morning his feathers were covered in glitter." He laughed out loud then, picturing Jayden's annoyed face in his head and couldn't stop laughing at it.

"Wow, she's like a mini-Isaac, isn't she," Dean laughed.

Castiel chuckled. "I believe Isaac is worse. Laura seems very sweet."

Noah smiled. "She is. She and Jayden are very close, but she always finds it funny to annoy him."

"Well, that's what siblings are for. And who doesn't find it funny to annoy their sibling? Sam and I used to prank each other all the time when we were younger. I'll never forget when he got rash on his dick when I put strong itching powder into his underwear." Dean burst out laughing at the memory.

Castiel gaped at him in horror. "You did not."

"Oh, I did," Dean grinned smugly.

Noah laughed at that but couldn't help but feel sorry for his uncle.

Castiel just shook his head and rolled his eyes, and Dean chuckled at him before they turned their attention to the college dean who began speaking into the microphone. The dean was standing on the platform where the students would be coming up to receive their diplomas, and he began welcoming them before starting to call up the names of the graduates.

Everyone's attention turned to the ceremony and the students that went up to receive their diploma.

After a few minutes another couple of parents moved along the row of chairs to sit down, and Castiel tensed a bit when he realized they were going to be sitting next to him. He pulled his wing closer to himself, but at least the chair didn't have armrests so his wings had more space. There was also a good distance between his chair and the chairs next to him and behind him – it was standard to place the chairs far apart to avoid someone accidentally touching another person's wings. It wasn't unusual to hear about lawsuits in America from angels, demons, or hybrids who felt that they had been violated by someone who had gotten too close to their wings in places like this.

The female human that sat down next to him gave Castiel a friendly smile which he returned, and her husband leaned forward to look at them before leaning back and paid attention to the ceremony. Castiel was relieved that it was a woman sitting next to him, and he was also lucky to have an angel/human hybrid female sitting behind him.

The ceremony went on, and it was a little boring to wait so long for Lily and Isaac's turns. Noah still texted a bit with Jayden every now and then, and Dean got a little restless after fifteen minutes.

Finally the dean called out Isaac's name, and they watched as Isaac rose from his chair to go up to receive his diploma.

Isaac sent a cocky grin around at the people sitting in the many seats in front of the stage, and after he had shaken the hand of the college dean and had gotten his diploma, he raised both his hands up in victory and shouted, "Wooo baby! You see that? I fucking rock, people!"

Everyone at the ceremony laughed out loud, and Isaac grinned and high-fived a few other students' hands as he headed back to his seat.

Castiel groaned and put a hand to his forehead, embarrassed by Isaac's public outburst. Noah was slightly embarrassed too but he was laughing at it along with Dean. Out of all the students that had received their diploma Isaac was the only one to burst something out like that, and it really changed the mood among the people present at the ceremony. It had been very quiet and somewhat boring up till then.

Lily blushed in embarrassment as Isaac sat down next to her, but he just grinned when he saw his twin's flushed face.

"What? This ceremony is so boring, I just needed to lighten up the mood a bit," Isaac grinned. He moved the tassel that was attached to his graduation hat away when it got into his face, purposefully making it look funny when he swatted it away.

"I know…" Lily murmured, smiling a bit at what Isaac did with his tassel. She blushed when the students seated around them snickered and giggled because of Isaac. They were sitting in alphabetical order, so their friends were several seats or rows away from them.

Lily's name then got called out and she immediately straightened up and hurried up to receive her diploma. She shook the dean's hand and smiled awkwardly at the crowds as everyone clapped, and was slightly embarrassed when Isaac whistled really loud to congratulate her. She hurried back to her chair again and smiled at her friends when they congratulated her as she passed them on her way back to her seat.

Two more people were called up, and everyone clapped as the last students got their diploma. There was a small break until the dean would hold the final speech and there would be some music, and people starting chatting with each other while waiting.

"Can I see?" Isaac asked, reaching out to grab Lily's diploma, but she quickly swatted his hand away.

"No! It's mine and I want to see it first. You can look at it afterwards," Lily hissed at him.

Isaac pouted. "Fine," he muttered. "Do you have PMS or something?"

"No, I'm just allergic to you being nosey."

Isaac snorted and crossed his arms. "Same thing."

Lily rolled her eyes. "You're sulking like a child."

"Am not!"

It was then that one of the angel guys sitting behind them finally spoke. "Please, spare us your sibling quarrels… This ceremony is boring enough as it is."

Isaac turned his head to glare at them. They were two angel guys that both he and Lily knew from some of their classes, and they were never hesitating to show how much they hated Lily and Isaac. The guy that had spoken was named Dennis. Isaac hated that guy particularly much.

"Aww, I'm sorry we ruined your day, but you could just stop listening in, you know. Maybe you should go home and jerk off to some midget porn if you wanna have some fun," Isaac retorted at him.

Lily and some of the other girls around them snickered like mad at that, making Dennis' face turn completely red.

Dennis leaned forward in his seat, glaring threateningly at Isaac. "What was that?!" The guy was pretty short for an alpha and was often mistaken for being a beta, so Isaac's midget comment had been to poke fun at him.

"You heard me," Isaac smirked cockily.

Dennis growled, looking like he was about to do something to Isaac, but his friend next to him held him back when they saw a teacher looking in their direction. Dennis let out an angry growl but leaned back into his chair again and left Isaac alone for the rest of the ceremony.

After the ceremony was over, Dean, Castiel, and Noah quickly went over to find Lily and Isaac.

Castiel smiled proudly at his children and pulled them both in for separate hugs. They both hugged him back, and Dean and Noah hugged them as well.

"I'm so proud that both of you have finished college now," Castiel smiled, feeling happy tears threaten to appear in his eyes. They had all stepped a bit away to stand in a place with less people around them. The other graduates and their families were slowly starting to leave and there was a lot of chatting and noise going on around them.

Lily beamed. "Thank you. I'm so excited to find a job already."

"Yeah, if anyone wants to hire someone like us," Isaac snorted.

"Hey, both Eden and Adrian found good jobs, so why shouldn't you?" Dean spoke.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, dad, I want to be an actor, and I don't think that angel/demon hybrids are that common on TV or in the theaters…"

"Well, that can quickly change. Someone's gotta be first," Dean argued.

"Hmm… Good point," Isaac murmured, scratching his chin as he thought about that. "My face is rather irresistible, after all…"

Noah laughed and Lily rolled her eyes at her twin.

"Be careful that you don't burst with all that ego that is constantly being shoved up your ass by yourself," Lily muttered.

Isaac smirked. "Must have been the alpha I got laid with last month that shoved it up there."

"God! I don't wanna hear about it!" Lily groaned and covered her ears in disgust.

Dean grimaced. "Yeah, me neither. I didn't even know you bottomed… Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"I rarely do. I only do it if the alpha guy I find is extremely and utterly hot, but that's the only exception," Isaac explained.

Castiel groaned. "Isaac, you don't tell such things to your family. It isn't something we need to hear."

"Yeah, it's disturbing…" Noah murmured in agreement.

Isaac just laughed at their disgusted faces.

They all looked up when Tony came over to them with a big grin on his face. "Hey, guys," he smiled at them, and immediately went over to pull Lily into a loving kiss. Lily smiled into the kiss and touched his cheek in affection, and Noah watched them with a smile.

Isaac started making puking and gagging noises, and Tony pulled away from Lily's lips with a laugh.

"Isaac!" Castiel chastised at his son, outraged by his rude behavior.

"It's okay, Castiel. I'm used to him by now," Tony grinned and wrapped an arm around Lily's waist as he stood next to her.

"You should be, 'cause he's not gonna change," Dean chuckled and reached out to pull teasingly at Isaac's tassel when he couldn't ruffle his hair because of the hat.

"Hey! Hands off the tassel!" Isaac barked and swatted his father's hand away with a pout.

Castiel offered to hold Lily and Isaac's diplomas for them since he knew they would likely be saying goodbye to some of their friends now and that the diplomas could get slightly in the way when hugging someone. Both Lily and Isaac seemed pretty glad to not to have to hold them anymore.

They looked up when Lily's friend Isabella made her way through the crowds and headed over to Lily.

"Hey, girl, I'm gonna miss you so much! Promise me you'll stay in touch," Isabella smiled and pulled Lily into a hug.

"Of course. We'll make lots of appointments together," Lily chuckled and hugged her back.

Isabella grinned and pulled back. She glanced at the others and smiled as she looked at Dean and Castiel. "Hello, Mr. and Mx. Winchester." She knew them well since she had sometimes come over to their house to see Lily, especially after her parents had found out that she was into girls and hadn't been very accepting about it. Lily had comforted her, and Castiel always made some very nice dessert to cheer Isabella up.

"Hello, Isabella. Congratulations on graduating," Castiel smiled.

"Yeah, congrats," Dean said with a smile.

"Thanks," Isabella grinned. She looked at Lily again and leaned in to kiss her cheek briefly and did the same with Tony. "See you," she smiled before running off.

Lily smiled as she watched her friend go and leaned into Tony whose arm was wrapped around her waist again. "Oh!" Lily suddenly spoke and turned to look at the others. "Us graduating isn't the only thing you should congratulate Tony and me on," she said and grinned excitedly at them.

Castiel frowned. "Why? What is it?"

Isaac paled. "Please don't tell me you're preggers."

"No!" Lily hissed at him before clearing her throat. She glanced briefly up at Tony for reassurance before saying, "We, um, we've bonded with each other now." She smiled and grabbed a hold of Tony's hand, entwining their fingers while she smiled up at him in adoration. The alpha angel grinned and squeezed her hand too, and their wings touched affectionately.

Noah's eyes widened, as did the others'.

"You've…" Dean repeated but trailed off, looking from Lily to Tony in astonishment.

"Wow, should have seen that coming. I didn't even notice it at all," Isaac said, incredulous.

Castiel smiled widely at Lily and Tony after having recovered from his surprise. "Oh, that's wonderful. Congratulations." He went forward and hugged them both, feeling happy for Lily that she had found someone whom she loved enough to choose for a mate.

"Thanks, papa," Lily smiled and returned his hug.

When Lily turned to Dean while Castiel and Tony were hugging, her father was watching her with an expression that she couldn't quite read. She curled her tail warily next to her leg and glanced up at his face. "I hope you aren't mad, daddy…"

Dean snapped out of it and blinked at her. "What? No, I'm not mad. Just slightly sad that my other little girl is also all grown up now," he spoke, a sad smile on his lips. Lily was looking back at him with a guilty expression, making Dean chuckle fondly and go forward to pull her into a hug. "But I'm happy for you, sweetie."

Lily hugged him back and smiled when her father placed a soft kiss on top of her head while her head was resting under his chin. She smiled and let their tails entwine.

"Isn't it a little early to mate? Or do you plan to have babies already?" Isaac asked since he knew that Lily would be having heats now that she was bonded and mated to Tony. Many couples would wait with bonding until they were ready to have children together.

"Not quite yet. We're waiting a bit with that," Tony explained and shifted shyly.

"Why did you bond already, then?" Isaac asked. Castiel was kinda curious about that as well.

Lily pulled away from Dean to answer. "I didn't want to wait anymore. Tony and I wanted to mate sooner or later, so why not just do it sooner?" She smiled over at Tony who returned the smile somewhat shyly.

"Don't you dare go into heat at dad and papa's house! I don't wanna be around for that!" Isaac groaned in disgust.

Lily blushed furiously at hit Isaac's tail with her own in embarrassment. "I won't! I'll be staying at Isabella's place then since her parents will be out of town for a few weeks, so neither of you will see me!" She had to go through at least one heat before she could start taking suppressants, which was why she wasn't taking them already.

Castiel chuckled softly. "Yes, I think that is wisest."

"Don't let Tony anywhere near the house," Dean warned.

"Hey," Tony protested, a pout on his face.

The others laughed at that and Castiel was a little embarrassed by Dean's overprotectiveness when it came to their children finding mates and starting their own families.

Lily laughed softly before turning to Noah whom she hadn't hugged yet. Noah was smiling at her and twitching his wings a bit as she looked at him.

"I'm glad that you're happy with Tony," Noah spoke.

Lily grinned and brushed her tail against his leg. "Thanks. And I am glad that you're still happy with Jayden."

Noah blushed a bit at that before hugging Lily tightly. It was surreal to Noah that almost all his siblings had mates now and that Eden and Adrian had kids and all that. It probably wouldn't be long before Lily and Tony were having a baby too.

After hugging Noah, Lily turned to Isaac once more who was now suddenly fidgeting a bit and keeping his gaze on the ground. The tip of his tail was trailing over the dirt before he finally looked at his twin.

"You're still my favorite twin, you know," Lily smiled at him.

"I know," Isaac murmured. "Womb-buddies forever."

Lily laughed warmly at that before stepping forward and pulled Isaac into a hug. It had been such a long time since the two had shared a hug but it felt natural and comforting to both of them. Isaac moved his arms up slowly and put them on Lily's back, returning the hug. They entwined tails, and Isaac buried his face in Lily's neck while hers was buried in his shoulder.

Lily smiled when she felt Isaac hug her tighter, as if he didn't want to let go. She knew it had to be quite emotional for him to realize that his twin had a mate now and they would soon be parting ways to live their own lives after having been together since birth. It was quite overwhelming and somewhat sad for Lily too.

Castiel watched them with a small smile. He too knew that the twins would be parting ways soon for the first time in their lives and it wasn't easy on him either. They were his babies, after all. Dean felt his sadness through their bond and moved over to wrap his arm around Cas' waist and lean in to place a soft kiss on his temple, and the gesture made Castiel smile contently.

Isaac reluctantly pulled back from the hug and straightened up, putting a more manly mask on his face. He cleared his throat and said, "Um, okay, enough girly hugs and emotions now. Where's the candy? Dad promised me candy after graduation!" He glared over at Dean in accusation.

Dean laughed. "There'll be candy tonight, but not just for you; we'll all share it."

Lily rolled her eyes at Isaac before going over to Tony.

Castiel suddenly frowned and turned to look at Tony. "Where are your parents? Are they not here today?"

"My mom and my little sister are here but my dad was too busy with work. My sister needed the bathroom so mom followed her inside. They should be back any moment now," Tony explained.

"Did you tell them the news?" Dean asked, glancing between Lily and Tony to state what he meant by 'news'.

"I had to. My mom picked up on it earlier," Tony chuckled. "Nothing escapes her senses."

They all looked up when Tony's mother and sister arrived just then, and they smiled and shook each other's hands. Tony's sister was ten years old with brown hair and white and grey feathers. Their mother was a human and their father was a beta angel.

"So they told you the news, huh?" Tony's mother Emily grinned after having greeted them.

"Yeah, they just did. I can't say I was too surprised, though," Dean spoke and smiled at the young couple.

"Me neither, but I'm happy for them. Lily is such a nice girl and our family just loves her," Emily said and smiled over at Lily who blushed shyly.

Castiel smiled at that.

Tony's sister Ashley fidgeted a bit as the adults talked, and she glanced warily at Isaac since she knew that he was a prankster. Noah caught her eyes when she glanced up at him and they smiled briefly at each other. They had met a few times before but had barely spoken with each other.

"How old are you?" Ashley asked Noah curiously while the adults talked about Lily, Isaac, and Tony's job choices and stuff.

"Um, I'm 17," Noah replied and smiled at her.

"Oh. You look younger," the girl said, tilting her head a bit.

"I know, I hear that sometimes. I suppose it's because I'm kinda short…"

Ashley grinned. "But short makes you look cute."

Noah blushed a bit at that and smiled sheepishly.

"He's not 'short'," Isaac cut in and went over to wrap his arm around Noah's shoulders. Noah tensed a bit and yelped when Isaac's fist rubbed into his head with brotherly affection, making Noah shrink in on himself to squirm his way out of Isaac's hold. "He's tiny and microscopic!" Isaac elaborated, grinning as he held on to Noah to stop him from getting away.

"Isaac! Stop it," Noah whined and finally managed to get away. He straightened up a bit and scowled at his brother in annoyance.

Isaac laughed. "Aw, you're so cute when you're annoyed, baby brother," he teased.

Noah blushed as Ashley and the others laughed, and some of the other families around them seemed a bit amused as well. Noah hated Isaac for drawing so much attention to him and for embarrassing him in public.

They chatted a bit with Tony and his family until it was time to leave. Lily and Tony kissed goodbye since they were going home to their own families now, but they would be seeing each other soon. When Tony got a job and found an apartment they would be moving in together, but until then they were going to live at home with their parents.


They had spent the evening celebrating Lily and Isaac's graduation and had gone out for dinner together. Adrian and Eden had come over on Saturday with their mates and kids to be with them and they had had a good time.

July soon came around, and Lily had been away from the house for a bit to ride out her first heat at Isabella's place. It had been agonizing, but she had managed it – even though Isaac's jokes about it really got on her nerves.

Adrian, Eden, Natalie, and Jason finally had their holidays in July, and Noah and Jayden had their school holidays. Since they all had holidays and free time now, Adrian had suggested to Isaac, Jayden, Jason, and Tony that they should have a boys' night out together at a local concert. All boys agreed and were looking forward to spending some time together, just the five of them. It was a good opportunity for them to form strong bonds with their brothers-in-law without the rest of the family being around.

"Are you sure you don't wanna come along, Noah?" Adrian asked as he, Isaac, Jayden, Jason, and Tony prepared to leave. They had met up at Dean and Castiel's house that day, and Eden and Natalie were there too with the kids and would spend the night there.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Noah said, standing on the first step of the stairs to give more space to the boys as they all got dressed to leave. "I'm not very fond of crowded places or loud music…"

"And you're not much into boys' nights, are you?" Isaac grinned as he put on his shoes. He almost lost his balance and stumbled back into Jason who rolled his eyes at him.

"No, not really…" Noah admitted, murmuring. He liked hanging out with his brothers and brothers-in-law – and Jayden, course – but he often felt less interested in the topics that was often most interesting to guys, such as cars, sport, etc. He was more in touch with his female side in many aspects, making him prefer to spend a quiet night and just talk about daily life stuff. The guys could do that too, but sometimes they needed something more stimulating for themselves.

Jayden chuckled fondly and went over to stand in front of Noah. He was still taller than Noah despite the submissive standing on the lowest step on the stairs, but they were more eye level now. He smiled at his boyfriend and reached out to cup his cheek while pulling him into a soft kiss. Noah smiled against his lips and returned it, humming softly as they kissed.

The others watched them, and Adrian couldn't resist as he went over and pulled not too hard on Jayden's tail, startling the alpha demon so that he flinched and yelped and was forced away from Noah's lips.

"Hey!" Jayden warned, turning his head to scowl playfully at Adrian who laughed at him.

"Don't eat up my brother," Adrian just chuckled at him.

"I bet he's eaten him out a few times before, though," Isaac snickered behind him.

Noah's face went bright red in mortification. "Isaac!" he hissed out, completely embarrassed. Jayden just laughed even though his cheeks were red from embarrassment as well.

"Isaac, behave yourself," Castiel chastised from the living room, a warning in his voice.

"Dude," Jason chortled in amusement, and Tony laughed next to him.

Adrian shoved Isaac back playfully after having rolled his eyes at him, and Isaac just laughed.

"I thought you guys were leaving," came Eden's raised voice from the living room. The others had stayed in the living room with Bella since it was getting a little crowded in the entrance hall.

"Yeah, we are. Isaac's just being a dick, as usual," Adrian replied and smirked at his brother.

"Hey!" Isaac growled.

Jason poked his head into the living room and smiled when he saw Eden sitting on the couch with Luna on her lap and Daniel standing next to her. Maya was crawling around on the couch next to Natalie who was seated beside Eden on the couch. The two baby girls got along well and interacted a lot when they were together.

"See you guys later," Jason said and waved over at them. He had kissed Eden goodbye earlier so he didn't need to do it again.

"Have fun," Eden smiled at him, watching as he turned to go back to the entrance hall.

"Daddy!" Daniel whined and ran over to Jason, his arms spread as he silently begged his father to pick him up.

Jason smiled and picked up Daniel. "Hey, Daniel. Daddy is leaving and won't come back until you've gone to bed. Take care of mommy and Luna while I'm gone, okay? Can you do that for daddy?"

Daniel nodded reluctantly, tears forming in his eyes when he knew his dad was going to leave. Jason was about to put him down when Daniel spotted Noah on the stairs. The boy he reached out towards him, and Jason smiled as he instead shifted his son over into Noah's arms.

Daniel clung to Noah who rocked him gently. "Don't be sad, Daniel. You'll see your father again soon," Noah told him softly. Daniel whined a bit and rested his head on Noah's shoulder while the submissive rubbed his back soothingly.

Jayden smiled at the scene and how content the little boy looked in Noah's arms.

The others said goodbye to each other, and Adrian went over to Natalie to kiss her goodbye. He placed a soft kiss on Maya's head afterwards, smiling as his daughter glanced up at him with big blue eyes.

"Ready?" Dean prompted, getting the car keys ready in his hand. Dean was going to drive them to the concert since it was likely that all of the boys would be too drunk to drive home later, so it was safer if he picked them up again afterwards.

"Yep, we're good to go," Adrian said, smiling at Natalie and Maya one more time before going back into the entrance hall. He already said goodbye to Lily, Castiel, and Eden.

Tony and Lily kissed goodbye before Tony followed Adrian and Jason back into the entrance hall. Bella tried to follow, but Castiel held her collar so that she wouldn't get in their way.

Dean said goodbye to the others and went over to open the front door, and Jayden quickly leaned in and kissed Noah on the cheek.

"See you later," Jayden spoke.

Noah smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Have fun, and don't get too drunk…"

Jayden grinned and brushed his tail against Noah's leg. "I won't."

"And I'll make sure he doesn't cheat on you," Isaac cut in, grinning at them.

"He wouldn't do that!" Lily chastised him from the living room.

"Yeah, I wouldn't. Don't worry about that," Jayden told Noah, an honest expression on his face.

Noah chuckled softly and put Daniel back down on the floor. "I'm not all that worried. I trust you."

Jayden smiled before saying a quick goodbye the others and left with the boys and Dean.


The concert took place from 6pm to 11pm in a large concert hall in the center of the city. The band that was performing was a rather new band but they were already a very popular rock band in the USA.

It was extremely crowded when they arrived but the boys stuck together. They had each other's cell phone numbers in case they got lost from one another, and they had chosen a place to meet at just in case they couldn't reach each other.

Drinks were sold at the concert, but since Jayden was under 21 he had to get the others to buy him something to drink. They had found a nice spot in the middle of the hall with a tall round table (without chairs) which they could put their drinks on. A lot of girls and guys walked by and looked the boys up and down with interest, but since everyone save for Isaac were mated or were in a relationship, they didn't respond to the attention they were given. Except for Isaac who would smile charmingly at every person that looked at him with interest, making Adrian roll his eyes at him all the time.

It was noisy as the concert was going on, and fans were cheering eagerly in the mostly dark room. It smelled of booze and some people had spilled their drinks here and there, making the floor a little wet in some places.

The band was having a small break now, and Adrian rolled his eyes at Isaac when he saw his brother flirting with a young angel female. The girl's two girlfriends were there as well, and they all gasped in amazement when Isaac pulled a little magic trick on the angel girl who was giggling and seemed to find Isaac pretty interesting.

Jason chuckled as they all watched what Isaac was doing a few feet away from them. "He's such a charmer, isn't he?"

"Yeah, I have the feeling he fucks everything that has a nice butt; male or female, he doesn't care," Adrian murmured.

"Well, at least he's not picky," Tony chuckled, sipping from his beer along with Jayden. "But a relationship would do him good."

They looked up when Isaac came back over to them. "Damn, turns out she has a boyfriend," he groaned and picked up his drink from their table to take a swig from it. "And so do her friends… Why are girls flirting if they're already in a relationship?" he muttered and sulked slightly next to Adrian and Jason.

Jason patted his shoulder for comfort. "No idea… But not all girls do that."

"Or they just lied because they don't want to sleep with you," Adrian suggested, smirking as Isaac raised his head to scowl at him.

"Shut up, man! I'm attractive!" Isaac growled.

Jayden chuckled at that and glanced at his phone to check the time. "There's still another ten minutes left of the break, so I'll head to the bathroom. Don't go anywhere until I'm back, otherwise I'll never find you in the crowds again."

"Sure, we'll stay here," Adrian said, smiling at Jayden as he left.

There was a lot of noise in the place since everyone was talking and shouting, and Jayden could barely push his way through to the bathroom because of all the people. It stank of alcohol everywhere, but at least not all guests were wasted yet.

The bathroom was kind of disgusting, but it couldn't be avoided when so many people were using it.

When Jayden exited the bathroom and headed back over to the others, he bumped into a young demon girl a few feet away from the others. "Oops, I'm sorry," he told her, checking to see if she was okay.

"No problem," the girl smiled. She looked him up and down with interest before moving a hand through her long blonde hair and smiled up at him.

Jayden knew what that gesture was. She was trying to make herself look attractive to him, but it wasn't really working on him. He wasn't interested in anyone but Noah. He quickly excused himself and went back over to the others, only to notice that the girl had followed him.

"Maybe we should meet up afterwards?" the girl said, staring at Jayden with hopeful eyes as she stood in front of him.

Jayden's wing and tail twitched a bit in disinterest, and Adrian, Isaac, Tony, and Jason all stared at him and the girl like an audience watching an intense scene in a movie where you waiting to see what would happen next.

"Uh, I'm not really interested. I'm taken," Jayden told her dismissively, but as politely as he could.

"Oh," the girl said, disappointed. Her tail flicked behind her in slight embarrassment before she ducked her head and stepped back. "Sorry. I didn't know. Have a nice evening." She quickly disappeared into the crowds again, and Jayden sighed in relief.

"Oh, she seemed pretty interested in you," Tony smirked at Jayden.

"And she was kinda hot…" Jason murmured. He quickly looked at Isaac and Adrian with slightly panicked eyes. "Don't tell Eden I said that."

Adrian laughed at that. "I don't think she'd be angry about it unless you had flirted with the girl." He turned to look at Jayden again. "And I saw a few girls hitting on you earlier when we entered the building. Apparently you're popular," he chuckled.

"I don't know any of them…" Jayden murmured and sipped quietly from his beer.

"Of course they hit on him! He's smoking hot!" Isaac blurted.

Jayden flustered a bit at that and the others laughed.

"I don't think Noah would let you fuck him, though," Adrian chuckled at Isaac.

"Don't give me nasty images in my mind, please…" Tony groaned.

Adrian and Jason laughed at that, and suddenly there was a voice on the microphone saying that the band had returned from the break. Everyone's attention turned back to the concert and they were once again overwhelmed by the loud music and people's screams and cheering.


There was one more break at 9:30pm, during which Isaac started hunting for a potential person to get laid with. He scanned the crowds for someone who would catch his eye, and when he found someone he would go over and chat with them and see if they were in a relationship or not. He was not into making someone cheat on their partner, so if he was told that the person was taken he would move on to another person instead.

Adrian kept an eye on Isaac most of the time, always wanting to know where his brother was and what he was up to. Even though they were both adults he still had his big brother instincts, and he wanted to make sure that Isaac was okay even though he knew that Isaac could take care of himself, unlike Noah who was more vulnerable to someone overpowering him.

They were chatting by the table when an alpha angel in his forties suddenly caught their attention. The guy was bulky and had tattoos on his upper arms, and he was chatting with a female angel around his age. Whenever a young girl walked by close to him he would reach out and grab or slap their rear with a perverted smirk, making the girls yelp in surprise and glare at him. The angel female he was with didn't look particularly bothered by it and seemed to be rather used to him doing that. The guy then pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The smoke travelled around the area, making some of the other people cough in discomfort and move away because the smell of cigarettes was nauseous to the non-smokers.

Adrian narrowed his eyes at the guy, and Jayden, Jason, and Tony were watching him as well. Isaac was still nearby but was chatting with some guy now, so he wasn't paying attention to what his brother and brothers-in-law were up to.

Jayden scrunched his nose in disgust when the smoke finally reached their table, and that was when Adrian had enough.

Adrian went over to the guy and moved to stand in front of him, making the alpha turn to look at him in slight annoyance.

"What?" the guy spat.

"Smoking is not allowed in here, and I think most of us would appreciate you putting it out. You're bothering the other fans," Adrian spoke, staring firmly at the guy. His wings rose a bit behind him – not a threatening gesture, but to show that he was serious.

The guy snorted. "I smoke whenever I want, so fuck off."

Adrian's eyes flickered over to Jayden and the others, who came over now to back him up.

The alpha angel and his woman glanced around when they were faced with four guys, all staring them down. Adrian and Jayden were both alphas, and though Tony and Jason weren't alphas on angel and demon terms, they were certainly strong and tough-looking, making it four alpha males to glare down the single alpha angel.

Others in the crowd around them watched the scene anxiously when they noticed what was going on. The group of girls that had been most bothered by the smoke seemed rather relieved that someone was finally confronting the guy.

"And I'm pretty sure that most of the girls in here don't want an old pervert to grope them either," Jayden added and sneered at the guy while glaring him down.

The guy sneered back and was about to snap out a comeback, but backed off when Jayden and Adrian both spread their sharpened wings just slightly and when Jason and Tony stepped a little closer while glaring him down.

The woman put a cautious hand on the alpha's arm and said, "They're right, you know. Just put out the cigarette already and stop grabbing the girls. I don't want you to get into another fight…"

The guy glanced between them warily, looking like he was considering his options and whether or not he should take them all on. He certainly didn't look pleased with the idea of backing down.

After a few seconds of intense glaring, the guy sneered at them in anger before putting out his cigarette and turned to leave with the woman, harshly pushing his way through the crowds. The woman shot them an apologetic look before following after the guy.

The tension immediately dissipated once the guy was gone and the boys sighed in relief. They went back over to their table and their drinks.

Isaac popped up then and stared between them in confusion. "Whoa, what was that about?"

"Just some guy being an asshole," Adrian murmured and drank his beer.

"Yep. For a moment I was getting worried that he was gonna start a fight with us," Jason murmured.

"Oh, that sounds intense," Isaac said before glancing over at someone behind Tony. He grinned at the person that had caught his interest, making the others follow his gaze curiously.

The person that Isaac was looking at was a young beta demon who seemed to be around 19 or 20 years old. He was shorter than Isaac but about the same build, and he had a somewhat more shy look to him. When the guy noticed them all staring at him, he immediately turned around and looked elsewhere, seemingly a little embarrassed.

"Who's that?" Adrian asked and looked at his brother.

"My partner for when the concert is over. Finally found someone's who's hot and cute and who's not taken!" Isaac grinned.

Jayden laughed. "Oh, you did manage to find someone, then."

"Remember the condoms…" Jason murmured.

"And lube," Tony added with a chuckle.

"Pss, who do you think I am? I have it all with me," Isaac said and gestured at his jeans pockets.

Adrian chuckled and shook his head fondly at him before the concert began again.


When the concert was over Isaac had disappeared down into the building's basement with the beta demon from earlier, so the others spent some time at the table alone and started playing a drinking game while waiting for Isaac to return.

Everyone was leaving the concert but some stayed behind for a few more drinks before security would kick them out. There was a lot of noise and pushing as people left, but Adrian and the others didn't pay much attention to that since they were busy with their game.

They were playing a game where each one would say something they had never done, and if one of them had done it then he would have to drink.

"I have never worn a pink skirt," Tony said at one point. He glanced between the others with a small smirk, curious to see if anyone was going to drink on that.

Adrian and Jason laughed at that statement but didn't drink. Jayden, however, grimaced at Tony's words before slowly bringing his beer up to his mouth to drink.

Adrian gaped at him. "No way! You've worn a pink skirt once?"

Jayden groaned and scrunched his nose a little since he wasn't particularly proud to have to admit it. "My sister Laura once forced me to wear one of her princess skirts. It was pretty stretchy but it still broke when I put it on. It was revenge for me having eaten her snack by accident, and it was either that or she would eat one of my snacks some other time, so I chose the skirt," he murmured, glaring at the others when they laughed.

"Wow. I have to tell Noah about that," Adrian grinned.

Jayden groaned. "Don't. He's gonna make fun of me…"

"It does sounds fun, though," Jason smirked.

"It was fun when the skirt broke. Laura's face was almost comical," Jayden chuckled.

"I can imagine," Tony grinned. "Your turn," he said, making gesture at Jayden.

Jayden considered a challenge for a bit before saying, "I've never had public sex before."

The guys looked at each other to see if anyone would drink, and they weren't surprised when Tony reluctantly brought his drink up to his mouth to take a sip.

Adrian grimaced. "Please don't tell me that was with Lily."

"It wasn't. Unless Jayden defines public by being in front of other people – even someone you know," Tony murmured.

"Ugh, too much information," Adrian groaned.

The others laughed at that, and Tony was thinking up another challenge when Isaac suddenly returned.

"Hey, guys," Isaac grinned and squeezed his way in between Adrian and Jayden. "Playing drinking games without me?" He pouted in offense as he glanced around at all of them.

"Well, you were busy fucking some guy in the basement," Adrian retorted and rolled his eyes. "Where is he anyway?" He glanced around but couldn't spot the beta demon from earlier among the people that were left in the concert hall.

"He left, but I got his phone number," Isaac smirked.

Adrian chortled. "You must have done something right then." A teasing smirk tugged at his lips as he looked at Isaac.

Isaac shoved him in annoyance. "Quit being such an ass to me!"

"I'm not," Adrian laughed.

"Let's play a few more rounds before going home," Jason suggested and chuckled as Isaac kept scowling at Adrian.

"Yeah, I think it was my turn," Tony said, trying to remember the challenge he thought of earlier.

They stayed for a bit longer and continued with the game until people started being ushered out of the place.

Adrian called Dean to pick them up in the concert hall's parking lot, and they talked and shared some funny stories while waiting for Dean to arrive. They were all getting a little tipsy now that their last few drinks were beginning to kick in, and neither of them were in a state to drive.

Dean picked them up twenty minutes later in the Tahoe and drove them back to the house. He was slightly amused when Adrian and Isaac started bickering at each other like little kids since they were both a little drunk now. The car smelled like a bar but Dean didn't mind it much. He was glad that the boys seemed to have been having fun.


It was midnight when they arrived back home, but everyone except for the kids were still awake. They had spent the night playing some family games together and watching a movie.

The boys tumbled into the house, and Castiel could hear them laughing at something as they pulled off their shoes in the entrance hall. They sounded a bit drunk but not too bad, and Castiel took it as a good sign that the boys had had fun.

"Jeez," Eden grumbled when Jason and Tony stumbled into each other when going into the living room. Bella had gotten a bit in their way, and Jason had gotten so surprised by her barking that he stumbled into Tony who just laughed at him.

"Hey, Eden," Jason grinned and came over to her.

Eden smiled and allowed Jason to lean in and kiss her softly on the cheek. She grimaced when she was hit by the smell of alcohol and gently pushed him back. "You smell like a bar," she said, accusingly.

"Sorry," Jason chuckled. "I didn't drink that much, though."

Meanwhile Natalie and Lily had the same problem with their mates, since Adrian and Tony smelled the same, but they were more sober than Jason and Jayden who didn't drink very often and were less tolerant to alcohol.

"Is the baby asleep?" Adrian asked Natalie, holding her close with his hands on her hips.

"Yeah, she's been asleep for four hours now," Natalie smiled. "We should go to sleep too if we wanna catch some before she wakes up."

"Nah, she can sleep for 12 hours mostly, although she does wake up a few times in between," Adrian reminded her.

Jayden entered the living room last and quickly made his way over to Noah with a smile when he spotted him. Noah yelped in surprise when Jayden suddenly embraced him and pulled him close to his body. The alpha inhaled Noah's scent and rested his chin on top of Noah's head while gently touching some of his feathers.

Noah squirmed and tried to get out of Jayden's hold, but the alpha was holding on to him stubbornly. "Jayden," Noah whined, embarrassed. "You're being embarrassing."

"No, I'm adoring you," Jayden argued, his voice soft and calm. He smiled and leaned down to kiss Noah's jaw, making the submissive shiver at how affectionate he was being.

"Ohh, Jayden is horny," Isaac teased and grinned as he watched them. Dean grimaced at that.

Jayden snorted against Noah's skin but didn't bother to move away from him. "No, I'm not. I'm just in a cuddling mood," he argued and finally pulled back a little. He ran his hand through Noah's feathers gently and smiled at him.

Noah blushed and shied away from his touch. "Stop it, it's embarrassing. And you're drunk, Connor," he muttered accusingly.

Jayden grunted at the name but didn't protest. He stopped touching Noah but still kept rubbing his tail against the submissive's leg in a loving gesture.

Adrian laughed at the scene. "I think Jayden is a very affectionate drunk."

Lily giggled. "It's kinda cute, actually."

Castiel chuckled softly as he watched the scene. Dean looked slightly displeased to see his youngest kid being 'molested' by his boyfriend right in front of them, especially since Jayden had touched Noah's feathers rather intimately, and that wasn't really something you usually did when you had an audience. Jayden didn't seem to care though. He just needed to show his affection towards Noah.

Natalie glanced up Adrian and smiled when his tail was rubbed her leg gently. "So, was it fun?"

"Yeah, it was," Adrian smiled. He turned his head to scowl and Isaac while saying, "And Isaac was hitting on everything that had a nice butt attached to it."

"And it paid off! I got some very nice butt in the end," Isaac retorted and stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"Ugh, Isaac," Lily groaned and grimaced in disgust.

"Stop sharing such info!" Eden hissed at him, blushing slightly since her brother was being super embarrassing as always.

Isaac scowled at her. "Hey, if I was going to share embarrassing details, I would tell you about the moans and whimpers he was making while I was—"

"Okay, enough!" Dean cut him off, groaning. "We got your point. Don't be too much like Gabriel when it comes to sharing details, please." Isaac barked out a laugh at that.

Adrian chuckled and turned his attention to Natalie again. "Maybe we should get away from this crazy family and go to bed?"

Natalie laughed. "Yeah, I like that idea."

Tony and Lily agreed with them, and they said good night to the others before heading upstairs to go to bed. Eden and Jason went up too to where Daniel and Luna were sleeping peacefully in Eden's old room.

"Are you sure you can drag him up by yourself?" Dean asked Noah with a small smirk when Noah announced that he and Jayden should better head to bed as well after all the others had gone up.

"Yeah, I think I can manage. He can still walk, after all," Noah chuckled and smirked at Jayden who seemed a little bit dizzy now.

"Hey," Jayden warned him playfully and gently slapped his tail against Noah's leg.

Noah laughed at him before saying good night to his parents, and Jayden said good night too before following Noah up the stairs.

When everyone was gone and Bella had retreated to her basket to sleep, Dean smiled and went over to Castiel.

"What do you think, Cas? Should we go to bed as well?"

"Yes, I believe I can hear my pillow screaming for me," Castiel replied, a smirk tugging at his lips.

Dean laughed softly. "Yeah, me too. And I can also hear your ass screaming for me." He flashed Castiel a cocky grin at that.

Castiel blushed and smacked Dean on the arm. "You are so full of yourself sometimes."

The demon's smirk grew deeper. "Actually, it's you who is full of me."

Castiel's cheeks flushed harder and he let out an annoyed growl as he smacked Dean one more time, this time a bit harder. "Dean! That's not funny."

Dean cracked up. "Yeah, it is, 'cause you know it's true."

Castiel sent him a dark glare. "Well, maybe instead of being so full of yourself right now you should come upstairs with me and make sure that I'm the one that's full of you, before I get too sleepy to have you all over me."

"Suggestion accepted," Dean grinned.

The angel smirked before heading upstairs, and Dean followed after him after he had turned off the lights and locked up the house. He looked forward to spending the night in bed with his angel, making love to him and falling asleep with his mate cuddled up against him where he belonged.


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