Hello to all of u who have read Iva's journey in Panem I just wanted to see how this would go, it is my first gone fanfic so I hope u all enjoy but I will not continue unless I get some serious positive feedback so please R&R!

I looked out at the shocked, scared and horrified faces of all the parents, there I was a dirty mess in ripped shorts and an old brown leather jacket, dark hair thick with mud and in straggles loose and wild hanging everywhere . A long cut is streaked across my cheek red with dried blood. I watched closely for a moment searching for my parents but when I do see them it makes my insides churn. Their glares bore through me and send shivers down my spine, I glance down at my sandals ashamed. With my head low I reach into my bag and pull out the sigh that I wrote earlier, it says " hello! I love you! I am okay!" I hold it out a smile on my lips at how I am so far from okay it is scary. Both my parents nod their heads and tears stream down my mothers face. Some people are looking at me with such disgust it makes me sick after all I have been through. So finally when it was all too much and years were threatening to appear. I grab my bag and head back down to Perdido Beach, where I would have to try to forget and live another day. I am Eoife Wood this is my story.