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It was around nine at night when I finally stumbled into lake Tramonto where I was immediately searched and questioned, I just rolled my eyes, snapped back answers and kept telling them I was a messenger until I was finally taken to see Sam. "Hi there!" He greeted me too cheery for my liking, so I just gave him a nod and handed him the letter, he sat down and read. I watched closely as he narrowed his eyes, "you can stay here until for a few days, until I have written a reply and after that I suppose you can travel back to Perdido Beach with Jack!" His voice was almost suspicious but I ignored it and asked where I could stay.

The sun was just setting over the Santakatrina hills when I was very rudely interrupted from my beauty sleep by the girl they call Diana the witch. She came barrelling in through the door, hair in a mane around her head and eyes looking half crazed, "An update?" She screamed, "last time I see him he tried to kill Gaia!" I turn hastily on my heel knowing she is talking about what Caine was asking in the letter I delivered, I am leap for the door pulling it open and throwing myself outside, "your crazy!" I scream back at her and run straight into Edilio in my attempted escape. He looks up seeming uncomfortable and I murmur an apology then tell him about the phsyco Diana, he nods then glares at her, "you remember we talked about this? We said if you had one more episode I will personally ship you off back to Caine!" She shortly leaves, me and Edilio sitting in an awkward silence but since I have practically nothing to do and forever to do it in, I decide to plonk myself done on the old broken wall and patted the place beside me for Edilio. He slipped down beside me, his thick brown hair that was desperately In need of a cut, falling into his eyes. I looked into his dark eyes and felt myself shying away from him before i stopped myself. "So then, your the messenger," he blandly states. "Yea I guess, though its just a job. I mean I don't actually trust Caine or anything!" I ended up babbling on and embarrassing myself but Edilio was kind and just nodded, "so…" I mused trying to start up any form of conversation,"I kinda hid away for a while in the hills after my friends were- all- killed. That's basically my backstory, not so interesting but I do hear quite good second hand stories about you, the good looking Mexican sidekick. Would you like to confirm those stories?" I said with a timid smile he smiled back and all I could think about was how his tanned face lit up when he smiled and I just wanted to know him better. We talked into the early hours in the morning, just sitting there it felt great because I hadn't really talked to a proper person in months. It wasn't actually until three in the morning that he cracked a yawn and we both decided it would be time to go to sleep he gave me a quick hug and looked at me in the eye in the same way I looked at him but we both shook off the look and parted ways.

I excused my self, almost sprinting away back to the cabin I was appointed. That night sleep was hard, the days events playing around in my mind. When sleep did finally come I was not rewarded with sweet dreams and pleasant thoughts, but instead with gruesome nightmares of all kinds.