Author's Note: Much apologies for the extreme delay, but the end of 'Uninterrupted' is finally here ^^ it's still rushed, though, so I'm sorry for that. I am highly satisfied with the ending though and I couldn't stop grinning as I was writing it. I hope it makes you smile just as much too, and thank you to everyone that supported this story ^^

Chapter 6:

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" Tamao asked in concern. She watched Nagisa's emotionless face move as she nodded and sighed. This had been going on for the better part of a week. Ever since that night with Amane the red head had become incredibly depressed, crying herself to sleep. She even stopped eating, which shocked everyone because Nagisa was famous for her monstrous appetite, and it seemed that she had stopped sleeping, if the dark rings under her eyes were any indication.

"I'll be fine Tamao-chan, really."

Tamao sighed. "You haven't eaten since yesterday morning." It was now dinner time and Tamao was trying to convince Nagisa to accompany her to the cafeteria for food. The red head was being stubborn though.

"I'm not hungry."

"Please? We are all so worried about you Nagisa-chan."

Guilt filled Nagisa's heart when she heard that. She was causing trouble for more people, making them worry when they shouldn't. She wasn't worth worrying over. Tamao saw the flash of emotion in her eyes and felt slightly guilty at using such a tactic. She knew that Nagisa had personal issues with her self-worth, but she was out of options and no one wanted Nagisa to fall ill because she had stopped eating and sleeping.

"At least eat something, even if it's just a bite. We miss you too Nagisa-chan." Tamao ran a hand down Nagisa's arm in comfort. Hopefully this would work. This avoidance of socializing could only go on for so long.

Nagisa looked to the side, lips set in a deep frown, eyes half closed because of the lack of sleep and her inability to even fall asleep. She though it over and then she sighed.


"Yay!" Tamao clapped her hands happily and shuffled around the room to get clothes for her best friend to wear other than her sleep wear.


They were now in the cafeteria, sitting with Tsubomi, Yaya and Hikari. Yaya, as usual, was mercilessly teasing poor Hikari and making the girl blush like she was on fire. Tsubomi glared at them as a result, secretly wishing Yaya would tease her too, though she would never admit that.

Nagisa sat at the end of the table beside Tamao. Her hair curtained her face because she was looking down at her hands tightly clasped together. Everyone was acting like their usual selves and having fun, but Nagisa couldn't. Her stomach churned painfully.

It was the cafeteria, not the safety of her room, so it was most likely Amane would come here and then Nagisa would feel that gnawing guilt more intensely. She felt absolutely terrible for dumping Amane the way she had. Had it even been dumping? They weren't really dating, anyway . Amane had probably moved on already.

Nagisa tried to tell herself that, but she knew that Amane wasn't that shallow. She knew Amane cared, but she cared enough for the bluenette to let her go for her happiness. Unfortunately Nagisa was too oblivious to see that she could be Amane's happiness.

"Nagisa, you haven't eaten yet." Tamao said to her friend and leaned against her. "You aren't alright."

Nagisa deflated slightly and couldn't even bring herself to fake a smile. "I'll try." She said and started eating, though not all that much.

As she struggled to eat, behind her Amane entered the cafeteria. She was late. Many of her fans and even those that simply enjoyed gossip started to chatter noisily, some squealing softly in their groups. Nagisa barely heard it and paid it no mind, focusing solely on trying to eat something so that her friends would worry.

Immediately after entering the room Amane's eyes darkened. She sent a glare to every damn one of those psychotic girls and made sure to inject as much of her anger into it. Amane was never one to show anger towards a girl, but these girls deserved it. The only reason she was here was because she was forced to show up, for appearances. Apparently it would do Spica harm if their precious Prince suddenly disappeared and stopped venturing out of her room, except for class.

Amane released a long, shaky breath and swept her eyes over the room. The moment her eyes locked onto familiar red hair, she froze. Her heart clenched in her chest and for a second she felt the desire to turn around and leave.

Not for one second did she believe that Nagisa had just wanted to stop associating with her. She knew that the younger girl had blamed herself for the harassment, and each time Amane had tried to talk to her during the week Nagisa had blatantly rejected her. Amane could see how much hurt filled Nagisa's eyes with each rejection, so by the middle of the week she stopped trying to talk to her. It was just an endless cycle of stupidity. For once Amane had to agree that Nagisa was being stupid.

It didn't matter if other people didn't like their relationship. It didn't matter how they felt about it or their opinions, because they were only that – opinions. What mattered most was how wonderful they felt together. More than anything Amane wanted to make Nagisa see that. So she clutched at her chest and nervously headed for Nagisa's direction. The girl's back was to her, so Nagisa hadn't seen her yet. It would give her the time to form some sort of plan before confronting her so publicly.

Nagisa was still oblivious to the murmurs around her and now the stares shifting between the approaching Amane and her seated form. She ate a little more, finishing half of the food, and then pushed the plate away, unable to eat everything.

Tamao had noticed the moment Amane had entered the room but she decided not to warn Nagisa. Whatever had happened between them had made her Nagisa so sad and Tamao could see that Amane had been trying to fix it. If anything, she was rooting for the bluenette.

Amane sucked in a deep breath before she stopped behind Nagisa and placed a hand on her shoulder. Nagisa stiffened immediately, knowing that touch so well. Her eyes widened and her heart began to thunder.

"Nagisa," Amane said softly, "can we please talk?" she pleaded, hand firmly gripping Nagisa's shaking shoulder.

Around them, girls began to chatter.

"What is Amane-sama doing?"

"Ohtori-sama is talking to that girl again."

"Do you think she'll be rejected again?"

"Aoi doesn't deserve the Prince if all she does is reject her."

Nagisa heard every word and squeezed her eyes shut, mind racing. They were right, she didn't deserve Amane. The horse rider was too good for her, there was no way they could be properly happy together.

With that belief Nagisa stood and looked up into Amane's brown eyes, prepared to deliver another crushing rejection, but visibly deflated when she saw how sad Amane was. It was worse than the last time she had seen her. All form of rejection fell away and Nagisa quickly clutched at her dress. Her chest filled up with guilt and an ache and she sucked in deep breaths in an attempt to douse the burning. It didn't work.

"Nagisa…" Amane smiled sadly and reached out to touch Nagisa's cheek, but the red head suddenly flew past her and fled from the cafeteria. Amane didn't stand there to watch, she darted determinedly after her.

It was raining outside and partly dark, not quite night time yet. Unfortunately Nagisa ran straight into the rain, blinding escaping and not knowing where she was running to. With her much longer legs that were powerful and strong, Amane caught up in seconds and wrapped her arms around Nagisa from behind to stop her.

"No!" Amane shouted over the rush of the rain. "No more running from me Nagisa!"

Nagisa struggled, scared that she would melt against Amane's warn body and that her determination would crack. "I… I don't want this… I d-don't!" Nagisa yelled back.

Amane grit her teeth but tightened her hold. "I love you Nagisa!" She shouted passionately, tears forming in her eyes. It was the first time she had ever said that to anyone, and now she meant it more than anything. She pressed her head against Nagisa's shoulder and tried to breathe evenly. Water rushed over their bodies, drops sliding along their skin. They were both sopping wet now, their clothes sticking to their bodies. "I love you." Amane repeated desperately. "Not like a friend. I love you like a lover. I want to be more than friends with you, I have for a long time now."

Nagisa stopped struggling, but she looked forward and allowed silent tears to stain her cheeks alongside the rain.

"I don't care what they say or think, or if they harass and hate me. I don't care because you make me the happiest and I just want to be with you. Please, just please stop running away and don't push me away anymore."

Nagisa released a sob. "Amane…" She covered her mouth with a hand to muffle another sob and then allowed Amane to turn her around and properly embrace her. "I'm sorry."

"Shhh." Amane held her tightly and gently stroked her hair. The rain didn't matter, the fact that she was wet didn't matter either. All that mattered was comforting Nagisa and conveying to her that Amane truly cared for her. "Can you forget about the past week, Nagisa? Can you do that for me?"

Nagisa just sobbed against Amane's shoulder and nodded. "I'm so sorry Amane."

Amane chuckled softly. "Baka, even now I'm not mad at you."

Nagisa managed to giggle despite her tears. She was still crying, because she felt stupid and awful. Amane's pleas had pierced through her heart and cracked her stubbornness. If Amane really meant that she was happy with her, then Nagisa wouldn't care about the hatred from others.

Amane decided to quickly get them out of the rain and picked Nagisa up bridal style, startling the red head into squeaking. Before she started to walk, though, Amane dipped down and surprised Nagisa again by giving her a loving, gentle kiss. When she pulled back, Nagisa was blushing.

"I've always wanted to kiss you in the rain." Amane explained and smiled sheepishly. "I guess I just can't control myself around y–" Nagisa stopped her by leaning up and kissing her again, making Amane smile into the kiss.

Both of their hearts thundered, but in an oddly relaxed kind of way.

While Amane carried Nagisa back to the building they had both run from, students watched from the windows. When some voiced their venom towards Nagisa, Shizuma spoke up and viciously scolded them. Nearly everyone was rendered speechless at so much emotion coming from their Etoile so suddenly. After that, though, no one harassed Amane or Nagisa ever again, because they all now knew how scary Shizuma could be and did not want to suffer her wrath.

"So," Amane spoke up as they neared the building, "will you be my girlfriend, Nagisa?"

Nagisa's eyes widened to saucers and her blush rushed back full force. Her arms tightened around Amane's neck and she did a kind of hiccup-sniffle. "Oh Amane, of course I will!" She buried her face against a grinning Amane's neck to hide her new torrent of tears, but smiled despite them.

Finally Nagisa would stop running, and they could see how far their happiness would stretch.

10 years later:

Amane struggled under the weight of the heavy box in her arms, but she continued on with a grunt and then happily dropped the box down onto the floor the moment she stepped into the empty house. She looked into the room from where she sat by the front door, and smiled.

"Daddy!" A tiny redhead shot up the patio stairs and then crashed into Amane, startling the bluenette and making them both fall over.

"Ohtori Kouki, don't run your father over like that!" Nagisa scolded as she stepped up to them and paused just before the threshold.

Amane laughed loudly and stood with Kouki in her arms. The small girl looked down guiltily and played with the hem of her shirt. "Nah, Kou is just excited! Aren't you?" Amane asked with a big smile. She sent a wink over to Nagisa.

Kouki's expression brightened and she nodded enthusiastically, looking so much like Nagisa except for the short red hair that looked like Amane's, except the colour. She also had Amane's gentle brown eyes.

"Uh-ha! I'm sorry for running into daddy but I'm so excited! Oh, daddy!" She turned to Amane with bright, innocent eyes and tugged at the front of her shirt. "When brother is born, can he run into you too?"

Nagisa placed a hand over her swollen belly and used the other to rub at her face in exasperation. She did smile though.

Amane laughed again, amused by her daughter's strange question. "I'm sure if he wants to he will, but it can be dangerous so don't teach that to him unless I'm playing with you, okay?"

Kouki's face had turned serious as she had been concentrating, and then she nodded vigoriously. "Okay, I understand! I'll be the best big sister ever!" Kouki grinned toothily, one of her front teeth gone. "Can I explore the house, mommy?" She asked, now looking pleadingly over at Nagisa.

The redhead sighed softly and smiled. She gave Kouki a loving kiss on the forehead and then nodded. "Sure, but don't do anything dangerous!"

Amane put the girl down and watched the 5 year old run off into their new house. "I won't!" She shouted back excitedly and then disappeared into a room.

Amane chuckled and then looked down at Nagisa when she grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers. "She learnt that look from you, didn't she?" Nagisa asked with a stern undertone.

Amane swallowed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Maybe she just observes us more than we think."

Nagisa shook her head. Amane had one exact puppy dog face that Nagisa could absolutely not resist, and now Kouki had learnt that same expression. What was Nagisa going to do with her wife and daughter?

"How are you feeling though?" Amane asked suddenly and placed both of her hands against Nagisa's belly.

"I feel better. He's been kicking less, at least."

Amane stared intensely at Nagisa's pregnant belly after crouching down, her hands still pressed gently to it. "I wonder who he'll look like more."

Nagisa pulled Amane up and into a kiss that lasted for many minutes until the sound of little feet darting by reminded them of Kouki. Not that they never showed affection in front of her, because they did, a lot. It was key for her young mind to be surrounded by as much love as possible. No, the reason they had to quickly regain themselves was because those footsteps sounded awfully rushed and too far away.

"I think we need to find her before she gets her head stuck in something again." Amane commented and quickly headed into the house in search of her daughter. "Kouki?!"

Nagisa giggled softly with a hand over her mouth and sighed. Kouki was such a tomboy, exactly like Amane. The little girl praised her 'daddy' – Kouki refused to call Amane anything else, and neither Amane nor Nagisa minded, since it was adorable – and the bluenette was her hero. If anything, she wanted to grow up just like her daddy.

Nagisa felt a faint kick and smiled down at her belly. She then sighed when she heard a crash and then laughter from both Amane and Kouki. Seriously, that woman could act like more of a child than her own daughter. A lot of the time Nagisa had to keep her in check too.

Over the years Nagisa had really matured, and gone was the timid, self-conscious little girl. Now she was a strong, independent woman with the most amazing family.

She silently thanked her decision all those years ago to give their happiness a chance, because it had truly stretched far, and with a new baby on the way and a beautiful new house, their happiness would only grow more.

The End.