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Some notes:

~8~ is a scene break

~/~\~ is a flashback (three per story)

'italics' is the Doctor/Professor speaking telepathically

The Academic Series is based in the Doctor and Professor's POV, so some scenes are missing, any scenes that include references to the Doctor can be thought to also include the Professor too :) This chapter will have small moments of the Ponds as well though.

A quick description of the Professor's 11th incarnation: hazel (brownish-green, with flecks of lighter green) eyes, strawberry blonde, wavy hair that is worn half up/half down by a green clip, and cheekbones that are slightly pronounced when she smiles. Her typical outfit at the start of this story consists of a colored tank top, a blue jean jacket, a knee length white skirt and white tennis shoes, however this might change as the Doctor gets a new outfit too :) She also wears a pair of black shorts under her skirt with a holster attached to her thigh for her sonic blaster. I picture her to look something like Isla Fisher :)

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Pond Life


"Hello Ponds!" the Doctor called as he left the phone of the TARDIS console on speaker, him and the Professor moving around it as they flew through the Vortex.

"That's Williams!" the Professor laughed.

"Right, right, just checking in. How are you?"

"We got their answer phone Doctor," the Professor reminded him, giving him a peck on the cheek as she passed, "They can't answer right now."

"Not much to report," he nodded, "Surfed the Fire Falls of Floridal 9..."

The Professor laughed, they'd been running through the corridors of the volcanic planet, only to end up stuck on a bridge over magma, the Sontarans closing in on them from either side. Luckily the Doctor had the Extrapolator she'd fixed with him, been able to toss it into the magma for them to ride away on.

"Not deliberately," he added.

"It WAS the easiest way out…" the Professor sighed, "He wouldn't let me talk to the Sontarans."

"Because they keep trying to 'save' you from me," he pouted.

The Sontarans really were taking it too far now. First they'd tried to interrupt his wedding, now they just tried to capture her at every turn thinking he'd managed to brainwash the 'mightiest warrior in the Universe,' as though THAT could ever happen. Not even the Time Lords had fully been able to manipulate or control her. Ever since word spread about what she'd done to the Headless Monks in Demons Run, she was even more revered by the Sontarans than before, it even seemed as though they'd made her an honorary superior officer.

"We went to Paris," she continued.

"Oh! We met Mata Hari in a hotel room there..." he turned to her, "I still can't believe you just tossed her out in the snow like that without her coat."

She smirked, "It's not MY fault she decided to ONLY wear that coat..." and then she crinkled her nose, recalling the event.

The Doctor had been toasting a crumpet over a roaring fire while she went to get some jam...only to open the door to the room right as the woman dropped her coat, revealing she was stark naked underneath.

"You didn't have to pull your blaster though," he tapped her nose, giving it a quick kiss on it as well, pulling her out of her thoughts.

She smiled, "As I recall, you LOVED it when I pulled my blaster on her and then proved JUST how much."

As soon as she'd grabbed her blaster, the woman had panicked, making it easy for her to grab the woman's arm and shove her out the door, not bothering to give her the coat she'd dropped back, only to turn around to the Doctor's lips on hers, pressing her against the just-closed door and...well...that had been an interesting trip.

She blushed, a VERY interesting trip.

"Managed to get the Professor time to lay down some backing vocals," the Doctor blushed as well, recalling the events that had transpired after Mata Hari had been...shown out...as he wrapped his arm around her, "She's got a lovely voice."

"Thanks love," she kissed his cheek, "Anyway, we should be with you any day now," she told the Ponds, realizing their message time might be running low.

"Literally any day," the Doctor agreed, "Helmic Regulator's playing up."

The Professor snorted, moving out of his arms and back to the controls, "Yes, it's the Helmic Regulator's fault."

He nodded, seeming to miss it, "Can't get the temporal steering right..."

"Doctor be careful you're heading us right for Ancient Greece!" she shouted from the monitor.

"Collision course!" he called, "Assume the position!"


In the Ponds' house, the message cut off.

Amy sighed, shaking her head, "Oh Doctor," before clinking her wine glass with her husband's.


There was a thundering of feet up the stairs one night before the Professor shouted, "Doctor wait!"

But it was too late, he burst into the bedroom of Amy and Rory, waking them from a sound slumber, immediately covering his eyes as they sat up with a start, "Stop everything!"

"What's going on?" Rory gasped, a hand on his heart from the rude awakening.

"Doctor!" Amy glared, "Bedroom!"

"I did tell you to wait," the Professor remarked, entering, putting an arm around his shoulder with one hand and pulling his hand covering his eyes off with the other, kissing the palm of it before entwining their fingers.

"We have a RULE about the bedroom!" Rory grumbled.

"Yeah," Amy frowned, "We don't enter your bedroom when the bow tie's on the door, you don't enter ours...period!"

It was because THEY at least knocked before entering, the Doctor just burst in like he had then.

"No one on this planet is safe right now," the Doctor cut in, "We have to solve this before it's too late. Get your clothes on. If we move fast enough we at least stand a chance…"

The Professor cut him off with a quick kiss, "They have no idea what you're talking about," she told him, easily able to see that from their blank expressions.

He frowned, looking at them, "You don't?"

"No," Amy shook her head.

"No," Rory agreed.

"Too early," the Professor rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Oh," he groaned, letting his head bump against hers as it drooped, "Helmic Regulator! Again!?"

The Professor rolled her eyes as the Ponds smiled, he was still blaming that regulator it seemed, "Wrong point," she patted his shoulder.

"As you were!" he called, turning to head out, tugging her with him by the hand he was still holding.

"Wait," Amy shifted up more in the bed, "You can't just go like that. What's happening? Don't WE need to know?"

The Doctor popped his head back in, stepping in with the Professor as the woman sighed, "We just popped up in the wrong order is all."

"Easy mistake to make," the Doctor tried to wave it off as he sat on the edge of their bed.

"Especially when one hasn't passed their exams," the Professor added with a playful smile, running a hand through his hair a moment.

"Bring that up again why don't you?" the Doctor pouted before turning to the Ponds with a smile, "Nothing to alarm you, forget we were ever here."

"We'll be back soon enough," the Professor smiled, "Probably."

"Everything's FINE," he added, "Pretty much."

The Professor snorted at how THAT would really help the humans calm down, "Don't worry about the future," she tugged the Doctor up by the hand and to the door.

"Yes, yes, the future's really…" he swallowed, thinking about it, about the Daleks and dinosaurs and cyborgs, how the Earth had just been invaded by very small cubes only days ago, from their perspective at least, "…safe," and quite a few of the other mishaps they'd had along the way, "Really, really safe."

The Ponds just stared at them.

"Try and sleep well," the Professor sighed, shaking her head at the Doctor as she pulled him out the door, shutting it behind them.

Amy and Rory laid down, awake, listening to the TARDIS disappear, "I really hate it when he does that."

Amy sighed and rolled over, putting her arms around him, "Could be worse...WE could have walked in on THEM."


Rory yawned as he made his way down the hall, pulling his dressing gown around him, and stepped into the bathroom...

"WOAH!" he shouted, dashing back out, rubbing his face, not quite sure he'd seen what he had. He looked over as Amy headed towards him, before peeking into the bathroom once more, and back out, blocking the door.

"Out of the way Mr. Pond," she sighed, frowning when he shook his head, "What? Why not?" he nodded at the door before sighing, bowing his head as he opened it for her.

Amy stepped in, jumping back when she saw an Ood on the toilet.

"May I be of any assistance?" it asked, its orb lighting up.

"Ood on the loo," Rory mumbled.

"Yeah…" Amy sighed, before squinting, "What's that?" she moved forward and plucked a small bit of paper stuck to the Ood off it, reading it..

'If found, please return this Ood to the TARDIS, thanks, the Professor.'

Amy shook her head, "Best give them a call."


The Doctor was sitting under the console's floor, on his harness, wires hanging everywhere, blackened goggles on his face as the Professor stood before him, leaning on the side of the stairs, with a phone in her hand, "You've found the Ood?" she was asking.

"Yes!" the Doctor cheered, "I was wondering where he'd got to."

"I told you it was smart to put that note on him," the Professor smiled, "He's always getting lost Amy."

"I thought he'd just gone for a walk in the TARDIS," the Doctor shrugged.

The Professor sighed, "He must have wandered off when we popped in the other night…if it was the other night," even SHE was getting confused as to where they kept popping up, the Doctor's piloting was so bad, "Where are you two again?"

"You know, we rescued him from the middle of the Androvax Conflict!" the Doctor called, not wanting them to get in on his piloting...again.

"We were taking him back to the Ood Sphere."

"Anyway, he's not being a nuisance is he?"

"He, um, seems to think that he's out butler," Rory began over the line, already used to their shared narrative after so long.

"He's conditioned to serve," the Professor answered with a shrug, must have been an Ood from a time period before they'd freed the third brain.

"You know," the Doctor added, "The best thing is...let him do just that."

"We'll try and come and pick him up tonight," the Professor promised.

"Whenever tonight is," the Doctor muttered, crossing two wires...when a warning alarm went off, "Oh no, got to go."

"The Doctor's caused a power drain that's threatening to cause the TARDIS to implode...again..."

"Oh no that's bad," the Doctor leapt up, seeing something flashing red, "Why's it doing that? No, no, no, no, no, don't do that!"


Amy winced and cut the call as something exploded in the TARDIS, looking over as the Ood served them breakfast, "Your infusions," and coffee, "How else may I be of service?"

"I feel so guilty," Rory leaned over to whisper to her.

"Just eat your breakfast," she mumbled to him, just as quietly.

They both lifted their cups, smiling awkwardly at the Ood, before taking a sip.


The Doctor was standing on a ladder, the Professor at the foot of it, holding it to steady it, as he changed the bulb on the top of the TARDIS, a phone line running from inside it, attached to the red phone at his ear, "Ponds!" he cheered, "Us again."

"Sorry about the gaps in communications!" the Professor shouted up.

"Dropped your Ood back home."

"Reconnected it to the hive mind."

"Helmic Regulator's still not working and this time it WASN'T my fault," he smirked down at the Professor.

"Yes, yes," she sighed, "It got hit by an arrow at Hastings Hill."

"Et hem?" he smirked wider.

"Because I insulted the archer," she mumbled before changing the topic, "Got to ride a horse through 11th century Coventry though."

"You promised not to speak of it!" the Doctor shouted suddenly, his mouth in a firm pout.

She just blew a kiss up to him, "Just call me Lady Godiva," she hinted at exactly WHY the Doctor was so cross at the moment.

Apparently, it was alright for the Doctor to spark all sorts of legends and tales and be the 'good wizard' from the fairytales, but SHE was apparently not allowed to ride a horse in tan dress ever again. Honestly, it wasn't her fault people saw tan and thought skin. She wasn't really naked, there was NO way she'd EVER let anyone but the Doctor see that. Still, he'd blushed the red she loved so much when he'd realized exactly what legend she'd sparked and seeing him getting so flustered as he tried to NOT picture her as the legend depicted was hysterical.

"Also, I think I may have accidently invented pasta…" the Doctor trailed, wanting desperately to try and think of something besides those mental images he'd had of her, forcing himself to think instead on how he'd been sitting with a lovely Chinese man eating noodles...till the Professor found him and pointed out that noodles hadn't been invented yet.

"Early. Much like the home video, the banana daiquiri, the..."

"Yes, yes," he mimicked, cutting in, "We popped round but you were out," he told them. They'd gone over in the rain, huddled under an umbrella, rang the doorbell, but no one answered, "Which is fine."

"Everything's fine," the Professor added as he climbed down the ladder, pecking her in thanks.

"Everything's alright isn't it?" he asked, "With you two?" he winced, remembering if this call reached them before they faced the Daleks then it was not, "Of course it is. Ponds, always fine. Just…just worrying unnecessarily."

"Call us if you need us," the Professor added, taking the phone from him.

"Toodle pip," he waved at it, before sighing and pulling the sonic out, flashing it to delete the message.


Amy entered her home moments after the message was erased, looking at the phone, "We need you raggedy man, tattery girl. I need you."

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