Author's Note: So yeah, I loved the Host book and movie and I just would love it if Melanie and Jared had a baby! So here, I did it! Enjoy this little one-shot and favourite and review! By the way if you haven't read the other one-shot I did about Wanda and Ian's baby, then you may wanna read that one first. This is like a one-shot sequel to my one-shot "Tristan". This one-shot starts off setting 4 months after Wanda's baby, Tristan, was born.

(Mel's POV)

"Hey Mel? Are you... Ok?"

"Errrr... Yeah Jared. Nothing is up," I say and I force a weak smile.

"Your lying. I can tell," He groans. "Come on, you can tell me everything. You know that right?"

"Yeah, I just don't know how to tell you, and your reaction is what I'm scared of..."

"Throw it at me, we'll see,"

"Ok. Well you know Wanda has little Tristan, well... Seeing him and her with Ian kind of makes... Me want to have a baby..." I whisper.

His face hardens. "Oh," Then it softens. "Yeah I mean I'd love a baby, but this isn't really the environment to bring up a baby... But we'd get the human population up a little bit... Do you, want to err try?"

"Yeah, I would love to,"

"Why isn't it working? Am I doing something wrong? Are you? Are we both?" I ask frustratedly. I thought it wouldn't be hard to get pregnant, but god it is. We've been trying nearly every day for like 3 weeks. And nothing.

"I don't think we're doing something wrong... Maybe like I haven't got many sperms or something..."

"I doubt that," I groan grumpily.

"Don't worry Mel. It'll happen," He murmurs.

YES! My period is late! I practically start screaming with happiness... Who do I tell first? Truck question, of course Jared.

I run into our room with a huge grin on my face and he just stares at me like I'm retarded.

"What?" He asks.

"Well... I think we're pregnant..."

"Yes," He breathes happily as he lifts me up and twirls me around and we kiss passionately.

"Hey Mel, how's you?" Wanda asks. She's sitting on a rock by the bathing water, letting little Tristan suckle from her tit.

"I'm great. I'm also something else,"

"She pauses to think. "Yes we already know that your mental," She jokes.

"I'm unamused. No! I'm pregnant!"

"Oh congrats! How far along?"

"I don't know, but I'm pregnant!"

"Does Jared know?" She asks.

"Of course. And we're gonna tell the others lat-"

"YOUR PREGNANT?!" Screams a voice. Oh no... Jared and I were gonna tell him together.

We twist round to see the teenage boy.

"Yeah Jamie. Are you happy about it?"

"Yeah! I'm fucking thrilled!"

"No Jamie, you mustn't curse!" I hiss.

"Sorry Mel..."


I'm huge now... I'm roughly 7 and a half months pregnant. Right now I'm naked and bathing in the water all alone. It's so peaceful as well, just me and my baby in my stomach. We have already decided on a name, Jared and I. Max if its a boy and Ja-

My thoughts are interrupted by a vivid pain that runs up my spine in unreal speed... I pass out before I can scream.

"Will she wake up?"

"I don't know to be honest. I'm sorry Jared... I wish I could help more,"

"No, she has to wake up for the baby's sake,"

"I don't know if she will Jared. Going into labour early, and having complications is bad enough, and we're in a cave so that makes it worse..."

"I knew you'd say that. I knew you would Doc..."

I have officially decided that I hate the dark. That's all I've known for what seems like years. But I'm gonna try and get out of the dark. Wish me luck... I slowly peel my eyelids away from my eyes as I open them. I look around cautiously to see Jared. My Jared. Holding a little child in a blanket...

"Mel! Mel! Oh Mel! MEL IS AWAKE!" He screams as he hugs me.

"Oh Jared," I croak.

"I'm here, I'm here... And so is Jasmine,"

"Jasmine... So she's our little girl?"

"Yes. She has your hair,"

"But your eyes," I sigh peacefully. "Our Jasmine. My Jasmine. Jasmine Lucy Violet Howe,"