To the Readers:

Hello to you all. I'm Kok0roxGuardian (just in case you didn't know :) ) and welcome to the final part of the Broken-Hearted Brothers Series. Sadly, I'm going to end it here before I tell you all that I can't finish it because I'm leaving for Japan. So anyway, I'll be posting whenever I have free time and I finish typing because I'm on Summer Vacation and I have nothing to do. Also, if you're new to the series and you don't want to read the previous two that's fine. You can just read the brief summaries below. Although you might be very confused on how Ed got that way.

Who Needs a Brother Like You

Edward runs away when he hears everyone he cares about talking about him. While running away he meets Venllie Clarkerston who is really a Homunculus named Evillie and is working for Dante. She tricks Ed and that leads to his kidnapping and while kidnapped he is severely tortured by Envy, Lust, and Gluttony because he refuses to make them the Philosopher's Stone. After time passes Alphonse and Colonel Mustang find them along with Winry and Evillie's Grandmother. In the end Ed accidently kills her and the other Homunculi get away.

Quenched by the Red Water Alchemist

Still heartbroken about Venllie's death, Edward is sent to Dublith with Alphonse so that he can get his mind off the situation by training and staying with Izumi. But what they didn't know was that En Renzo, the Red Water Alchemist is loose in the town and is looking for Edward. While training on an Island they encounter him and he tries to kill them and says that he wants to bring Ed to Dante for some strange reason. Lanfolle, a State Alchemist Colonel that works in Dublith is also working with Mustang and his gang. Keep in mind that Mustang didn't know Ed and Al were there until they went to go visit their teacher. They are saved by them but in the process Al is almost killed. They also learn that Lanfolle is Renzo's biological daughter and has been trying to save him from the affects Red Water for years. In the last fight Edward rushed into battle while wounded and fights En Renzo, but loses when he is covered with large amounts of Red Water that causes him to go in a deep coma (Tried to protect Alphonse). In the end, En Renzo is killed by Envy throwing a large rock and crushing him and Lizarre tries to take her own life, but Mustang stops her. Now Alphonse waits for his brother to awaken. But there is a chance that he might never wake up.

One more thing! I had a question about the storyline and what episodes this happens between. Let's say it's the original and for now it's an alternate universe. They meet Dante a different way. You'll fully understand it when the very last chapter comes.

Alright so if you're interested please go to the next chapter where you will be able to read chapter one! I hope you enjoy!