The Story of the Broken Hearted Brothers Epilogue

Edward rose from his bed while wiping his sleepy eyes and rubbing his head. For once he had actually gotten a goodnight's rest and hadn't had that feeling in a long time because the Colonel had been constantly sending him on missions with his younger brother Alphonse. Life had been pretty good lately. Yeah, he was busy all the time but good things had been happening too.

Winry had finally come to visit them in Central and decided that she would stay with them for a while. This made him happy secretly because really he had missed his childhood friend a lot. Alphonse had also cooked dinner every night for the past week. Edward felt guilty that Alphonse wasn't able to enjoy his own cooking; but man it sure was good.

It was morning and the sun had decided to rise early. He could tell it was going to be another great day. He climbed out of bed and fixed his tank top and heavy sweat pants then grabbed his red coat from the coat rack and slipped it on.

"Hey Al, Winry I'm finally awake!" he shouted. No one responded back. Smiling he scratched his head and walked into the living room/kitchen and looked around. No one was here. That was odd to him.

"Al? Winry? Are you guys here?" he called again. Still nothing...he sighed and changed into his black pants with his belt and into his usual boots and left the house making sure that he locked the door behind him.

All of Central seemed to be pretty normal today. He glanced down at his silver pocket watch and put it deep into his pocket and began running down the street. No "Hey brother I'll be gone tomorrow morning!" nothing! That wasn't like Alphonse at all! Sweat began to pour down his face and his heart raced a mile a minute.

Central Headquarters! He would go there and find Colonel Idiot and tell him about his brother! He stopped running and turned his head behind him. He had developed a weird feeling, like he was being watched. But he ignored it."Damn, what is up with me today? M-maybe Al just went shopping like he usually does and Winry went with him too." Edward shook his head and continued running down the street.

When had finally arrived at Headquarters he had noticed many people walking around. But still he saw no sign of his brother or anyone else that he knew. "Where the hell are they?!" he muttered. He put his hand on his chin and began to rub it. "Are they all having some secret gathering without me?"

He ran quickly up the stairs and into the building and when the Colonel's office door was in front of him...

"So Al what do you mean?"

He froze when he heard Alphonse's voice, and then he bursted into the room. Winry, Alphonse, Mustang, Armstrong, Hawkeye, even Fuery...they were all wearing party hats.

"SURPRISE!" they all yelled, except for Mustang. He just smiled of course.

"What is all this?" he asked.

Al turned to Winry, "What I meant Winry was that Ed was working really hard lately and that's why we're throwing him a surprise party."

Edward smiled as he saw the cake and everyone gathered around, "Remember Ed, this was the day that you passed your State Alchemist Exam!" Winry cheered.

"Really guys," he scratched his head and smiled with embarrassment "You didn't have to."

"But you deserve it." Hawkeye smiled. That was when Armstrong picked him up and bear hugged him almost choking him out, "Oh Edward Elric! You are such a hard worker! Don't you see! You need this party!" he sat him down.

Ed coughed, "Thanks guys."

Mustang walked up to him and patted him on his shoulder, "No, everyone is right you know. You've been working yourself too hard."

"Thanks, I'll try to remember to slack off some more on that paper work then!"

Edward turned towards the window and looked out at Central before him. It was weird...but this all seemed like they had done this before. But then a memory of a girl flashed in the back of his mind. He shook his head and then joined in the laughter of the joke he had made earlier.

But far off in the distance above the clouds and gateway of time Kokoris was watching, waiting to see what the fate of the Elric Brothers would be even though The Story of the Broken Hearted Brothers...was over.

Well guys there you have it! The ending! In case you have no clue what happened Kokoris reset time but she could only do it if Dante and the others weren't there to interfere. Al knew all along that he would have to kill Ed...and everyone else knew that time would be reset and they wouldn't remember anything that happened. So anyway this is why it isn't an AU and tragedy story. Everything was reset. Oh and this story does follow the original storyline of FMA! If you guys don't mind drop a quick review on how you felt about the series and thanks again for the views. This story got over 23,000 views in all! XD and this was my first real work on the site! :D

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