Christmas time at The Burrow was anything but boring. The first day there was filled with excitement. Harry informed Ron about what Snape had said to Malfoy, but he simply replied that maybe Snape was lying about it just to find out what Malfoy was planning on doing. Harry ignored his theory and continued decorating the house. Mrs. Weasley was in the other room with Mr. Weasley and Lupin, conversing about Voldemort and his plans. Harry eavesdropped on them, listening in on their talk. He could hear things about Voldemort, the Order, and even Harry himself. He couldn't help himself, but was interrupted by a beautiful voice.

"What are you doing Harry?" asked Ginny.

"Ginny! You scared me!"

"That's what you get for spying silly!"

"So, what are you doing here anyway Ginny?"

"I live here, Chosen One."

"You know what I mean."

"just walking around. Was bored."

"I heard about you and Dean. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. Just wasn't meant to be."

"So what are you gonna do now?"

"Find someone new. Maybe he is closer then I think." she left, but no before winking at him.

Ginny walked up the stairs and Harry stared at her perfect ass as she walked. She turned around and saw Harry staring, who quickly turned his head. He could hear her giggle. Harry racked up his nerves and followed her upstairs. He had gotten word from Hermione that she would be meeting him soon for a specific reason, one she refused to say.

Harry tip toed to her bedroom door and pressed his ear to it. He could hear a starnge sound, like crying. He knocked a few times and she said 'Enter'. He walked in and saw that Ginny was on her bed, sobbing.

"Ginny? What's wrong?"

"Oh, Harry. Just... nothing."

"Please," he insisted.

"Well, breaking up with Dean was hard, but I came to realize that I never loved him. I... love you more."

"I love you too Ginny." he kissed her on the lips, making her calm down and enjoy it.

"Harry... I've wanted that for a long time."

"So have I. Is there anyway I can make you feel better?"

"Make love to me. Make me feel loved."

He kissed her wet lips and hugged her tightly. Ginny fell onto the bed, Harry on top and they continued. They made out heavily before Harry put his hands up her shirt and felt her boobs. At the instant touch, Harry couldn't believe that he was about to fuck Ginny Weasley, his crush. Her tits felt so right, so soft. She placed her hands on his and kept them there.

"I want this Harry. I really do."

"I've wanted this for a long time Gin."

"Then let's make the most of it." she said as she stuck her tongue in his mouth.

Harry lifted up her shirt and threw it across the room and she undid her bra and placed it on the side of the bed. He grabbed her tits and sucked on them, even massaging them, pinching her nipples. She squealed in excitement and started undoing her pants. He undid his as well and took off his underwear. Her pink panties looked a little wet and he must've known she really wanted this. He kissed her belly and felt her smooth legs. Harry pulled off her panties and saw her pussy was very wet.

"Sorry, It's just... I've wanted this for a long time."

"It's okay Ginny. You're going to have me very soon."

She smiled. Ginny had him come to her and she advised that he better put it in quickly before Mrs. Weasley found them. He slowly entered her pink pussy, making Ginny shriek with excitement. The further he went in, the louder her moans got. When he was all the way in, Ginny stopped him for a second.

"It's okay if you come inside me. Hermione gave me some Muggle pills that provide protection."

"Okay," he laughed.

Harry smiled and began thrusting inside her, Ginny making small moans as he got more intense. He bent down and started making out with her, sticking his tongue in her mouth. Her legs crossed behind him and this turned him on more. He fucked her harder and faster, making her scream. He had to cover her mouth to avoid anyone from hearing, but he could clearly hear her.


As he intensified his thrusts, she did tiny screams with each hard thrust. He lowered his head and started sucking on her tits, adding to the pleasure. He knew she saved herself for him, otherwise she wouldn't have been so tight. He pinned her arms down and continued thrusting. He could feel himself reaching climax, so he took his cock out, Ginny looking disappointed.

"Is that it?" she asked.

"No Ginny. Got something else planned."

He told her to lay on her side, which she did. He raised her legs up high onto his shoulder, kissing her foot and leg. He pulled her closer and his cock entered her cunt in a flash, making her moan. As her leg rested on his shoulder, he held onto it and thrusted in and out, making Ginny grab her blanket and having her handle the experience.

"Harry, this feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

His thrusts went faster, which is what she wanted. Ginny suddenly realized she wanted more of him, so she said to take it and and to lay down. He did as she said and waited for her to do something. She scrunched down and took his cock in her sweet little hands, stroking it madly. Her tongue licked up and down his cock, licking the pre-cum from his tip, and eventually putting it in her mouth, sighing with excitement.

The taste of his cock in her mouth made her crazy, so she sucked as hard as she could and bobbed at fast speeds. Harry stroked her hair as she did this. He felt intense pleasure as she sucked, even moaning her name multiple times. Her red hair became messy as she fastened her bobbing. He announced that he was gonna come soon, so she took it out and positioned herself above his dick.

"Ready Harry?"

"I wanted you for a long time Ginny. Now it is time to end it."

"Fuck me!"

She moved down on his cock. He saw it get engulfed by her pussy, which felt so good. Her pussy wasn't as tight and it was warm. As she rode him, he grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them. He spanked her a bit and made her chuckle. She bent down and began making out with him, her boobs moving as he thrusted. It wasn't long before he had the urge.

He exploded inside her, making her twitch. When the last of his seed emptied inside her, he collapsed next to her. She grabbed onto his arm and kissed his cheek. Her curled up naked body turned Harry on, but he was too exhausted to fuck her again... for now. Mrs. Weasley called Ginny downstairs and she quickly got dressed. In his mind, Harry knew that fucking Ginny wasn't over.

Sorry this one was short. I have better plans for Ginny and the way Harry fucks her. This is a first attempt at Hinny, so bare with me :P