Christmas had arrived and Harry was over thrilled by the day. The annual Weasley Christmas party was anything but boring. Fleur, Lupin, Tonks, and many other members of the Order had come and Harry was conversing about the Prince and his theories about Malfoy. Lupin just shrugged them off and joined Tonks, who winked at him.

During the evening, he was at the lake, enjoying the crystal clear water when he was joined by Tonks and Fleur.

"'Ello 'Arry!"

"Wotcher Harry!"

"Hey Tonks... Fleur. What's up? I thought you went home."

"Nah. Remus left and the others are singing Christmas carols. We decided now would be the prefect time." said Tonks.

"For?" he asked.

"A threesome!" said Fleur.

"Fleur told me how great you fucked her and even though we don't like each other, we decided to have a bit of fun with you."

"Ready 'Arry?"

"I guess." he sighed.

They laid him down on the cold grass and they both went to his face and began kissing him. It was weird for him to be kissing two girls at once, but it felt real nice. His hands went on their back, rubbing them. As they kissed him, Tonks reached inside his pants and handled his erection. He moaned as she did this.

They stopped kissing him and she took out her hands and undid his pants, taking his boxers along with them. His cock pointed up to the starry sky. Fleur licked her lips and began stroking him, thus getting him excited. As Harry laid back, he began thinking about the past few months. How all these girls had fucked him and how much he loved it. Nowadays, it seems like a daily routine. It got real boring after a while, but if a girl offered him sex, he'd take it. Even if one of the girls was pregnant with his baby.

As Fleur stroked him, Tonks took off her shirt and bra, tossing it near the lake. Harry sat up and moved his hands to her tits. Before he could touch them, Fleur put his member into her mouth and began sucking. Harry moaned as she did so, but that didn't stop him from going after Tonks' tits. His hands clamped to them and he squeezed.

Tonks giggled as he massaged them, and his hand felt her stomach, loving her soft skin in the moon light. The more Fleur sucked, the crazier Harry got around Tonks' boobs. Tonks laid him down and moved to his face, her perfect breasts near his mouth. He took one and started licking her nipple, even sucking on it. He took his other hand and pinched her other nipple, making her moan.

It wasn't long before Fleur took out his cock and licked her lips. She removed her shirt and bra as Tonks did. Fleur placed his cock between her tits and moved them up and down, while sucking him again. A titty fuck was happening and this was Harry's first time doing it. Tonks stood up and removed her pants, revealing that she had no underwear. She kneeled in front of his face and he could see that her cunt was wet.

Harry knew what she wanted, so he grabbed her ass cheeks and started licking her most private area. As Fleur continued to titty fuck him, she could feel him getting ready to explode. She stopped before that happened and removed her pants and thin thong. Fleur got on top of him, rubber her pussy a little, and moved down on him quickly. The instant feeling was amazing as Fleur moved up again. Tonks was so into his licks that she was oblivious to Fleur and her bouncing.

"'Arry! 'Arry! This feels so good!" shouted Fleur.

For the next few minutes, Fleur's movements slowed and fastened, depending if he was close. Tonks screamed her loudest as she came on Harry's face, which was a first for him. After apologizing, she made out with him while licking off her own cum. Her licks felt so good, after she was done, he tongue kissed her like never before.

Tonks finally saw that Fleur was getting sweaty from bouncing on Harry's cock for the past few minutes, so she relieved her and took her place. Instead of being on him, Tonks laid down on her back and advised Harry that she didn't want it in her pussy, for fear of doing something to the baby. He immediately thrusted it into her ass, making her scream. Fleur kneeled in front of Tonks' face, thus making the pregnant girl lick her. As that happened, Fleur took Harry's face and collided it with hers, kissing him crazily. Tonks' yell's could be heard, even though she had had anal a few times from him.


The more he pounded Tonks' ass, the more Fleur kissed him. Tonks could sense he was close, but Fleur told him to take it out and fuck her cunt. In a state of lust, he took it out and Fleur laid on the grass this time. She spread her legs high and advised Harry to come to her. Tonks, who had came recently, stopped joining them and went to the side and played with herself.

He inserted his erection into Fleur's cunt, enjoying the feeling as long as he could. He lifted her legs up and kissed her legs, eventually feeling them and licking them. When he was all the way inside her, she grunted. As he was holding her legs, she moved them and wrapped them around Harry, keeping him in. He bent down, held her arms down and made out with er, keeping his thrusts fast and hard. Tonks was cheering him on.

"Yeah Harry! Come inside her! Come! Come!"

He thrusted and thrusted as hard as he could inside his french lover. She screamed at him in French, so he couldn't understand her. He kissed her neck, getting her to calm down. She could feel him getting close, but didn't advise him to take it out. With one final thrust, he unloaded stream after stream of jizz inside her, filling her up.

Fleur moaned in extreme pleasure as he felt his semen swarm inside her. He collapsed on top of her and was virtually exhausted. She stroked his hair and held him close, greatly happy. Tonks came over and cuddled with them having just orgasmed herself. As they hugged, Tonks said something that he figured was his fault.

"Fleur is going to have your baby as well as me."

In Ron's attic room, Harry's at on his bed, feeling stupid that he had just got Fleur pregnant. That was three girls he had impregnated. If it got out of hand, he'd be in real trouble. Before he could lay down, a knock was heard. Harry yelled that they could come in and Tonks came up, fully dressed. She sat on the bed with him and comforted him.

"It's okay Harry. Fleur will say the baby is Bill's. No need to worry."

"What about you?"

"I'll say it's Remus'."

"That's all great and all, but you'll have to be truthful at some point!"

"True, but now is not the time. Ron and the others are outside. Wanna join?"

"No. Just wanna be alone for a while."

"Okay. Want a blowjob before I go?"


He unbuttoned his pants and moved his underwear down a bit, to reveal his still soft cock. She took it in her hands and stroked it, getting it up very quickly. Tonks wrapped a hand around it and stroked, licking his head as she did so. Harry laid back and closed his eyes, looking back to what had happened.

After a minute of stroking, she put it in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Jizz flowed into her mouth, and Harry could hear her swallowing. He remembered all the girls he had fucked and possible others that wanted to fuck him. He had gotten Cho pregnant and wondered what would happen if Marietta and him fucked. He remembered when Marietta betrayed them and sold them out to Umbridge. At that moment, he knew he had to get revenge on her, but the question was how.

He soon came inside Tonks' mouth. At that sudden orgasm, he got the perfect idea for revenge. He was on a mission to fuck Marietta and get HER pregnant. That would teach her a lesson for selling them out last year.

When Tonks finished swallowing his cum, she wiped her mouth and gave him a kiss, thus leaving the room.