It was night time when Harry was making his way back to the Common Room. He had fucked Daphne Greengrass just hours ago, but he still had a sex urge inside him. Walking up the stairs, he encountered two familiar Hufflepuff's. They ambushed him and brought him tot he side.

"Harry!" said Hannah. "We've decided when we want our threesome."

"Let me guess. Right now?"

"Nope!" shouted Susan. "Tomorrow at noon. Room of Requirement. Hannah told me you two fucked there and they had big beds. One of them should be enough to fit all three of us."

"Okay. Noon tomorrow. Room of Requirement. I'll be there."

"See ya then sexy." said Hannah as they walked away.

As he exited the room, he encountered Hermione, who looked peculiar.

"I heard everything Harry. A threesome with Bones and Abbot. Make me jealous."

"We had a threesome with Ginny months ago!"

"I know. I'd like another one."

"Well, Katie is coming back soon... so..."

"Oh, I'd love a threesome with her! Her body looked marvelous when I barged in on you two having sex."

"Then it's settled. When she gets back, I'll ask her."

"Great! In the meantime, could we fuck in that room?"

"Sure thing Hermione."

For the next hour, Harry was hard at work fucking Hermione. The intensity of it got her all worked up and excited for their planned threesome. She hadn't been fucked good since Christmas break and she really needed it. When they were done, They dressed and headed off to bed. The next day was a weekend, so it was all good.

The weekend came and Harry awoke excited for the day. Harry ate a good breakfast and hung around his friends until 11:30. At that point, he said he needed to be somewhere and Hermione winked at him meaning she knew what that place was. It took Harry no time at all to get to the Room. He walked around the room three times and thought bed.

The magic doors emerged and he stepped in, the same white beds surrounding him just like when he fucked Hannah. Inside, he saw Susan and Hannah waiting at the biggest bed imaginable. It was a double King sized bed. Big enough for six people. When he got over, he was about to talk, but Susan stopped him with a kiss.

There was no time for words, so they began. As Susan kissed him, Hannah began undressing until she was completely nude. She stood behind Harry and kissed his neck. Her boobs pressed against him and he released from Susan and turned around. They soon began making out and she followed what Hannah did.

When Susan was nude, she got behind Harry and wrapped her arms around. She undid his pants and made them drop, boxers and all. Hanna released from the kiss and took off his shirt. With all three nude, Harry got onto the bed first, eventually crawling his way to the pillow where he waited on the two Hufflepuff's. Hannah began by taking her hand and stroking his erection with all her might.

Harry moaned silently as she did this, but got a little more when Susan got to his face and put her pussy right there in front of him. He didn't wanna miss this opportunity, so he held onto her sides and started licking her. Her pussy tasted so good, so wet. He had a feeling that she wanted this for a while. It wasn't too long before Hannah's stroked became licks.

Her licks were much like before, but better. Even with him lust going after Susan's pussy, he felt amazed by Hannah licking his member. Before he could get used to it, she put it into her mouth, giving him better pleasure. Susan and gotten enough from the licking and got up from his face and went to Hannah. She stroked her friends back as Hannah sucked Harry.

After a few minutes, Hannah took it out and wiped her mouth. Susan positioned herself doggy and wanted Harry inside her. Hannah got in front of Susan and laid down, spreading her legs. As Harry got behind her, Susan started licking her friends cunt, Hannah moaning loudly. Harry penetrated her quickly and got her groaning. As he fucked her once before, she got used to it quickly. The sounds of him pounding her got Hannah excited. She grabbed her own boobs and squeezed them, even pinching her nipples.

Susan moaned louder as Harry became more forceful. Before Hannah got close, she moved away and laid on the bed near Susan. She crawled to her friend and began making out with her. This got Harry hornier. He began going faster and made Susan yell in pleasure. As they kissed, tongues came into the picture and Harry thought it was hot that these two girls were secretly bi.

Harry could feel himself getting close, so he took it out without another word. They released from kissing and Hannah went on her side, lifting her leg up. Harry went to her, lifted up her leg, and went inside her wet cunt, eager to fuck her brains out. Her leg rested on his shoulder. Susan came over and placed her massive tits in front of Hannah, who took them and sucked on them.

"Hannah! God damn it!" said Harry.

Harry went faster and faster as she sucked Susan's tits more and more. He kissed parts of her leg and even her foot. Hannah giggled like a little girl as he did this. After a few minutes, Harry was still fucking her, but Susan had went to Harry and began making out with him. Hannah closed her eyes and yelled in great pleasure as he continued.

Soon, Harry took it out and had her lay on her stomach. Susan watched as Harry positioned himself at her asshole. She quickly got in front of her friend and spread her legs. Hannah began licking her Susan's pussy with great speed, giving her a good time. Harry instantly thrusted inside his beautiful lover and heard her scream.


"Want me to stop Hannah?"


He needed no excuse not to. Harry, with all his might, began thrusting in and out of the Hufflepuff and loved hearing her scream. Susan, on the other hand, was just laying back and giving loud moans. Even with an ass fucking, Hannah still managed to give her friend a good cunt lick. In a sudden glimpse of lust, he began spanking her hard like he did to Daphne.

"Who's a slutty badger? Who?"

"I am Harry! I'm a slutty badger!"


"Damn right you are!"

For the next few minutes, he continued fucking her and loved hearing her call herself a slut. Before long, he took it out and said it was Susan's turn. Hannah, having gotten her pussy licked already, crawled away and started playing with herself, so to relieve herself. Susan got on her back and lifted her legs up, so to give Harry a better penetration.

He put her legs on his shoulder and entered her tight asshole, giving her pain as he went in. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, her mouth opening like she was in a lot of pain. Hannah yelled over and said she could handle it. As he went in all the way, Susan screamed and cried.

"Harry! It hurts! SO MUCH!"

"That's what you get for being a Hufflepuff whore!"
"Yes! I'm a whore! I'm your fucking whore!"

"Fuck... yes!" he said as he thrusted.

As he continued, Hannah stuck two fingers into her cunt and thrust them in and out, giving her the experience of having Harry's cock inside her. Susan's legs dropped and wrapped around him, pushing him in. Tears came down her face, but Harry was so into fucking her, he didn't notice. Her boobs bounced up and down, giving him a need to go harder.


Before he could answer, he gave a final thrust and came inside her. Her insides began to burn, but she withstood it with all her might. After the final stream came out, he took it out and collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Hannah and Susan went to his sides and cuddled with him, tired from their fucking. They kissed his cheek and rested their heads on his chest.

"That was great girls! Just great."

"Yeah it was!" said Hannah.

"I would so do it again!" said Susan.

"Shall we?" asked Harry.

"Fuck yeah!" they said together and they climbed on top of him and started again.