When Harry failed to catch them, he kneeled beside Dumbledore's dead body and sobbed. Katie went to his side and comforted him, but it wasn't the same. He admired Albus and looked to him as a role model, maybe even a father figure. He was gone and Harry was in a deep state of depression. Ron and Hermione dared not say anything to him for fear that he would get even more upset.

The day of the funeral was depressing. Many Ministry people came including Umbridge. Minister Rufus consulted in him, but Harry basically told him to piss off. Harry talked to Katie and told her that he couldn't be with her anymore. He had something to do and didn't want the girl he loved to be targeted by Death Eaters or even Voldemort. She sobbed in his arms and understood him well. Harry left in a quiet manner as the Rufus said a preachers words. He walked the halls of the school, looking at the different people in the paintings and some told him how sorry they were. Even McGonagall wanted to help him, but Harry ignored her and stormed off.

Deep in the library, Harry sat at a table table and stared into nothingness. It was quiet. Too quiet. Madam Pince was often in there, but was at the funeral with everyone else. As he watched the fire of the candle flicker, Hermione sat next to him. She hugged his arm and said nothing. His head tilted next to hers and they sat in silence for a few minutes before Hermione spoke.

"I'm so sorry Harry. Dumbledore was a great man."

"I know. He was the best person I ever met. I just can't believe he's gone."

"I'm here Harry. I always have been."

"I know you have. That's why your one of my best friends."

"I know this is sudden, but you feel like fucking? Since you broke it with Katie?"

"I guess. Better than sitting here watching the flame flicker."

"Good!" she cheered. "I always had this fantasy to be fucked in the library. Ya know, like against a bookcase or something. Wanna do it?"

"Sure." he said.

Hermione smiled happily and got up. She sat on Harry's lap and the two began making out. Hermione had missed their solo fucking and was wild this time around. Her tongue swished around in his mouth and Harry knew she was as horny as ever. Quickly, she stood up and took off her pants to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties. Harry chuckled.

"Man Hermione, you're such a slut!"

"I know." she said. "But I'm YOUR slut!"

Her pussy looked ripe and sexy looking, but he wasn't gonna get it until later. Taking off her shirt and bra, she wanted it badly, but wanted some foreplay before the real action began. So, she got onto the table right in front of him and laid down, her pussy at the edge. Her legs moved and placed themselves on his shoulders, allowing him easy access.

His head moved closer as he smelled her beautiful aroma. In no time flat, he began licking her cunt, making her laugh and moan. She grabbed her boobs and licked them, making him more crazy for her. Hermione knew in her heart that she loved him, but didn't know how to say it. They had told each other they loved each other when they first fucked, but that was the heat of the moment. She truly did love him, but was scared of what he would say.

The feeling of his tongue licking her pussy made Hermione realize that she wanted to be more than just a fuck toy to him. If they ever had a moment together, she would tell him how she felt. If he rejected her, she'd be okay with it. Their friendship could withstand anything. But if he accepted her, they'd be together and maybe have green eyed kids who were smarter than even her. This was something she wanted badly.

Minutes later, Hermione shouted that she was close, so he stopped. Getting down from the table, Hermione undid his pants and took off his boxers, aching for his massive dick. As he still sat down, Hermione showed no mercy and stuffed his member in her mouth, sucking on it like never before. Harry gave a loud moan as she had never been this crazy when it came to sex. Even she admitted that she was more crazy than usual and that she enjoyed it.

The feeling of sucking up his juice gave Hermione an idea about how their future could turn out. They'd be married, have kids, and a glorious house. That is truly what she wanted. If he said no to her love, her dream would be ruined. No amount of sex could fix that if it came to that. Even so, she bathed in the moment of sucking his throbbing shaft.

When Harry said he was close, she took it out and licked her lips. Standing up, the two lovers made out like no tomorrow. As they did, Hermione walked backward into a bookshelf as Harry pushed her back. The collision made the laugh and break apart. Hermione's library fantasy was about to come true.

"Fuck me against the bookcase Harry! Fuck me!"

"You got it!"

She lifted one leg and Harry grabbed it. He stuffed his cock inside her and lifted the other one up, wrapping them around him and keeping Hermione against the bookcase. As he thrusted all the way in, Hermione moaned as her fantasy was becoming a reality. With each thrust, he pushed her against the shelf, but she didn't care. It was heaven for her as he pounded her.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and they kissed more passionately than usual. Even as he fucked against the bookcase, he didn't seem to slow down. Hermione herself was enjoying this more than she should've. She didn't want it to stop. Not until he came inside her even though she was on the pill. Harry was deep in thought about fucking her that he couldn't think about anything else.

Soon, Harry was feeling close, so he let her down. Hermione was thrilled to have her fantasy fulfilled and went to the bookcase behind them, grabbed a shelf and held her ass out, wanting it doggy. Harry knew what she wanted, so he turned and quickly thrusted his shaft into her perfect ass, having her scream. Her eyes tightened and the feeling of his cock inside her got her hornier.

In no time, Harry was thrusting in and out of her ass as if fucking her cunt. It was easy and slid right in and out. She gasped as he continued and gave short groans. Her thighs felt smooth as he held them. His balls slapped against her butt and even she admitted it felt good. She loved having him inside her and wished it would never stop.


"You're a bad kitty Hermione! A very bad kitty!"

He spanked her multiple times, but she didn't cry from it. She loved every second of it and didn't want him to stop. Before long, he felt close, but Hermione had other plans. Having him take it out, she went to the table and laid down on top of it, spreading her legs wide like the slut she was. Harry, looking eager, got on the table with her and positioned himself at her cunts entrance, wanting to release himself inside her.

"Take me Harry! Take me!"

He smiled and slowly entered her, getting his whole cock in within seconds. Once all the way in, he began picking up speed, thrilled to be fucking her. His body moved down against her chest and they started making out again while her legs wrapped around him and kept him in. It was intense for them botha nd they didn't want the sex to end.

Alas, Harry groaned as he came inside her, unleashing every ounce of semen he had. Hermione was a great fuck and knew that sex with her would always be amazing. As he fille dhe rup, she turned her head and gasped as it his shaft emptied inside her. When it was done, he took it out and laid beside her, calming himself from the amazing fuck he just had.

"Hermione... that was..."


"Hell yeah! If you wanna fuck, whether it be anytime or anywhere, I'll be there."

"Awesome! Sex with you really is the best. Whoa!"

After that, Harry joined her and Ron in the Astronomy Tower, overlooking the lake. He looked at the locket and told them it was a fake. It was left by a guy with R.A.B as their initials. At the moment, they didn't know who it was, but they would know soon. Harry had many fun fucks this year and he enjoyed every moment of them. He knew he'd have kids with lots of these girls and wondered if he would get letters from Cho, Katie, and all the other pregnant girls in the summer. He sure hoped so. He'd like to be a dad, but with just one girl.

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