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Chapter two: Bells and a Cat witch?

Naruto woke up as the morning sun hit his face and he noticed that Liz, and Patti were snuggling up rather close to him, with the latter on top of him with her bust resting in his chest making him blush. He noticed that Maka and Tsubaki were missing, but then noticed the smell of food.

He carefully turned to the side letting Patti gently slide onto her side so he could get up. As he entered the Kitchen he noticed Maka was at the table reading a book and Tsubaki was over the stove cooking breakfast.

The dark-haired girl noticed his prescence, and said "Good morning Naruto-sama, breakfast will be ready soon, so please have a seat." He nodded and sat at chair opposite from the blonde haired girl, who said "Mornin', sleep well?"

He blushed remembering the compromising position him and the younger Thompson sister. He gulped and said "Yeah, I did." The green-eyed bookworm nodded and continued reading. After a few minutes the two sisters appeared, the younger being as peppy and energetic as ever and the elder looked to be dragging her heels.

'Guess, she's not a morning person' Naruto thought. Once the food was done cooking Tsubaki handed out everyone's respective plate, the other girls immediately started digging into their plates, the ninja girl however paused waiting to see her Meister's reaction. She was pleased when he said "This is delicious! I had no idea you could cook, Tsubaki-chan."

She blushed at the affectionate suffix, replying "It's nothing, Naruto-sama. I mean, it's the least I can do for allowing us to stay here." That line caused the other three girls to pause, thinking in unison 'Great, now I feel like a freeloader.'

The blonde Meister took a look at the clock and said "Hey Maka, want come with me this time?" the book enthusiast nodded and grabbed her signature black coat as they headed out the door, as they walked down the step Naruto saw a familiar face "Hey you're the school nurse from yesterday… Medusa Gorgon right?" he asked.

"Ara? Well, if it isn't Naruto Uzumaki; I didn't know you lived here." The blonde 'nurse' spoke with a warm smile. In the background Maka had a question mark over her head, this woman looked familiar to her, yet she couldn't remember why.

Naruto nodded and said "Yeah, my apartments on the top floor. When'd you move here anyway?" Medusa pointed to her baggage and replied "Just today. I noticed you looked like you were in a hurry, what's the rush?"

The Meister yelled in realization "CRAP! I forgot, I still need to get to training ground 7! Sorry Medusa-san, I gotta go. Talk later." He grabbed Maka's wrist and took off like a shot. As he ran down the road, Medusa grinned like a serpent playing with its food thinking 'Good thing I did a memory altercation spell on those girls while they were asleep. Wouldn't be good if they became suspicious of my presence her, would it? Fufufu, so Naruto is going to training ground 7 is he? I think I'll watch and see what he does. After all, I've got to keep track of him. I wonder though, when should I send Crona to 'gree't him? And should I recruit him? Oh, the possibilities!'

She grinned further and kicked her belongings inside her new apartment; she'd deal with them later. For now, the serpent shall stalk and observe its prey.

In Training Ground 7.

Sakura and Sasuke were waiting for their absent sensei until they heard what sounded like a stampede, they turned and spotted one Naruto Uzumaki running down the road with what appeared to be a girl that he was holding by the wrist, he slammed his feet on the ground causing dirt to pile up as he came to a halt.

He looked down and noticed that his friend Maka had swirls in her eyes as she mumbled incoherently. She came to rather quickly when Sakura screamed "YOU'RE LATE!" the blonde Meister only said "Is Sensei here? Cuz I don't see him. So therefore, I'm not late."

With that said he looked down and asked "You okay, Maka-chan?" she just gave a thumbs up and after a few minutes finally got up. She decided to lean against one of the wooden posts and read one of her books.

The pink-haired banshee stomped up to her and asked "Who're you? You here to steal Sasuke-kun from me?" Maka's only response was "MAKA CHOP!"

An a smoking indentation was left on the top of Sakura's head as the blonde Weapon continued reading. Naruto sweat-dropped at the vicious attack, Sasuke just ignored it and continued brooding. Kakashi Hatake chose this time to appear, he noticed Sakura's condition but decided to wave it off since she was a fan-girl so therefore it must've been her fault.

"Well, glad to see you're getting along." He said humorously, then noticed Maka and said curiously "That's strange, you're not the same girl from yesterday." The girl waved her hand from side to side replying "She was Tsubaki, I'm Maka. One of Naruto-san's partners."

The masked man remembered the blonde mentioning something about partners during his introduction, but he originally thought he was referring to his team, but on a second look at his team and their history in the Academy archives it proved to not be the case.

So he asked "How many partners do you have exactly?" the blonde Meister replied "There's Tsubaki-chan, Maka-san, Patti-chan, and Liz-san so that makes four."

The masked man scratched his head wondering on how the boy had four partners and what purpose they served since they weren't Ninja, but shrugged and decided to see what would happen.

Meanwhile in the bushes was Medusa looking over some files "Kakashi Hatake, Jonin, former Anbu captain. Student of the Yondaime Hokage; epithet is 'Copy-cat Ninja' earned for having a transplanted Sharingan eye that lets him copy Jutsu. Not bad, he's got skills; that's for sure, better watch out for him.

Next Sasuke Uchiha, one of two survivors of the Uchiha clan, the other being his older brother, Itachi, who did the deed. Said to be a 'prodigy' blah, blah, blah… what a joke, those idiots pampered him and all but laid out a red carpet for him to become a Genin. Nothing to worry about from that brat, though I might fiddle around with his Sharingan once he activates it; though that depends whether it may or may not strengthen the Black Blood.

Finally that Sakura girl…. Nothing of interest here, just a stupid fan-girl, end of story. [Sigh] good thing the rumors about that Kakashi guy being late for everything was true; gave me plenty of time to swipe these files on Naruto's team... though it was pretty easy given how lax security is in this village."

Her eyes now focused on her fellow blonde as she smirked and continued speaking to herself "Let's see what he does." She then took another once-over of the boy's teammates and thought 'Strange, the boy wasn't officially the 'Dead-last' that smelly dog boy, what's-his-name was… This team is doomed for failure since it's completely dysfunctional; so why bother putting together a team that's just going to collapse in a matter of time? I get the feeling that perverted Old Man is up to something, whatever it is; I might be able to turn things to my advantage.'

Back with Team 7, Kakashi had just finished explaining the rules to the test, Maka however knew that there was something about this test that set off warning bells in her head. (pun intended).

Once Kakashi pushed the button on the clock Sasuke and Sakura took off while Naruto was casually stretching out his limbs. The masked man sweat-dropped asking "Uhh, shouldn't you be hiding or something ?"

The whiskered boy simply answered "Nah, no point to it; you'll just track us down. Beside's this way is better so I can test my strength against you."

"True, I would indeed 'track you down' as you put it. Alright then, show me what you got and don't hold back!" the silver-haired man stated.

Naruto grinned and said "This'll be the first time I wield you Maka-san, you ready?" the blonde girl smirked and nodded in a second her body transformed into a scythe, with the blonde Meister skillfully grabbing the handle as though he'd done it before.

The masked man heard rumors from the grapevine that the boy had some weird power, now he knew there was some truth to it. The Jonin got into a defensive Taijutsu stance and waited for Naruto to make his move.

Said boy was contemplating on his move 'He's a Jonin, so I can't hold anything back. Now that I think about it, when I first used Liz-san and Patti-chan, I did that whole cannon thing on Mizuki. Maybe I can do that again? How did I even do it anyway?'

The Jonin said "If you're not going to make a move, then I will. I've some things to take care of during this test you know." With that he charged at the young Meister, as if on instinct the blonde ducked an incoming kick, in a blur Kakashi disappeared and reappeared behind Naruto the former saying to his intended victim "You shouldn't let the enemy get behind you."

He was about to perform the painful 'One Thousand Years of Death' but noticed the incoming scythe blade forcing him to lean back. Naruto took this chance and used the shaft of Maka's scythe form, to lift himself off the ground and send a powerful downward elbow strike to the Jonin's mid-section.

The impact caused his eyes to widen in pain, and cough a few times as the blonde got his bearings wondering what happened. "Oi, Naruto-san! Don't space out in a fight!" the Meister shook his head from side to side thinking 'The hell was that? Sensei was about to attack me then I just blacked out… no, that's not it. I was completely aware of what happened; it was like my body was on auto-pilot, like something was guiding me, telling me what to do.'

Naruto shook his head again and noticed something a small grey orb in Kakashi's chest was pulsing; he then started speaking in a monotone voice "Kakashi Hatake, a fierce dedication to protecting his comrades, a lazy and perverted person but still good at the core, but at the same time a tormented person from some past experience."

Maka in her scythe form wondered 'What was that, did he somehow see Kakashi-san's soul without realizing it? What kind of Meister is Naruto-san anyway? Shinigami-sama said he was special and had unfathomable potential, but this is crazy!'

The masked man noticed the boy's state of confusion and chose this moment to launch a counterattack, he leapt to his feet and attempted to sweep kick the blonde only for the Genin to jump up, avoiding it then swung downward, Kakashi's eyes widened at how the blonde kept avoiding and countering his moves, he quickly performed a Substitution with a log to avoid the swing.

Naruto snapped back into reality saying to himself "What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I keep spacing out like that?"

In the treetops Kakashi said to himself "Whew, that Naruto has some skills. Even with that short exchange I can tell they are way beyond that of a fresh out the Academy Genin. Well, enough of that, I'll deal with Sakura and Sasuke then work my way back to Naruto." With that he disappeared in a leaf Shunshin.

During Kakashi's short breather Naruto was having a conversation with Maka "What was that?"

Maka replied "I said I think that the bells aren't the main objective. You see each and every Shinobi Team has one Jonin and three Genin. The only way for there to be less than three, is if one or more are KIA or one is apprenticed by a Jonin. I think that this test is based on teamwork. Cuz there's no way that you three can beat a seasoned fighter like Kakashi by yourselves, the bells are merely a ruse to cause conflict amongst yourselves to keep them."

Naruto was surprised at her explanation and asked "Where'd you learn about the standard team system?" Maka giggled and replied "From the book I was reading earlier."

The blonde Meister sweat-dropped but accepted her answer.


"Wow, that kid's good." Spoke Spirit. Lord Death nodded in agreement and said "Way too good to be normal."

The red-haired Death Scythe raised an eyebrow at this and was about to ask what Lord Death meant but was interrupted by the sound of rolling wheels, the two turned and spotted Dr. Franken Stein on his rolling chair making his 'entrance'. The wheels of the chair hit a crack in the floor causing the chair to fall and Stein along with it, making his head hit the floor.

The Death god, and Death Scythe sweat-dropped at Stein's failed entrance. The grey-haired Meister got up muttering "Not again. Hold on, let me try one more time." He pulled a screwdriver from his lab-coat and made a few adjustments to the chair, grabbed the back of it with one hand and pulled it back into the shadows with one hand. Within a few seconds he came rolling back only to fall down again.

The mad scientist got up to try again only for Lord Death to say "Enough of that Stein-kun, I trust you have something to tell me?"

Stein got up and replied "Huh? Oh yeah, you asked me to check out that Naruto kid's history and the like, yeah? Well I found out some interesting things. As you expected he is indeed Kushina-san's son, the father being the late Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze."

Lord Death nodded his head saying seriously "Yes, I suspected as much. That boy's Soul Wavelength was very similar to hers. How'd you find this out exactly?"

The sadistic Dr. answered "Did some snooping in the Hokage's office, read his diary. It told me everything I needed to know."

Lord Death nodded, signaling Stein to continue "In his early years, he was frequently attacked by the villagers, both Shinobi and Civilian. The things they did to him, are both horrendous and countless. I would prefer not to go into specifics."

Spirit took this chance to voice his thoughts "Didn't they give him some form of protection or at least adopted into a family?"

The grey-haired Meister replied "To answer the former, yes some guards were indeed assigned to him, all but three shirked their duties, their codenames were Neko, Inu and Weasel; their real names being Yugao, Kakashi, and Itachi in that order. For the latter, a few of the major Shinobi clan of Konoha offered to adopt him or at the least give him protection, however both forms of protection were denied."

As the explanation continued the Death god was slowly transforming into his true self, his voice became more serious as he asked "Why was the Hokage so lax in the boy's defense? Why did he deny the boy's inheritance and lineage?"

The mad doctor answered "Well, from what I read in the diary there were two reasons, one personal, the other… I'm not sure how to classify. Anyway, the personal reason is that Hiruzen's wife Biwako was killed during the Kyuubi attack and he blames the boy for it. The other reason was due to a prophecy."

The red-haired Weapon asked "Prophecy? What about?"

Stein continued "To answer, one Jiraiya the Toad Sannin, was told a prophecy by the Grand Sage of the Toads. From what I understood from the diary, the prophecy spoke about a 'Child of Prophecy' a child that would either destroy or revolutionize the Shinobi way of life, or something like that. Anyway, both the Hokage and Jiraiya believed that Minato was this 'Child of Prophecy' but that was shot down upon the man's death.

However, this is where Naruto came into the picture, with the genes of both his father and his mother and add the Kyuubi into the mix, and you've got a boy with unlimited potential. The two immediately realized that Naruto was the 'Child of Prophecy' so they came up with a plan to manipulate the boy into a weapon for their own use so as to ensure Konoha remained number one.

The plan involved gaining the boy's trust, instilling a forgiving nature into him by telling him to forgive the people for what they did to him, deliberately sabotaging his education to make him a moron, and telling the villagers his status as a Jinchuuriki in order to make the people resent him, therefore isolating Naruto and making him starve for ANY form of attention, both negative and positive."

That was the final straw for Lord Death, making him say angrily "I see. If they want to play god, then I don't see why we can't assist Naruto in his path of vengeance. It was bad enough they turned on Uzu and murdered them, but now this. The destruction of Uzu can at least be understood in a way despite the cruelty of it, but forcing a life of pain and suffering on an innocent child? Neither of these sins I will forgive under any circumstances! I swear on all that is holy and unholy that the Uzumaki clan will get the justice they deserve!"

Both Spirit and Stein grinned thinking in unison 'Now you're talking!'

In the background a girl with black hair that had three white stripes on one side whispered to herself "Interesting, I must meet this boy sometime."

Back at Training Ground 7.

Medusa was still watching the test thinking 'Naruto was rather impressive, seems like he has potential he himself isn't aware of.'

Then she watched as the pink-haired girl screamed and fainted. The blonde witch sweat-dropped and thought 'Wow; that was the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed in my life.'

Then she witnessed the brief fight between Sasuke and Kakashi which made her think 'The brat's better than I thought, but still he's not good enough to catch my attention.'

She sighed and heard the ringing of the alarm clock signaling the end of the test. She scowled muttering "Damn, I was hoping to see Naruto fight again, no matter though. A really good test would be to set him up against Chrona, but I can't do that while inside this village it would arouse too much suspicion. I'll need to think about this." With that she disappeared leaving only a small wisp of dark energy.

With Team 7.

The masked Jonin spoke casually "Well, that didn't go over very well. Sakura, you were so focused on Sasuke you didn't lift a finger to help Naruto. Sasuke, you thought you were so far above the others that they were beneath you. And you Naruto, while you put up a decent fight you still tried to face me head-on."

During his lecture Sasuke scowled, a vein appeared on Sakura who was tied to the post, and Naruto just yawned.

The last one made Kakashi's eyebrow twitch, but he continued "Well, I guess that's to be expected from a bunch of brats." At this Sasuke charged at the Jonin but the latter merely tripped the former and sat on the Uchiha's back and placing a kunai at his neck. "Tell me, why do you think we place Genin in three man squads?" asked the silver-haired Jonin.

Naruto raised his hand and answered "That's easy, teamwork." The masked man nodded his head replying "Very good, I'm glad at least one of you figured that out. A lack of teamwork can lead to the death of a teammate, for example: Naruto kill Sakura or Sasuke dies." The last part was emphasized by putting the Kunai closer to the Uchiha's neck.

Naruto merely said "Okay, how do you want me to do it? Slit her throat, strangle her, or set her on fire with gasoline?" Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and Maka all thought 'Is he serious?' surprisingly Maka was the one who shouted out everyone's thoughts "ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

The blonde Meister waved his hand from side to side saying casually "Chill, I was only joking." They all thought 'It didn't sound like it.

The masked Jonin sighed and said "As I said before, lack of teamwork can lead to the death of a teammate. If you look behind you you'll see the memorial stone." The Uchiha, and two blondes looked behind them, the banshee couldn't given her position.

Maka then asked "A memorial stone? As in a monument honoring fallen heroes?"

The masked Jonin nodded replying "Correct, that one honors all Shinobi and Kunoichi alike. It is a monument that honors all those who were killed on the line of duty, regardless if they were Hokage, Jonin, Chunin, or Genin."

The four teenagers were silent as they absorbed what he said. Kakashi turned back to them he said "All right, I'm going to give you one last chance. Eat those bento's to gather your strength, but remember: Sakura doesn't get any." With that he disappeared.

Sasuke immediately started eating out of his, while Sakura's stomach growled as she stared at in open bento that was at her feet. Naruto whispered something to Maka which made her nod in agreement. The two blondes got up, with Naruto forcefully feed the pink-haired girl and Maka prying open Sakura's mouth.

The blonde Weapon asked "Why do I have to keep her mouth open again?" her fellow blonde casually replied "Because you're the one wearing gloves." At this the book-smart girl could only agree since she had no argument on that point.

The king of brood was going to ask why they were endangering their chance of their (his) passing, when all of a sudden black thunder clouds gathered, when they blinked one very pissed of Kakashi shouted "YOU! What do you think you're doing?"

The whiskered teen calmly replied, completely unaffected by the KI (Killing Intent) being directed at them "What's it look like? We're feeding Sakura-ama so that we can pass. This whole test is about teamwork and being on a team means protecting your teammates and never leaving them behind. Hence why we are feeding her 'Though I'd rather eat it in front of her and add insult to injury talk about how good it was'" he thought out the last part.

The masked Jonin's visible eye narrowed as he asked "Is that you're answer?" both blondes nodded with Sakura and Sasuke following suit since they didn't know what else to do in this situation. With that Kakashi spoke in a menacing tone "In that case I will… pass you." He finished with his signature eye smile.

And so the now christened Team 7 went their separate ways to prepare for the bane of all Ninja's existence… D-rank missions. On a side note Sakura was left behind still tied to the post and was released the next morning by Kakashi who was on his routine visit to the memorial stone.

A few days later.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! Tora again?" Naruto said angrily as his former sensei Iruka scratched his head and the Sandaime was smoking his pipe. The latter spoke "Sorry, Naruto-kun but that's how it is. There aren't any other missions left."

The blonde crossed his arms while thinking 'Yeah right, you're probably trying to make sure I dance to your tune, you shitty old man.'

"What's so bad about this Tora, Naruto-sama?" asked Tsubaki who decided to accompany Naruto today. The blonde answered "Tora is supposed to be a demonic cat with razor sharp claws that attack everyone that dares touch it. I've been scratched up by it a few times already."

The dark-haired Weapon slightly gasped while picturing a six foot tall monster with cat-like features since her Meister described it as a demon. Which made her knees start shaking a bit.

Kakashi merely said while reading his smut "Well, suppose there's nothing we can do. Let's go."

A few minutes later.

"Hey sensei, are you sure this is right?" asked Naruto while Tsubaki was sweat-dropping at what she was seeing. The masked Jonin answered "This is where Tora was last sighted, though this is rather new." He said the last part while for once pocketing his book.

Sakura however said "Halloween is only a little over two weeks away so it isn't unusual that they would decorate." Sasuke spoke in his usual tone "Yeah but… why does the whole house have to be a Jack O' Lantern?"

"I was wondering the same thing." Spoke the Meister and Weapon in unison. The latter then spoke while trying to take things seriously "Well, let's knock on the door and see if the resident knows anything about Tora so we can get this over with." The rest of his 'team' nodded in agreement for once.

The masked Jonin took the initiative by knocking on the door, a few moments later it opened revealing a drop dead gorgeous woman that was dressed like a witch. "Oh my, three cute little boys seem to be lost and found themselves at my door?" she asked cutely.

Sakura tilted her head to the side in confusion thinking 'Three boys? Kakashi is an adult, and Tsubaki-ama is a woman so… SHE THINKS I'M A BOY?' "I WILL DESTROY YOU!" screeched out Sakura charging at the purple-haired woman.

"Ara? Seems like one is a little rowdy, nya. I guess I'll need to teach you some manners. Pump pum pumpkin. Haloween cannon!" out of her hand appeared a Jack O' Lantern that went towards the pink-haired girl and exploded on contact, leaving a smoking and soot covered Sakura.

The purple haired girl giggled then approached Sasuke saying in a sultry tone "How about you? You wanna get to know Blair-sama? I'll treat you nicely." The last part she added with a cute wink. The avenger scoffed replying "Get away from me you disgusting creature."

Blair pouted cutely saying "Mou, you don't have to be so mean. A simple 'no' would have sufficed." She then turned to Naruto and asked him "You going to be mean to Blair too?"

He smiled charmingly and took her hand while kissing the back of it making her blush. He said "Of course not. Please forgive my teammates; they have no sense of tact."

Blair smiled while pushing the blonde into her chest much to Kakashi' and Tsubaki's jealousy (For different reasons.)

The purple-haired woman squealed "Oh you're so cute! Say, how about we go get some sushi and get to know each other better, nya?"

The blonde chuckled and replied while gently extracting his head from her chest so he could breath "Much as I'd like to, I'll have to take a rain check on that. You see we're looking for a demon cat by name of Tora, you seen her?"

Blair was slightly disappointed that he declined, but asked "Tora, huh? Brown cat? Red ribbon? Nasty temper?"

Kakashi chose this moment to reply "Yes, that's the one. Have you seen her?"

The purple haired woman replied "Yes, I saw her scratching up a little boy with a long blue scarf, so I put her on a time-out." Everyone tilted their heads in confusion as she went inside and came out with a pumpkin themed cage that had Tora inside.

"Here you go. By the way, cutie I didn't get your name." she spoke while handing the cage over to Tsubaki who was sweat-dropping since Tora was nothing like her Meister described.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, it was nice to meet you Blair-san. I hope to see you again." Naruto said causing Blair to blush and smile, she was about to ask when they could go for sushi when all of a sudden "OUCH! OW!"

A scratched up Tsubaki was on the ground holding an empty cage revealing that Tora had excaped. The Ninja Weapon was trembling while mumbling "Naruto-sama was right, that thing is a demon." Team 7 face-vaulted alongside Blair as they had no choice but to chase after the cat.

As they left the cat witch smiled and said to herself "Naruto Uzumaki huh? I wonder where he lives?" with that she reentered her house to take her bath.

End chapter two.

Omake: Black Star and the Springtime of Youth.

The infamous loudmouth Black Star had exited the hospital after being attacked by a weird blonde woman that was riding a broomstick. He climbed on top of a random building and shouted "HEAR ME! I BLACK STAR WILL BECOME GOD! BRING ME YOUR STRONGE… [crack]" he was interrupted when the edge of the roof he was standing on collapsed and he ended up falling in front of two people, both wearing green skin tight clothes, bowl haircuts and super thick eyebrows.

The taller spoke "Did I hear you correctly, my youthful friend? That you seek godhood?"

Black Star leapt to his feet replying "That's right, I Black Star will…" he was interrupted by the shorter one who shouted "YOSH! STAR-KUN FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHT WITH THIS GOAL!" the taller one shouted in agreement "YOSH! THEN IT'S OUR DUTY TO INTRODUCE HIM TO THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH!"

At this Black Star raised an eyebrow thinking 'Don't know what that is, but a god must stay eternally young, maybe this 'youth' they keep talking about can make me surpass god!' "All right then! I'd like to see this Springtime of Youth you are shouting about!"

Later that day he was admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital that was actually rather accustomed to receiving patients that suffered from what was dubbed as 'Youth Fever'

End Omake.