Jim crouched behind the barrier with Uhura and Spock. He watched as Hamilton took out more Klingons. There was movement to his left, and he could feel slight surprise course through him. Another person, covered head to toe, was fighting the Klingons. But while Harrison was big and bulky, this other person was thin and lithe. But still, just as deadly. They made no mistake as they pulled out two large, angry looking, knives and used them against the on the oncoming, and huge, Klingons. Then, the person would walk away from the dead bodies as if they were flies and move on to the next.

When the last Klingon was down, Harrison stormed up to the small group. He glared down at Jim. Jim glared back.

"How many," Harrison demanded. All he received was blank stared in return. "How many missiles?" He shouted, pulling his gun up to aim at Uhura. His companion started forward, knives at the ready.

Jim responded, wearily, "Seventy-two."

Glancing at the other person, Harrison threw his gun down, "We surrender."

The other person, however, didn't move.

Spock glanced at his captain, before picking up his gun, and holding it at the masked person. The person still did not move. Harrison looked to his companion.

"I said, 'we surrender'." He emphasized it, motioning to the knives.

The other person immediately dropped their knives.

Kirk looked between the two, before standing and placing Hamilton under arrest. He turned to the other person, most likely an accomplice, and did the same. Both fugitives nodded. He then turned to Harrison and threw a punch. It did nothing. So he threw another. And another. And another, then he kneed him. But nothing was phasing him.

It wasn't until Uhura had shouted at him that he finally stopped his attempt at hurting Harrison. He noticed the companion did nothing to try and stop him.

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When they reached the Enterprise, there was a group of security waiting for them, and they surrounded the two prisoners. Crew members would stop to stare at them, one walking like he had every right to be there and the other looking like they were ready to pull out another knife and slash the head off of someone.

When they reached the brig, security searched Harrison for more concealed weapons, before opening the shield so he may walk in. Harrison glanced to his companion, nodded, and stepped forward. He quickly turned to face them, and as the force field shimmered back into place, he braced himself against the shield to watch the other person.

The first thing they did was remove the face covering. Jim had no clue what he was expecting, but what was revealed was not it. Bright, beautiful, green eyes jumped from the pale face. Black hair that either had a mind of its own, or had hat hair, inked its way everywhere. A strong jaw line, and cupids bow mouth, Jim was in lust. The man was about 5'9, so he wasn't tall. But he was lithe. You could see the muscles through the skin tight black shirt he wore. He was built for speed, and judging by what he did on Kronos, that is what he was good at.

"In to the cell," a security officer said, motioning to the now open brig cell.

But, the man just stood there. He wasn't looking at anyone, but Harrison. The security officer, said the words again, but again, they fell on deaf ears. The security officer attempted to manually move him. The man reacted like lightning. He grabbed the man's arm, twisted it around, and then swept him off his feet, landing him on his back. The other security officers moved forward, when they hear Harrison shout.

"Stand down, Slaughter!" He shouted through the shield.

Immediately, the man, Slaughter, stopped moving. He looked back at Harrison, who was watching with a critical eye.

"Now, go into the cell." Harrison ordered. Slaughter walked into the cell without complaint or hesitation.

Jim closed his eyes briefly, before ordering Bones to the brig.

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When McCoy walked onto the brig, the first thing he noticed was one of the security officers was cradling his arm. He rolled his eyes. Damn security officers, they were always getting hurt because they weren't careful. He ignored the injured officer in favor of walking up to Jim.

"He didn't even flinch when I kneed him in the gut," Jim finished his tale of what happened on Kronos.

He turned to the prisoner, "Hold out your arm," he ordered. He maneuvered the hole to an easier access point. Harrison eyed him, before pulling up his shirt sleeve and holding out his arm. "I'm taking a sample of your blood." Bones angled the hypo collector and proceeded to fill it with blood.

Harrison was watching the first officer, who was standing next to Slaughters cell. Slaughter had yet to move from the position he started in. He was sitting, staring at the opposite wall, not moving, perhaps blinking. He could see the questions forming on the ever empty face.

"He only listens to alphas," Harrison said to the Vulcan, who looked back at him. "He won't listen to anyone but an alpha. Another one of Star Fleets finer moments." He drawled, retracting his arm.

Jim quirked an eyebrow. What in the hell did he mean by that? He looked back over to Slaughter. He was an absolutely breathtaking man. Even if Jim didn't normally go for men, he had to admit, he would for this one.

Jim heard a sharp intake of breath, and turned to see Bones staring at Slaughter with wide eyes.

"Bones," Jim said, reaching out to his friends shoulder.

Bones started to the cell, his pace quick, his hands dropping the tricorder and tube of blood. "Open this brig," he shouted over his shoulder.

The brig was opened immediately. Bones ran in and knelt in front of the man. The man didn't even notice him. Bones looked up at him like he had found his last hope. He reached up, gently, and cupped the man's face. The man took no notice. He simply kept staring at the wall.

"Harry?" Bones whispered, looking for recognition in the man's perfect green eyes. "Harry, please." He looked on the verge of tears. "Harry Potter!" He shouted, attempting to get a reaction out of him.

But, Harry just sat there.