It was a normal day at Hope's Peak Academy. Students feared out of their wits knowing the expectations they had to follow. All of the students (15 counting) were gathered in the Cafeteria on a casual Monday morning. They would gather like this every morning after 7 o'clock (According to Night Time, they could not access to the cafeteria until 7 o'clock) and discuss about any new discoveries about their fairly new surroundings.

"If you ask me,"

Junko Enoshima began,

"I think we've been totes lured in to this stupid crisis because of all your stupid acts of judgment!"

"Look who's talking, sister." Mondo Oowada scoffed, putting his feet up on the table.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru, who was sitting next to him, scooted himself further away. "That is truly disrespectful to this school's property…!"

"Aren't you just a hall monitor? You don't have to go around treating everything like it will break once you breathe on it." Enoshima retorted, twirling her finger in her hair.

"Harsh, 'right? I think you should apologise to the dude,"

Yasuhiro Hagakure began, leaning in towards Enoshima's ear,

"He looks like one of those sensitive people. Once you say something, you can never take it back,'right?"

"You have a point. Okay. Hey, hall monitor guy. Sorry for the nonsense."

"I do not take anything for nonsense! Everything is to be cherished and well thought over!"Ishimaru shouted in reply, shooting up from his seat. "Everyone! Have you discovered anything new about the school?!"

Everyone shook their heads."If we did, we would have probably said something before Enoshima-san and Ishimaru-kun's argument." Aoi Asahina jumped in, walking into the kitchen. "I'm going to have myself a tasty doughnut."

"You go do that." Leon Kuwata rolled his eyes, sticking out his tongue at her behind her else in the room that remained stood up and walked out of the room and to their dorms, except for Oowada and Ishimaru. Oowada let out a deep sigh, turning his head to look at the sharply dressed and figured hall monitor sitting beside him.

"So, are you having a good time watching all these rabbits running around?"


"Ah, nevermind. It's just an expression. Anyway, let's get a good conversation going, shall we? It's always nice to go through a smooth friendly introduction, don't you think?"

Ishimaru didn't respond, thinking that Oowada wasn't finished. He nodded once he figured out that Oowada was awaiting a response from him. "That is most entirely correct…!"

"I'll start off. I'm Mondo Oowada. You, my friend, seem a lot like someone I wouldn't mind fighting with, if it was for the trouble."

Ishimaru clenched his right fist. "Are you trying to threaten me?!"

"Take it easy! I'm not in a mood to get into any argument with anyone. Maybe after the first week I'll be loosened up. But for now, tell me your name."

"I am Kiyotaka Ishimaru! Hall Monitor!"

Oowada stood up. "Cool. Real cool. I'm a gang leader, just so you know. You probably don't want to get on my bad side."

"I have had plenty of world's experience to know that I should not mess with certain individuals…" Ishimaru grew almost quiet after that sentence, and looked down. "See you at another time…" He mumbled, watching Oowada walk out of the room as he said that. "I hope I'm not going to be too terrifying trying to make friends…." He sniffled, slammed his head onto the table, screamed, stood up, and walked out of the room. "And that… That was for punishment…! Punishment for being such a weak hall monitor!" Asahina jumped and watched Ishimaru's gloomy actions.

"Poor thing… I think all he needs are some good friends. I understand how it can be hard getting new to unfamiliar surroundings and being forced to stay in here forever, but just think! Maybe… Maybe it won't be as bad as we're interpreting it…" She took her half-finished doughnut with her and walked to the dorms, seeing Ishimaru enter his room in a pool of tears. "Aw man…" She let out a sad sigh and continued on to her dorm.